How to Practice Time Travel Meditation (With Your Mind)

time travel through meditation

Yes, it is possible to practice time travel meditation! I’ve done it, and so can you with a light body activation, the intention to time travel through meditation, and practice. Continue Reading →

Samurai Meditation: The Warrior Zen Practice

traditional samurai meditation technique

Samurai Zen meditation is a useful tool for creating harmony between your mind and body. You gain more awareness of your surroundings without allowing thoughts to cloud your judgment. With Continue Reading →

5 Magic Hacks for Reaching Higher States of Consciousness

Reaching Higher States of Consciousness / Reach Higher Levels of Awareness Graphic

5 Simple Tricks for Reaching Higher States of Consciousness! Are you having trouble Reaching Higher Levels of Awareness? Do you want to Experience more Lucid Dreams, Astral Projection, Visits with Continue Reading →

Ancient Meditation Technique for Reaching Higher Consciousness

Advanced Meditation Techniques

This ANCIENT MEDITATION will help you reach HIGHER STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS! When practiced correctly, you’ll be able to quiet your mind faster, reach deeper levels of meditation, and reach higher Continue Reading →