The REAL Spiritual Meaning of Ringing in Left Ear (from Spirit Guides)

As I began to spiritually awaken, I noticed my ears started to ring very frequently, especially my right ear, but my left ear rings sometimes too.

I thought I had tinnitus, or something medically wrong with my ears.

So, as a side note, if you are concerned about your hearing for any reason, please get your hearing checked by a qualified professional.

It never occurred to me to check the “spiritual meaning of ringing in left ear”, and that there may be a spiritual reason for the ringing in my left ear!

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But, after my near-death experience, which you can read all about in My Spiritual Awakening Recovery book, I discovered that I was Clairaudient, or able to hear with my spiritual ears.

All of a sudden, I could hear spirit guides, other entities, and many new, strange and baffling frequencies in my ears!

It is because of this gift of clairaudience (which I initially assumed meant I was going crazy!), that I have chosen to write a LOT about hearing with the spiritual ears, as well as ringing in the ears, and for this particular post – The ringing in your left ear spiritual meaning.

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Ringing in Left Ear Meaning

Our right ears seem to be more receptive to “psychic hearing”, or E.S.P. (extra sensory perception), but spiritual ringing in your left ear also happens.

Although sometimes hearing a ringing sound in the left ear could actually be contributed to tinnitus, which is a real medical ear condition.

Tinnitus can be caused by age, injury to the ear, or a problem with your circulatory system. So, be certain to get your hearing checked if you have any of these possible reasons for tinnitus.

There are many different types of left ear ringing that people experience that could have a spiritual cause.

These may include a buzzing, a low-pitched ring, or what I have experienced the most – A high-pitched ringing in the left ear.

Is Ringing in the Left Ear a Bad Omen?

Some people view the ringing in our ears as bad omens or have superstitions of our “ears burning” when someone gossips about us.

I have not found either of these things to be the case and consider this an “old wives tale”. The ringing in our left ears is simply a hearing new frequencies thing, and has nothing to do with good or bad omens, superstitions, or anyone gossiping about us.

Spiritual Meaning of Ringing in Left Ear

There are many typical reasons why a person’s ear may ring, buzz, or even burn during or after spiritual awakening. You may also feel a pressure in your left ear as well.

I’ll list these typical left-ear ringing reasons first and then I’ll go over the NEW reasons my spirit guides have clairaudiently given me for why your left ear rings sometimes.

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5 Traditional Explanations of Vibrational Frequency Ringing in Your Left Ear

There are many typical explanations for the spiritual causes of ringing in your left ear. Below, I’ve listed the different types of frequencies you may experience, and their traditional meanings:

1. High Pitched Frequency Ringing in Left Ear Spiritual Meaning

The most typical type of spiritual sound clairaudiently hear is a right-ear high-pitched ringing noise, but I sometimes also hear this in my left ear.

These have traditionally been linked to a higher frequency, or higher vibrational being coming into your awareness, or auric field.

I have found my left ear high-pitched ringing to be attributed to my ancestral line or a passed on loved one entering my auric field. They may be offering comfort or support, or could be a “vibrational match” to you raising your own vibrational frequency into that of the 5th Dimension.

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Another possible meaning for a high-pitched sound coming into your left ear came to me from a question I received.

The woman likened the sound coming into her left ear to that of a tuning fork, and said it was very soothing.

I asked my main guide, and instantly heard, “Michael”. I believe she heard Archangel Michael coming into her awareness to guide and protect her.

When I shared this information with her, she replied, “Thank you!! I got goosebumps, so that is a confirmation!…”

I am grateful Archangel Michael is sent to watch over and protect those who are spiritually awakening as I have met him many times in dreams, and am always in awe of him!

He is so powerful, yet he balances his power so well with gentleness and unconditional love!

Please don’t forget to also ASK Archangel Michael for protection! Because they honor our free will, Heaven can help us so much MORE when we simply ask!

2. Low Pitched Frequency Ringing in Left Ear Spiritual Meaning

Hearing a low-pitched frequency ringing in your left ear has typically been explained by a lower vibrational entity entering your auric field.

If you experience this, it is important to remember that they can only enter your field, or space, if you are a vibrational match to them.

My left ear is where I’ll also hear lower vibrational entities try to bring me down. My spirit guides have called them “vultures”, and I’ve learned to ignore them over the years!

Usually, I hear them when I’m half asleep on the left side, so now I know to simply roll over (so my right ear is facing upwards), and also clear them from my auric field.

You can easily clear them, or the frequency by using these 5 Little-Known Empath Protection Tools.

Another quick way to clear any negative or lower vibrational entities/spirits from being around you is to ask Archangel Michael to cut energetic cords of attachment to the being that you may be hearing.

I work with Archangel Michael quite often for protection and clearing energetic, or spiritual cords of attachment. He has said, “All you have to do is ask for the energetic cords to be cut and it is done.”

3. Loud or Sudden Ringing in Left Ear Spiritual Meaning

A sudden or loud ringing in your left ear could mean that your loved ones or ancestors are trying to warn you. This could even be perceived as a loud clap in your left ear.

I have had the spirit of dead relatives loudly clap or say my name in my left ear to wake me up from nightmares when I screamed for help.

4. Buzzing Sound in Left Ear Spiritual Meaning

Some people report “hearing a buzzing sound in their left ear.” This can be likened to the sound of static or white noise.

This has been explained as a strong bond, or energetic attachment to someone. This could be a pet, twin flame, romantic partner, child, or beloved pet.

They can be either living or deceased, and you may hear this buzzing sound when you think of them or are reminded of them, although I more often hear the buzzing sound in my right ear, it occasionally does happen on my left side.

When the thought or reminiscence is of a deceased loved one or pet, this is spirit’s way of comforting you and reminding you that they are still around – Watching and guiding you.

5. Crackling Sound in Left Ear Spiritual Meaning

This particular spiritual sound in the left ear is rarer, but I am including it in this post because it is indeed an unexplained sound in the left ear.

Sometimes after very deep Mindfulness Meditation or reawakening after Astral Projection – I’ll hear something that sounds like paper crinkling or an electrical crackling sound in both of my ears.

My own spirit guides have told me this is simply the relinking process one’s spirit undergoes when reconnecting to their more dense physical body!

I am constantly amazed by the things my spirit guides teach me!

What Does Your Left Ear Ringing Mean Spiritually? – 3 NEW Spiritual Explanations from Spirit Guides

There are 3 NEW explanations my spirit guides have given me for reasons that my left ear sometimes rings or feels pressure. I am very grateful that this isn’t all the time! As the high-pitched ringing is VERY distracting!

1. We Are Beginning to Hear the Low-Pitched Frequencies of Mother Earth, or Gaia

Mother Earth, or Gaia, our beautiful planet that we all share, has her own deeper vibrational frequency, or tone that she emits. This is also known as “The Schumann Resonance”, and is very good for grounding, calming, and healing.

Mother Earth’s frequency can be perceived as a deeper, low hum with stronger bass. Gaia is all about the bass, bout the bass, no treble! (Think of a throat singer or digeridoo instrument).

Sometimes the term “vibration” confuses people, so I like to explain it like this, “In the beginning there was the word,” (Yes, this is from the bible), but each word we speak has a sound, or vibrational frequency.

We, as electrical beings, emit a vibrational frequency all the time, and so does Mother Earth. As you go through the awakening and ascension process to the fifth dimension, you may be able to pick up on this!

Vibrations can be thought of as sounds or waves of energetic pulses. These sound waves or vibrations, make up the basis for creation and hold together everything we can see, feel, touch, smell, and taste.

This makes the words we speak very powerful and Practicing Mindfulness can help us choose words with higher vibrational frequencies such as: Happy, joyful, energetic, and fun!

2. Our Left Ear Rings Because We’re Adjusting to 5th Dimensional Frequencies

Despite hearing the ringing more in my right ear than my left, I’ll still hear it in my left sometimes. Along with the Earth, we are currently undergoing the ascension process to becoming a 5D, or 5th Dimensional citizen of Earth.

One of the main complaints and common ascension symptoms I hear from people is that their ears are annoyingly ringing, often. Other Ascension Symptoms include, but aren’t limited to: Headaches, toothaches, fatigue, moodiness, loneliness, and depression.

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3. Pressure in Left Ear Spiritual Meaning

Many people on the planet are currently living life from a 3rd Dimensional perspective. Think of this as being at the bottom of an ocean.

As we ascend and shift to 5D, or the 5th Dimension, the pressure also changes. And, just as a scuba-diver has to decompress every 10 feet or so as they ascend from the bottom of the ocean, the same thing happens to us during the ascension process.

We may physically “feel” the pressure “shift” as we move from 3D to 5D, and sometimes that pressure is felt in the ears.

Those who practice mindfulness meditation will attest to the sensation of a shifting in pressure as they take deep, uninterrupted breaths.

Many times when I meditate, I’ll have to “pop” my ears and stretch my body as I adjust to the new, higher frequency I find myself in my deeply breathing.

Meditation is also a common time to hear the high-pitched ringing in the ear, because you have “breathed your way” into the fifth dimension and are hearing the frequencies of the 5th Dimension.

Your breath elevates you to 5D peace, freedom, stillness of thought, and deep healing. This place is what I like to call the magical “Meditation Zone,” and is where I receive many of the answers that I share on this blog!

What to Do When You Hear Ringing in Your Left Ear?

If you hear low or high-pitched ringing in the left ear, it is usually an entity entering your auric field. It may be an ancestor, crossed over loved one, OR the yucky lower vibration entities trying to mess with you.

I love connecting to my passed on loved ones, but the lower entities are super annoying!

It is important to remember that YOU are the one who gets to discern HOW you use the information coming to you.

Are you hearing ringing in the left ear? High, low, humming, buzzing?

Or, are you hearing actual words come through?

Grounding is VERY important while we are going through the spiritual ascension process. You can learn more in How to Ground Yourself Spiritually, and you can also use grounding stones such as Black Tourmaline and Hematite.

Final Thoughts: Spiritual Meaning of Ringing in Left Ear

If you are hearing ringing or sounds in your left ear, take it as a sure sign from home that the coming of the New Age is upon us!

If you believe there is a spiritual cause for the ringing in your left ear, you can always minimize this by doing the work on yourself.

This is an exciting time to be alive, but is NOT without it’s challenges! Go easy on yourself and others during this time! Learn how to forgive and repair relationships! Work on yourself and do the inner work necessary for ascension!

Exercise balance in ALL things!

This means don’t be a work-a-holic, alcoholic, exercise-a-holic, sex-a-holic (I know, boo!) or any other a-holic. Take time to go into nature, self-care, take long baths or showers, eat an Organic Whole-Food Diet, practice Prayer and Meditation, and get regular exercise.

You can also get more help to ascend from my best-selling e-book, How to Ascend to the 5th Dimension for just $5! From activating your fifth-dimensional chakra system to turning on your Merkaba, you will learn what 5D is like, plus how to get and stay there! The fifth dimension is a magical place where “ANYTHING you want, YOU GOT IT!”

Also, be sure to do your shadow work! You cannot ascend without integrating your shadow side, and these 2 posts will help you do just that!

As you elevate yourself to that of a 5th Dimensional perspective more often, the less you’ll hear the ringing in your left ear, and your other ascension symptoms will also ease or disappear completely, as mine have!

As always, spread the light!