8 Secrets of 5D EARTH ASCENSION 2024

5D Earth Ascension 2024 is well underway and ushering in the New Golden Age of Light as we speak. Many Earth changes have been predicted and prophesized by ancient cultures, as well as many modern day spiritual teachers.

We have ALL been told by spirit guides or heard from certain spiritual teachers that the Golden New Age of Aquarius is here, and with it, the New Earth Ascension 2024, or Earth ascension process.

But, where is it?

As Lightworkers, we intuitively know and feel that something is indeed coming, but…

Where is it? Where is it? Where is it!

I apologize for my lack of patience! But, I have been waiting for a 5th dimension Earth since 2012 when I first spiritually awakened.

Then, 2 years ago, my spirit guides said, “Good news from home. The New Age is coming!”

I was so excited I could hardly contain myself! It was finally almost here! And then, 2020 hit!…

Wah, wah, wah!

And the advice I got in 2020 from spirit guides was that, “The density is leaving.”

I am writing this to instill hope in newly awakening and awakened lightworkers alike, that the New Age for Earth and the planet’s 5D ascension are indeed happening at a rapid pace.

What does Earth Ascension Mean?

ascension of earth
Ascension of Earth 2024

What does Earth Ascension Mean? The New 5D Earth Ascension means that our Earth is a living being that also has to go through the necessary light code activations and ascension process to the 5th dimension that many humans are currently experiencing.

Many of Earth’s current electrical grid systems, ley-lines, and key energy points will need to be upgraded to hold more light as we move from a 4th to a 5th dimensional Mother Earth.

A lot of these activations are being done by Archangels, Ascended Masters, Elementals, and other higher dimensional beings full of unconditional love for the Earth as well as us.

Some of the higher vibrational light activations for Earth’s ascension in 2024 are also being done by lightworkers, earth angels, and earth grid keepers (directed by spirit) across the globe.

When will Earth finish Ascension?

When will Earth finish Ascension? It is estimated that Mother Earth will continue her ascension process into the 5D (Fifth Dimension) New Earth until roughly 2032. At this point in time, a light is expected to be turned on within the collective consciousness which will open people’s hearts, and greatly accelerate the Earth ascension process.

Here is the New Earth Ascension Timeline Process:

  • On December 21, 2012 at the Cosmic Moment, Archangels and Ascended Masters closed the door to the 3rd dimension for good. This meant that no babies would be born into the 3rd dimension.
  • However it took until 2014 for the planet to move into the 4th dimension. Although Mother Earth has accelerated into the 4th dimension, many Souls on the planet are still choosing to live out their 3rd dimensional paradigm.
  • In other words, many people’s Souls are choosing to continue experiencing the 3rd dimensional belief system and the rigidity and hardships that come with living in the third dimension.
  • By 2015, a great number of 5th Dimensional Masters emerged, spurning even more light and ascension assistance for the New Earth paradigm shift.
  • From 2015 to roughly 2035, a new crystalline matrix will be established within the Earth, which will spark physical changes in our bodies.
  • These changes will likely include the need for less food as light becomes a source of fuel for the body.

What will the New Earth Ascension be like?

What will the New Earth Ascension be like? Exactly how the New Earth Ascension will be is not written in stone, as there are numerous daily choices made by the humans and animals inhabiting the planet, which will lead to the future landscape of the New 5th Dimensional Earth.

The Ascension of Mother Earth for 2024 is currently underway and will cause great upheaval as the density of the 3rd dimensional imbalances is cleared and transmuted.

More and more Souls will choose to spiritually awaken, rebirth, and become 5th Dimensional Masters, while helping Mother Earth rebirth, ascend, and heal from old karmic wounds of war and imbalance.

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This will allow more people to be able to feel and see energies, elemental beings, and work closely with spirit guides to reintroduce information lost from ancient times such as Atlantis!

I, for one, am excited and overwhelmed to even begin to imagine all the amazing changes as our planet earth ascension process rapidly unfolds in 2024!

How is Ascension Time Related to Time on Earth?

God is an equal opportunity, existing outside of time and space, which are constructs of this dimension that exist for our learning and growth.

Even the estimated ascension timeline for the Earth I pieced together above, may not be a completely accurate timeline, as the changes to Earth require some human participation.

As you know, humans have free will! As a collective consciousness, we may not move together to help Earth ascend as rapidly as predicted by those spiritual teachers who channel higher dimensional beings.

Or, we may move faster than the estimated Earth ascension timeline! It all depends on us and how fast we want to go eco-friendly, spiritually awaken, and clean up the Earth’s and our own karmic wounds!

Who will Activate the Pyramids for the Ascension of the Earth?

Archangel Metatron is leading the 5D ascension process on Earth. He is a beautiful, giant being of light, and when I see him in dreams, he has to cloak himself so his light doesn’t knock me to the ground.

Metatron’s angelic retreat is above the Luxor in Egypt, and he has a vast amount of ascension energy above the Great Pyramid in Giza.

Small bursts of very high-frequency light are being released from the Pyramids energy pools by Metatron to help the ascension of Earth happen in a harmonious, flowing way.

These bursts of high-frequency golden ascension energy light also help us on the path to building our living lightbody faster.

earth ascension
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The Secrets of 5D New Earth Ascension 2024

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is very easy to look around and not be convinced that Mother Earth is ascending to a New Golden Age of Light.

Chaos is everywhere. We are plagued with dis-ease, violence, arguments on all sides, and Mother Earth (or Gaia) herself going through tumultuous changes like hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc.

Again, my spirit guides have assured me that this is all the density leaving period and to have faith that the New Earth Ascension to 5D is rapidly underway as you read this!

So, here are some of the secret behind-the-scenes vibrational changes happening to help our sweet Mother Earth ascend into a 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

1. An Opportunity to Recreate our 12 Chakra System & Activate our 5th Dimensional Merkaba

Reactivate Your Merkaba to Ascend to the 5th Dimension
Reactivate Your Merkaba to Ascend to the 5th Dimension

When the Golden Age of Atlantis was at its height, everyone had 12 chakras turned on. These 12 chakras contained all of the person’s incredible gifts.

When Atlantis fell, 5 of the original chakras blueprint for the human were turned off, which left us with the 7 main chakras we know of today.

There are an additional 5 transpersonal (held outside the physical body) chakras which may now be turned on and activated as the earth moves into the New Age for 2024.

When we choose to ascend into the 5th dimension, we assist Mother Earth in also ascending to her new fifth dimensional vibrational alignment.

I have gathered information on How to Ascend to the 5th Dimension & Become a 5th Dimensional Master over 7 years and 100s of meditation channeling sessions!

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In it, you will find how to heal 3rd Dimensional pain, and the necessary habit changes, mindset shifts, and 5th Dimensional Light Body activations (including turning on your 5 transpersonal chakras and 5th Dimensional Merkaba), that will help you move with greater ease and speed into 5th Dimensional Mastery!

how to ascend to the 5th dimension
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2. As a Human, YOU are a Conduit for Powerful New Earth Ascension Energy

Intense ascension light code frequencies are being sent from the Great Central Sun, or Helios, to our beautiful golden Sun, which then projects the new frequencies onto our Earth.

These light codes alone are necessary for activating our 12-strand lightbody DNA that lie dormant in every living human on the planet.

As the higher vibrational light codes hit our bodies, they help us spiritually awaken to that of the 5th dimension, and begin the process of rebuilding our living lightbodies.

The 2024 ascension energies are strong, and ascension is happening fast. This may cause problems known as Ascension Symptoms for a lot of people.

Sometimes called ascension flu or ascension sickness, ascension symptoms can show up in the form of dizziness, fatigue, pain in the teeth, and headaches.

It is important to drink lots of clean, well-filtered water, Spiritually Ground Yourself and practice Mindfulness Meditation often to help anchor the New Earth Ascension energy, which will help avoid or ease spiritual and physical ascension symptoms.

I recommend this Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher which can remove up to 20x more contaminants than its competitor water filter pitchers!

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3. High Vibrational Earth Energy Centers

bell rock sedona arizona sacred earth site
Bell Rock in Sedona Arizona is a Sacred Earth Site

The Golden Age of Atlantis was marked by crystal pyramids that formed a dome over it. When Golden Atlantis fell, these crystal pyramids were kept and strategically placed by Teacher’s of Light over sacred Earth sites.

These sacred areas on Earth hold a very high vibrational alignment to help assist Mother Earth in the ascension process to the 5th Dimension (5D).

The crystal pyramids are currently over: Sedona – Arizona, Mount Shasta – California, Uluru – Australia, and the country of Tibet.

Many Incarnated Angels and lightworkers flock to some of these sacred sites to experience the high vibrational energetics, and I have heard stories of some of these people “being turned on” after visiting these beautiful places.

4. The Vibrational Frequency of Earth’s Water is Increasing

At the Cosmic Moment in 2012, the vibrational frequency of Earth’s water supply was illuminated, increasing the flowing golden light and Christ Consciousness frequencies in Earth’s oceans, rivers, and lakes.

During every full moon, pure love from the angelic realm and the Great Central Sun is reflected into all the waters on Earth, including the large amount of water held within our physical bodies.

With every full moon cycle, the vibration of the water rises even higher, reigniting the Divine Feminine energies on Earth.

5. New Spiritual Technology

Downloads of 5th Dimensional technology are being seeded into the thoughts of those individuals who can bring the ideas into fruition. Hint, it’s not me! LOL!

This fifth dimensional tech is aligned with Source Consciousness and uplifting to the vibrational matrix of the planet (instead of degrading).

A good example of this are the digital cameras which are capable of catching angelic energy, or orbs, for proof of higher dimensional frequencies around us all the time which can’t be seen by most.

6. The Earth’s Ley Lines are Being Reconfigured and Lit Up

ascension 5D earth
Ascension 5D Earth – Ley Line Upgrade

The old ley-line structure is being worked on and replaced by 5th dimensional elemental beings to anchor new energies and higher dimensional wisdom deep into the Earth’s core.

7. New Light Codes in the Soil are Being Turned On

Fifth Dimension elemental beings are also lighting up the new light codes in the soils of Earth, therefore raising the vibration of our Organic Whole-Foods grown in the dirt.

Eating these organic whole-foods will then, in turn, raise our vibrational frequency, and assist with activating the living lightbody.

8. Crystals Placed Deep in the Earth are Being Activated

ascension earth crystal activation
Crystals Deep within the Earth are being Activated

Ancient crystals during the time of Lemuria (an ancient civilization), are being lit up with sacred geometric light codes, which are turning on the Earth’s own Merkaba, or Star Tetrahedron.

As I’ve worked with my own spirit guides and the Teacher’s of Light, they’ve instructed me to “Get people their sacred geometries, or “cars”, and they like to call it.”

If you haven’t yet turned on your Merkaba or Metatron’s Cube, please take the time to do so now. They will further assist you in activating your living lightbody and beginning to live in the 5th dimension.

5D EARTH ASCENSION 2024: Synopsis

There are so many changes happening to the Earth’s grid systems, ley-lines, waters, soil, etc. These changes cannot be seen by most, but can be felt by many!

If you are feeling the rapidly shifting intense Mother Earth ascension energies from the Sun, Archangels, and Ascended Masters – Know that you can help!

Since humans have free will and Earth has been given to us as our home, not all ascension help can be given from the Teacher’s of Light and God without us asking for it.

We can help the New Earth’s Ascension process by practicing daily Prayer and Meditation techniques, staying grounded, and asking for assistance from higher dimensional beings (or Source) to “smooth out” the shift to a higher 5th dimensional Earth consciousness that will lead us into the New Age with more ease and grace.

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We can also ask Archangel Sandalphon to activate the Hematite and other grounding stones within the Earth to make this transition a much easier one.

Another thing we can ask for to help assist the global shift in consciousness is to ask Source Consciousness, or God, to help return the balance between the Divine Masculine and Feminine Energies and reinstate peace to our beautiful planet.

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As always, spread love and light!


Do you have anything to add to the discussion on “Ascension Mother Earth”? Have you felt the intense New Earth Ascension energies? Are you a lightworker that is helping the 5D earth ascension timeline go faster? Please share to social media and comment below! I love to hear from you!

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