What is a LIGHTWORKER? Bringers of the Dawn 2024

What is a Lightworker? Made popular by Doreen Virtue, a lightworker is a uniquely gifted highly sensitive being who feels a greater calling to help animals, people, or the earth uplift and heal.

Sometimes known as the “Bringers of the Dawn”, “wayshower”, or “earth angels”, lightworkers have been spiritually awakening in record numbers across the globe since 2012 to help with a massive Global Shift in Consciousness from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension.

If you are reading this page, you have probably been guided to assist the planet (and its people) with the transition to an easier, lighter, happier way of being.

Someone who is a lightworker is a wayshower for others. Just by being kind, optimistic and happy, lightworkers show the way for others to follow.

The lightworkers are the light warriors, who may choose to show others the healing power of a Healthy Organic Whole-Food Diet, Solfeggio Tones, Nature, Prayer and Meditation, or just be there when a friend needs them most!

Lightworkers are naturally sensitive, highly intuitive beings with a gift for helping others. Lightworkers are often gifted with many abilities which help them perform their Soul purpose (whether they are aware of it or not).

These gifts of lightworkers may include: Mediation, listening skills, a great sense of humor, and a grounded healing energy that makes everyone in their presence feel at ease.

Many lightworkers are also Empaths and can actually “feel” the emotions and energies of others without them voicing it. This one incredible sign of being a lightworker can either feel like a beautiful gift or a horrible curse, depending on the lightworker’s ability to protect themselves as a lightworker.

As earth angels, lightworkers care and give so much to others. This can often result in lightworker symptoms of feeling depressed and fatigued.

Lightworkers also have a tendency for weight gain, anger, anxiety, and can fall victim to addiction to cope when they are anxious, suffer with depression, or are unable to help someone they feel they “should’ve been able to save”.

Living a life of balance, Practicing Mindfulness Meditation, positive affirmations, and self-care for lightworkers is a must!

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I highly recommend these 8 Life-Changing Empath Protection Secrets (that really work!) to stay strong as a lightworker and fulfill your Soul’s lightworker mission without getting taking down by other’s depression, anger, sadness, grief, and other lower energies.

what is a lightworker - hands outstretched holding a bright light
What is a Lightworker?

Am I A Lightworker?

How do you know if you are a lightworker? You can tell you are a lightworker if you feel like you are here for a greater purpose than just yourself. Lightworkers are contracted with a global mission in their Soul contracts to help uplift humanity, spread love and light, and lead other’s by example through kindness, love, and patience.

8 Special Signs of Being a Lightworker

There are many telltale signs of being a lightworker. These lightworker signs are unmistakable and if you are a lightworker – These signs will make so much sense to you!

1. A Deep Longing for Home

One of the signs that you are a lightworker is a longing for home, or homesickness. This is due to the lightworker’s soul spending a great deal of time in other realms or worlds that are not as heavy and restricted as this Earth is.

We miss the ease and joy we have found in higher vibrational realms as multidimensional beings.

2. A Greater Sense of Purpose – 1111 Lightworker Prophecy

Lightworkers are naturally optimistic, and instinctively know the New Age is upon us. A part of the lightworker’s purpose on Earth is to uplift humanity (No pressure! LOL!). But don’t worry! You’re not alone in your lightworking duties!

Many lightworkers have awakened to their purpose and seen and heard the angel number 1111 lightworker prophecy being fulfilled.

As I experienced my own Bizarre Spiritual Awakening Signs in 2012, I was bombarded with the number 1111! It was everywhere I turned – On buses, clocks, and in dreams!

I finally looked it up and found out about angel numbers and the spiritual awakening angel number 1111 – A call for lightworkers to spiritually awaken from the dream and fulfill their mission to bring themselves and others home.

The best way to help others as a lightworker is to help yourself first! Heal your past, face your shadow self, and connect with your heart.

You can learn more about raising your vibration and ascending so you can assist others in my ebook: How to Ascend to the 5th Dimension of Consciousness: Where ANYTHING You Want – YOU GOT IT!

how to ascend to the 5th dimension
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3. An Intense Sense of Urgency

Lightworkers chose to incarnate on Earth at this time to assist in the upliftment and Earth’s ascension to a 5th Dimensional Consciousness, or creation of a New World full of light and happiness.

As you can tell, we are not quite there yet, but lightworkers are still being called to do important work for our evolution as a collective consciousness.

If you are a lightworker, you know it is time to spiritually awaken and learn how to uplift yourself so that others can follow your lead.

This deep sense of urgency points again to the 1111 call to lightworkers to awaken to their greater purpose.

When I saw the call I was raring to go! I wanted to help and ran in every helpful direction I could think of! But, my spirit guides kept telling me to slow down, self-care, and heal my own past before I made any rash decisions on how I could help.

The urgency is there because intense ascension light codes are hitting the earth and us. Lightworkers feel it even if they don’t know what it is. And, they want to help bring about happier, lighter times for the world – faster!

But, good things come to those who wait. Learn to live a holistic, balanced, happy life – And you can then help others.

4. Lightworkers are Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), Empaths, Intuitive, or Psychic

Another sign of being a lightworker or earth angel is that you are probably an empath, highly sensitive person, intuitive, or psychic.

Any way you choose to say it, lightworkers are all extra sensitive. Most lightworkers will experience things such as stronger intuition from birth than others, vivid dreams, psychic flashes or visions, and a knowingness (called Claircognizance), that most others simply do not have.

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5. You are Kind and Giving

Another indication of being a lightworker and a true hallmark of wayshowers is that they are kind and giving individuals.

Lightworkers care. They care about their friends and family deeply, and struggle when those they love are going through difficult times.

Lightworkers are often the people who will smile at those having a bad day at the grocery store, and the first people you call when you need help, because you know they’ll be right there.

6. You are a Natural Mediator

When you are wondering what is a lightworker, look no further than the mediators among you. The brother or sister who can quickly calm a heated discussion or get two opinionated people to see the other person’s side.

7. You are a Good Listener

Like the Heyoka Empath, lightworkers can act as a “pain-eater” for others. Most of the time, people just want to be heard and understood by others, and no one does this job better than a lightworker!

When others are having a hard time, they will seek out a lightworker to tell their problems to.

Often times, just talking to a lightworker will make you feel lighter and freer of your burdens, or help you see a solution you’d never thought of!

8. Lightworkers are Good with People or Animals

Charismatic, overflowing with ease, easy to talk to – These are all characteristics of lightworkers.

Animals tend to know the lightworker means them no harm because of their calm and loving nature.

Children also trust them, and a good lightworker usually has no problem fitting in just about anywhere they choose to help out.

Lightworkers often find themselves entering humanitarian, healing, artistic, or philanthropic careers such as: Nursing, holistic practitioners, writers, Reiki energy workers, etc.

What Does a Lightworker Do?

what does a lightworker do - woman petting a dog
Many Lightworkers Have a Natural Gift for Working with Animals

What does a lightworker do? Lightworkers are meant to uplift, period. Exactly how a lightworker chooses to uplift humanity and the world to fulfill their life’s purpose, or Soul mission, is up to them.

Many lightworkers are spiritually awakening and choosing to honor the contracts made by their Soul to help uplift this Earth from a heavy, dense, 3rd Dimensional Consciousness reality.

Lightworkers do this by creating beautiful art, cleaning up the environment, rescuing animals, working with children, helping other’s heal through holistic means, or simply spreading light wherever they go.

Lightworkers are the healers, teachers, counselors, artists, guides, and role models of the world. They can, and do make a huge impact on the world!

What Does it Mean to be a Lightworker?

what does it mean to be a lightworker - green fairy in meadow
Incarnated Elementals have come to the Earth to be Lightworkers

What does it mean to be a lightworker? To be a lightworker means you are a very unique type of sensitive, wise soul who chose to incarnate at this time to “put Earth back on track” towards the New Golden Age.

If you think you are a lightworker, this usually means you have incarnated or spent time in higher dimensional realms before incarnating on Earth, such as: the angelic realm (Incarnated Angels), other star systems (Star Seeds), the fairy realm (Incarnated Elementals), walk-ins (those who take over a physical body for a Soul who decides they are done and wants to depart without death, sounds a little creepy to me! LOL!), and wise ones (an incarnated sorceress, high priestess, etc.).

Lightworkers are often called “earth angels”, Incarnated Angels, or bringers of the dawn (those meant to bring about the New Age of Enlightenment or Age of Aquarius).

This Earth exists in a fallen, separated from Source Consciousness (or God) state, and desperately needs lightworkers to show Earth Souls (those who have chosen to incarnate on Earth over and over), that we can learn to love each other (and ourselves), heal from past pain and trauma, clean up the environment, and work together to bring about a better world.

What is a Lightworker Empath?

what is a lightworker empath - woman raising hands above head towards the sunrise
What is a Lightworker Empath?

What is a lightworker empath? Many lightworkers are also empaths, and vice versa. A lightworker is a unique type of soul who has chosen to be born on earth at this time to be a type of warrior and wayshower for others to follow. A lightworker empath is simply a lightworker, or earth angel, who is also empathic.

Empaths have an incredible gift for “feeling” the emotions and energies from others. Oftentimes, they’ll even sense physical pain coming from someone, such as a toothache.

Most empaths that I have met, are also empath lightworkers and have a lightworker mission to help spread love, light, and happiness on earth!

How to Become a Lightworker?

how to become a lightworker - woman with hands in prayer position
Becoming a Lightworker through Daily Spiritual Practices

How to become a lightworker? As we look around at the global state of unrest in the world, it is easy to see why lightworkers are so urgently needed!

To become a lightworker, simply start the spiritual awakening and ascension process. You can do this by healing your past pain, working on your physical health, and beginning a daily prayer and meditation exercise.

As you do these things and take care of yourself, you become happier, your aura becomes brighter, and others see the positive changes in you and are inspired to make positive changes themselves!

Lightworkers are in fact, earth angels, who are the wayshowers for others to follow, and the Bringers of the Dawn of the New Golden Age that is just around the corner!

This is exciting stuff!

You can also become a lightworker by choosing a lightworking career. Any helping, healing profession such as counseling, teaching, caregiving, or volunteering will help you become an angel on earth!

Lightworker: Synopsis

To summarize, lightworkers are enlightened beings working all over the world to help others see beauty, find hope, keep going, heal, or just smile that day!

So, what is a lightworker? A person who uses their own light to heal and uplift others! A lightworker is someone who feels guided to make a difference in the lives of others in the brief time we are alive.

Most lightworkers were born with the sense of a greater purpose to spread love as part of their global lightworker mission to help heal and uplift the world.

But, anyone can become a lightworker by simply choosing to help people, animals, or the environment. Lightworkers are often born with gifts of creativity and charisma that help them with their mission.

Go in the direction of your greatest joy, and you will find your purpose. If you love writing, do more of that! If you love animals, maybe you can volunteer at a shelter, or take in a rescued pet.

Follow whatever brings you happiness and you will in turn, spread love and light to others – Simply by doing the thing you love the most!


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What is your definition of a lightworker? Are you a lightworker? Do you know any other obvious signs of being a lightworker that I missed? Do you have any questions about what is a lightworker after reading this? Please share on social media and comment below! I love to hear from you!

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