Easy SPIRITUAL CLEANSING BATH with Epsom Salt (The Right Way!)

spiritual cleansing bath

A spiritual cleansing bath with Epsom salt is the perfect way to harmonize your energy with peace, calm, and whatever other intentions you’d like to set for the spiritual bath. Continue Reading →

10 Best CRYSTALS FOR PROTECTION (From Negative Entities, Energy & Psychic Attack)

best crystals for protection

The 10 BEST Crystals for Protection list includes all of my top protection crystals that I use daily! These crystals offer both spiritual and physical protection from lower energies, energy Continue Reading →

8 Life-Changing EMPATH PROTECTION Secrets (That Really Work!)

overwhelmed empath in crowd with 8 life-changing empath energy protection secrets text overlay

Because empaths are so vulnerable to the energies around them, learning empath protection techniques is critically important for your health and well-being as an empath. Without these life-changing techniques for Continue Reading →

10 Empath Powers You DON’T WANT to Mess With

empath powers

Empaths are highly sensitive people (HSPs) that are usually incarnated angels or Starseeds. Empath powers are magically intuitive, and make it hard to mess with an empowered empath. Because empaths Continue Reading →

The COMPLETE GUIDE to Protection Crystals for Empaths

crystals for empaths

This Complete Guide to Protection Crystals for Empaths contains the best, balancing, grounding, healing and protection crystals/stones for Empaths and Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs). There’s no doubt empaths need protection Continue Reading →

5 Little-Known Empath Protection Tools (That are Powerfully-Effective!)

empath protection shield

Powerfully effective, yet surprisingly simple and little-known EMPATH PROTECTION tools! What is an empath? Why do empaths need protection? How to protect, clear, recharge, and practice self-care as an empath! Continue Reading →