Merkaba STAR TETRAHEDRON Sacred Geometry (Meaning & How to Activate)

In sacred geometry, the Star Tetrahedron Merkaba (sometimes spelled Merkabah), is the symbol result of combining two opposing tetrahedrons to form a Merkabah Star, or Star Tetrahedron.

The Merkaba is an energy matrix surrounding the aura that strengthens the alignment between the mind, body, and Soul. It offers protection to the user and aligns you more fully with your higher self.

The Merkaba Sacred Geometry is a tool for bringing in more light to the new living light body and crystalline body matrixes.

Merkaba Pronunciation

Merkaba is pronounced (Mur – kah – buh).

Star Tetrahedron Merkaba Meaning

Merkaba (Merkabah) is a Hebrew word meaning “Chariot”, “Thing to Ride in”, or “Cart”. The word Merkaba is comprised of three words: Mer (Light), Ka (Spirit) & Ba (Body).

What is the Merkaba Star Tetrahedron?

In sacred and religious texts, the Merkaba, sometimes also called “The Star of David” is a Hebrew word meaning “Chariot”, or “Transport of God”.

References to the Merkaba, Merkabah, or sometimes the Star Tetrahedron are found throughout numerous ceremonial and religious texts dating as early as 800 BCE (Meaning Before the Common Era, recently changed from B.C.).

According to the Talmud (A central text of Rabbinic Judaism), Archangel Sandalphon stands behind the Merkaba, while Archangel Metatron stands underneath its wheels.

Some religious scholars simply refer to the Merkaba as “God’s Chariot in the World”.

The prophet Ezekiel from the bible, had a vision of a Divine chariot that carried people to Heaven, which many scholars believe to be the Merkaba Star.

Using Ezekial’s vision, Merkavah mystics used purification rituals, the Torah, their knowledge of the Merkaba, and meditation to receive Heavenly guidance and visions.

Merkaba Star Tetrahedron Symbol

merkaba symbol
Symbol of the Merkaba/Merkabah/Star Tetrahedron

The symbol of the Star Tetrahedron Merkaba (or Merkabah) is formed when two tetrahedrons are laid on top of each other, with their points facing opposite directions, creating a Star Tetrahedron Merkaba shape.

This sacred geometry merkaba shape is an important symbol in many religious and spiritual practices.

Merkaba Star Tetrahedron Light Body

merkaba light body
Star Tetrahedron Merkaba Light Body

In more New Age spirituality, the Merkaba sacred geometry, or Star Tetrahedron, is being activated as a container for the auric fields.

This activates the Star Tetrahedron Merkaba Light Body and provides “A bridge if you will, between this world and the next” (from my own spirit guides).

When I first turned on and activated my Star Tetrahedron into a spinning Merkaba in a class – I instantly felt a deep connection to something ancient and Divine held within me.

I felt more supported and relaxed than I’d felt in a long time!

My spirit guides then instructed me to “Get more people their cars”. “Car” or “vehicle” are the words my spirit guides use for “sacred geometry”, in which they mean “help other’s activate their Star Tetrahedron Merkabah and Metatron’s Cube.”

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In Mastering Alchemy, Jim Self explains the important of the Star Tetrahedron in surrounding the auric fields and that this sacred geometry was lost at the fall of consciousness, after Atlantis fell.

In working with my own spirit guides, Archangels, and Ascended Masters through clairaudient channelings, they have said that more people need to “activate their Star Tetrahedron Merkabas” and “This is not automatic”.

In other words, you have to choose and consciously turn on your Merkaba, or Star Tetrahedron in order to reap it’s benefits.

Merkaba Star Tetrahedron Activation

Activating the Star Tetrahedron Merkaba Light Body is not difficult to do. In fact, it requires very little effort, but must be visually re-drawn often when switching between the Merkabah and Metatron’s Cube. (Because I use them for very different purposes).

Also, the Star Tetrahedron Merkaba Activation is different for male and female bodies.

I include step-by-step instructions for activating the living light body through the use of the Star Tetrahedron (Merkaba), turning on the 5 transpersonal (held outside the physical body) chakras, and other guidance from the Teacher’s of Light channeled over 7 years and hundreds of meditation sessions in the e-book: How to Ascend to the 5th Dimension: Where ANYTHING You Want – YOU GOT IT! available for just $5!

how to ascend to the 5th dimension
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Sacred Merkaba Star Tetrahedron Meditation Activation

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How Do I Use My Merkaba Star Tetrahedron?

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The Sacred Merkaba Flower of Life is a tool or “vehicle” for awakening and ascension to the 5th Dimension.

You can use your Sacred Star Tetrahedron Merkaba in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to: Connection with spirit guides, angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters & Teacher’s of Light, awakening, ascension, traveling off-world before sleep (other worlds, realms, dimensions, and timelines), & remote viewing.

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The Star Tetrahedron, or Merkaba houses your auric fields and assists in marrying your light spirit body.

When I activate my Merkaba, I know it is raising my vibration to more easily “match” the vibration of my spirit guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and other Teacher’s of Light I choose to work with.

I choose to turn on, activate, and spin my Merkabah just before doing meditative or channeling sessions with the Teacher’s of Light to strengthen my connection to them.

I also choose to do my Merkabah activation before bed for protection and assistance in reaching the higher dimensions of consciousness in dreams.

Here, I have more lucid dreams and connect to Archangels, spirit guides, and other Teacher’s of Light in classrooms and through videos. I bring their invaluable spiritual guidance back with me upon awakening.

Other Ways to Activate the Merkaba Star Tetrahedron

1. Use a Star Tetrahedron Merkaba Pendant or Merkaba Necklace

Use of a Star Tetrahedron Merkaba Pendant, necklace, or Merkaba jewelry strengthens the connection to the Merkaba Star and aligns your aura with the sacred geometric structure.

Wearing a sacred Merkaba Star Pendant assists with awakening, reminds you of your purpose on earth, and strengthens your connection to the Divine.

I looove this Amethyst Quartz Combo Spinning Merkaba Star Necklace!

Amethyst and Quartz are both excellent for connection with spirit guides and angels, and with the addition of the spinning Merkaba Star – This pendant would be great to use in meditation!

2. Ask for Divine Help with Merkaba Star Tetrahedron Activation

As an unconditionally loved Creator being, the spirit realms are always more than happy to assist us on our chosen paths to wherever we’d love to go.

Our spirit guides, Source Consciousness (or God), the Archangels, and Ascended Masters are always available to me when I simply ask, and have helped my life in miraculous ways!

But, because of free will (a gift from Source Consciousness), we must ask for what we want to experience during this life.

Simply say a prayer asking Source, God, or whatever you subscribe to, for help in how to activate your Merkaba and keep it activated. Ask that the Merkaba stay activated and spinning as you move throughout your day.

3. Bring Children Under 7 into your Sacred Merkaba Star Tetrahedron

If you are a mother of any children under 7, this one is super important. If you activate your own Merkaba, please also visualize all of your children under age 7 in your Sacred Geometry with you. (Bring them inside the walls of your Merkabah).

Because children under 7 have an energetic cord of attachment to their mothers, and the Merkaba is not automatic, you may do so for your children until they are old enough to do the Merkaba activation meditation with you.

Final Thoughts on Merkaba Star Tetrahedron (Sacred Geometry)

The Sacred Merkaba Star Tetrahedron is an amazing gift from our Creator to us! It can be used in so many ways for protection, upliftment, enlightenment, awakening, and ascension to the 5th dimension.

This sacred geometry has been used for thousands of years by those who have wished to reach higher planes of consciousness and strengthen their connection to Spirit.

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