9 Overactive Root Chakra Signs (+The Right Way to Fix!)

An overactive root chakra (muladhara) is often the result of childhood issues, unrequited love, or an excessive attachment of material possessions. This can cause addictive behaviors, obsession with wealth, irritability, aggression, overactive ego, and a fear of change.

Like a fiery-tempered woman scorned, an imbalanced root chakra becomes clingy, needy, and aggressive. An overactive root chakra often leads to the need to control yourself, others, or other life situations.

Is Your Root Chakra Overactive?

Here are some questions to know if you have signs of an overactive root chakra. Are you set in your ways? Stuck in a rut? Stressed, panicked, or fearful? Overeat and aren’t sure why? Or show signs of aggression or irritability easily? Then you may have an overactive root chakra.

What Causes an Overactive Root Chakra?

The causes of an overactive root chakra may be unrequited love, pressure from the outside world to be perfect, an obsession with wealth, not taking action on passion projects, childhood trauma, mother/father issues, or from experiencing a lot of lack growing up.

The lower three chakras (root, sacral, and solar plexus) were shattered at the fall of consciousness (the destruction of Atlantis).

If our lower 3 chakras were balanced, healed, and in a perfect flow state – We would already be in the 5th Dimension of Consciousness much more frequently, or the Golden Age of Light prophesied by the Mayans and other indigenous cultures.

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9 Overactive Root Chakra Signs

The signs of an overactive root chakra are often less subtle than other overactive chakra signs. These symptoms of having an overactive (or excess energy) root chakra are all of our basic human survival instincts at their most primal.

The symptoms of an overactive root chakra can be either emotional or physical. The physical symptoms of an overactive root chakra are: Overeating, prostate problems, UTIs, and yeast infections, or pain in the perineum.

Also, unhealed emotional issues of the root chakra that are allowed to fester for too long will eventually manifest as physical symptoms.

1. Overeating

Survival skills 101 says that we have to eat in order to survive on this planet. When your root chakra is overactive, you may overcompensate by mindlessly eating. You do not feel supported, stable, or provided for – Therefore you overeat to control your fears of not having your basic needs met.

2. Prostate Problems, Frequent UTIs, or Yeast Infections

Because the wobbly bits area of our physical bodies are different in men and women, root chakra overactivity will show up in different ways.

An overactive root chakra in men can often result in issues with the prostate, perineum, or testes.

While an overactive root chakra in women may result in bladder infections, yeast infections, or simply pain in the area.

3. Fear of Letting Go and Change

I know it seems cliché to say that your fears are in your butt (LOL!), but this is pretty accurate. Or, more accurately, our whole nether region root chakra area.

Our fears terrified us, so therefore we hid them in the deepest darkest chakra we could find!

This way, we’d never have to look at these fears again, and we could live in a peaceful denial of what scared us as children (and adults).

Whether these fears were spiders, heights, financial insecurity, an abusive person, or a race of penguin aliens taking over the world (my 6-year-olds current fear!) – We shoved them down far!

Placing so many fears in our root chakra without letting them out often (by breathing into the root), and practicing other methods for Healing the Root Chakra – We’ve created an extreme imbalance in ourselves.

Because of this fear stuffing, we also create a fear of letting go or change. We believe we have the fears contained with the deep, dark box of the root chakra, and we falsely believe any shifting could result in chaos for us!

4. Addictive Behaviors

When our root chakra is overactive, we don’t feel stable. Instability is a difficult feeling to feel, and like a child desperately seeking a band-aid to heal our boo-boos, we often search for the familiar crutches of addiction.

Alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and other strong plants (that create a feeling of euphoria), can easily become crutches when we feel like “something is wrong”, but we don’t know what.

Instead of healing the root of the problem (dad joke pun intended), we’ll reach for the quick fix, the comfort, and emotional pain numbing of addictive substances.

5. Wealth Addiction and Greed

Another common sign of an overactive root chakra is wealth addiction and greed. An imbalanced root always creates a very unstable feeling.

This causes many to chase wealth in order to feel more stable and taken care of on the planet.

Don’t get me wrong, having enough money to cover all of our and our children’s needs is a very good feeling!

I highly recommend finding a way to support yourself financially by doing something you love!

And, it is OK to want more money! But, it is important to create more money/opportunities while staying balanced, grateful, and sharing the wealth!

After all, what good is money if your health suffers? If you’ve ignored all your most important relationships? Or if you’re stressed all the time in pursuit of excess money?

6. Irritability or Aggressive Behavior

Our baser instincts tend to come out in disharmonious ways when the root chakra lacks balance. These are our primal instincts that are simply in our DNA (for the time being until we choose to Ascend to the 5th Dimension).

This is often tied to being quick to anger or irritability. We tend to snap at others easily or lash out in anger when things don’t go our way.

The root chakra along with the Earth Star Chakra (often called the billionaire chakra!) needs to be activated and properly healed to be at peace, and drop our survival/reactionary state of being (which is very 3rd Dimensional).

7. Egotistical

The ego is an important part of our Soul blueprint, and will help us move forward in life. The ego helps us strive for “more” and “better”, and can help us get unstuck.

When operating in harmony, the ego asks the necessary questions of our decisions…

Questions like, “Is this really what you want?”, or “Why are you choosing this?”, are necessary when deciding on a direction for our life path.

When out of balance, the ego operates out of fear, the need for control, and sometimes a grandiose or God-complex.

When the ego is dominant, we can become narcissistic, lose empathy for others, or think we “know best” for everyone else.

Balancing an overactive root chakra can help return the humility needed to be an empathic loving being.

8. The Need to Be Dominant

Dominance is another way of feeling in control, even when deep-down we don’t feel stable. This could come through a personality in many ways, such as: rigidity, unable to compromise, won’t entertain other’s ideas, strict routine following, and inflexibility.

9. Relationship Issues

As opposed to a stale or underactive root chakra, the relationship issues of an overactive root chakra can look very different.

This goes back to the need to be dominant. An overactive root chakra in a relationship looks like someone wanting to make all the decisions, or control others.

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How to Balance Overactive Root Chakra (The Right Way!)

1. Repeat Positive Root Chakra Affirmations

You are programmable. You just forgot! LOL! What we tell ourselves and the words we choose are an extremely important part of our awakening and ascension process!

Many of us grew up unconsciously repeating our parents or grandparents phrases without giving them a second thought.

Phrases such as, “I can’t afford that”, “I don’t feel safe”, “I wish I was nurtured”, or “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, keep our root chakra imbalanced.

It is imperative to become consciously aware of “our programming”, and to replace these thoughts or words with positivity instead.

“I feel safe.”

“I am safe.”

“I am loved.”

“I am supported.”

“I have all I need.”

“I am well-fed.”

“Money flows easily and freely to me.”

“I am nurtured.”

“I am grounded.”

“I am stable.”

“I am understood.”

“I am abundant.”

If you catch yourself resisting these phrases, or trying to “run out of” your physical body while saying them, then your subconscious belief is not a match to healing root chakra affirmations.

Simply, allow this, take a deep breath, and just say the main words for a while until you are a vibrational match to the positive affirmation.

Take the “I AM”, out of the phrase, and just use the main word. The main words being, “safe”, “loved”, “supported”, “nurtured”, “well-fed”, “grounded”, “stable”, “understood”, “abundant”…

2. Ground Yourself Often

The practice of grounding helps to release lower vibrational emotions from the body, and therefore the root chakra.

Emotions or feelings such as anger, fear, not loved, not worthy, not safe, not accepted, broke, unappreciated, or unbalanced – Will weigh heavily on your root chakra.

This Complete Guide to Grounding will help you quickly ground excess or toxic emotions. Learning to ground yourself spiritually and physically, is a great healthy coping skill for anxiety, depression, and stress.

3. Turn on and Activate Your Earth Star Chakra

Your earth star chakra is one of the transpersonal chakras, meaning that it is located outside of your physical body.

Activating and spinning the transpersonal chakras is an essential part of ascension to the 5th Dimension. Instructions for activating your transpersonal chakras can be found in my How to Ascend to the 5th Dimension ebook.

4. Breathe Deeply All the Way into the Root Chakra During Meditation

The infinite intelligence of Source Consciousness, Creator, or God is in the air. My spirit guides put it more simply and say, “Love is in the air.”

Breathing air deeply all the way down to your root may feel very awkward at first! It still feels awkward for me, and I cringe every time I do this!

But, I keep practicing this as it is the best way to heal the root with the love and nurturing support it so desperately needs.

After 5 years of meditating, the Teacher’s of Light finally chimed in and said, “Where is your lower belly?”, “Breathe all the way down”, and “Let it out slowly and powerfully.”

This Ancient Meditation for Reaching Higher States of Consciousness, or ujjayi breathing is now what I practice, and it is explained more fully in the link above.

5. Do a Root Chakra Healing Meditation

Focusing energy directly onto your root chakra is a powerful way to heal and balance it. If it is overactive and wreaking havoc on your life, a meditation will get the energies flowing in the right direction and speed.

I particularly like guided meditations that are under 20 minutes, because I am a busy mom of 2 young children.

This one on YouTube is free, works great, and is only 15 minutes long!

6. Eat Root Vegetables

Root vegetables are great for your stamina and also supporting the root chakra area in the body. Things such as beets, potatoes, parsnips, and carrots are amazing for you!

7. Vibrate Your Root Chakra

You can balance your root chakra with a root chakra singing bowl, chanting lam, or doing a root chakra meditation envisioning a bright red ball spinning where your root chakra is.

This Vibrant Red Root Chakra Quartz Crystal Tibetan Singing Bowl will help calm and balance your root chakra overactivity!

8. What Crystals Help Overactive Root Chakra?

Stones and crystals carry a specific vibration, or energy frequency that naturally aligns certain parts of the body. The following root chakra stones and crystals are healing and balancing. Cuprite, garnet, hematite, moqui marbles, petrified wood, ruby, smoky quartz, vanadinite, red carnelian, red jasper, bloodstone, black tourmaline, and obsidian.

  • Cuprite: This is a red crystal, and its density helps you focus on your will to live and survive. You should use this crystal when you feel lethargic or depressed.
  • Garnet: Although garnet comes in a variety of colors, you should use a red version for the root chakra. It will help earth energy flow up through your body.
  • Hematite: This crystal draws you to the earth, and it helps your energy to connect with reality. This allows you to feel safe and secure.
  • Moqui Marbles (The Shaman Stone!): These marbles are crystallized forms of the earth, and they will help you stay grounded when you aren’t able to get outside.
  • Petrified Wood: This is a crystallized form of primeval trees, which are in a fossilized form. They serve as a reminder that you do not need to cling to the past because today is the day that has significance and meaning.
  • Ruby is Great for the Root Chakra (Make sure it is real though!): This is the crystal of hope and excitement. It stimulates your passions and desires, and it helps your root chakra to focus on the anticipation of the future and gratitude for what you have today.
  • Smoky Quartz Balances the Root Chakra: This crystal helps to balance your yin and yang energies. It softens anger and strengthens resolve, which allows you to live in stability.
  • Vanadinite Aligns your Root Chakra to your Physical Body: This is a sparkling red crystal that helps to balance your energy body with your physical body. It aligns your energy to your root chakra.
  • Red Carnelian Cleanses & Activates the Root Chakra: This stone is light orange to red in color, and it is a semiprecious stone. It represents strength and courage. It can be used to cleanse and activate your root chakra.
  • Red Jasper Cleanses/Balances the Root Chakra: This stone is an earthy red color, and it is semiprecious. It is also used to cleanse and balance your root chakra.
  • Bloodstone Clears and Balances the Root Chakra: This stone is dark green with red spots, and it is also semiprecious. It is rarer, and is usually worn to encourage self-esteem and repel negativity. It assists with courage, love, and friendships.
  • Black Tourmaline is Great for Root Chakra Balancing: This stone is black, and it is semiprecious. It is used for spiritual grounding, and it is used to cleanse and balance your root chakra.
  • Obsidian Balances and Grounds your Root Chakra: This is a black organic gemstone. It is a stone of protection, and it is good for cleansing and balancing your root chakra.

One of my favorites is this Ross Simmons cultured pearl and ruby necklace!

9. Build a Root Chakra Wellness Triangle

The triangle is a very stable geometric structure and is used as a base for sacred geometries such as the Merkaba, or Star Tetrahedron.

By the way, activating the Merkaba and Metatron’s Cube will provide you with much more stability in your life, and act as antennae’s for divine information to come through.

Building a root chakra wellness triangle to stabilize the root is easy. Simply imagine a bright red triangle inside your root.

Then see the words, “Healthy”, “Abundant”, and “Safe” written on each side of the triangle. Then give the command (think or say the words) to activate and spin the triangle.

How Long Does it Take to Heal Your Root Chaka?

Your root chakra can be opened and spinning in a harmonious, balanced way one day, and the next, something could happen that triggers childhood issues again. So there is no exact timeline for healing.

I look at fixing, healing, and balancing the chakras as I do physical exercise – There is no building your bicep just once, and never having to exercise it again.

I balance and clear my chakras all the time! And, out of my chakras, my root seems to need the most care.

9 Overactive Root Chakra Signs: Synopsis

Balancing all of your chakras, or energy centers in the body is an important part of self-care.

When you take care of your chakras, especially your lower 3 chakras (root chakra, sacral chakra, and solar plexus chakra), you will find that life simply gets easier and more fun!

When you balance your earth star and root chakras, you will feel calmer, happier, safe, nurtured, and receive a steady flow of abundance to meet all your needs.

As always, live in joy and spread the light!


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