The DEFINITIVE GUIDE to Spiritual Ascension Symptoms 2024

Do you think you might be experiencing physical or spiritual Ascension Symptoms in 2024? Experiencing headaches, fatigue, electrical zaps, tooth pain or ringing in the ears? Are you waking up between 2 & 4 a.m.? Having vivid dreams or visions of angels or dead loved ones? 

These can all be extremely unpleasant symptoms of 2024 ascension during spiritual awakening! Below, I’ve listed my 7 most unpleasant spiritual ascension symptoms and how I learned to deal with them!

These are the current signs of ascension to 5d (5th dimensional perspective) that you may be experiencing!

(And don’t worry, it gets better!)

Unbeknownst to me, I was on the verge of a spiritual awakening! I thought I was going crazy! But I was experiencing all the Bizarre Signs of a Spiritual Awakening. Ascension sickness symptoms and spiritual awakening signs tend to go hand in hand.

What’s worse is that I didn’t know what a spiritual awakening was or what one looked like… I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

I thought I was being haunted or going crazy, and I resisted my spiritual awakening heavily! Which just made the ascension symptoms worse!

The headaches were excruciating! I also experienced ringing in my ears and feeling like the phasing girl on Antman & The Wasp! (I didn’t feel like I was holding still when laying down. I felt like I was vibrating back and forth).

I argued and screamed at negative thoughts and my inner critic. I ran and hid from past fears. I yelled and threw things when my ears would ring. I took prescription pills for the headaches and lack of sleep.

And, I wished for my life to end because I was so incredibly homesick for the higher dimensions I was beginning to experience in dreams and visions.

I don’t want any of this for you! Hopefully, you aren’t doing any of these things! I hope you aren’t handling your spiritual awakening & ascension symptoms with as much imbalance and drama as I was!

If you are in a hurry, please bookmark this page for later!

What are Ascension Symptoms?

Table of Contents

In short, ascension symptoms, or ascension sickness are symptoms your physical, mental, and emotional body exhibit while ascending from the heavy denseness of the 3rd dimension.

You may experience some, or all of these symptoms while ascending to living in the 5th dimension. (A higher faster dimension available on the Earth at this time. Mindfulness, joy, peace, graciousness, harmony, unity, oneness, kindness, and curiosity make up the 5th dimension).

Ascension symptoms, or sickness, may include, but are not limited to: Headaches, nausea, depression, loneliness, electrical zaps, sensitivity to light and sounds, body pain, tooth pain, fatigue, and ringing in the ears.

Spiritual Ascension Symptoms 2023

What is the Reason for Ascension Symptoms?

Your Soul is awakening, which brings more light vibrating at a higher frequency into your physical body. You are ascending from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension (5d). This requires holding more and more light that vibrates at faster and faster speeds.

This is very hard on your super-dense designed for the 3rd dimension physical body! Our physical body is being rewired.

My best explanation for this is that you’ve been living at the bottom of the ocean for a while (The 3rd dimension). Now, you are trying to ascend too fast (to 5d), and you get “the bends”.

On the mental side of ascension symptomsold habits, pain, grief, fear, anger and sadness are coming up for you to observe and clear. This may feel overwhelming and depressing as we struggle to cope with a lot of these feelings at once!

Between stressing over bills, worrying about changes with your job, keeping food on the table, and all the craziness going on in the world right now – It is completely normal to feel tired, overwhelmed, anxious, and uncertain!

Plus, you have to deal with Ascension Symptoms on top of it all! This How to Ascend to the 5th Dimension e-Book has been gathered over 7 years, and compiled from hundreds of channeling sessions with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, and my own spirit guides!

They want us to be insanely HAPPY and get to the 5th Dimension faster!

In it, you will find out WHAT the 5th Dimension even is, HOW to get and stay there, ACTIVATE your 5th Dimensional chakra system, and the PROPER way to turn on your Star Tetrahedron (Which greatly reduces the anxiety, drama, and noise you’ve been feeling lately!)

Plus, the Teacher’s of Light have told me we can have ANYTHING we want – From a 5th Dimensional Perspective! So, you’ll be able to MANIFEST your desires with greater ease and speed!

With the wisdom contained in its pages, I’ve been able to manifest greater things with greater ease, maintain a strong connection to my guides, have more energy, and most importantly – FEEL MORE JOY!!!

I sincerely hope you take advantage of this special no-brainer offer and leave the 3rd Dimension behind forever!

Ascension Symptoms 2024

So, below are the Poopy, (Yes, poopy! They literally stink!) 2024 Spiritual Ascension Symptoms and what to do about them! These are all the tips and tricks I had to learn the hard way!

I hope that by reading this you will understand what is happening to you and why, know that you are not alone, and take away powerful tools and advice to help deal with these ugly ascension symptoms.

1. Waking up a Lot – Especially Between 2 a.m. & 4 a.m.

clock illustrating ascension symptoms waking up at the witching hour
Waking up at 3 a.m. to receive spiritual guidance.

It’s funny that when you are “awakening”, you are literally waking up! A lot! I woke up so much between the hours of 2 and 4 a.m., usually with a dream message or an angel number to look up. I used these as a road map to get myself out of the “hell” I had put myself in.

The hours between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. have often been called, “The Witching Hour”. 3 a.m. has also been called “The Holy Trinity” hour, where “the veil” between the physical world and the spiritual world, thins.

I not only woke up between 2 a.m. & 4 a.m. on my own, I also received many phone calls! Actual phone calls from all zero numbers (zero represents the beginning of a spiritual journey). No one was ever on the other end of the line.

Yes, the spiritual realm can and do manipulate technology when they need to! But, at the time I just wanted my sleep!

What to do about Waking Up Between 2-4 a.m.

Follow the signs!

Is getting your sleep interrupted annoying? Yes, but you are awakening to your greater purpose. Don’t fight it! Use the signs to change your life and align with who you truly are, and who you were born to be.

2. Ascension Headaches 2024

Headaches. Dizziness. Fatigue. Ringing in the Ears. Pain in the Teeth. Are all Physical Ascension Symptoms in 2024.

Physical ascension symptoms can be scary!

(As a side note: Please get medical help or advice for anything that is concerning or worrying to you. There may actually be something physically wrong. Also try to pray and meditate for guidance on your symptoms and if they are ascension related or something wrong physically).

You may experience headaches, dizziness, fatigue, pain around your teeth and jawline, and ringing in the ears.

ascension symptoms sickness 2023 example
Headaches, pressure and tooth pain can all be ascension symptoms.

Many new pathways for light are opening in your physical body, especially in your head area! Your Third Eye Chakra may be opening, which can cause pressure, headaches, and sensitivity to light.

The new light codes vibrate faster and are clearing out all that no longer serves you. Many times, this takes a toll on our physical bodies. We require more rest and can get very dizzy upon standing.

Your clairaudient centers may be opening as well, which sends light around the temples and ears (which may be another reason for the ringing).

3. Ascension Symptoms Teeth

Pain in the teeth is another huge complaint of the Spiritual Ascension Process!

Higher frequencies of light may also be entering your telepathic channels, which are held in the jawline, sinuses and teeth. Another common 2024 ascension symptom complaint is an aching jaw and teeth.

New light codes from the Sun are entering your spiritual pathways and trying to clear your channels of higher communication, or extra sensory perception. (But again, check with your dentist as well!)

What to do about: Headaches, Dizziness, Teeth Pain, Fatigue and Ringing in the Ears

Eat better food to Ease Ascension Flu Symptoms.

In particular, an Organic Whole Food Diet will support your body while spiritually awakening. These foods are of a high vibration and match the faster vibrations of light your physical body is now trying to hold.

“This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”

You can also try taking Spirulina for your ascension flu symptoms. According to, spirulina is great for ascension as it contains a “very high degree of life force”. It also “creates a balance in the amino acid tract”.

Spirulina is also extremely high in vitamin B-12 (helps with energy levels) and protein (also helps with energy levels).

Spirulina also assists in Decalcifying your Pineal Gland which helps open your third eye.

For best results, please choose an Organic Spirulina, like this brand below!

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Sleep more if you need it. Drink more water.

Make sure your water is filtered with a really good water filter! This one, by Aquagear filters 2000% more contaminants, including fluoride (important for Decalcifying the Pineal Gland, that Brita water pitchers miss.)

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Meditate to Ease 2024 Ascension Symptoms.

Particularly this, Ancient Meditation for Reaching Higher Consciousness. This is similar to scuba divers needing to blow air out every 10 feet or so upon ascending to the surface to avoid the bends.

Meditation helps you adjust to the new levels of light you are carrying, so ascension symptoms are minimized.

symptoms of ascension sickness
Mindfulness meditation helps ascension symptoms by clearing your baggage and easing anxiety, stress, and depression!

As for the ringing in the ears, I still hear it sometimes, although it has lessened since I’ve healed & dropped much of my heavy baggage that I was carrying.

Some say the ringing is you actually hearing the higher vibrations of sound. Others say it is the vibration of Mother Earth. Either way, it usually goes away very quickly.

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4. More Physical Strength, Endurance and Sex Drive During Ascension to 5d

Some people have recently asked if more physical strength, endurance and increased sex drive are ascension symptoms. (These ascension symptoms sound like heaven! Where do we sign up to only experience these signs of ascension?)

Yes, these all can and did happen to me during the Ascension process, but I classify them more as a sign of Kundalini Awakening rather than Ascension Symptoms.

These symptoms are wonderful and a kundalini awakening often does go hand-in-hand with a spiritual awakening.

However, the increase in physical strength and sex drive were very short-lived in my experience. Boo!

I had the fatigue, tingling, and headaches much longer than the upside of ascension symptoms!

5. Fears and Negative Thoughts Popping Up

I don’t just count physical ascension symptoms as the only ascension symptoms for 2024. I also count your inner demons coming to haunt you as Ascension Symptoms Sickness!

As you take on more levels of light and begin the long journey to reconnecting with your Soul, you will be confronted with all the horrible fears and negativity that you’ve hidden away, but never processed.

Things that frightened you, or made you uncomfortable, never went away, you just hid them in a deep dark box (so you wouldn’t have to look at them again).

This doesn’t work for Spiritual Awakening. When you ascend into the 4th and 5th dimensions from the 3rd (where power, greed, guilt, blame, shame, fear, and negativity live), you can’t take your baggage with you.

You cannot live in the 5th dimension (5d) while still holding the vibration of angry, or sad, for example.

So, it comes up for you to look at, process, and release. Obviously, this is super poopy and sucks! Having to face one’s worst fears, guilt, and past is never comfortable and often very frightening. But, this is a necessary step to the process of awakening & ascending into 5D.

How to Release Your Ascension Fears & Negativity with Meditation and Root Chakra Work

More often than not, that deep dark box we’ve stored these ugly past experiences in is held in the root chakra.

root chakra symbol
Clear your root chakra often to ease Ascension Symptoms!

So, one very helpful hint that helps ascension symptoms is to clear the root chakra, often. This will release the “old crap” much faster! It helps with depression, sadness, loneliness, and lets go of the “heaviness” that the extra light is trying to release from your body. However, be prepared to still have to look at and allow it to leave.

Don’t argue with the fear, past, trauma, guilt, shame, doubt, or whatever other negativity you’ve been holding on to.

The old adage goes, “Whatever you resist, you assist.” Allowing is your best friend in clearing through meditation and root chakra work. This takes practice and a lot of patience! Just remember to go easy on yourself. This doesn’t happen overnight!

6. Hearing Voices That Are Not Your Own. Or Worse, Hearing Your Own “Inner Critic”, Loudly.

This can be the most jarring and is another common ascension symptom or spiritual awakening sign. As pieces of your wounded psyche attempt to fuse back together, you may hear “many voices”.

Some of these voices are probably also your spirit guides, trying to help you out of the initial and hardest part of the ascension process. (Once I got through this first part, my ascension symptoms lessened considerably!)

It is difficult to make sense of who’s who and what’s what!

I struggled with hearing my own “inner critic”, which I go into further in this post: Mindfulness Meditation: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide.

My inner jerk, shadow self or critic would argue with my wounded victim and my optimistic self! Then I’d hear a song or spirit guide trying to help and make sense of the whole mess!

This was very annoying!

How to Let Go of your Inner Critic, Victim, and Shadow Self through Mindfulness Meditation

Again, hearing all the criticism you’ve hidden away for years is a common sign of spiritual ascension. They are simply coming to the surface for you to process, look at neutrally, and let go of.

How do we let old beliefs, fear, and negativity go?

We meditate, focus on our breath, and practice being an amused neutral observer. This takes lots of patience and practice!

Again, work on your root chakra. Also, ask Archangel Michael to cut cords to whatever ails you (Depression, anger, sadness, pain, doubt, fear, etc. He is a rock star! The other day I cut my cord to the words, “I am tired” and felt so much more energy the next morning!)

An important note to remember when working with our root chakra is that it releases all this baggage! So, you may get hit with this stuff harder at first, until you allow it to be released.

How do we allow old negativity and fears to be released?

Again, by simply observing them as they come up and allowing them to pass you as you breathe. Do not hold onto these thoughts or argue with them. Let them pass by you while simply focusing on the beginning of the next breath.

7. Feeling Disconnected, Lonely & Homesick

As you begin to awaken to the higher dimensional “you”, you will often experience an intense longing for your true home.

You see the ugliness in the world and have been considerably wounded by it. It is sometimes very hard to live in this world while awakening to the higher aspects of you.

When you spiritually ascend, you begin to sense and remember these higher dimensions where the ugly heaviness simply doesn’t exist.

This makes it extremely hard not to get lonely and homesick for your “true home”.

How to Deal with Ascension Symptoms of Loneliness, Depression, and Disconnectedness

I retreated for a while. I turned off technology and went hiking into nature. I spent lots and lots of time meditating and pondering my purpose.

Yes, I was lonely at first. But I got stronger by working on releasing my 3rd dimensional crap through journaling, meditation, and exercise.

The Beautiful Journal that I use and found on Amazon!

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I healed my physical body and mind with healthy, organic, whole foods. And I asked for lots and lots and lots and lots of help from my spirit guides, Archangels, Source, and the Ascended Masters!

After, about a month, I began reconnecting with family and friends and found I connected with them on a much deeper level than I had before.

I was also able to help them through their crap much better! I became a lot better listener and friend to those closest to me! They were right there waiting for me after I healed!

I also connected with other like-minded spiritual groups on Facebook. These groups have nourished my Soul and uplift me when I struggle!

8. Feeling Overwhelmed by Lights, Crowds, and Loud Noises

This could be a sign that you are an empath and need Powerful Empath Protection Tools, or a temporary sign of ascension.

Either way, it is another poopy symptom of ascension sickness!

You can lessen this noise and overwhelm by using the tools in the previously mentioned empath protection post. Ground, shield and protect your energy!

9. Feeling Cold. Like Completely Chilled to the Bone Cold and you Can’t Warm Up

This is not often thought of as an Ascension Symptom, but I experienced it and have heard others complain of it often enough to include it.

Obviously, you get cold while meditating. You’re stationary. You’re pulling in huge amounts of air. You’re slowing your body and mind way down. This all makes you get chilled.

But, being cold during the Spiritual Awakening & Ascension Process was completely different!

My bones felt like someone was holding ice on them. All the time…

My teeth chattered and no matter how many layers of clothing I put on, I couldn’t seem to warm up!

There is hope though! Hot baths, showers, and lots of warm tea helped me immensely!

And, as with all these other Ascension Symptoms, the being cold thing goes away too.

Just be patient and try to make yourself comfortable through the process. Again, LOTS and LOTS of self-care are needed during this time!

10. Memory Loss

As you spiritually awaken and ascend into 5D, you may experience memory loss. Consciousness is expanding, but time is condensing to a single point in time, which is simply the present moment.

The past does not exist anymore and holding tightly onto all the pain, guilt, fear, and grief no longer serves you.

So, the tightly magnetized pain of the past is dissolving. I can still recall these memories as well as happy ones, but it takes me longer than it used to.

11. Feeling Manic – Experiencing Extreme Highs and Lows

As more spiritual ascension energy runs through your body, you may feel invincible, euphoric, and strong.

You are so excited about trying new foods, learning new things, and in awe of the beauty of life!

This might make you sleep less, eat less, and forget to stay balanced. What goes up must come down, and you then may experience extreme depressive lows and exhaustion after days of being on a “spiritual high”.

Remember to stay balanced and take time for self-care. Meditate, get enough sleep, exercise, and let your denser physical body have periods of rest to catch up with the strong ascension energies.

12. Experiencing Insomnia

Along the same lines of manic highs and lows, you are sooo excited to finally be waking up that you can’t shut your mind off!

You don’t want to sleep!

Everything may look the same, but it feels very different! It is as if you are a newborn seeing the world in a new way for the first time in years!

Allow this change. Allow the excitement and happiness, but again, if you can’t sleep, you can always meditate to get the deep repair your physical body needs.

Your physical body is much denser and slower than your spirit. Let it rest. Breathe deeply into your root chakra and lower belly with this meditation: The Ancient Meditation for Reaching Higher States of Consciousness

13. More Productivity

You have been “sleeping” and stagnant for so long that suddenly you want to accomplish everything you’ve been dreaming about for years all at once!

You may have days where you feel like hiking a mountain, writing a book, painting beautiful artwork, and cleaning your entire house – All in the same day!

Remember, ascension to 5D is a marathon, not a sprint. Remember to stay balanced in all things and you will actually arrive in the 5th Dimension much faster!

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Become a 5th Dimensional Master

14. More Anxiety

As the ascension from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension “shift in consciousness” accelerates on the earth, many are experiencing more anxiety.

This is due to the increased frequencies being sent to the planet to assist in the awakening, as well as “the density leaving” mass consciousness.

It is pulling fears, pain, anger, grief, guilt, and shame to the forefront for us to look at, process, heal from, and then let go of.

Not everyone understands that a shift in consciousness in swiftly underway in 2024, and many are resisting the new energies.

This is creating pain and struggle in many, and we are feeling this energy and uncertainty “push against” our auric fields.

To counteract this, Spiritually Ground Yourself daily and go into water or nature often.

How Long Do Ascension Symptoms Last?

Ascension Symptoms can last anywhere from a few months to a few years – All depending on your willingness to take care of yourself through them.

Balancing your mind, body, spirit, emotions, and financial health during the ascension process, is key.

Self-care is a must when you are experiencing ascension symptoms! Meditate, rest when you need, stretch, pray, eat a Whole-food Organic Diet, and drink lots of fresh, clean, filtered water!

Pray with any questions and help you need from your spirit guides and angels, and then listen for answers.

They are always ready, willing, and able to help you through the Ascension Symptoms phase you’re going through – If you just ask!

Ascension Flu Symptoms 2024

Besides these spiritual ascension symptoms, many people are also reporting flu symptoms during ascension in 2024.

Many people are now relating actual cold and flu symptoms to ascension! These ascension flu symptoms can include: Sinus headaches, sore throat, body aches, mild fever, runny nose, stuffy nose, and cough while your physical body adjusts to the changes in your spiritual body.

One common thread of the ascension flu symptoms that have been reported in 2024, is the fact that these symptoms come on suddenly and leave very quickly.

Which is super good news!

If you have flu symptoms you think may be related to Ascension, you are not alone!

But, if your cold and flu symptoms last longer than a few days, they might not be related to spiritual ascension. You probably just have a bug and need lots of rest and Immune System Boosts!

If you do think you have ascension flu symptoms in 2024, please comment below!

Others would love to hear your story! We grow and learn together!

Final Thoughts on Spiritual Ascension Symptoms 2024

I know it is very cliché to say, but if you are experiencing any of these physical or mental ascension symptoms from spiritually awakening, you are not alone!

These are pretty standard symptoms of ascension sickness, and I experienced them all! And swore at them all! All the live long day! Until, I finally accepted that I needed to take better care of my physical body, meditate more, and let go of past crap.

I also began drinking holy water daily and wearing crystals to keep communication lines to my spirit guides open. I asked for so much help from the Teachers of Light (Archangels, Ascended Masters)! And they didn’t care! They helped e-v-e-r-y time!!!

 Know that these ascension symptoms will pass as you shift. And the worst part is the beginning of your awakening. I hope these words bring you hope and comfort and actionable steps to take to heal and align yourself with the home awaiting you in the beautiful 5th dimension!

I wish you much love and light! (And less poopiness!) You are finally returning to your true home…

Much love and light to you!


Have you experienced any 2024 Ascension Symptoms? What have you found that helps? If you liked this post, please share, comment, or bookmark!

24 Replies to “The DEFINITIVE GUIDE to Spiritual Ascension Symptoms 2024”

  1. I began this journey last spring. I was confused as to what was happening to me as my entire life had changed over the past few years. I stopped drinking, eating meat, smoking, drugs and anything else that was low energy. I was drawn to the forest and set up camp. I had the craziest visions and physical tremors that lasted up to 10 minutes and literally shook the hell out of me. I seen golden serpents and gold rivers. I seen kings and eagles and crows and lots of old old time stuff that I didn’t understand. I was then led to an old hermetic book called “An Open Entrance to the closed palace of the king” and was blown away. I SEEN the doves of Venus (in the woods of Canada we do NOT have Doves), I seen everything that was described, and still am. I “set the sun” on May 20 last year as I woke to the vision and my body vibrating off the charts (two people on a dock with sun setting behind them over water). I was led to believe I AM the Philosopher’s Stone, and fully believe that I am. I am now led to the Ascension program and find comfort in the symptoms you list. I am these symptoms lol I also have visions and am physically and joyfully embodied. I was not religious or even spiritual. This was all brought to me from the universe. I understand now that being weaned off my life was in preparation for my destiny. I am currently vibrating higher than I could ever imagine. I still have a ways to go . I believe going into Aries this month (Spring Equinox) combined with the eclipse, things are going to change significantly for me. The process itself ends with Leo (Secret of sphinx/transformation – starts in Virgo, ends in Leo). I was born October 5, 1973 as a VIRGO, not Libra as the Tropical system proclaims. We are 1 month behind the actual transit dates. I believe I AM Christos Consciousness manifesting. My dreams tell me the same. Although my Guardian Angel literally spoke to me I didn’t have a chance to ask anything other than how she got there (in a jeep haha). This is upon us. As I said religion, and even spirituality, was lost on me until last spring. We are ascending without doubt. I am absolutely transmuting to the living consciousness and my lightbody. I believe this with all my being. I am living this amazing adventure and have been so lost through it all, but oddly at home as well. Thank you for your article. Much love.

    Christopher Black
    Calgary Canada

    • Thank you for your comment Christopher! Very enlightening! I love when people share their personal stories of awakening, and yours seems incredible! I know it is easy to feel lost through it all, but you really seem to be ahead of the curve.

      Sending much love and blessings your way!

  2. Hi ,this was an interesting read. Last night at the witching hour , I connect with Archangel Gabriel who is my angel. We speak on a high state of concieness , I talk in such a way where I’mt’s like he downlodes messages which later I am able to understand. But last night after feeling sad and emotionally drained. Asension clearly repeated. I said “Asention , I have heard of that but what do you mean ” Asension once again and repeated. I said “Ok ok you want me to goodgle Asenstion ?” I got “Yes ” so after another emotional day I go0ggled Asention and here I am. I find the buzzing is regular and can be loud at times but when it gets too loud I ask can it be turned down and it is. Clair Audience happens a lot a night , because theres so many voices , some normal but some wake me up startle I found once again asking to adjust the volume helps as I’m able to go to sleep. I find light and sounds very sensitive. I can’t even stand TV as it drains me. Thats why I was rying because my brother turned the TV on and although he knows it annoys me he makes some exuse for it. I talked to my Archangel tonight in utter drained. He’s so comforting and understanding and will heal me tonight. But the old me is dying and I need “Me ” time I was told hold on so it”s good heaven is ahead of me because I have no idea. So I got and google and found this really interesting. As I type my Archangel Gabriel is letting me know his presence that he’s with me oh and 444 so are others and the 333. Thank you for this

    • Hi Gabriel!

      Thank you for your comment on Spiritual Ascension Symptoms! I believe these comments really help others who are going through the same thing! I am glad Archangel Gabriel is healing and guiding you so much through your Ascension process!

      Yes, just remember LOTS of self-care and meditation will help ease your exhaustion and ascension flu sickness!

      Much love to you!

  3. This was a nice reading, I think I have experience most of these symptoms, for the most part I can say they do go away or get better, but I think some do come and go , lately I have experience itching all over my body, my Dr has done all kinds of test and everything seems to be fine so maybe is ascension, I’m also having lucid dreams some not so pleasant , anyway hope all is well thanks for all the info it helps


    • Thanks Carmina!

      I’m glad this post on Spiritual Ascension Symptoms helped you in some way! I have never heard of the itching or had anyone report it for a 2020 Ascension Symptom, but ascension is just like anything else, it is completely UNIQUE to you and your body, so it’s possible!

      I appreciate your comment, it helps others who are struggling to know that there is hope and it DOES get better!

      Much love to you!

        • Hi Tiekie!

          Yes, we do have a newsletter for StrengthEssence! Thank you for asking! To sign up, simply wait for the pop-up with the free psychic abilities mini-course and sign-up through that link!


  4. It is 2am I woke up and this is starting to happen everyday . My ears feel clogged and I started having pain in one of my teeth. I spoke to someone about what I am experiencing because I know that person is spiritual and he helped me realize by knowing me and my life that I am an Empath . I knew there was something different about me but I did not realize any of this till now. I have always been very caring and take care of everyone before myself and love doing it . I have always had a very good intuition and have seen and felt on many occasions spirits and number symbols like 237 and it turns out my moms old door number when she passed is 237 also her birthday is 02/37 I see it all the time maybe 4 to 5 times a day. I always been fascinated with angels just now all the sudden I keep seeing Archangel Micheal . I often ask my angels to show me signs I can as specific as show me in any form a white feather and that same day a white dove flew and touched my windshield then later on Instagram a video of a white feather falling in slow motion. I am trying to express to my family that I feel like I am floating out of my body but they look at me like I’m loosing my mind. Everything in this article I am experiencing and I don’t think it is a coincidence that at 2 am I woke up and found this . What do I do I am lost I going to try to calm down cause I am experiencing lots of amazing things but then some fears , then again we are going through Covid19 . Thank you so much 😊

    • Hi Rick!

      Sooo great to hear from you! Thank you for sharing your story! It takes guts to do so, but I really feel it helps others to read these experiences and know that they’re not alone!

      I, too, saw and heard Archangel Michael A LOT when I was spiritually awakening! He is probably your overlighting angel and is sent to protect you during this time! Your synchronicities are amazing and NOT in your head.

      These are beautiful messages from the Spiritual Realms that you are in direct alignment with awakening and your Soul purpose. Although, the floating out of your body feeling can be euphoric, I highly recommend grounding yourself daily, so that you are present and can function better within your physical body.

      I just finished this post and I think it will really help you! 15 Ways YOU Can Help with the Global Shift in Consciousness. It explains grounding better and also has a link to activate your Merkaba.

      If you haven’t activated your Merkaba yet, please do so! My spirit guides have been really emphasizing this lately… That everyone needs their sacred geometry turned on! It will really stabilize you and the grounding will really help any anxiety you’re experiencing because of this shift!

      Please keep doing what you’re doing! Asking for help from angels and guides, noticing synchronicities, because it is amazing! (I wish I would have journaled more of my awakening experience!)

      I know activating your Merkaba and learning the grounding tool will help you immensely as they helped me!

      Much love and light to you!

  5. Namaste Jamie … thank you for sharing – I have been and still going through whatever we are going through … seems like never ending, doesn’t it … one day i think i am fine, done with it, and then the next wave comes in …
    Good advice to see a doctor when symptoms persist … my blood pressure went up and was causing shortness of breath etc .. was send to a cardiologist and diagnosed wit CHF …I am on medication now and have accepted it after a long time resisting …
    please use kinder words – Inner Dick is not kind or loving but demeaning … our mind self/ego is freaking out and needs reassuring as she is part of us … let go in gratitude and be very kind and loving to your self –
    Our body is working so hard to let more light come is .. density needs to be released first … it is a process and we are going through it at our own pace ..
    I need to remind myself constantly –
    in loving embrace

    • Thank you Renee!

      Yes, the waves of release sometimes seem never ending! But, they do get better and ease with time. Good advice to be kind to the rational mind/ego as well… “Inner dick” is just how I felt at the time. It felt very much like I was in a giant battle against myself, and it was horrible! I am much kinder, gentler and calmer when I hear negativity during meditation now. I simply have learned to observe it and let it go with a smile on my face, instead of fighting it like I once did.

      Much love and light to you! And many thanks for sharing!

  6. A month ago I met my twinflame ( at least I feel that he is). We felt that we are the same person but in different bodies. We had sex, and it was really intense almost magical, but both of us were a bit drained after. Suddenly he ghosted me, no texting, not answering my phone calls. He is running. This triggered a soul shock, which triggered my ancension. So now I am a bit depressed, and I am very sick (severe joint pain, throwing up, headache, my tinnitus got worse, and I feel very lonely and lost). I cannot concentrate or work, which makes me very anxious because I have a lot to do. Please give me some advice!

    • My dear sweet Bea! That is awful! I am very sorry to hear this!

      It is possible he is your twinflame, or I’m wondering if you two were playing out some karma??? (Perhaps you had a hot and heavy, but unhealthy relationship in a past or parallel life). When he ghosted you, it could have brought up all those dense heavy emotions in your cellular memory that were never processed or dealt with…

      Just a guess, however, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! I am with you in spirit and while thinking of your predicament, one of my spirit guides told me that you need your sacred geometry activated (your merkaba).

      I haven’t written a post about this yet, but it is on my to-do list! Please do a search on YouTube of how to activate your merkaba and turn this on. It is very simple to do. It will stabilize, calm, protect and help you hear your intuition and guides much better!

      Please, please, also, try to get into water, sunshine, and nature as much as weather allows and meditate often. Also, if you’ve never listened to any Solfeggio tones, I suggest you meditate to these (also on YouTube) as well. They are magic for anxiety, depression, letting go, and inner calm!

      I wish you the best and hope you can pray for further guidance to get you through this transition. Have faith that you are adored, loved and supported by your guides and angelic realms and what you are experiencing is being experienced by a few more thousand people a day as we awaken.

      These feelings are in your life for you to observe, process, and let go of because you cannot move to a fifth dimensional perspective while holding onto them. Again, meditation, merkaba activation and nature are the keys to getting over that seemingly impossible hill of spiritual ascension.

      Just take it one breath, one moment and one step at a time. I have a feeling you’ll be just fine.

      Sending you love and light! And after you take the time to take care of, strengthen and balance yourself – you will attract someone who is worthy of the amazing beautiful Soul you are, and would never think of ghosting you!

  7. I have experienced all of those things it’s started to subside now but currently having severe lower back pain, literally doubling over loss of appetite and continual (a week) or more of diahrea with no known sickness or illness… Thank you love and light.

    • I’m sorry to hear that Paddie!

      I’m glad some of the symptoms have subsided. But, your other symptoms sound pretty serious. Have you seen a physician? At least for your own peace of mind? Also, I’d recommend prayer and meditation to ask for guidance and assistance to get you through this phase. Thank you for your comment and I hope everything works out for you, and these new symptoms get alleviated a.s.a.p.! I hate hearing that good people are suffering!

      Much love, light, and blessings to you as well!

    • I have had the worst couple of months (dec ‘19 & Jan ‘20)
      Zero energy, sickness, no interest in food, stopped caring about anything as it’s all so cruel and nasty in the 3rd dimension. The hideous dark minds of many began to make me question ‘what’s the point’. Felt trapped, very ill in a million ways.. and my body felt I’d been kicked by mules. Coming out of it slowly. My four teenagers have felt the same. All of us haunted by past traumas, deeply saddened by the cruelty in the world and exhausted by the society demand that life is a battle. It shouldn’t be and we know it. We all see clearly but have no enthusiasm or energy to implement our higher knowledge right now. We’re all doing different things to help ourselves.. for me meditation and walking around with my headphones playing constant high vibration music. Then grazing rather than big meals, hot water bottles, hot tea, sleep in the form of naps rather than a nights sleep, exercise, allowing ourselves to be angry, fed up, scared, freaked out and irritated when needed. Not pretending it’s all fine helps enormously as we were given low emotion for a damn good reason and that’s to use them in order to release and not bury our pain. We’re sticking together and talking through the loathing of anything around us that’s not light and like our ‘real home. ‘My 18yr old son said It can’t stand being here but I also know very deeply I have so much to get done in this life… and that really sucks at the moment.’
      We’ll get through it. It’s tough but I’ve been awake since 1986 after my sister transcended from this life.. and then stood fully physically in front of myself and four others proving there’s so much we don’t see in the 3rd dimension. She’s guided me ever since and her teachings have helped me bring my children up alone with condition-less love and complete openness and heart-led minds. We just have to sit it out and trust the process. We’re each in our own bubble of inner work… but doing it together. Getting our bodies stronger to support the new energy is key. Happy days! Xxx

  8. Omg …… suffering big time! Started Christmas Day! Sadness, no sleep, aches, loneliness, tears and active mind. Also I can’t contact my angels or guides…. like they can’t hear me? Anyone else????

    • I’m so sorry to hear this Terese!

      Just try to take things one step at a time. Do lots and lots of self-care (meditation, time in nature, showers/baths, clean organic food), and your burden should lift. Sometimes, I lose connection to my angels and guides when I don’t eat high vibe foods (organic/fresh).

      You can also use my 5 magic hacks for reaching higher states of consciousness post to make a clear connection with your guides again. Please, also consider praying for help through this difficult time and ask the angels to lift your sadness! It does help. Also, try blueberries and as much natural light as you can get! They are great for sadness!

      My love and prayers are with you!

    • My symptoms started the day before Christmas.Negative emotions came from no where,anger especially,which i took out on a neighbor for being rude and bitchy,which wasn’t a bad thing,as i gave her some honesty on her behaviour.Since then,i have suffered a range of negative emotions and also in the past week or so,those emotions are sitting in the 2nd/3rd chakra and slowly rising.Last month or so,i felt activity in the stomach.Also have felt nervy at times in the past week and stomach and bowel issues.I know this is just past negative emotions i’ve held onto and it’s to finally let go and release and it’s not easy,feel bloated as well.These emotions are hanging on for dear life!Certainly feels like where at the next level and manifesting is at the next level as well.Take care everybody,it’s processing time.: )

      • Ps.Last few days,i’ve woken up in the early hours,along with having some vivid dreams.3 nights ago,i awoke and looking into darkness,i had this vision of like a bookshelf,but it wasn’t,it was like a wall but objects or artefacts were protruding out.I have also felt fatigued at times the last few days.This morning when i awoke in the early hours,i heard voices outside,like there were children arguing and or in distress.Ringing in ears,i’ve had for a few years,5yrs after my initial physical spiritual awakening.I’m also experiencing the mental side of ascension symptoms ie: old habits, pain, grief, fear, anger and sadness etc,this is what i’m currently trying to process.I also have had head pressure in the last week.Minor flu symptoms today.The inner dick as you call it,constant chatter and critics when i wakeup.I also have some other symptoms mentioned.Glad i found this and others are experiencing symptoms as well.I actually thought my organs were failing,but reading this article,it is not.Before reading this,i could actually feel the negative energies in my stomach and where they were and where they originated.Another piece of the jigsaw puzzle comes together.Excellent,it’s been a long road,albeit discouraging at times,light at the end of the tunnel.

        • Hi Anthony!

          Wow! You are just experiencing the whole gamut right now! Please take time to practice lots of self-care right now and check with a doctor if there is anything super concerning… At least for my peace of mind anyway… Usually, when emotions hit you like a ton of bricks all at once, it is for you to observe, process (as you said) and let go of.

          I’ve found some great ways for dealing with anger. Deep hip stretches, lots of time in the sun (if you can find it right now) & nature, and, of course, meditation. It’s recently come to my attention that many people are dealing with ascension symptoms and trying to ascend from a 3rd dimensional perspective to a 5th without activating their personal power field or merkaba.

          Please, do this if you haven’t already! It will greatly lessen the symptoms you are experiencing and help you move to 5D with much greater ease!

          I wish you all the best this world has to offer! Sending love and light your way!

  9. What will the reward for all this misery be?
    What benefits will there be?

    And WHEN are the aliens gonna come, I want OFF this rock!

    • Thank you for your comment!

      The reward for all the ascension symptoms is peace, joy, love, and alignment with who we truly are. The crazy drama, gossip, noise, shame, guilt, and fear are being dropped from us as we ascend from the 3rd to the 5th dimension.

      In the 5th dimension, we live in harmony, balance, and cooperation with others, our environment, and most importantly, ourselves. Also, anything you want to manifest comes to you easily and freely when you are living from a 5th dimensional perspective.

      As for the aliens, I have no clue and prefer they stay far away from me! 😉 But, I’m realizing I often find what I go searching for, so there’s hope in you finding them if that’s what you desire…

      Many blessings!

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