Mastering ASTRAL PROJECTION Guide (From a Lifelong Projector!)

Are you wondering what astral projection is, or how to astral project? Do you wonder what it feels like to astral project or how to astral project safely?

Well, you are in luck!

Because, I’ve been astral projecting since I was a young child! Here are my experiences and advice on the how-to’s, do’s, and don’ts of astral projection!

You’ll easily be astral projecting in no time!

What is astral projection?

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Astral projection is sometimes called an Out of Body Experience (OBE), or astral travel. It is when your spiritual, or astral body separates or “pops” out of your physical body.

Your astral body is not confined by the limits of physical space or time. While your spiritual body is astral traveling, it is possible to visit (“remote view”) other countries, planets, spaces and timelines.

While astral projecting, your physical body remains safe and sound in bed, just as it would while you are sleeping.

Is astral projection real?

In my experience, astral projection is very real! Or, I wouldn’t be writing this post. I have, been astral projecting since I was a young child.

It is obvious that most of what I’ve read on the internet about astral projection has been written by people who have never astral projected.

A lot of them rehash other people’s experiences, provide a dictionary-type description on astral projection or claim that it is impossible.

I guess skeptics are skeptics simply because they’ve never experienced it, which is fine. The world needs skeptics to help keep us grounded.

But, this has not been my experience!

I astral projected so much as a child that I assumed others did too. It wasn’t until I got strange looks upon sharing my experiences with others, that I realized not everyone was astral projecting.

Or, at least, they weren’t remembering it!

Is astral projection the same as lucid dreaming?

Astral projection experience
Astral Projection Experience

I have done plenty of both astral projecting and lucid dreaming and here are the differences I’ve found…

Astral projection and Lucid Dreaming are not quite the same, but are two sides of the same coin.

In astral projection, you’ll get the sensation of leaving your physical body by a pop, a lifting up or a “walking out of” your body. Sometimes, you may start to vibrate as you separate your astral and physical bodies.

You can “remote view” (view someone or something from far away) loved ones, walk around your home, “see” other countries, worlds, or “timelines”, and even “fly” while astral projecting.

Lucid dreaming is where you are aware you are dreaming and also have full control of the dream.

In lucid dreams you can create dreamscapes and scenarios while you are as fully aware as you are while reading this.

While lucid dreaming, I’ve worked with angels and spirit guides that teach me lessons. Or, I’ll be aware I’m dreaming and suddenly be able to “fully control” or “create” the dream.

This is the hallmark of a lucid dream.

In lucid dreaming, you have as much control as you would while you are fully awake in your physical body.

Lucid dreams are usually vivid, euphoric and teach something of great value. A really great lucid dream usually beings with the sensation of moving really fast.

While astral projection, on the other hand, is usually experienced as a sensation of “having popped out of your body” and viewing something.

While astral projecting, you are more of a “viewer”. While lucid dreaming, you are more of a “creator” and “student”.

astral projection

What happens when you astral project?

While astral projecting, I’ll walk around my current house, look in the mirror, or fly up and look down at my physical body. You can even think of a loved one and instantly “be” where they are at that moment.

I’ve flown over Africa while astral projecting and bounced super high up and down in my own backyard!

While you are astral projecting, you can simply have an intention to see someone or something, and instantly be “transported” there!

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Signs of Astral Projection

You may hear a “pop” at the beginning of your astral projection. It’s as if the pressure changes fast, like when you’re in an airplane and you have to pop your ears to adjust.

A lot of times, I’ll think I’m fully awake in my physical body and try to get up. I’ll then, simply “walk out of” my physical body.

Most of my astral projections have involved me moving around the same physical plane that I live in. I’ll see my bedroom, bed, me sleeping, and my house exactly as it looks while I’m awake, but I’ll be outside my physical body.

It feels weird and I almost feel a bit drunk while doing it, like I don’t quite have the hang of it yet (even though I’ve been astral projecting, and remembering it, my whole life).

(It can also be a little jarring to see your own physical body lying on the bed at first. I got used to it over the years though.)

Is it safe to astral project?

Since I’ve been astral projecting my whole life and am still going strong at 40 years old, I’d consider it pretty safe physical wise.

However, it can be mentally jarring to astral project.

You may get concerned that your physical body is laying lifeless on the bed.

Can you die from astral projection?

Your astral body is connected to your physical body by a silver cord that attaches at your third eye.

So, when you astral project, you always have that lifeline to your physical body.

I think it could be possible to physically die while astral projecting (if it is your time), but probably not as a result of astral projecting.

(For example, you could have a heart attack at the exact moment you are astral projecting).

How to Protect Yourself in the Astral Plane

I’ve personally never seen anyone or anything that was aware of me in the astral plane.

But, since my Bizarre Spiritual Awakening, I’ve found ways to stay more protected and in control while in the astral plane.

Ground yourself Spiritually before trying to Astral Project

One night, I astral projected and began flying! I wanted to fly high, so I kept climbing higher and higher.

But soon, I couldn’t figure out how to stop flying higher and wished to come down! (I felt like Charlie Bucket in Willy Wonka unable to stop flying on the fizzy lifting drink!)

Luckily, I knew How to Ground Yourself Spiritually, and threw a grounding cord down.

It jerked me to a stop and I was able to simply enjoy the view for a while, before returning to my physical body.

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Turn on your Merkaba before considering Astral Projection

How to protect yourself while astral projecting
Use the Merkaba to protect yourself while astral projecting

Your merkaba is a sacred geometry in the shape of a 6-pointed star that houses your aura.

Turning on your merkaba will contain, protect and keep you aligned during your astral travels.

From my guides, “The Merkaba is a bridge, if you will, between this world and the next…”

Besides protecting you while projecting your astral body, the Merkaba will also help you astral travel in the first place.

It adds a stability and a structure to your astral or spiritual body, and is super simple to turn on!

Here is a free YouTube video for activating your Merkaba!

Archangel Michael’s Dark Blue Cloak for Protection while Astral Traveling

Another method I use for protection while traveling in the astral realm, is Archangel Michael’s dark blue cloak.

Archangel Michael is a rock star!

I absolutely love him, have met him many times during dreams and meditations and he saves my butt whenever I astral travel somewhere I don’t want to be!

He has quite literally flown me home when I asked (or rather, yelled) for help!

You can simply ask for Archangel Michael’s protection any time you astral project and he will give it.

You can also ask him to please cover you with his dark blue cloak of protection while you are astral projecting!

I would ask for his protection and his cloak before you go to sleep or begin meditating to get into the “astral projection zone”. (My space between sleeping and waking where I can walk out of my physical body).

Astral Projection Protection Crystals

One time while lucid dreaming, I ran into Archangel Metatron who told me I would need protection.

The same protection principles used during lucid dreaming and interdimensional travel can also be applied to astral projection.

This includes the use of protection crystals or stones to assist astral projecting.

Labradorite for Protection while Astral Projecting

Oh, how I love labradorite! From the first moment I saw this stone, I knew I had to have it! With it’s flashes of gold, green, and especially turquoise – it is both beautiful and magical to look at.

I personally wear a necklace of labradorite to bed every night for protection with wherever I happen to travel in the astral realm!

Often called the gemstone of magic and protection, Labradorite opens psychic abilities (especially clairvoyance, which helps with astral projection) and creates a powerful shield around your aura.

You can try out a Labradorite Necklace for astral projection protection or even wear Labradorite Earrings to help you hear your spirit guides!

Mix-Stone 1 Pcs Beautiful Labradorite Heart Shape Pendant with Silver Chain, DIY for Necklace (L)
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Selenite for Astral Projection Protection

Another one of my go-to astral protection crystals is Selenite, because it is of a very high vibration and never needs charging or clearing.

Selenite is bright white, beautiful, makes excellent jewelry and will keep your spiritual body vibrating high while in the astral realm. (Which in turn, attracts only things that are of a high vibration as well).

One great trick I’ve found is to place a Selenite Tower by your bed to protect you from lower energies during lucid dreaming, astral projection and just plain sleeping!

The Chrysalis Stone | Selenite Skyscraper | 4'' Tall | 1pc | Crystals and Healing Stones, Spiritual Gifts for Women, Reiki, Chakra, Yoga, Meditation Accessories
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Is Astral Projection Scary? Dangers of Astral Projection

There are some amazing experiences associated with astral projecting and of course, like anything unknown, there can be some scary things.

Some of the euphoric, fun parts of astral projecting, are of course, flying, visiting other countries, and checking in on loved ones!

Some of the scary aspects of astral projecting are sleep paralysis, pressure pushing down on your chest, hearing “disjointed” voices (some have described as demons) and thinking you are dying. (I’ve never experienced the disjointed voices or thinking I’m dying).

Below are some common things I’ve experienced upon returning to my body after an astral travel experience.

Astral Projection Sleep Paralysis (Snapping back into your physical body too quickly)

Astral projection sleep paralysis tends to happen when you get scared while astral traveling. Your survival instinct, or “fight or flight” fear mechanism kicks in and snaps you back to your physical body too quickly.

When you snap back into your physical body too quickly because of fear, your body may still be paralyzed.

During the deepest parts of your sleep cycle, your body goes into paralysis mode to keep you from physically acting out your dreams.

If you are astral projecting, get scared of something and then snap back in too quickly, you may likely not be able to move for a minute or two until your body catches up.

Astral Projection Sleep Paralysis Experience

When I was around 12, I “walked out” of my body as I often did and began walking through my room.

I really realized how dizzy and strange I felt this time, and thought I better go look in the mirror to see if I was okay.

I went into my bathroom (of my actual house) to look in the mirror, assuming I’d see my physical reflection as I usually did.

Instead, I saw my astral self! Apparently, your spirit can be reflected back by a mirror.

I did not see anything resembling my physical face, just a bright white light-being with bright crystal blue eyes staring back at me! No nose, no mouth, just energy!

It scared the crap out of me!

Especially, since I’d been taught that you live one physical life and when you die, you look just like you physically did here at about the age of 25.

So, I snapped back into my body in terror! And, this is when the sleep paralysis happened.

Because I snapped back so quickly and with so much fear, I couldn’t move for several minutes (which did not help the fear).

Of course, I told my parents, who did not believe me, so I quit sharing my astral experiences with them… Which is fine.

Crackling paper sounds upon returning to your body during the relinking process

Another astral projection phenomenon I’ve noticed upon returning to my physical body is hearing something that sounds like paper crackling.

That is my best description that I can give and something I’ve only consciously noticed a couple of times.

Since my spiritual awakening and now being able to hear my spirit guides, they’ve helped me to understand that this has something to do with the energetic “relinking” process of your astral spirit and physical body.

It is almost the sound of static electricity being crackled between two fuzzy blankets… Or crumpling paper.

Either way, the noise is short-lived.

Depending on where I travelled and who I saw, a sense of Euphoria and Bliss

Some astral projection sessions involve me being able to fly! Like, freely fly! Through the clouds, over the African plains and up and above mountains!

I’ve also met spirit teachers in my adult-hood in the astral realm that have helped me with my astral flying.

Two of these teachers were my 4-yr-old son, and some guy who looked like Al Pacino! LOL!

When I am able to astrally fly, see loved ones, visit other countries, lifetimes and timelines, I’ll wake up in a child-like sense of wonder!

Despite all the times I’ve been scared or found myself to have astral traveled to fear realms, I’d still brave it over and over again, just for the chance to “astrally fly” again!

Can you “spy” or remote view on someone using Astral Projection?

Yes, you can “spy” or remote view someone while astral projecting, and I have.


However, “spy”, is a bit strong of a word. I would never use astral projection with ill intent for any reason. With the Law of Attraction, whatever you put out into the world, comes back to you!

I was checking up on my husband one night while we were apart because I missed him.

I didn’t mean to astral project to him. I was just sort of half asleep and thought of him. I instantly “popped” next to him laying in our bed sleeping.

I had no sensation of flying across the distance. I just thought of him while deeply breathing half-asleep, and boom, I was there!

I watched him sleep for a time and then snapped back to my body and fell back asleep quickly.

I corroborated this by asking him what color of boxer shorts he wore to bed, and he told me the exact ones I saw him wearing!

The 2nd time, or actually 1st in timeline order, I was in high school. My friends invited me over, but I went to bed instead. They lived just down the street from me, so I could walk to their home in a couple of minutes.

I fell asleep in my bed and when I awoke, I decided to “sneak out” and walk to my friend’s house to hang out. I peaked through their window and saw my twin friends with their boyfriends on the couch in our hang out room.

I even saw some of the movie they were watching!

I knocked on the window to get their attention to let me in, and no one moved a muscle! I knocked louder and still no one moved or came to open the door as they usually did! (This was odd because we hung out late often).

Suddenly, I realized I couldn’t physically feel the window under my knuckles or the cool grass that I was laying on. I freaked out and instantly snapped back awake in my bed!

When I came to, I heard the familiar “electrical crackling” sound of the re-linking your astral and physical bodies.

The next day, I asked both twins separately what they ended up doing the night before. Their stories and movie they watched were both identical with what I’d seen!

When I told them I accidentally came down to their house to “hang out in spirit”, we all laughed and freaked out! (We were teenage girls, so we squealed about it a lot!)

Will the people you are “spying on” or “remote viewing” know that you’re there?

In my experiences, they did not know I was watching them and I never intended to watch them! Most people, unless they are highly sensitive, psychic or intuitive will have no idea your spirit is astrally looking in on them.

How do you Perform Astral Projection Easily?

Despite the fact that I’ve been astral projecting my whole life, I still can’t seem to do it at will.

But, now that I’m older and have spiritually awakened, I’ve found ways that have made it easier to set the scene for an astral projection experience.

Astral Projection Techniques

The following astral projection techniques will assist you in astral projecting tonight more easily!

The techniques I’ve outlined below can be used by lifelong astral projectors, like myself, or astral projection beginners as well.

First, we are looking to find ways to get into a deep, restful trance-like state that I like to call the “meditation zone”. But for this purpose, I’ll dub it the “astral projection zone”.

This is a deep state of relaxation in-between sleeping and waking where you are still somewhat aware.

You can get into this state easier using herbs that are traditionally used for calming and better sleep.

Astral Projection Supplements – Herbs for Restful Sleep

I’m not going to go into specific herbs for sleep, since I don’t want it to seem like I’m advocating you taking any substances to astral project.

Since, it is not necessary to take any supplements or herbs in order to astral project.

I have personally found that natural calming herbs, meant to help promote a deep sleep, have helped me astral project more easily, however.

Think of gentle sleep herbs that are usually found in a calming or sleeping tea blend to help you relax into astral projection easily.

I will also never advocate any harsher drugs said to help with astral projecting. (Such as anything psyco-active, harsh, illegal, or said to alter your mental state. Just don’t mess with it! You are too important!)

I’ve found gentle, calming herbs to work just fine in helping me to easily astral travel. These work without the potential damaging side-effects to your brain and body.

If you follow these steps and pray for assistance in astral projecting safely, I’m sure you will eventually astral project safely and easily.

Just be patient!

Astral projection happens on your spirit’s timeline, not your hurried timeline.

Again, turn on your Merkaba to Astral Project

Turning on your Merkaba, (sometimes written Merkabah), can really help you awaken your psychic gifts!

From my own spirit guides, “The Merkaba can be used as a sort-of car (or astral housing) for off-world travel, remote viewing and time travel.

This takes about 10 minutes to learn to turn on and can be easily re-visualized before bed on any night you’re hoping to astral travel, lucid dream or have an out of body experience.

Open your Third-Eye Chakra to Astral Project More Easily

Astral Projection Tips
Open Third Eye Symbol

I used to have frequent dreams that I’d get stuck in an airport. This is a sign of your third-eye being blocked (which most people’s are).

Your third-eye chakra (which sits in the center of your forehead) is the point where your silver cord from your astral body is attached to your physical body.

So, naturally, this is the chakra that needs to be unblocked in order to astral project more easily.

Most of us have snapped our third-eye’s shut out of fear of the unknown. When your third-eye chakra is open and cleared, you’ll be able to “walk out of” your physical body much easier to have an amazing astral projection session!

To find out more about your third-eye chakra, you can read my post: The Fastest Way to Open your Third-Eye Chakra!

Astral Projection Meditation

Astral Projection Meditation
Meditation for Astral Projection

This Ancient Meditation for Reaching Higher States of Consciousness, was taught to me by the Teacher’s of Light (Archangels and Ascended Masters) when I was learning mindfulness meditation.

Practicing this meditation while you fall asleep will give you the greatest chance of astral projecting tonight!

This ancient meditation technique is also what I use to channel my spirit guides and angels to receive Divine guidance, as well as lucid dream!

It is my favorite deep meditation technique that has led to many amazing astral projection sessions!

Simply practice this astral projection meditation technique while focusing on your third-eye chakra (your astral projecting doorway).

Astral Projection Binaural Beats

Many beginners have found binaural beats to be particularly helpful with learning to astral project.

Binaural beats are a type of music that sends one sound frequency into one ear and a different sound frequency into the other ear (Binaural beats are used with headphones).

Your brain is then said to then “gradually fall into synchrony with the difference”. [2017,]

The binaural beats then slow your brainwaves down to the “same brainwave pattern one would experience during meditation”. [2017,]

Alpha, Delta or Theta State Brainwave – (432 Hz) For Astral Projection

Just as binaural beats can calm and slow your mind into a meditative state faster, you can also use a 432 Hz frequency designed to get you into either a alpha, delta or theta brainwave state faster.

These deeper brainwave states can easily trigger an astral projection, or out of body experience (OBE)!

Astral Project Easily with the Rope Method

If you get stuck and are just beginning, you can use the rope technique for for astral projection.

(Visualizing a silver rope symbolizes your “silver cord” connecting your astral & spiritual bodies.)

How to Astral Project using the Rope Technique

Visualizing a silver rope symbolizes your “silver cord” connecting your astral & spiritual bodies
  • Get into a deep meditative state with either binaural beats or a deep ancient meditation session.
  • Just as you enter your deep meditative trance-like “astral projection zone”, visualize a rope, about a foot out from your face.
  • Grab the rope and begin pulling yourself along it.
  • Just focus on the rope. Not on any sounds or your physical body. Just keep pulling until you are out of your physical body.

(I’ve never actually had to use the rope technique for astral projection, but I’ve heard it’s good for beginners. I’ve just asked my spirit guides for help and they’ve given me their hands and pulled me up!)

How to Stop Your Astral Projection

People often wonder how they can stop an astral projection experience once they’ve started.

The truth is, you always have a say!

I’ve never just gotten stuck in another realm, timeline, or place while astral projecting and not been able to return to my body with ease at the moment I desired!

What Happens if you Get Scared while Astral Traveling?

If you have decided you are done astral projecting and would like to return to your physical body, you can simply express your intention to “go home” and you’ll be instantly snapped back to your body.

If you get scared during an astral projection experience, you can also call for Archangel Michael to come and assist you, and he’ll help you get home.

One time, I forgot I could just say “I wanna go home” (How very Wizard of Oz Dorothy, I know!).

So, I just yelled “help” into the air, and two angels came and flew me back to my bed and into my physical body!

Remember, they will always help you (with anything), if you just ask. =)

Can’t Astral Project?

Have you tried all these tips and are still having trouble astral projecting? It may be that you are putting too much pressure on trying to astral project.

Our survival instinct makes us naturally fear the unknown, and if you aren’t used to it, separating from your physical body, is definitely unknown!

Many times, if I try too hard to astral travel or lucid dream, I can’t get into a relaxed enough state to have the out of body experience.

I’ll tense up and stay too awake wondering when and if an astral projection is going to happen.

If you can’t astral project, stop trying so hard!

Simply, turn on your Merkaba, ground yourself, ask your guides to help you astrally travel someday, and then do your ancient meditation to fall asleep each night.

Then, just go with the flow!

Be one of those people who say “It ain’t no thing but a chicken wing” and allow whatever spiritual experiences that come to come, how they want!

You can also try the tips below to see if they help you astral project faster!

Astral Projection Tips

  • Set an alarm to wake up a few hours after going to sleep or about an hour before you normally wake up. Then do your ancient meditation breathing technique to fall back to sleep. (My best astral projection experiences happened when I slept out of town and kept waking up all night. LOL!)
  • Ask for assistance from your spirit guides to help you learn to astral project. My guides have literally given me their hands and “lifted” me up before!
  • Eat Organic Whole-Foods – The more plant-based organic whole foods I eat, the more I can hear my spirit guides and the more cool astral projection experiences I have!
  • Spend lots of time in nature – Nature calms and re-energizes you! It raises your vibration and fills you with light. Some of my best astral projections, lucid dreams and visions have come to me while camping or after hiking all day!

Have you had an astral projection experience you’d like to share? Did you use any of the astral travel techniques above that helped you? What other astral projection tips do you have to help beginners? Please comment below and of course, share!

Always spread love!

Jamie =)

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