Ancient Meditation Technique for Reaching Higher Consciousness

This ANCIENT MEDITATION will help you reach HIGHER STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS! When practiced correctly, you’ll be able to quiet your mind faster, reach deeper levels of meditation, and reach higher levels of awareness.

Very simple to do, this ancient meditation also helps with awakening, connecting with spirit guides, and depression, anxiety and stress!

The ancient meditation breathing technique is so simple, yet powerfully effective for reducing stress, anxiety, and depression – as well as reach higher consciousness.

This mindfulness exercise helps you tap into your spiritual energy, or prana, that much quicker and connects you to the Source energy that lies within you! 

Mindfulness meditation has been gaining huge traction over the last five years.

It seems that everyone from celebrities to goat herders have been taking up the practice to deeply relax, receive intuitive answers, calm the mind, heal the body, and my favorite, de-stress!

Practice this Ancient Meditation for Good Mental Health

I started my meditation practice years ago when I was detoxing, awakening, and struggling mentally.

I’d seen others who struggled with anxiety, depression, and mania, go to the doctor or hospital, and promptly be drugged into oblivion. I knew I had to find a better way to deal with my mental health.

I had to listen to guided meditations at first since my mind was so unfocused and manic. I simply couldn’t pay attention to my breath for longer than 30 seconds.

One day while listening to a guided meditation called Mind Silence, Paul Santisi explained that those who meditated would have no mental challenges whatsoever, and instead be a magnet for good luck and success.

I knew I’d found an answer to my mental health issues, meditation!

And, five years later, I’m excited to report that I’m happy, sober, married, a mommy, and have been practicing mindfulness meditation at least a few times per week (even if it’s only for 10 minutes).

But I was still struggling with shutting off my brain! I would fight my brain for that whole 10 minutes and feel no better after meditating.

It seemed like such a chore to meditate as my mind yammered an endless to do list, technology clutter, etc. etc. But I stuck with it…

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Five Years of Mindfulness Meditating and I Was Still Doing It Wrong!

I Never Thought to Learn How the Ancients Practiced Meditation!

Every night before bed I say a prayer to Source Consciousness to be grateful, get out my frustrations of the day, or ask for assistance in what I’m just not getting.

This helps me put a punctuation mark on the day and prepare my mind for sleep. I then laid down and began my deep meditative breathing to fall asleep to.

I had known about and practiced Ujjayi, or “ocean” breathing for a while, and used it to calm and quiet my mind while I fell asleep.

But, last night, as I once again struggled to pay attention to my breath, I heard a voice say, “Where’s your stomach?” I instantly knew I had been breathing into my lungs and not expanding my lower belly, or diaphragm.

I quickly switched to breathing into my lower belly and felt a much deeper relaxation in my physical body as I breathed out loudly, making my Ujjayi, ocean, or as some have cleverly termed it “Darth Vader” breath.

My mind instantly slowed, and then I heard the words, “Prana” & “How it should be”. I couldn’t believe it!

After five years of practicing mindfulness meditation, I’d overlooked one of the simplest ancient meditation techniques of all!

The diaphragmatic, or belly breathing technique combined with the ocean breath is how the Ujjayi meditation breathing technique was practiced by many ancient Taoist and Yogi traditions to reach higher consciousness and reach deeper levels of meditation.

And best of all, it works!

By increasing your life force energy, or prana, you’ll be able to relax the mind and body quicker, elevate your sleep, detoxify, and reach higher states of consciousness.

I’ve had lucid dreams, Archangel visitations, and Prophetic visions while falling asleep doing this breath work and holding my awareness within the frame of my body. It is magical!

Are you an empath or a sympath? The definitons and differences: Empath vs Sympath: 7 Key Differences and How to Tell Which You Are!

It is hard not to become a “Spiritual Addict” when you learn this form of mindfulness meditation and begin having Divine transcendental experiences. I am definitely an addict now and will be posting more Meditation and Reaching Higher States of Consciousness Tips” received from the “Teachers of Light”, so follow us on Pinterest and Facebook for post updates!

Ancient Meditation for Higher Consciousness

Sit, stand, or even lay in a comfortable posture, preferably with spine straightened.

Breathe in through your nose very slowly. Consciously filling the lower belly with air.

(Pay special attention to your breath transitions as this is where the mind tends to escape into overthinking again).

Now, slowly and powerfully exhale through your nose. This should sound like an “ocean wave”, “Darth Vader”, or be as if you’re trying to fog up a mirror with your breath. Breathe out all of the air. (You will probably have more air than you think).

(Again, watch your transition from exhale to inhale to keep your mind focused on your breath).

Keep your consciousness or awareness inside the frame of your body. This is your attention point. Keeping your attention point in the center of your head works wonderfully.

*Technically, the ancient method of meditation was practiced sitting cross-legged with spine straight, hands resting on your knees in a gyan mudra pose, meaning “Gesture of Consciousness”.

(The tip of your forefinger and thumb touch and the other three fingers point outward. Palms facing up.) This is said to keep the energy, or prana, circulating within the frame of your body.

The Infinite Intelligence of Creator is held within the air. You deeply breathe this in and circulate it in and through you. 

When you deeply breathe in the Infinite Intelligence of Creator, which is pure Love, and circulate the prana, you strengthen your spiritual muscles and root out what is holding you back from transcending your rational, or “monkey mind”.

Your ability to “let go” of your mind happens faster, and reaching higher states of consciousness and dimensions is possible.

This is the “place where the magic happens”. Astral projection, lucid dreams, visitations from Ascended Masters and Archangels, visions, and answers to your prayers.

Gyan Mudra Pose - Mindfulness Meditation Tip
Image by chiaravdberg on Pixabay/Gyan Mudra Mindfulness Meditation Hand Pose

Sometimes, I practice the full meditation sitting up with gyan mudra, crossed legs, diaphragmatic breathing, the ocean breath, and the straight posture, and it is amazing!

But, if I’m being honest, I usually just practice deep belly breathing along with the “Darth Vader” breath (laughing every time) while laying in bed at the end of a long day chasing two children under three!

Then I reach my beautiful “Meditative Zone”, when my rational mind finally shuts up, hear some Divine Guidance or start flying, and pass out! 

Do what works for you! Anything is better than nothing! We are real people with real responsibilities (jobs, bills, kids, etc.) So go easy on yourself!

Great Ancient Meditation Tips & Supplies for Reaching Higher Consciousness

While not necessary, these tools will greatly assist your mindfulness meditation practice:

  1. A clean, quiet space to practice in – Turn your phone off or on airplane mode. Clear clutter and debris from space. Vacuum and dust the area.
  2. A pillow, blanket, or Special Meditation Pillow – If you are uncomfortable, your mind will wander and try to get out of the focused breath work. Meditation pillows are specially designed for comfort while sitting on the floor!
  3. Sage or Incense or Essential Oil Diffuser – Burning or using Sage Spray beforehand clears the space of any “stuck” or “negative” energies. Incense or an essential oil diffuser can also be used near an open window to clear a space and introduce a wonderful smell to focus on while breathing! A Backflow Incense Holder cascades incense smoke down the holder in a beautiful waterfall pattern and is worth checking out!
  4. Crystals and/or Seer Stone – I highly recommend using crystals, and/or a seer stone to align you with a higher vibration and help you to see with your Third-Eye Chakra during your meditative practice. My seer stone is a prized possession! If you are new to using crystals, I’d recommend getting a Beginner Crystal Set and using either Amethyst or Clear Quartz to strengthen your awareness during meditation.
  5. Music that you love! – Any music that elevates, calms, inspires, or nurtures you is recommended. I recommend searching for “Reiki healing music” or “Solfeggio tones” on YouTube for some good options to start with!

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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Mindfulness Meditation

Have you tried Ujjayi or Belly Breathing? How did it work for you? What other meditation techniques have helped you in your mindfulness practice? Comment below!

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