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Prayer & Meditation

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Meditation is going to be your main game changer at making the biggest difference in the quality of your life. I don’t just use meditation for receiving Divine guidance. I use it to de-stress, strengthen my mind, and balance my emotions. When you fall asleep while meditating, you are able to access higher states of consciousness and awareness. Meditation has affected my whole being including my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. It is my go to for clearing my mind when “technological clutter” such as songs, commercials, and television shows clog my mental body.

It is very difficult to focus on and therefore manifest our desires when our minds are racing. We create our own realities with our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions. A clear mind allows you to send your exact intentions to the Universe and receive guidance back.

When I was younger, I unfortunately had an aversion to prayer because I felt forced to pray by my religion and family. I didn’t fully understand at the time, but by stopping my daily prayer habit, I was cutting myself off from the vast, unconditionally loving, guidance, support, and assistance of “All That Is”. Spiritual Intelligence can provide so much more assistance to us, if we choose to ask. This is because we are gifted with free will, and the numerous Angels, spirit guides, and Teachers of Light, have chosen to honor our free will. But, when we simply ask, they can help us move mountains! I have found meditation to be extremely useful in creating a calm, quiet, mental space for receiving answers from the Divine. I simply ask the Universe my question(s), then mindfully meditate to wait for a response. Sometimes I’ll hear a response, and sometimes I’ll see a response with my mind’s eye. Sometimes, it takes a few sessions to get in the right “Meditation Zone”, where it’s easiest to receive.

I’ve found this to be an invaluable and necessary tool for creating MY LIFE, MY WAY. When you strengthen your ability to receive and interpret Divine guidance, the fear and confusion just melts away. I’ve had three health scares that turned out to be nothing or easily fixed on my own. But, I wouldn’t have known they were nothing or how to fix them without clear messages from the Divine.

You may be new to meditation, or you may be a seasoned pro. I’ve been practicing for 5 years and still have trouble calming my mind long enough to receive Divine messages. It takes patience, practice, and should be a lifelong pursuit. Learn to be easy and lighthearted with yourself and your “chattering” mind while meditating. You should also know that you can’t do it wrong. Just play, be amused, and allow things to come to you. The rational mind’s natural inclination will be to try to pull Universal messages to you faster, or get scared, or excited when messages come through. This breaks the connection between you and the Divine. This is extremely normal! Be in no hurry. The more you practice, the easier it will become. As I said, this is a lifelong pursuit, so what’s the rush? Be patient with developing your intuition. It will come as you practice and learn how to relax and allow.

Below, I’ve laid out what mindful meditation is and tips for getting the most out of your meditation sessions.

What is Mindfulness Meditation?
Mindfulness meditation is the type of meditation that I use the most now. It seems so simple, but is not without its challenges. You sit down to listen to your breath and clear out cluttered thoughts to receive Divine magic, but then argh! You’re thwarted by the babble, jabber, and yammer of your rational or monkey mind! We are constantly bombarded with noise from technology. Our rational minds have also learned to be three steps ahead of ourselves as the “rat race” of our busy lives seems to get even busier. Very few people are focused in the present moment anymore. Learning to quiet and still the mind is imperative if you wish to learn how to live in a state of calm, ease, and mindfulness. Mindful meditation will also greatly assist you in learning how to stay present throughout your day. This is one of the main secrets to manifesting your dreams and wishes.

Mindful meditation can be practiced with or without soft background music. Whereas, guided meditation gives you a person’s voice to guide you through; Mindful meditation is the slowing of the mind without a guided voice. You literally practice being mindful and present with yourself. You pause your day and take the time to simply listen to your breath.

My routine for great mindfulness meditations:

Find a comfortable position to sit or lay in. (It is easier to stay awake while in a seated position.) Light a candle or incense, or you can spray or mist essential oils (I love lavender for its calming properties, as well as its ability to raise awareness. It’s also easier to pay attention to the breath when you’re smelling something nice). I find it’s helpful to have something in my stomach when it comes time to meditate, unless you are fasting with your meditation for a deeper connection. Turn on some relaxing Solfeggio frequency music or anything that is calming to you.

Start your deep, circular breathing. If your mind starts to wander, you may start counting your breaths. Try to get to ten without your mind wandering. Start over from one if it does.

Set a timer. My mindful meditation times depend on what I have going on that day. It is much easier to get into a meditative zone if you’re not worried about how long you’ve been meditating. A timer works perfect to avoid this. Meditation slows your mind. Many times, you will feel like you’ve been meditating for a half an hour when it’s only been five minutes! This is exactly what’s supposed to happen.

Listen to your breath. I use the “ocean breath” or as I like to call it, “The Darth Vader” breath. Breathe in slowly and deeply, then breathe out forcefully, all through your nose. Your breath on the exhale should sound something like an ocean wave or Darth Vader’s mask. I have been told to only pay attention to what I hear and see in the “ocean breath”. Outside of the breath, or connection to Source, our rational minds have a tendency to jump in and try to guess answers to our questions.

Keep your breath deep, rhythmic, and pay attention to your transitions. By this, I mean the transition at the height of your breath and the bottom of your breath. This is where the “monkey mind” finds an opportunity to escape from meditation every time!

In Conclusion
Some sessions will be better than others, and you’ll receive amazing insight! Others, you’ll hear, see, and feel nothing. However, you’ll still gain the amazing benefits of stress reduction and mental focus every time you meditate.

You will be thwarted by your rational mind! Sometimes, my mind sounds like a horrible version of Bill Cosby! “Zip, zap, zoom, zing!” Or, I’ll hear ridiculous rantings from over watched television shows, commercials and songs. Your rational mind will try to argue with, jump in, get excited, or try to scare you out of the “Meditation Zone”. This is the zone where your rational mind is not needed and all you hear is your breath. The constant yammering of your “rational mind” or “rashy” as I lovingly call it, stops. It is in this quiet, connected space that the Universe is free to deliver messages to you. This is a huge gift and the soon-to-be game changer in your life!

The possibilities of what you can ask the Divine for help with are endless! You can ask for a-n-y-thing and trust that you are never judged by the Unconditionally loving Universe. I ask for help with problem-solving, what foods I’m deficient in or would help whatever health issue I’m having, and even what to name my blog. I also ask questions I think are ridiculous, such as, “When my son’s hair will finally grow all the way in?” and “Why other people’s kids have behavior problems?” (Hey, don’t judge, if it matters to you, it matters. The Universe wants us to be happy without hurting ourselves or others, of course).

Environmentalists could use meditation to discover new energy sources. Doctors could use it to treat difficult or puzzling diseases. I’ve even read about Pro golfers using the meditation or dream zone, to help with their golf swing! Endless, endless, possibilities!

Make time to meditate! Just adding this one simple habit to your daily to-do list, will change the course of your life. Even five minutes has a dramatic impact on your health and well-being. So, turn off that re-run of Seinfeld or Friends that you’ve seen 200 times, and take time to be present with yourself and practice being Darth Vader!

Prayer – Never underestimate the power of asking for what you desire. The old adage, “Ask and ye shall receive,” definitely applies here. I’ve oftentimes been thinking how lucky and special I feel to receive all of this Divine guidance and assistance so freely. One time I was wondering why I was so lucky, and a voice answered, “You asked.” I loooove this! Simple, beautiful, and proof that we are all equal.

Know that you are worthy, special, and adored by the Universe. You are a powerful creator being with free will (a wonderful gift). This is written into our contracts and as such, shall never be questioned. The Law of Attraction gives you exactly what you place your attention on, flawlessly. Prayer is simply stating your intentions to the Universe, so Spirit knows what you wish to receive during meditation and in your reality.

Sometimes, I’ll pray for help with a health concern or what could be done when I’m feeling a little down. Sometimes, I ask for specific guidance with how to navigate through a challenging relationship or issue with another person. Sometimes, I ask for help with my physical manifestations, such as more money brought into the household for upcoming expenses. Sometimes, I just need a vacation and ask for assistance to make it feasible. I have been told, “Anything you want, you got it! Anything you need, you got it! Anything at all, you got it! Baby… Anything at all, you got it!” I love that this song came to me one day in a morning meditation session! What an amazing, loving, adoring, Universe! When we learn to listen and follow Divine guidance, we really can have it all!

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2 Replies to “Prayer & Meditation”

  1. I recently lost my partner, Nov 14, 2019. Her name was Katerina protopsaltis, Cookie to all those that knew her. She was a very gifted person; animal lover, vegan, and ate organics when they were available. She was highly empathic and visionary. It was after she had passed; liver cancer; before I got lit up like a Christmas tree. I too am an empath. Only I didn’t know what that really meant till after she passed. It feels as though I have been cut in half. Sometimes feeling a yearning pain that almost makes me breathless.
    The words on this site were easy for me to digest. We share a common tragedy; thus your site inspiring; and connecting the bread crumbs for me to follow. Thank-you for taking the time to write what you have learned. Xo
    My name is Mac Linardis.

    • Thank you Mac!

      Your words and kindness have brought tears to my eyes! I empathize with you over your loss of your sweet Katerina. It is extremely hard to watch someone you love so much be taken by cancer. I know that pain all too well.

      Cookie sounds like she was an amazing beautiful Soul and I’m sure I would’ve loved her! I know you are new to your empathic gifts and that can be very hard to go through and manage at first, especially when you are grieving the loss of someone so dear to you!

      If you haven’t already, please read my Little-Known Empath Protection Tools post and learn the rose and grounding tools. Use them daily! It will help sooo much!

      Also, please take care of yourself during this time! Cry, meditate, journal your feelings about your loss. Go in nature often and get lots of sunshine and clean foods. Please don’t run from your pain as I ran from mine, and you will do fine.

      Sending you much love and blessings!

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