Mastering LUCID DREAMING (From a Lifelong Lucid Dreamer!)

This Master Guide to LUCID DREAMS is everything I’ve learned from a lifetime of lucidly dreaming! I have never seen this information on lucid dreaming written anywhere else, at least not for free anyway!

What is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is a dream state where the dreamer has the ability to consciously observe and/or control the dream. The lucid dreamer is as aware while lucid dreaming as they are while fully awake and can often even create the dream.

Lucid dreams transform your sleep state into an alternate reality where what you experience is as genuine as real life.

Lucid dreams are often vivid, intense and euphoric. Sometimes, you can even taste, feel and smell while in a lucid dream state. Lucid dreams are like being on the holodeck of Star Trek, except the “program” is ran by you!

Types of Lucid Dream State Experiences

lucid dreaming
Lucid Dreaming

Sometimes people call lucid dreaming a lucid dream state, or even an out of body experience (OBE), but I would not classify it as such.

Many lucid dream experiences are achieved through entering a higher dimension or higher state of consciousness, which you can experience while still within the frame of your physical body.

However, astral projection is definitely an out of body experience, or OBE. While astral projecting, it is very obvious that you have “walked out of”, “popped out of”, or “separated” from your physical body.

The other, more common type of lucid dreaming is where you are in the midst of a dream and suddenly become aware that you are dreaming.

This state of dreaming is also known as lucid dreaming but is often less euphoric than the lucid dream you experience after you “swiftly travel there”. In this lucid dream, you have a sense of rapidly moving on a roadway, through a tunnel or taking off in an airplane. (Or some other swiftly moving symbolism).

These lucid dreams often accompany work with Archangels, Ascended Masters or other spirit guides and you are lucid from the very beginning of the dream vs becoming lucid in the middle of the dream.

Is Lucid Dreaming Real?

Lucid dream states have been reported by “only half of the general population,” whereby “approximately 20% have lucid dreams on a monthly basis”. [2017. Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine (Sixth Edition)].

Lucid dreaming seems to be pretty commonly reported, and there is scientific evidence of lucid dreaming.

British parapsychologist Keith Hearne was the first to discover scientific evidence of lucid dreaming in 1975. In his research he caught the pre-determined conscious eye movements of a lucid dreaming volunteer. He found that lucid dreams are real dreams occurring in rapid eye movement (REM) of sleep, and that lucidity is consistently preceded by a REM burst.

I, myself have been lucid dreaming since I can remember and my Bizarre Spiritual Awakening caused me to have many more lucid dreaming experiences!

Including, the first type of lucid dreams where you are fully aware you are lucid dreaming from the start and work with higher dimensional beings.

What Causes Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreams are a learning environment where your Soul can learn, grow and freely create without physical consequence.

Lucid dreaming causes are as varied as the lucid dream itself and can include: Sleep interruption, deep meditative states, herbs and supplements, lots of time in nature, spiritual awakening, Spiritual Ascension and our need to learn an important lesson in waking life.

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Lucid Dreaming vs Astral Projection

Lucid dreaming is in fact, a dream state, where you are as fully aware as you are in waking life. Astral projection, on the other hand, occurs when your astral body separates from your physical body.

While astral projecting, you can “remote view” other people, countries, worlds or even see your physical body sleeping on your bed.

While in a lucid dream state, there is no physical body to view or fly above. You don’t walk around your same home while lucid dreaming or check on loved ones.

Astral Projecting involves you being more of a “viewer”, often with the same surroundings you see now. In lucid dreaming, you are more of a “creator” of scenery, scenarios and things you’d like to do or experience.

My lucid dreaming experiences are much more common than astral projection.

What is Lucid Dreaming Like?

lucid dream
Create alternate realities in lucid dreams!

Lucid dreams are just like real life, only better! They are valuable Universal teaching tools that assist you in learning to use your vast ability as a powerful Creator Being.

Lucid dreams are blissful and vibrant. You are often in full control of your surroundings, experiences and people to share them with while dreaming lucidly.

I’ve flown across beaches in Hawaii, filled my wallet with fat stacks of cash and moved the Sun’s rays to shine exactly on my favorite part of the mountain I live below!

I’ve had conversations with Archangels and Teacher’s of Light, met spirit guides and even followed magical white bunnies through mazes into better dreams!

Lucid dreaming is my favorite type of dream! I would have one every night if I could!

Is Lucid Dreaming Bad?

Nightmares are bad because you can’t control what happens to you during them. You often run in fear without being able to change the outcome of the dream.

Lucid dreams can be molded, changed and restructured based on your desires!

When you are as consciously aware as you are reading this post during a lucid dream experience, would you choose to make it a bad one?

I have never chosen to have a bad lucid dream, and I doubt you would either!

Is Lucid Dreaming Scary?

A scary lucid dream is very rare, since the lucid dreamer has full control and conscious say over the direction of the dreamscape.

However, it can be slightly scary when you are first entering the lucid dreaming state.

It feels much different than a regular dream.

Lucid dreaming often begins by you moving very fast while “lifting off” or “elevating”. Sometimes while entering this state of lucidity, you’ll experience either excitement or fear.

Both excitement and fear will pull you out of the lucid dream experience and wake you up.

If you are in the middle of a dream and suddenly become lucid, then the initial dream you were having can be a scary one.

But, once you become aware that you are dreaming, you can change the nightmare to something better. It is like someone just handed you a television remote within your dream and you can change the channel to whatever you like.

Lucid Dreaming Benefits

lucid dreaming benefits
Lucid Dreaming Benefits

The benefits of lucid dreaming include, but are not limited to: Sharpening your visualizing skills for creating your own reality, “flying”, or experiencing things that may be dangerous while in your physical body. This may include things such as skydiving and learning important life lessons and skills.

My spirit guides and angels will use lucid dreaming to teach me important life lessons. During these particular lucid dream experiences, I’ve learned the importance of not gossiping and full acceptance of others.

Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous?

Dreaming lucidly is no more dangerous than dreaming regularly. A lucid dream is still a dream that you have until you’ve either learned the lesson the dream needed to teach you, or you get woken up.

Your survival instinct may kick in while you are lucid dreaming in some instances. For example, let’s say you want to experience skydiving as a lucid dream experience, and you get scared. In that case, you would simply wake up safe and sound in your bed as you do from any nightmare.

How to Lucid Dream Safely

lucid dreams

There are some wonderful techniques to protect your energy while lucid dreaming that I learned after my spiritual awakening.

These dreaming tips will help ensure a safe, fun lucid dreaming experience that you will love:

Ground yourself Spiritually before trying to Induce Lucid Dreaming

As you spiritually awaken and focus on raising your vibration, you’ll find things such as lucid dreaming come easier to you.

Spiritually Grounding Yourself drops the lower energies holding you back from things such as lucid dreaming and astral projecting.

Grounding yourself regularly will also keep you firmly held in place while you are free to lucidly dream!

Turn on your Merkaba before considering Lucid Dreaming

The Merkaba, sometimes written as Merkabah, is a sacred geometry in the shape of a 6-pointed star that houses your aura.

Turning on your merkaba will contain, protect and keep you aligned during your lucid dreams and will only take 10 or 15 minutes to initially activate.

From my guides, “The Merkaba is a bridge, if you will, between this world and the next…”

Besides protecting you while lucidly dreaming, the Merkaba will also help you have lucid dreams in the first place.

It adds a stability and a structure to your astral or spiritual body and is super simple to turn on!

Here is a free YouTube video for activating your Merkaba!

Archangel Michael’s Dark Blue Cloak for Protection during Lucid Dream States

Archangel Michael offers his gift of protection to all who ask during dreaming and waking states. He is a warm, comfortable friend that has never failed to help me during a dream when I’ve asked.

Michael has literally flown me home when I wandered and got lost during an astral projection. I’ve come to know and trust him and if you ever get the beautiful opportunity to meet his sweet spirit, you’ll love him too!

You can simply ask for Archangel Michael to protect you while lucid dreaming and also to cover you with his dark blue cloak of protection before falling asleep.

As you do so, you may feel a sense of being covered or surrounded with something as I often do!

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Lucid Dreaming Techniques

lucid dreaming techniques
How to Induce Lucid Dreaming

These techniques for lucid dreaming will undoubtedly help you lucid dream tonight more easily. The lucid dreaming methods below have helped me induce the right environment for lucid dreaming with greater ease.

These lucid dreaming tips are also my best tips for not jumping out of the lucid dream from fear or excitement before you even get there!

Lucid Dreaming Supplements

The best supplements for lucid dreaming are those that are gentle and calm. My favorite herbs for lucid dreaming are herbs that are in calming and sleeping blends of teas.

Since I use sleep and calming blends of Organic Herbal Teas often, I can’t pinpoint exactly what supplement or herbs specifically induced my lucid dreams.

However, I believe that any gentle herb that herbs you relax, and sleep more soundly will assist with inducing lucid dreams more easily.

I don’t recommend any strong substances or harsh drugs for inducing lucid dreaming, since these are not needed and can potentially harm you physically and mentally.

Your physical body is a beautiful vessel for housing your spirit while you experience the physical dimension, take care of it!

Lucid Dreaming Affirmations Technique

As with everything, when you focus on something, you are far more likely to produce that outcome. This also holds true for how to induce lucid dreaming easily!

Your intention means a LOT and is a secret technique for inducing lucid dreaming that not many people know.

So, to invoke lucid dreaming experiences… Read about lucid dreaming, journal your experiences and recite lucid dreaming affirmations before bed…

Lucid dream affirmations are a great method to tell your Soul and the Universe that you’d like to experience more lucid dreams!

This technique for lucid dreaming is super easy to do!

Just say or think lucid dreaming affirmations before falling asleep such as:

“I will be aware that I am dreaming…”

“I will know that I am dreaming…”

“I’d like to consciously create while dreaming…”

“I slip into the lucid dream state easily…”

“I will lucid dream easily tonight…”

Lucid Dreaming Meditation

I highly recommend this Ancient Meditation for lucid dreaming above all others. I’ve practiced and used this meditation (as given to me by my guides), for receiving Divine guidance, visions, astral projecting and lucid dreaming!

This meditation works very well for inducing lucid dreams!

The ancient meditation for reaching higher states of consciousness combines deep belly breathing with the “ocean breath” to circulate “prana” (life-force energy) and get into a deep “trance-like” state more easily.

Once you are in this trance-like state, you can communicate with higher dimensional beings, manifest your desires, astral project and induce lucid dreaming!

I practice this ancient breathing technique as I fall asleep to receive Divine guidance, as well as open the doorway for lucid dreams to occur.

Although lucid dreaming and astral projecting are like two sides of the same coin, they are very different in terms of what you can do while there and also how to get there.

For instance, to astral project, you need to Open your Third-Eye Chakra (the gateway to astral projection), and then focus on the third eye while meditating.

But, to induce lucid dreaming, you’ll need to Decalcify the Pineal Gland and then focus your attention point on the pineal gland (the gateway to your higher self where you lucid dream), while doing the ancient meditation.

The spiritual experiences of lucid dreaming and astral projecting are reached while focusing on very different areas of the body.

(Which I found out the long, hard way through years of experimenting and dream journaling!)

Again, I have never seen this particular information on lucid dreaming written anywhere else, at least not for free anyway!

Lucid Dreaming Crystals

These crystals may assist the wearer in inducing lucid dreams more easily.

Shamanic Dream Stone Crystal to Induce Lucid Dreaming

As the name suggests, Shamanic Dream Stone or Shamanic Dream Quartz crystals help “activate dreams, lucid dreams and can also be used for astral travel.”

Moldavite Crystal for Lucid Dreaming

Moldavite is a form of Tektite, said to “come from intense meteorite showers. Many believe Moldavite to come from the higher dimensions, therefore assisting the wearer to “shift” to higher planes of existence (astral projecting, lucid dreaming), during sleep.

Moldavite carries strong energy and is “highly stimulating for dreams, lucid dreaming and astral travel.”

My spirit guides have also eluded to Moldavite’s ability to assist with the physical bodies’ transformation into a 5th dimensional living light body.

Lucid Dreaming Binaural Beats

Many beginners have found binaural beats to be particularly helpful with inducing a lucid dream state.

Binaural beats are a type of music that sends one sound frequency into one ear and a different sound frequency into the other ear (Binaural beats are used with headphones).

Your brain is then said to then “gradually fall into synchrony with the difference”. [2017,]

The binaural beats then slow your brainwaves down to the “same brainwave pattern one would experience during meditation”. [2017,]

Music for Lucid Dreaming

There are specific frequencies available for free on YouTube that are said to slow the mind into a state conducive for lucid dreaming.

A 528 Hz Solfeggio tone is said to especially help the listener fall into a deep lucid dream state.

Here is a great 8 hours Deep Lucid Dreaming Sleep Music for free on YouTube!

Lucid Dreaming Tips

Some people really want to experience an amazing lucid dream but can’t induce lucid dreaming for whatever reason. My best tips for lucid dreaming are…

  • Set an Alarm to wake up a few hours after going to sleep or about an hour before you normally wake up. Then do your ancient meditation breathing technique to fall back to sleep. (My best lucid dreaming experiences happened when I slept out of town and kept waking up all night.)
  • Ask for Assistance from your Spirit Guides to help you learn to lucid dream. Your spirit guides can send you helpful reminders and also enter your dreams to try and help trigger a lucid dream experience.
  • Eat Organic Whole-Foods – The more plant-based organic whole foods I eat, the more I can hear my spirit guides and the more cool lucid dreams I have!
  • Spend Lots of Time in Nature – Nature calms and re-energizes you! It raises your vibration and fills you with light. Some of my best astral projections, lucid dreams and visions have come to me while camping or after hiking all day!
  • Clean your Room – I’ve found it easier to get into a relaxed sleep perfect for lucid dreaming when my room is clean, and my sheets are washed! This allows for the free flow of good energy to surround you during sleep.
  • Sage your Room – Dreaming while lucid is difficult to do when lower energies are stuck in your room. I use this White Sage Spray charged with the energy of the full moon to clear my space and prepare for restful sleep. Don’t forget to spray around the windows and in all the cracks where energy tends to get stuck!
  • Keep a Dream Journal – The more you work with dreams and write them down, the easier it will be to become lucid in them. This Dream Journal Workbook from Amazon includes everything you’ll need to keep track of; Including emotions, dream symbols and even lucid dream triggers!
  • Answer the Ringing Phone while Dreaming – I know it sounds very “Matrix”, but it does work! If there is a ringing phone in your dream, answer it! I’ve noticed ringing phones will “pull you up” to a more conscious awareness and sometimes even induce a lucid dream.

And, now that I’ve made you aware of the ringing phone lucid dreaming technique, you may be able to identify this trigger and answer it next time!

  • Deeply Breathe along any Roadway, Tunnel or Airport Runway – You may not be lucidly aware of it yet, but I will hit points during sleep where I find myself at the beginning of a long stretch of road or airplane runway.

The trick here is to continue your meditative deep breaths and you will speed along the path until you “lift up” into the lucid dream!

Practice, practice, practice your deep meditation to induce lucid dreaming. Taking deep, even breaths is the key to not getting pulled out of the lucid dream before it begins!

How to Stop Lucid Dreaming

I have spent a LOT of time in the dream space over the years. I’ve been vividly dreaming since I can remember and consciously having lucid dreams, astral projections and incredible experiences!

One thing that I’ve always been able to count on is the ability to return safely to my bed whenever I wish by simply thinking, “Home”.

“Home” is like the safe word of lucid dreaming, astral projecting and any other out of body experience (OBE) you can think of.

If this doesn’t work, you can always call on Archangel Michael to come help whenever you need, and he will come.

I’ve stopped counting how many times he’s come to assist me in the astral realms and dream realities. He has pulled me out of burning buildings, and quite literally flown me home from a creepy fear realm I accidentally landed in.

I count on his guidance and protection and have come to know him as a trusted friend who makes my lucid dreaming work much, much easier and less scary!

How to Master Lucid Dreaming

Becoming a master of lucid dreaming takes practice just like everything else. Of course, I’m going to recommend LOTS of meditative breath work, dream journaling and Dream Symbol lookup, as well as practice your deep ancient meditation while holding your attention within your pineal gland.

I’ve been lucidly dreaming for 35 years, and I still feel that I have so much to learn!

Right now, I have been taking “flying lessons” in the dream space and I feel like a baby learning to walk! LOL! I’m trying to gain control over my lucid flying dreams.

It is slow going, but myself, some guy who looks like Al Pacino and my 4-year-old son have been playing and having fun while I’m fully aware and learning to astrally fly again!

To experience great dream adventures like these, look up at the sky, go in nature often, set intentions to help induce lucid dreaming and then relax and allow whatever comes to come.

Often, people can’t lucid dream or astral project simply because they are trying too hard. You can’t relax into a lucid dream experience if you are tensing up or too excited.

I do my ancient meditation while falling asleep, ground, re-visualize my Merkaba and then allow whatever I need to learn to simply come to me while I relax.

Just breath and relax. It will happen when it happens.

Have you lucid dreamed before? Have you tried any of the above lucid dreaming techniques or tips that have helped you lucid dream faster? Do you have any other tips to share? Please share or comment below!

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