12 “BIZARRE” Spiritual Awakening Signs (2024)

I spiritually awakened many moons ago, and I had my fair share of bizarre spiritual awakening signs while doing so! I’ve found that now that I’ve gone through the initial spiritual awakening, things have plateaued and calmed down.

But, during the whole first year that I was awakening, I thought I was going completely crazy! I’ve talked to many people experiencing these same signs of awakening in 2024. These spiritual awakening signs are totally bizarre and probably some of the more extreme signs that you are awakening.

If you’ve read my book, My Bizarre Spiritual Awakening: How I Overcame Grief & Addiction to Spiritually Awaken & Create My Own Reality!, you know my story. In a nutshell, my fiancé died when he was quite young, of a very painful aggressive cancer.

Are you going through or have gone through a Spiritual Awakening? There are many common signs of a Spiritual Awakening that are easy to discern such as more love and forgiveness for humanity. These Spiritual Awakening Signs are truly BIZARRE and extreme, but do happen! Are you experiencing any of the crazy spiritual awakening signs? #spiritual #spirituality #spiritualawakening #spiritualawakeningsigns

During this process, I began using substances to numb my feelings that were too painful to feel. Grief, loss, sadness, depression, and helplessness all consumed me as I struggled to “cope” with what was happening to my first love.

I believe I experienced the most extreme spiritual awakening signs because I was an extreme case. I needed something to get my attention fast, or I probably wouldn’t be alive and writing this now.

I was buried so far down in all the worst parts that the third dimension has to offer, that I couldn’t see my way out. I needed the Universe to “severely shake me to awake me”. And, if the awakening signs hadn’t been completely bonkers, I don’t think I’d have paid much attention.


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Many times, spiritual awakening’s are caused by your need for extreme changes to be made in your life. You may begin changing, but need extra guidance, help and support to make necessary habit changes.

Change can be hard and scary, and this is where Divine guidance is so crucial to supporting you in your intention for living a healthier, happier life.

Spiritual awakening’s can begin simply by your asking for Divine assistance from the spiritual realms, or they can begin when you quit strong addictive substances, such as alcohol or opiates.


As with everything in life, spiritual awakening times vary depending on the person awakening. Your awakening may take months or a few years. If you need a LOT of Divine assistance, then your awakening will likely take longer.


There are many common symptoms associated with spiritual awakening, also known as Ascension Symptoms. These typically include headaches, fatigue, and ringing in the ears.

Most people who are spiritually awakening also experience more awareness within their physical bodies. You taste, touch, smell and feel things as if it’s your first time.

An extreme sense of purpose also usually accompanies a spiritual awakening. You may feel a sudden need to help others, animals or the environment without knowing why.

You may also crave fresher, more vibrant foods, full of color and nutrients. As well as wanting to spend lots of time outdoors and in nature.


Light codes to ascend to a fifth-dimensional reality are entering our dense third-dimensional minds and bodies. This causes huge amounts of emotion and pain to be released, that we must process, deal with and let go of.

For many, the emotional turmoil experienced during awakening and ascension is more difficult to deal with than the physical symptoms. (Although those can really suck too! Especially the fatigue!)

We buried those emotions from our past for a reason, they were too painful to look at. We thought we moved on, when in reality we simply hid the pain in a deep dark box and never looked at it again.

We never learned how to process, learn from and grow from the pain. We never allowed ourselves to feel, cry about, look at, and learn from painful experiences.

So, we’ve carried it (usually in our root chakras). This makes the spiritual awakening process a necessary part of our ascension to a higher, lighter, faster way of being.

You CAN NOT take your baggage with you to the fifth dimension. It has to come out, be looked at, felt, and healed in order for you to move on.

This is what makes the spiritual awakening process so painful – All of your pain and denseness, being released at once.


In order to speed up your spiritual awakening, you have to do the work. You have to heal your mind, body, Soul, inner child and spirit – to move on from the awakening process.

This takes LOTS of self-care, self-love, motivation, determination, and the desire to want to learn what you need to learn, so that you can hold yourself in a fifth dimensional perspective.

Things like drama, gossip, addiction, over-eating, greed, shame, doubt and fear will make your spiritual awakening take much longer.

It is crucial that you learn mindfulness meditation, eat lots of healthy high vibration foods, heal from past trauma, and go in nature often to speed up your spiritual awakening.

The only way out is through… But, you ABSOLUTELY CAN do this!

Between stressing over bills, worrying about changes with your job, keeping food on the table, and all the craziness going on in the world right now – It is completely normal to feel tired, overwhelmed, anxious, and uncertain!

Plus, you have to deal with Spiritual Awakening Ascension Symptoms on top of it all! This How to Ascend to the 5th Dimension e-Book has been gathered over 7 years, and compiled from hundreds of channeling sessions with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, and my own spirit guides!

They want us to be insanely HAPPY, spiritually awaken, and get to the 5th Dimension faster!

In it, you will find out WHAT the 5th Dimension even is, HOW to get and stay there, ACTIVATE your 5th Dimensional chakra system, and the PROPER way to turn on your Star Tetrahedron (Which greatly reduces the anxiety, drama, and noise you’ve been feeling lately!)

With the wisdom contained in its pages, I’ve been able to manifest greater things with greater ease, maintain a strong connection to my guides, have more energy, and most importantly – FEEL MORE JOY!!!

I sincerely hope you take advantage of this special no-brainer offer, actually enjoy your spiritual awakening, and leave the 3rd Dimension behind forever!

We’ve felt something off on this Earth for a long time. We’ve prayed and asked for Divine assistance – This mass spiritual awakening is the assistance. The new light codes hitting the Earth at this time, is the assistance.

We can each help the Earth and it’s inhabitants find more peace, joy and love – By showing others how we found more peace, joy and love within ourselves.

Your spiritual awakening is happening to you right now, so that you can be strong enough to heal, change and teach others by example.

If you are experiencing any of the following 12 BIZARRE Spiritual Awakening Signs… Know that you’re not alone and you’re not crazy. Also know that your awakening may be extreme at first, but as you heal your body, mind, emotions, and past – Things level off and become much more manageable.



I hadn’t heard much of anything for a long time, including my own intuition. I drank too much, took way too many prescription drugs, and never ate High Vibration Healthy Foods. I was mad at everyone and everything, including God, or Source, or the Universe or whatever you want to call “All That Is”.

I decided I couldn’t live the way I was living any longer and asked the Universe for help. And man, did the Spiritual Realms help! A lot!

It was almost overwhelming. As I got sober, I started hearing pieces of my own broken psyche, or what I lovingly refer to as my “Inner Dick (I write more about it in this post)”, yelling at me. I also started hearing loving helpful guidance from various Spirit Guides.

Also known as clairaudience (the psychic ability to hear Spiritual Realms), I had never experienced this before in my life. It was extremely confusing to wade through the noise of technology stuck in my brain, my own thoughts, my inner critic, and my spirit guides at first.

But, little by little through a lot of Mindfulness Meditation (You can read about the Mind-Blowing Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation here!), I figured out that the loving guidance came from guides as answers to my questions and the “excessive noise” was from me and technology.

I kept thinking I was “crazy and watched”, and a loving voice would replace my words with “guided and inspired”.


spiritual awakening signs orbs through the trees
Spiritual Awakening Sign – Seeing Orbs

While you are spiritually awakening, you may begin to see fast moving orbs of light. Usually out of the corner of your eye.

While I was awakening, I saw a lot of orbs, usually darting from one corner of the room to the other. They’d disappear out the window or out a corner of the room into the wall.

Many guides, angels, and Beings of Light come to assist you while you are awakening. They are made of lighter, faster vibrations than us, and can move very swiftly.

I rarely see orbs anymore, but know my guides or angels are there when I ask for assistance.


You may also sometimes feel the energy of a spiritual guide or angel who has come to help with your awakening touch you. I would most often feel the energy as a gentle touch on my hand or shoulder to let me know that I was not alone.

The gentle touch was always peaceful, loving, and calmed me down, so I welcomed their energy and support.


The spirit world can communicate with us through knocks or taps on the walls as well. I would often hear a knock or tap on the wall right after I would have an important thought or epiphany as my next steps towards healing and rebuilding my life.

These loving knocks helped me take notice of the fleeting thought since I was far from being fully mindful yet! (My favorite Mindfulness Meditation Ancient Technique!)

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Often called “The Witching Hour”, 2 am – 4 am is an important time for receiving Divine Guidance and support!

But, if you are sent a message from Spirit at 3 am, and stay asleep, then you probably won’t remember that dream or important message.

That’s when I started to receive actual phone calls. My phone would ring from an all zeros number and wake me up! No one was ever on the other end of the line. I’d answer and just hear static.

That’s when I started paying close attention to the dream I was having just before I received the call. I’d write down whatever impressions, angel numbers, or animals I’d seen in a Dream Journal to help me keep track!

Sometimes I’d see angel numbers or animal totems that I could easily look up upon waking. Other times, I’d wake up after actually communicating with a Spirit Guide or Archangel!

If I hadn’t received the phone calls, I never would’ve woke up to remember these beautiful messages!

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Receiving secret messages is another sign of a spiritual awakening. You may  see and receive all sorts of signs from the Universe telling you that you are on the right path!

For example, I’d see symbols in clouds and look them up in dream journals. Or, you may receive secret messages through the television or radio that have a specific message to give you at that particular moment in time!

Another example I can think of, is my Netflix would stall at the exact moment that someone had just conveyed an important message.

The Universe seemed to be pausing it to get me to take notice!

I got a LOT of pauses during messages that had to do with balance, detoxing and letting go of fear during my spiritual awakening!

And, I paid attention!

If you believe you are receiving secret messages during your spiritual awakening, take notice…

However, as with anything, you can take this too far.

Be wise and discerning with messages from television and radio as they can become confusing and overwhelming.

I started to ignore any message that scared me or made me feel inadequate. The Universe and your guides would never try to scare you or make you feel less than.

Sometimes, I would have to turn off the television and radio all together and go into nature to calm my mind (since spiritual awakenings can be sooo overwhelming!).


For the life of me, I can’t get this side effect of spiritual awakening to come back! I could see without my glasses or contacts for the first time since the 8th grade!

Not only could I see, but I could see farther than I can with my contacts now. I could see close up as well. I’ve read about people’s eyes being healed once they ascend into the fifth dimension. But unfortunately for me, this spiritual awakening sign was short lived.



spiritual awakening signs elk in middle of road
Bizarre Spiritual Awakening Signs – Led by Animals

While spiritual awakening, you may begin to notice songs playing in grocery stores or gas stations that seem to be speaking directly to you.

I would hear songs in grocery stores that I had literally never heard in my life but would be the exact message I needed at the time. Alternatively, if a song is making you feel bad or seems to be putting you down, just ignore it! Focus on the positive!

Animals may also begin to do strange things. For example, my cat would jump up on me sometimes between 2 am – 4 am to wake me from an important dream as well.

One time, while at a family campout, I decided to drive down the road a ways to check for phone reception. I promised my husband I would only go 5 miles and set my travel mileage log to make sure I didn’t get lost.

As I was driving, my mind started to wander and I was looking more at my phone than watching the road. Just then a giant bull elk walked in front of my car and stopped in the middle of the road. He did not budge and stared directly at me.

I looked down at my mileage and had driven exactly 5 miles! I still wasn’t getting phone reception and remembered the promise to my husband to not get lost (since I have no sense of direction!). I immediately turned around and went back to camp!

Synchronicities often turn up as a spiritual awakening sign. Strange, unexplained synchronicities that don’t seem to be mere coincidence such as angel numbers.

I would go to the store and my total bill would be $3.33. Then I would be following a bus with the number 333 ten minutes later. Then I’d get home and accidentally step on my remote and it would turn to the channel 333! That’s when I started looking up angel numbers and their meanings.



signs of a spiritual awakening matrix-like grid
Spiritual Awakening Signs – Multidimensional Time Shifts

This one was very strange indeed and sometimes still happens, although not nearly as much. I’d be putting food out for my cat and watching her run up to me, when I swear I’d see her running in for dinner from a different direction out of the corner of my eye.

When I’d fully turn my head to look, the 2nd version of my cat wouldn’t be there anymore. It was as if I was perceiving an “echo” of cat running in on another day. This made me think of the Matrix! LOL!

I’d also be talking to someone and get the distinct feeling that a part of me was doing something completely different somewhere else. This is known as simultaneous time.

We are multidimensional beings with multiple life perspectives. Outside of the construct of this limited 3rd dimensional time/space reality, time doesn’t exist.

It is only an illusion put here for our learning and growth. So, while I was spiritually awakening, every now and then I’d catch of glimpse of what other parts of my multidimensional self was doing!

It was very bizarre and very cool!



I would see animals or faces of people in my face as I fell asleep. The animals and people seemed sooo familiar, but I could never quite place them.

I could never figure out if these faces and animals were from “past lives”, ancestors, spirit guides, or friends and animals from higher dimensions – that know my Soul.

I’ll still see an occasional face or animal as I meditate or fall asleep, but not near as many as when I was awakening! And I still have no idea who they are! I just know that they are loving and friendly.



(Sorry guys, no picture for this one!)

While awakening, you may experience something called a “Kundalini Awakening”. Sometimes, as we awaken, a powerful force called Kundalini, or “coiled one” is unblocked or released from your root chakra (located at the base of your spine).

Kundalini is likened to a “coiled serpent” started in your root chakra being awakened, released and unblocked. This circulates an incredible amount of energy starting at your root chakra that powerfully flows up through your chakras, or energy centers, until it explodes out of the top of your head (crown chakra).

For me, kundalini awakening felt like a lightning bolt exploding through my body and was very invigorating and intoxicating. The kundalini awakening is euphoric and can release a sensual side of you that you didn’t even know you had.

Suddenly every energy center in your body is unblocked, on fire and awake! This makes sex super fun, invigorating, sensual, and feel 10 times better! Instead of just feeling an orgasm in the lower part of your body, you feel it powerfully through your whole body as it bursts through your head!



spiritual awakening 2023 chakra colored angel wings
Spiritual Awakening Signs – Angel Wings with 7 Chakras

As you awaken, you may begin to sense pressure, tingling, or slight pain in your upper back area. A lot of people who have spiritually awakened or are awakening now are Earth Angels, or incarnated angels.

Your “ethereal wings” are simply energy that crosses your body and represents your ability to fly in the higher dimensions.

I had the ability to “fly” in dreams as a child! I lost it as I grew up (how very Peter Pan, I know!). As you’re awakening, you may sense the regaining of this energy circulating and strengthening! You may have beautiful dreams of flying again, or astral project to incredible places!

This is just another bizarre and amazing sign of spiritual awakening! Old energy patterns and blockages are being released and allowing for the strong flow of new energies and your higher self to come through you!



Our multidimensional selves are telepathic. The words and sounds we use here through our physical bodies are much denser, slower vibrations than how we communicate in the higher dimensions.

In the higher dimensions, we communicate through telepathy and simply knowing. This is much faster! Plants, animals, children, and yes, even crystals are usually of a much higher vibration than adults. Their extra sensory perception and psychic gifts are heightened compared to the adults on the planet.

You may telepathically “hear” or even “feel” what a plant, child, animal, or even crystal wants or needs. I often communicate telepathically with my two young children while they are sleeping and I’m meditating.

While spiritually awakening, you are often very sensitive to all or many of your psychic gifts and ways your Soul communicates in the higher dimensions, telepathy included.

Final thoughts on my super bizarre list of 2024 Spiritual Awakening Signs

There are many very common spiritual awakening signs that can be either unpleasant or euphoric! The above bizarre list was a result of me being sooo far off my path that I needed to awaken faster than most!

If these bizarre spiritual awakening signs are happening to you, you are not alone and things will get better! If you are having some of the more common signs of a spiritual awakening, then count your blessings! It means you weren’t terribly off your path to begin with!

Are you having any of the above bizarre spiritual awakening signs happen to you? If so, how did you deal with them? What spiritual awakening signs are you experiencing? Are you currently going through a spiritual awakening or just curious about what is involved in a spiritual awakening? Please COMMENT or SHARE below!

21 Replies to “12 “BIZARRE” Spiritual Awakening Signs (2024)”

  1. I didn’t know what was happening to me at all and suddenly it was as if everything was more beautiful it took a year in the garden with cats and numbers everywhere, the phone rang and nobody there, and movies talked to me I hear voices and I discovered that he has a twinflame which still hurts me I didn’t see him for 12 years and then everything disappeared depression, fear, I thought I had a heart attack I’m 47 years old I live in Europe I’ll write a book
    My old fear and regret of losing the man who betrayed me died grandparents fired one year I was in trap.Pandora box opened I was in spiral flaying out of my body, Then everything beautified wauuuuuuuuuu brand new person I am and fear is gone I see things clearly and beautiful Thanks to God and Buddha as an upgrade I live in the Czech Republic

  2. I read your article, and I found myself reminiscing about how I felt back in 2012, when I finally started to get sober.
    I had a lot of unexplainable energy. And yes food tasted alot better, and I could smell fragrances of the flowers, freshly cut grass by the park nearby. I didn’t have a clue I was going on a Spiritual Awakening! It scared me not knowing what was happening to me. Thank the stars above that I had a case manager that talked to me about The Universe, and how it was speaking to me. I had some of the same experiences you went through, but it took over a year, for me to embrace it. And sometimes, I get caught off guard, when I see, the as you called them orbs of light, when I’m in deep thought. Thank you for sharing this with the Universe, and the World.

    • Hi Melinda!

      Thanks so much for sharing your story! You are very lucky you had a case manager who could help guide you through your spiritual awakening, as I didn’t have that. Online spiritual teachers were my guides! LOL!

      I’m so glad you’re doing much better and have embraced your awakening as well (It took me about a year to embrace it too!)

      Much love and blessings sent your way!

  3. I have been seeing lights and shapes all the time after I started meditating.I can barely sleep but still feel active all day.It is overwhelming because all I want is to shut off those images and sleep peacefully .It’s been 4 months I haven’t slept properly.will this phase ever end😢

    • Hi Rakhi!

      Yes, I went through the lack of sleep phase during my spiritual awakening as well! I’m so sorry! I know it is frustrating and exhausting to have your brain that active for so long!

      It took time, but I found exercise, sunlight, meditation and sleep tea blends to help some. Also, maybe try journaling (helps clear the overactive mind), and going to bed/waking up at the same time every day.

      If you find that you still can’t sleep. Meditate, stretch or read a book instead of turning to technology, as it makes it much much worse. My sleep finally began to normalize after 5 or 6 months…

      Hang in there! Things should even out and get better!
      Much love to you!

  4. Francesca Sinapele U'ilani Fanene on said:

    Good day. When I first started awakening, it was in the Spring of 2018. Before I go further, in the Fall of 2017, I cried out to the Supreme Universal Father surrendering myself after battling stage 4 cancer. Prior to my awakening, it started with dreams, voices in my left ear. I found myself tugging my right ear often, and still do, at the same time every night from 7am for several nights working backwards in time to 5am for several nights, 3am, 1am, then midnight. I started seeing algorithms, numbers, patterns, origins of people through their birth names. I had sparkles in my eyes and could see sparkles deep in the eyes of others. Not everyone had these sparkling eyes. It appeared to be a white light deep within the pupils. I could smell and taste negative energy put off by others. When others came near me with negative energy, before they even spoke a word, my mouth would begin to water and taste metallic. Almost as putting your tongue on a battery. My heart would pump intensely with adrenaline out of nowhere, the fight or flight syndrome. My pupils would remain dilated, even during the daylight. My night vision was clear. I could feel love in the hands of people whose hands I would shake or hold. I would see numbers floating in front of my eyes, like the matrix. I had never been one too interested in the history of my ancient Polynesian ancestors until I started seeing visions of ancient days as if I were there. I could see the earth before there was light. I’m not a big believer or reincarnation, but I certainly believe in ancestral memories. I come from the bloodline of Pele, the fire goddess in Hawaii. Genealogy is very well recorded in the islands. On another side of my family, I come from the GEGE bloodline. You can google the Polynesian deity and read more about him. My last name descends from him. I have a very interesting awakening, as I see snapshots of the future. I do not wish to know the future, but only request to wait for our Supreme Father to reveal things as they are in a time and space that I can humanly comprehend. My ears still ring and often the back of my head feels like something is prostrating as with a Rooster. I am a nurse that spent many years in nursing homes. I used to think my patients were crazy, but now I know they were trying to help me see through their eyes. One of my patients asked me, “Why are you down here and not up there? Roosters belong on top of the roof.” I understand what she meant now. Another elderly patient of mine, for 3 weeks, once per week, he would ask me about the red cape. I thought he was nuts. He asked me again the following week about the red cape. Finally I researched, “the Red Cape and learned it was the cloak of invisibility. I prayed the cape over me while I awaken so that no one could see me as I know light is bright and attracts not only the good, but catches the attention of the bad. By the 3rd week, my elderly patient said to me, “you found your cape.” A few days later, he was discharged from my care. He was a homeless elderly man with the last name of “Hawks.” I often wonder if he was a Hawk to assist me in transitioning. As my awakening began to escalate, I could no longer stay focused on work and decided to resign…for 4 months. Before leaving, another elderly patient of mine told me, “you won’t forget the sheep will you?” I told her, absolutely not. My experience had become so overwhelming that I could not fully function during my time off from work. My family began abandoning me as they thought I went off the deep end. My children were becoming frightened of me and my heart was breaking as I thought I was losing everyone I loved. As I realized I was alone, or as I thought, I had no one else to fall back on for support EXCEPT the Most High. It took me the entire 4 months of awakening before deciding I wasn’t ready to retire from being a nurse. I learned that during this time, I was able to heal from my deep rooted past and felt complete freedom. I was able to heal broken relationships within my own family and learn how to forgive and move forward. I unlearned everything we were taught in society, most things that we were misled to believe. What a joy of being still to know that I am free. I noticed my wings break free a few years ago. When in deep meditation, I can feel them flap freely. During this time, the most important thing to remember of self once you realize who you are and the divine plan for you, remain humble. Always remain humble, especially when you are called to guide and assist others during their awakening. Others will be catching up soon, and perhaps a bit more abruptly than some of us have had the pleasure of experiencing. We must be gentle with others as they awaken as many will be devastated to learn that everything they thought they knew, will no longer be. Blessings to you all and see you on the other side.

    • Thank you for your comment Francesca!

      What an amazing story of awakening you have! I am honored you decided to share it here! I hope things are still going better for you!

      Much love and blessings to you as well!

  5. I’m feeling a lot of these. My eyes feel like they’re hyper focused and I saw a white light in the corner of my room a few nights ago! My logic was trying to figure out the source of light but after reading this I’m thinking it was something to do with the spiritual awakening. Music keeps popping up in places of songs that feel like they’re speaking right to me. Things are just very aligned it’s scary, I keep getting really inspired ideas that I believe is something so divine I need to complete. My body feels like it’s soooooo awake and like the vibration I feel is almost overwhelming. I Feel like a new person but it feels like I’m just talking everyone’s ears off about all these new ideas, new things I’m feeling. I feel like I don’t want to suppress anything with myself anymore which I am trying to contain my thoughts a little! But it’s very hard, I feel like I’m on the most caffeine I’ve ever drank

    • Before this week too, I went to the hospital thinking I had Lyme disease or something going wrong with me, the headaches got really bad and I just felt overall so exhausted! The doctors looked at me and said we don’t think anything is wrong. Every single test came back fine for everything! Now I feel almost the polar opposite, at first I thought it was mania but it’s on a different more in depth level like very overwhelming but I absolutely love it in the strangest way!

      • Hi Chris!

        Yes, it is sooo frustrating to feel these awakening signs & ascension symptoms and not know what they are! I am super glad you went to the doctor and got checked out! Peace of mind is very important throughout the awakening process. I hope this reply reaches you as a spirit guide just gave me the advice to “journal” to pass along to you! I journaled through some of my spiritual awakening, but wish I had done it more to keep a record of every amazing thing that had occurred.

        Journaling is also an excellent brain dump! It will help you focus your thoughts, write down your incredible experiences, and dump everything onto the physical page, so that you won’t go over and over it in your mind while you’re trying to get much needed sleep! (Because that is what most who are awakening tend to do. We don’t want to forget any of the magic or lessons, so we go over and over it, until we can’t see straight. Totally normal, because it is sooo exciting!)

        I hope you continue to meditate, awaken, and ask your own guides & teachers for support. Above all, trust your own intuition as you awaken! And, as always, comment here if you ever need any guidance, or to simply share an amazing experience! These comments help many who are spiritually awakening as well!

        Love and blessings to you!

  6. I was saved from injury while driving my bus. The list is long , my name called in an empty house, emotions all over the place, pains in head, ears.synchronisity was off the scale. I can second guess most things. At present it has calmed down, but I still get up between 2 to 4am most days. My dreams feel like I am living them, so vivid. Thank You, Namaste.

    • Hi Kevin!

      Yes, my emotions were crazy all over the place as I spiritually awakened too! The vivid dreams were also amazing while awakening and have unfortunately lessened… I wish I could keep those and ditch the crazy emotions, ear ringing and headaches!

      Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Just now I am going through very strong spiritual ascension symptoms. My whole face and teeth , gums backhead very heavy . I don’t know what to do. I have lost lots of weight. I think it is spiritual ascension. Can you play guide?

    With love,

    • Dear sweet girl! You are not alone!

      Firstly, thanks for reaching out! It is not always easy to do. Secondly, it is always a good idea to get yourself checked out by a doctor for peace of mind.

      Spiritual Ascension Symptoms are caused by your physical body struggling to catch up to the higher frequencies of light entering you. It can be terrifying and painful! But, now is the time for lots and lots of self-care and self-love! Take really good care of your physical body during this time and the symptoms will ease and eventually go away.

      Rest as much as you can, meditate often, spend lots of time in nature and get natural sunlight daily. Please consider switching to a whole food organic diet and please ground yourself daily. You can find grounding cord instructions in my empath protection tools post.

      When you are experiencing ascension symptoms, it is also extremely beneficial to take a shower or bath (A little bit of nature inside). And please, please, please, ask for LOTS of spiritual guidance at this time through prayer & listen for answers through meditation! They will guide, support, protect and be your cheerleaders through the whole process on a daily basis! They will help with any little thing if you just ask…

      Being outside, even if I had to crawl out of my house & could only lay on the grass, helped me the most. You can also listen to healing Solfeggio tones for free on YouTube.com. 528 Hz is a great one to start with!

      I wish you all the best in this process. Please know that sometimes the only way out is through and as you take excellent care of yourself, it will all get better in time…

      Much love,

  8. Mine involved seeing and hearing demons around me. Literally having a few panic attacks in the process. But it also involved simultaneously hearing and feeling and seeing Jesus and my guardian angel Gabriel. I’ve kept the seeing demons thing so far but am nervous about taking it further. Maybe in time. Also many of this eyou mentioned, crystal aligning, coincidences, numbers, animals, dreams, being told I was psychic over and over, profound knowing, Astral projection, music guidance, tingling in my hands an d knowing that I had energy that could flow thru them very literally.
    Thanks for the article.

    • Hi Taylor,

      So sorry to hear about the fear associated with your Spiritual Awakening! I still get nervous with what I see clairvoyantly, as it is not all light and happy… Not sure how some can say they didn’t have any fear developing their third eye chakra! I do know if you keep going and ask Archangel Michael for protection while awakening & ascending – You will eventually just rise above the fear. Michael has actually flown me home when I astrally projected to a fear realm that I could not get out of. I could actually feel the flutter of his wings! It was incredible! Anyway, much love to you! And, I will keep developing my psychic gifts if you do! 😉


    • Thanks for your comment about my bizarre spiritual awakening experiences! It is always appreciated!

  9. I am aware, awake and experienced many of these things…but I keep getting myself looped maybe duped? Hmm…food for thought…I am tired of the distractions and am weak to them…so I distance myself for I need to for me.

    • Hi Tazzsgem! I am glad to know that I’m not alone in my spiritual awakening signs I experienced! I hope all is well with you!

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