8 Life-Changing Agartha Channelings (New Hollow Earth Theory Info)

The idea that there is a Hollow Earth or “Inner Earth”, otherwise known as Agartha, has been the subject of much debate ever since Edmond Halley proposed the idea in the late 17th century. Since then, it has been disproven by many scientists, but was recently brought up again by the 2021 film Godzilla vs. Kong. During which, the “Titans”, or giant animals that originate in the Hollow Earth evolved and live.

Ever since I awoke one morning to a spirit guide whispering the words, “Hollow Earth” clairaudiently into my right ear, I’ve wondered if there is more to Agartha and the Hollow Earth theory than I previously thought.

What is Agartha Inner Earth?

Agartha Inner Earth, or Hollow Earth theory is the idea that our Earth is hollow enough to hold plants, animals, and maybe even an ancient city, known as Agartha. The idea that our Earth is hollow is definitely not a new one, and has been posited by many since the 17th century.

Hollow Earth, which is often referred to as the civilization of “Agartha” by those who run in more spiritual New Age circles, may actually exist on a different dimensional plane than ours, in the 5th Dimension.

What is the Hollow Earth Theory?

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The Hollow Earth theory is the concept that our Earth has vast areas of space that are filled with life, and may be home to bigfoot, monsters, Nazis, and a whole other race of people, known as the “Agarthans”.

After doing a meditation on “Returning to the Center of the Earth”, I had a strange dream where I found myself in the amazing center of the Earth!

Two rather large and surprisingly very sweet Bigfoot creatures passed by me on the rock pathway I was on. The landscape consisted of red dirt, rocks, and beautiful freshwater fountains with flowers.

Finally, I entered a cave where four throne chairs were set up. A voice telepathically told me they were for me and my family to “return with honor”.

Upon awakening, I was surprised and amused by the wonderful place I had just been. The leftover feeling of visiting the center of the Earth, or Agartha was euphoric, loving, and peaceful.

I was also confused by the four throne chairs. My husband and I are just two people, and my parents, myself, and siblings consist of eight people.

Now, years after having the dream, my husband and I have two beautiful children, so there are four of us total!

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Agartha Hollow Earth

After my particularly strange meditation, dream, and spirit guide bringing Agartha and the Hollow Earth to my attention once again, I decided to do some further research into it from a spiritual perspective, and write this post.

I picked up a little-known book on Amazon called, the Reunification of the Populations of Inner and Outer Earth.

In it, I was surprised to find near-magical, life-changing channeled messages from an Agarthan chief named Rodon by its author, Paulette M. Reymond.

Paulette has been a channel for years and has written many other books in which she has claimed to channel otherworldly beings who would like to assist in the ascension to the 5th Dimension process.

Aligned with this purpose of helping Earth return to a 5th Dimensional state of being, I am sharing a few key life-changing takeaways from the previously mentioned book about Hollow Earth.

Who are the Agarthans (Agartha People) Living in Hollow Earth?

So, who are the Agarthans? And, is there really an Agarthan race living in Hollow Earth?

According to Reunification of the Populations of Inner and Outer Earth, the Agarthans are actually Lemurians, who didn’t want to drop to a 3rd Dimensional density, so they moved into “Inner Earth”.

For now, I can only write my unique experiences, and what I’ve read from the Hollow Earth book mentioned above. My guess is that my spirit guides said the words “Hollow Earth” to me upon awakening so that I would write about it. And, I can see no reason for writing about something that has no merit.

Still, without seeing an actual being from the Agarthan race, I can’t say definitively that they exist. Although, the lessons from this book are just as fascinating and important to the human race at this time of Ascension to the 5th Dimension.

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Agartha Entrances (Hollow Earth Entrances/Portals)

Where are the entrances to Agartha, Hollow Earth, or Inner Earth? In Reunification of the Populations of Inner and Outer Earth, Paulette M. Reymond describes meeting Rodon of Agartha when he stepped out of a large mossy, covered rock that opened in the Swiss Alps.

Other entrances to Agartha have been theorized in many books over the centuries, but the most notable Agartha entrances are in the North Pole and South Pole.

Other Secret Entrances for how to get to the Agartha Civilization:

  • North Pole Portal to Hollow Earth
  • South Pole Antarctica Portal to Hollow Earth
  • Kentucky Mammoth Cave, US (Portal to Hollow Earth Kentucky)
  • Mount Shasta, California, US (Portal to Hollow Earth California)
  • Swiss Alps (Portal to Hollow Earth Switzerland)
  • Manaus, Brazil (Portal to Hollow Earth Brazil)
  • Mato Grosso, Brazil (Portal to Hollow Earth Brazil)
  • Iguazu Falls (On the border between Brazil and Argentina)
  • Mount Epomeo, Italy (Portal to Hollow Earth Italy)
  • Himalayan Mountains, Tibet (Portal to Hollow Earth guarded by Monks in Tibet)
  • Border between Mongolia and China (Portal to Hollow Earth Mongolia)
  • Rama, India (Portal to Hollow Earth India)
  • Pyramid of Giza, Egypt (Portal to Hollow Earth Egypt)
  • King Solomon’s Mines (Portal to Hollow Earth in the Great Rift Valley between Israel and Jordan) (Wagner)

In the book, Rodon of Agartha says that the hidden entrances to the city of Agartha, or more like the civilization of Agartha will become apparent to us as outer Earth comes closer to the 5th Dimension.

How to get to Agartha (Hollow Earth)?

Despite the many secret portals or entrances to Agartha Hollow Earth listed above, I doubt many humans living on the surface of the Earth will be invited in, or able to open the doors at this time.

It is my understanding that this is for protection of the Agarthans, as well as us. The Agarthans don’t have, or know, our many bacteria and viruses.

Also, the density difference alone would be difficult to mitigate either way. If we try to live in the 5th Dimension or density all of a sudden, it would be a shock to our system (much like a diver ascending to the Earth’s surface from the deep ocean without decompressing every 10-15 feet). The ascension symptoms would be overwhelming!

Additionally, the Agarthans would have trouble going from a lighter, higher vibration to a slower, denser one for too long.

I believe, the best way to visit, contact, or get to Agartha (Inner Earth), is to go the way I went, by way of astral travel.

Your spirit knows no bounds and can more easily travel to such regions. I have traveled to past lives, parallel lives, other planets, other Earths, and other realms or dimensions all while safely dreaming, by using my Merkaba and Metatron’s Cube Sacred Geometries.

When I awake, a guide usually explains where I just was in my clairaudient ear, and I’ll write down the experience for future reference.

The easiest way to visit Agartha Inner Earth (for now), is to Astral Project, Lucid Dream, or meditate your way there. (Click the links for guides on how to do these).

You can set your intentions to visit Agartha before meditation or bed. What spurred me there was doing a meditation on “Returning to the Center of the Earth”.

You can also ask your spirit guides, Archangels, or Ascended Masters to help guide you in visiting with the Agarthans, or visiting their inner secret world of Agartha.

8 “Magical” Agartha Channelings from Chief Rodon

The following information from the book both shocked and surprised me! (Although I still wanted to know if a 5th Dimensional light-body being descended from Ancient Lemuria needed to use the bathroom, Rodon of Agartha never mentions this!)

1. Earth Conceals Various Earths Within the Earth, Creating a Hollow Earth

From the book, “Earth herself may be a sphere, but inside her, she conceals various Earths that are merged with each other. This merger has created great cavities that produced our habitat.” (Reymond, p. 60)

Your guess is as good as mine on what this means. As with most spiritual work I do, I have to let the information come to me when it comes without overthinking it.

If I understand it, great! If not, I leave it alone or write it in a journal. Then, when the time is right (often months later), my spirit guides will explain further.

It is also further explained that Hollow Earthers have beautiful landscapes, much of it tropical.

2. How does Hollow Earth have Sunlight?

In the book, Rodon of Agartha explains that, “We have a light source similar to your own. We know no nights, since our light source is constant. We also need sleep, of course, in order to regenerate our bodies. The higher energy in which we live, however makes us a lot more resilient and robust. Our bodies regenerate very quickly.” (Reymond, p. 60)

3. How do Hollow Earth Agarthans Mark Time?

The Agarthan race living within Inner Earth are said to not mark time in a linear manner as we do. They exist in a 5th Dimensional density, where it is understood that there is only the “now” moment.

Rodon further explains that, “We [Agarthans] mark time by various generations. We have been living in a multi-dimensional space for eons, and are intimately familiar with its paradigms. We will gladly share this knowledge with the people of Outer Earth [us] when the time comes.” (Reymond, p. 61)

Chief Rodon continues with “Time is an illusion, and everything is present in the Here-and-Now.” (Reymond, p. 77)

As an incarnated angel myself, this makes a great deal of sense to me! I have never understood or liked the concept of time! I like to create and go at my own pace and NOT the rat-raced pace of the world.

4. What does the Agarthan Race Look Like?

Agartha, or Hollow Earth is described as having a lush landscape and blue-green bodies of water, that give the Agarthans skin a slightly blue-green quality.

The Agarthan body is described as reminiscent of indigenous Hawaiians or Maori people with less condensed physical bodies and slightly more transparent skin, due to them and their habitat vibrating in the Fifth Dimension.

The Agarthan race is also described in the book to be a “Well-protected and healthy people”, who don’t know the bacterial and viral diseases that we experience on Outer Earth.

This is partly the reason for the delay in the Agarthans being able to reunite with the people of “Outer Earth”, or us. (I am reminded of the past Europeans bringing their diseases to the indigenous cultures of America).

But, as the shift to the 5th Dimension of Earth accelerates, and many more Spiritually Awaken, we will increasingly take better care of our bodies, and Rodon of Agartha explains that certain bacteria and viruses won’t survive the ascension process.

5. We are Regaining Access to our Multi-Dimensional Selves

As we continue our ascension into the 5th Dimension, it is explained by Rodon of Agartha that we will regain access to our multi-dimensional selves.

As I was told while in my deep Ancient Meditation for Reaching Higher States of Consciousness, (where I receive most of the knowledge contained in this blog) “You are a multi-dimensional being having multiple life perspectives. This is just one of them.”

Access to our multi-dimensional selves will also include access to talents acquired from parallel lives that we can then contribute to our current life. (Reymond, p. 77)

This also means that no outwards authority will be able to manipulate you anymore. (Reymond, p. 79) In the Fifth Dimension, you will feel more from your heart what is right for you, your physical body, your loved ones, and the Earth as a whole.

6. New Energetics will Assist with the Building of 5D Earth

With the new ascension light codes being dumped onto the planet right now, we will experience an alignment with building a new Fifth Dimensional Earth.

This includes more supplies to help us build a 5D Earth (Reymond, p. 153), and the development of new 5th Dimensional technologies that will help us cleanse Mother Earth. (Reymond, p. 203)

7. Rapid Regeneration of the Physical Body in the 5th Dimension

Because living in the 5th Dimension is a lighter, freer, more joyful way of being – Our bodies will be able to heal from diseases and we will experience the delay of the aging process. (Reymond, p. 196)

In order for ascension to the 5th Dimension to be made possible, your body needs more self-care and love than anything else.

This is because your body is physically dense and has been used to the energies of the 3rd Dimension for quite some time.

To avoid dealing with poopy Ascension Symptoms, such as headaches, fatigue, and tooth pain – treat your body well and remember to fill it with more light! (Sunsets, sunrises, time in nature, exercise, meditation, and light-filled foods).

To ascend, you cannot leave your physical body behind! Move it, learn mindfulness, and feed it with more light-filled plants and Organic, Whole-Foods.

These things will help you better integrate and adjust to the high cosmic energy of love in the 5th Dimension.

8. Spoiler Alert from the Agartha People: Love Wins

The people of Agartha shared a powerful message that I’m beginning to see myself as this shift from the 3rd to the 5th Dimension intensifies.

The Earth, or Gaia was also meant to ascend into a higher vibrational, lighter state of being. And, we, the people of “Outer Earth” were contracted as Souls to come and experience the heavy denseness of being on the other side of the “veil of forgetfulness”.

We also contracted to be incarnated at this pivotal moment in history as the Earth ends the last 26,000 year cycle, and begins its ascent into the 5th Dimension. Many of us just wanted to help with this transition and the rebuilding of the New 5D Earth.

So far, we have been very successful at playing the game of the 3rd Dimension, although it has left the Earth and us with many scars, mostly emotional and energetic, that need to be healed.

The Earth is ascending whether we like it or not. Gaia has contracted to do so, and will continue to do so. The widespread natural disasters and craziness going on right now are a result of “the 3rd Dimensional densities leaving” (as my spirit guides put it).

If we don’t choose to go willingly into the Fifth Dimension in conjunction with Gaia, we will no longer be a vibrational match to our home.

“It is easiest to integrate the 5th Dimension in small steps. As the Earth shifts and ascends, so should you. To continue on with Mother Earth’s path to ascension, we must change as well. Otherwise, we will no longer be a match to her new vibration, and many who don’t allow the change will become ill and leave the planet.”

In short, we must all change and use our free will to shift and ascend with Mother Earth in order to be compatible with the new, high energy.

Those who choose to do their inner work (meditation, shadow work integration, exercise, organic whole-foods, and learning to simply “be present”), will get to stay on the planet and enjoy rebuilding the new 5D Earth, and experience the New Golden Age of Light (or Age of Aquarius) that has been foretold by many indigenous cultures such as the Mayans.

Love takes over the planet and light wins! However, some Souls may choose to leave the planet and learn their lessons elsewhere, which is not good or bad, it simply is their choice or preference in the moment.

Agartha Hollow Earth Theory: Synopsis

After reading the book on Agartha and visiting Hollow Earth by astral projection, I don’t believe any real Godzilla, King Kong, or Nazis exist there.

However, I am open to the notion of Bigfoot or Sasquatch being in Hollow Earth, simply because they were there in my astral projection, before I ever read the theory of Hollow Earth.

I saw no reptilians, serpent people “Nagas”, “Deep Dwelllers”, “Old Ones”, or Agarthan beings (descendants of Ancient Lemurians) there either, just Bigfoot (LOL!).

As for the Agarthans being known as a “race of giants”, I am uncertain as well. However, Reymond describes Rodon of Agartha to be roughly 2 meters in height, or about 6’6″ to 6’7″ tall in the U.S. measurement system. (Although this is just one man and one account).

If the myth or legend of a Hollow Earth existing within our own Earth, known as Agartha is actually true, I can’t say for sure, but it is an exciting prospect!

In the book, Rodon of Agartha states that the “Indigenous cultures of Outer Earth are aware of the Agarthans and have been for a long time”, so maybe we can ask them for further clarification. 😊

As always, spread the light! And hopefully, willingly join us in the 5th Dimension by picking up the e-book, How to Ascend to the 5th Dimension .

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