What are INCARNATED ANGELS? (Purpose of Angels Incarnated as Humans)

Incarnated angels, sometimes called lightworkers or earth angels, are Souls who have spent time in the angelic realm and have now chosen to incarnate on Earth in a physical human body.

If you are an incarnated angel, I’m sorry!

I am not saying that to be a jerk. I am truly sorry you have carried the burden of feeling the pain and suffering of the Earth and its people for far too long!

What is an Incarnated Angel?

An incarnated angel is one of the types of Souls that have non-Earthly origins. Incarnated angels have spent a lot of time in the angelic and heavenly realms.

Like travelers to a foreign world, incarnated angels often feel very different from those around them.

Incarnated angels are often Indigo children and are usually born powerfully psychic or have the potential to be powerfully psychic.

They make wonderful guides, friends, counselors, nurturers, and healers for others – But oftentimes, this leaves the incarnated angel vulnerable to their own depression, addiction, weight issues, and relationship challenges.

Angels incarnated often feel like they don’t belong and can be either extremely shy or on the flip side, incredibly charismatic, depending on where they are in the Soul’s growth.

Incarnated angels also hate injustice, prejudice, violence, or bullying of any kind, since these things simply do not exist in the angelic realms.

Many angels who choose to incarnate into a physical human body, don’t usually like confrontation and will appear to conform to society in many ways.

However, I view incarnated angels as misunderstood badasses (like a Kevin Costner or Bruce Willis movie), often working in secret, or just enough under the radar to not be considered a threat to old power structures.

They will carefully nudge or guide any friends or family who will listen on ways to improve their lives, such as eating pesticide-free food and abstaining from pharmaceuticals (which are often just a band-aid for dis-ease in the body).

Are Incarnated Angels Real?

incarnated angels
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Yes, since my spirit guides have told me I am an incarnated angel, I’d say angels incarnated as humans do exist! LOL! Although, there are many angelic spirits living as humans today who DO NOT know they are in fact an incarnated angelic being.

What is the Difference Between an Incarnated Angel and an Earth Angel?

Although the names “incarnated angel” and “earth angel” are often used interchangeably, earth angels are not necessarily all incarnated angels.

The term “earth angel” is actually more synonymous with the term “lightworker”, as there are 5 types of earth angels (incarnated angel, incarnated elemental, star seeds, walk-ins, and reincarnated sorceress, high priestess, or wizard), and only one is an incarnated angel (a Soul incarnated as a human from the angelic realm).

Incarnated Angels Purpose

The purpose of incarnated angels is to heal and uplift humanity and to usher in the New Age, or Global Shift in Consciousness from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension.

Many incarnated angel’s purpose revolves around teaching, counseling, healing, or helping others in some way.

Incarnated angels are often drawn to New Age spirituality pursuits such as: Mindfulness Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, and Organic Whole-Food Nutrition.

Why do Angels Incarnate on Earth?

Incarnated angels are one of many types of lightworkers or earth angels that incarnate to Earth to bring about change, peace, healing, and guidance for others.

If you believe you may be an incarnated angel, you probably have a higher Soul purpose or mission as a guide and protector of Earth and its inhabitants.

Reasons why angels are incarnated on Earth…

1. To Uplift Humanity

One of the top purposes of the incarnated angels is to uplift humanity. We do this through shining our light brightly for others to see!

Many incarnated angels are funny and can cheer up others with a simple smile. We spread joy, love, and messages of having hope and faith to brighten other’s days and to inspire them to keep going when they are down.

2. To Lead & Inspire Others

Incarnated angels descended in droves to help uplift and heal humanity of the many pains suffered while experiencing a 3rd dimensional duality consciousness.

The best leaders on Earth do so by leading by example. Angels incarnated make excellent friends, role models, and came here to lead their lives as an example to others.

Leaders are encouraging and support others to stay optimistic and shine their light as well.

3. Curiosity

Some incarnated angels choose to come to Earth out of sheer curiosity. As a being of the angelic realm, you see and assist those Earth Souls who have chosen to spend lifetimes evolving their Souls through reincarnating on Earth.

As angels, some of the Earth lessons look fun and interesting! It is kind of like reading a book to learn how to swim when you are watching over Earth Souls. It doesn’t work very well!

We crave the experience to learn how to swim for ourselves! So we incarnate into the physical form to gain the experience for ourselves.

4. To Assist the Global Shift to the 5th Dimension

Known as “The Bringers of the Dawn”, lightworkers or earth angels (incarnated angels, star seeds, Empaths, and incarnated elementals) have a great purpose in assisting humanity in moving from the rigidity of the 3rd dimensional Earth experience to that of a 5th dimensional one.

This global shift in consciousness has been underway for quite some time, and many lightworkers (including angels incarnated) are here now for this greater purpose.

As we look around at the state of unrest in our outer world right now, it is very easy to feel discouraged and lose hope in anything changing for the better.

But, “The Bringers of the Dawn” feel the New Golden Age of Aquarius just around the bend. A fully spiritually awakened and empowered incarnated angel will work closely with their spirit guides to teach others this knowledge too.

Incarnated angel’s jobs during the shift in consciousness is to elevate, teach, uplift, and enlighten all others who choose to follow them.

No pressure! LOL!

But, this job can be as simple as taking an elderly neighbor a hot meal, smiling at someone who looks downtrodden at the supermarket, and just simply being kind to everyone you meet!

5. For Soul Experience

True wisdom is knowledge + experience. If we do not have both, then it is impossible to truly understand the various realms of creation. Right now, we are playing in the 3rd dimensional duality consciousness of form.

And to many, it is fascinating and wonderful despite what’s going on in the world right now!

To many others, it is very painful, but either way, we learn from the experience. Our angelic Souls gather more wisdom and experience of creation in all its beautiful forms, and we become wiser, not as just individual Souls, but as a collective consciousness.

6. To Bring Beauty to the Earth

Beauty has many forms and angels incarnated as humans love beauty in all its many forms. Incarnated angels are usually very beautiful in their physical characteristics as well, with round angel-like faces.

But, they also possess many creative and artistic talents to help uplift others!

They have incredible talents in the arts and are usually born with gifts such as: Writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, designing, and even gardening.

All of these lightworking gifts are designed to bring joy, ease, upliftment, and spread appreciation and happiness to others!

7. To Cleanse the Earth

Many incarnated angels are descending to Earth at this time to not only help heal and guide others, but to clean up the Earth.

Incarnated angels are working in record numbers alongside other lightworkers to clean and protect our oceans, air, and soil from further pollution by our unawakened fathers and grandfathers.

They are starting and investing in recycling, eco-friendly companies, and green solutions that will make Earth an ideal place to live in harmony with nature once again (5th dimensional living).

8. To Bring Back an Awareness and Knowledge of Organic Plant-Based Foods and Medicines

As an incarnated angel and empath myself, I suffered greatly from the depression and pains of others that I couldn’t help. I felt everyone else’s negative emotions as deeply as if they were my own

I turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with what seemed like my own depression, loneliness, anger, guilt, and shame. Some days it felt as if the world was crushing me.

After a near-death experience and meeting an angelic being of light, I was revived with the gift of Clairaudience and a desire to take back my life.

But my brain and body had suffered greatly at the hands of addiction, and I went through a period of bipolar mania, insomnia, and extreme confusion!

Through a lot of prayer and meditation, my guides led me to healing organic plant-based foods, herbs, and supplements to help my brain and body heal.

I include much of their knowledge I used while healing (also backed by scientific studies) on this blog, including 6 Natural Remedies for Depression and Anxiety (#1 is a game-changer!).

Now, as part of this blog and my own life’s purpose, I share the knowledge of the incredible healing power of healthy foods, herbs, and supplements for our own well-being and Ascension to the 5th dimension.

You can read more about my story in my book: My Spiritual Awakening Recovery: How I Overcame Grief & Addiction to Spiritually Awaken & Create My Own Reality!

Many other incarnated angels come to find the incredible power of holistic health on their own life’s journey. Some of them find these healing organic foods when they come down with their own ailments/conditions that are baffling doctors.

They then seek to share the information of their healing with natural remedies and foods with others!

What to do if you are an Incarnated Angel

So, you think you are an incarnated angel… Now what?

Strengthen yourself from within! Become strong so you can help heal and guide other’s without getting taken down yourself.

The first thing I’d recommend is this e-book: How to Ascend to the 5th Dimension: Where ANYTHING You Want – YOU GOT IT!

It is just $5! In it, you will find light body activations and guidance for strengthening yourself to become an empowered incarnated angel, empath, and lightworker.

It helps you put on your own oxygen mask first, and then you can actually help others by your example and without being completely overwhelmed.

Final Thoughts on What are INCARNATED ANGELS? (Purpose of Angels Incarnated as Humans)

Many incarnated angels are spiritually awakening right now in record numbers to assist with the Global Shift in humanity for 2021.

To know if you are spiritually awakening, you can check out my post: 12 Bizarre Spiritual Awakening Signs

Are you an incarnated angel? Do you have psychic talents, feel like you may be an empath, or feel a sense of purpose that aligns with any of the above listed incarnated angels missions? Please comment and share to social media!

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