6 Traditional SAMHAIN BLESSING Poems 2021 (+ How To)

samhain blessing poem

The Celtic Samhain blessing, still used by Pagans today, was a form of prayers for blessing meals, ancestor blessings, and gratitude for their harvest. Samhain, pronounced “Sow-in”, is the ancient Continue Reading →

10 Best Kept ANTI AGING SECRETS from the Angels

anti aging secrets

I meditate quite frequently since my Bizarre Spiritual Awakening, and have gotten some surprising natural, best kept anti aging secrets from the angels using Clairaudience. In what seems like a Continue Reading →

50+ Deep SHADOW WORK PROMPTS (For Healing, Trauma, Self-Love, Anxiety)

shadow work prompts

One of the most important aspects of working on your personal growth, is finding and integrating your shadow self with shadow work prompts. The phrase shadow self, coined by Carl Continue Reading →

What are INCARNATED ANGELS? (Purpose of Angels Incarnated as Humans)

incarnated angels purpose

Incarnated angels, sometimes called lightworkers or earth angels, are Souls who have spent time in the angelic realm and have now chosen to incarnate on Earth in a physical human Continue Reading →

10 Best CRYSTALS FOR PROTECTION (From Negative Entities, Energy & Psychic Attack)

best crystals for protection

The 10 BEST Crystals for Protection list includes all of my top protection crystals that I use daily! These crystals offer both spiritual and physical protection from lower energies, energy Continue Reading →