5 Little-Known Empath Protection Tools (That are Powerfully-Effective!)

Powerfully effective, yet surprisingly simple and little-known EMPATH PROTECTION tools! What is an empath? Why do empaths need protection? How to protect, clear, recharge, and practice self-care as an empath!

What is an Empath?

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An empath is someone with a supernatural ability to feel the mental, emotional, and sometimes even physical state of others.

For example, if someone has a toothache, an empath may pick up on this by actually feeling the toothache physically themselves!

Many empaths don’t understand that they have this gift. Therefore, they are very vulnerable to the push and pull of other’s strong emotions.

Without the proper energy tools to stay grounded, centered, and delineated from other’s energies, empaths often use addictive substances to cope with feelings that are not theirs.

Empaths often experience feelings of depression, anxiety, and low self-worth. Most of the time these feelings were never the empaths in the first place and can easily be blocked against or removed from the aura with super simple, little-known tools!

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Empath Protection Tools

Having the right empath protection tools is super important! After finally realizing I was an empath at the age of 35, (LOL!), I scoured the internet in search of protection tools, shields, veils, or anything I could use to protect against having to feel everyone else’s crap.

I was done running from negative people and energy vampires, so I didn’t have to feel their anxiety, stress, and toxicity!

I found answers such as meditation, saying “no” to everyone’s requests, and spending time in nature and alone…

Which are all great suggestions! And I use every single one of these things as a means of empath self-care to nurture and recharge myself!

I have also tried multiple empathic protection tools to protect myself as an empath, (such as surrounding myself with white light), but none as powerful as the following 5 empath protection tools!

Empath Shielding Technique Bubble of White Light
Empath Shielding Technique Bubble of White Light

Why Do Empaths Need Protection?

Many empaths are incarnated or earth angels that came to this physical plane to assist humanity in awakening. It is a beautiful gift that can be used for great good!

empath protection tools
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Because of their unique ability to feel and understand what others are going through, empaths make excellent guides, healers, teachers, and friends.

But, without the proper protection tools in place, empaths get easily overwhelmed by crowds, negative people, narcissists, the inability to say “no”, and trying to rescue everyone!

This cuts off the empaths ability to heal, guide, and be a way-shower for other’s to follow their example. As I mentioned earlier, many empaths don’t understand they are empaths!

They often try to save loved ones and friends who don’t wish to be saved! Empaths get dragged down by this!

They take on the depression, anxiety, and imbalances of others very easily, and often think it is theirs to carry…

If any of this sounds familiar, you are probably an empath! And could use these super-simple little-known Empath Protection Tools!

Between stressing over bills, worrying about changes with your job, keeping food on the table, and all the craziness going on in the world right now – It is completely normal to feel tired, overwhelmed, anxious, and uncertain!

AND, it is MUCH WORSE for an empath!

That’s why, I’ve compiled this e-book, How to Ascend to the 5th Dimension.

To help those who’ve been struggling with finding balance, purpose, and most importantly, JOY!

It has been gathered over 7 years, and compiled from hundreds of channeling sessions with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, and my own spirit guides!

They want us to be insanely HAPPY, spiritually awaken, and get to the 5th Dimension faster!

In it, you will find out WHAT the 5th Dimension even is, HOW to get and stay there, ACTIVATE your 5th Dimensional chakra system, and the PROPER way to turn on your Star Tetrahedron (Which greatly reduces the anxiety, drama, and noise you feel as an empath!)

I sincerely hope you take advantage of this special no-brainer offer, turn your empathic abilities into a powerful gift for helping humanity, and leave the 3rd Dimension behind forever!

Empath Protection Tools

Wear an Empath Protection Necklace or Bracelet to Protect Yourself as an Empath

I wear many different crystals in jewelry for a lot of different purposes. My favorite jewelry for empath protection are my Black Tourmaline Necklaces!

Black Tourmaline Empath Protection Stone
Black Tourmaline Empath Protection Stone

Black Tourmaline offers potent empathic protection from psychic attack, negative energy, and EMF and radiation! Black Tourmaline is also known to have a very calming effect to empaths.

Black Tourmaline is also a very healing gemstone and can be used in energy work to promote healing in the body by clearing out stuck or unwanted energy!

I personally own this Empathic Protection Necklace that works like a shield to protect against lower energies! It even comes with a piece of selenite you can continually use to charge and clear the tourmaline!

Because black tourmaline absorbs negative energies and EMF, you’ll want to clear and charge it with the selenite often!

Black tourmaline will break if you don’t keep it cleared, which I found out the hard way!

This next Empath Necklace is not only beautiful, but one of my top picks for empathic protection, because it has orgonite!

Orgonite is made of resin, metal shavings, and crystals. It not only repels negative energies and psychic attack, it blocks harmful EMF and man-made radiation!

Orgonite combined with black tourmaline creates a powerful empath shield.

I also highly recommend this Empath Protection Bracelet that combines black tourmaline and selenite. It is gorgeous and is handmade. It also has pyrite, which is used for mental stability as well as empath protection.

Womens 8mm Selenite Bracelet, Black Tourmaline Bracelet, Protection Bracelet, Healing Crystal, Aura Cleansing, Peace, Gift For Her, Gift For Him
  • HANDMADE: This necklace will be made just for you by the owner and artist of Symbolic Gems located in Illinois USA
  • QUALITY: All items are made using genuine stones without any treatments or dyes, stones are hand picked to make sure there are no major dents or scratches
  • SELENITE: feel good positive energy crystal
  • BLACK TOURMALINE: is a highly protective stone, it will shield you from negative energies around

Empaths can Recharge with Selenite!

Selenite is like the Energizer battery of crystals! It never needs clearing or charging and can be used to clear and charge your other crystals.

Selenite works the same way with your physical body. It is also used to protect and shield against negative energy (and makes a wonderful empath protection tool!).

Selenite helps balance the mental and emotional bodies, and casts a powerful protective aura that also brings good luck!

You can wear a Selenite Necklace, Bracelet, or carry a stand-alone Crystal in your pocket! However, it seems to work best for me when the crystals are touching my skin.

Another must-have protection shield for empaths is a Selenite Tower for your home and office.

Again, selenite never needs clearing or recharging, so to put one of these beautiful towers in your home, is especially important for empaths.

One place many empaths forget to shield themselves is while they sleep! One night, while dreaming, I met a Being of Light who told me I would especially need psychic protection while I slept.

This had never occurred to me!

If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, feeling depressed and crappy often, it is because you were swimming around in lower energies without even knowing it.

A selenite tower by your bed removes toxic negative energies and calms the mind while you sleep. This Selenite Tower is also a lamp and comes with a dimmer switch.

WBM Selenite Crystal Lamp 20cm, Hand Curved Morocco |Skyscraper| Crystals and Healing Stones,(ETL Certified) with Wooden Base & USB Charging Cable For Healing Cleansing & Meditation
  • WBM Selenite a Pure gypsum crystal stone is said to remove toxic negative energy and cleanse the mind through its pure calming effects.
  • Selenite Lamp Light Waves Make People’s Mind Sober, And Helps to Stabilize and Balance the Emotional Body, Selenite is a Calm Stone that Instills Deep Peace and is Excellent for Meditation or Spiritual Work.
  • Selenite Recharging Crystals Help to Remove All Energy Blockages In the Body, to Ensure a Calm and Peaceful Environment, and Guard against Epileptic Seizures.
  • Place it in Any Area or Space to Help Neutralize Negative Energies and to Ensure a Calm and Peaceful Environment.

Now, for the lesser known energy shielding techniques… I use these every day and they work better than anything I’ve ever tried!

Use the Rose Tool as an Empath Shield

Like the bubble of white light surrounding your aura tool, but instead we use the rose symbol.


The rose is more effective than white light at protecting your aura and has been used for centuries by various spiritual cultures, mediums, psychics, etc.

The rose holds a very beautiful neutral vibration and comes with its own grounding cord (the stem) to syphon off negative energy!

How to Use the Rose for Empathic Protection

Visualize a rose half-way between you and who, or whatever (like animals) you’d like to protect your space from.

The red rose creates a natural neutral delineation between you and the other person. What belongs to you easily stays on your side of the rose. And, what belongs to the other person, easily stays on their side of the rose.

Easy Peezy & Breezy!

 Also, don’t forget to visualize the stem of the rose going into the Earth as a natural grounding cord for syphoning off the energy.

Empath shielding techniques
Red rose visualization empath shielding technique

How Empaths Can Use the Rose Tool to Send Other’s Energy Back to Them

This energy technique is super simple, and oh, so effective!

Whenever I know a family member is upset at me, (usually because I gave them a healthy boundary), I use this technique to give their angry energy back to them!

After all, it is theirs! Not mine. And it is actually helpful for them to have all their energy back. Their anger, disappointment, anxiety, and stress are theirs to learn how to deal with. As part of their evolution, learning, and growth as a Soul.

So, to give it back and clear your energy or aura, simply visualize that person’s face inside a red rose. Do so, within your auric field (a bubble of space about arm’s length all the way around you).

Then, move the person’s face while still in the rose outside of your aura, and promptly blow it up! Yep, blow it up! LOL! Not in a mean way or anything, just explode the rose with your mother or father or friend, or anyone’s face that is in your field.

This sends their energy back to them to learn how to deal with and process.

I’ve used this powerfully effective energy shielding technique hundreds of times with great success! Most of the time, I can actually feel their energy leaving me! And it feels like a great weight being lifted off my shoulders!

The Grounding Technique for Empath Protection

As an empath, you’ve probably heard of grounding to release all that no longer serves you into Mother Earth to be healed and recycled.

Using a grounding cord is a tool that’s been taught by many gurus for centuries. I’ve heard many spiritual teachers, mediums, and even Tony Robbins teach this tool.

But, nobody does grounding quite like Jim Self in the book, What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away?

This book changed my life and is where these three empath protection tools come from. Although these tools aren’t specifically written in the book for empaths, they are game changers for protecting your energy as an empath!

This book (or any Jim Self book) is definitely worth a read!  I think a link to it should be stamped on every baby’s butt in the hospital as a road map for how to easily play the game of life and manage energy!

P.S. If you’re interested in building your living light body, check out A Course in Mastering Alchemy!

The Grounding Tool is Simple

You drop a line of energy from the tip of your tailbone (root chakra) down into the center of the Earth. You can play with your energy however you like.

For example, I like my grounding cord to look like a light saber that extends into the center of the Earth. This holds my spirit firmly in place, aligned within my physical body, and keeps my attention point securely inside of my head.

Ideally, you’ll want to check in with your grounding cord several times a day and especially before meditation. If you’ve taken any substances to reach higher planes of awareness while meditating, such as kava kava root, the grounding cord is a must.

example of empath protection tool
Example of Empath Protection Tool Technique

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I’ve heard people use grounding in a few different ways. Some people imagine their feet as tree trunks and root down to the center of the Earth from there.

However, most send a line of energy directly from the tip of their tailbone down into the center of the Earth.

As with all energy work, you’ll need to use your imagination, since most of us cannot see this energy with our physical eyes.

Simple Grounding Tool Exercise for Empath Energy Protection

Imagine a line of energy being drawn from the tip of your tailbone down into the center of the Earth. Again, this line can be any color or shape that you desire such as; a blue light saber, tree roots, or a jump rope.

Sometimes, I like to start the visualization and see where my mind takes it. You can play with colors, etc. Have fun with this!

Once the cord is set. Imagine pulling on this cord with a 3rd hand or just see it being pulled and make sure it’s taught. This is the cord that’s going to discharge your excess electrical energy or thoughts.

Next, wrap a line of energy in a spiral around the 1st cord. This cord will discharge your cluttered or undesirable emotions. The 1st cord is for thought clutter, the 2nd is for emotional clutter.

Now, say something like, “Turn on and activate my grounding cord. Release excess thoughts, emotions, and negative clutter.” Take deep breaths as you do this.

You may feel a huge amount of relief as you release unwanted thoughts and clutter. Or you may feel nothing at first. I’ve noticed that it helps to be outside when I do this but isn’t necessary.

Playing with the Grounding Cord Tool to Clear Negative Energy

You can play with this tool by doing a before and after comparison with a partner. Standing up, have your partner give you a little push on the shoulder and notice how easily you fall to the side. Next, do the grounding cord tool visualization. Secure yourself.

Still standing up, have your partner give you another small push on your shoulder. You should be much harder to move this time.

Energy work is amazing when you start playing with and using it daily to help stay grounded, stable and connected. There is so much more to us than we can see with our physical eyes!

When we begin to play with managing our energy, life becomes much easier, calmer and manageable.

Very few people, especially empaths, realize how much of what they’re feeling is actually other people’s crap.

Most people live their whole lives being pushed and pulled by the energy around them that usually has nothing to do with them. Energy tools provide leverage for you to experience life on your terms, without the unwanted push and pull.

Try Throwing Energies You Don’t Want to Carry Down the Grounding Cord

You can practice throwing lots of things down your grounding cord. I like to set my cord and then clean and clear my chakras.

I’ve also thrown old habits, negativity, or anything no longer serving me down the cord, including “stuck” energy in my liver lingering from addiction.

Just open your grounding cord and say, “Clean and clear liver”. Simple and felt incredible!

Patterns of addictions? Throw them down the cord.

Boss making you mad? Throw your anger down the cord.

Can’t get over an ex-boyfriend? Throw the attachment down the cord.

I love using my grounding cord often for just about everything. It’s especially great to use at the end of a long stressful day before bed.

Open your grounding cord and say, “Clean and clear all that’s no longer serving me”. You can use your grounding cord to cast off any feelings, energy, negativity, or depression that you don’t want to carry anymore.

Heaven on earth is the goal, and you can’t take your baggage with you to heaven. Just chuck it! It feels so good!

Use Sage to Protect Yourself as an Empath

This final empath protection tool is well-known but also very effective. I use sage often in my own home to clean, clear, and energetically roto-rooter anything negative in my space!

This can be used after your parents come to visit (LOL!), or after you watch a sad movie!

Or, let’s say you’ve been shooting angry energy at an ex-boyfriend all day. That energy has to go somewhere and is likely stuck in your corners and windows! This energy still psychically affects you whether you can see it or not.

Personally, I’m addicted to Sage Spray!

It has the benefits of burning sage, without all the smoke. I love using it, especially since I have young children I don’t want asphyxiated by smoke!

Moonwater elixers combines spring water, organic white sage (I choose organic products whenever possible), genuine clear quartz crystals and is charged with the moon!

I’m in looove with this White Sage Spray!

White Sage Spray for Smudging - Sage Spray for Clearing Negative Energy, Smudge Cleansing Sage Spray for House Negative Energy with Sage Oil & Crystals, Sage Spray Mist - 4oz by Moonwater Elixirs
  • Moon Water Energy – Our Moonwater Elixir water receives the greatest benefits of the Moon’s energy, which is captured and harnessed for three full nights, surrounded by crystals infusing it with positive Reiki energy and intention.
  • Sage Spray for Spiritual Cleansing – Protect your home with Moonwater Elixirs White Sage Smudge Spray. Liquid Sage Spray Clears and Cleanses to protect your space. White Sage Smudging Spray for cleansing the house of negative energy.
  • Negative Energy Protection – Our White Sage spray cleanses your mind, body, and spirit of negative energies. Positive energy increases your sense of well-being and helps mental focus. Our Sage Spray + White Sage for Smudging And Negative Energy Moonwater Elixirs smudging spray can be used anytime, anywhere for negative energy protection.
  • Liquid Sage Spray for Smudging and Cleansing – Moonwater Elixirs Smudge Spray is an ash-free alternative for clearing your space from negative energy.
  • Spiritual Cleansing Spray – Each Moonwater Elixir Sage Spray contains Reiki-charged distilled water that has been energized under a Full Moon and hand-blended with organic white sage essential oil and infused with genuine clear quartz crystals to elevate your sense of peacefulness.

You do not get all that negative energy clearing with just burning sage. I’m on my third bottle!

How to use Sage as an Empath Protection Tool

Spray, or burn Sage around all the corners of your home. I like to say, “Clean and clear this space,” as I’m going to set the intention.

Make sure to burn or spray the sage around the windows and doors, as energy especially gets stuck in cracks and windows!

It is very beneficial to also open the windows and let fresh oxygen and sunlight in while you’re doing this. Fresh air and sunlight assist in clearing unwanted energy out of a space!

Recharging for Empaths

Empaths feel energy at a very deep level. So, we use the rose, grounding tool and Black Tourmaline or Hematite to block that which we don’t want.

We then can use nature and natural energy “batteries” to recharge us!

Self-Care for Empath Protection Tips

Go in Nature Often.

Go outside often! Go for a walk, get fresh air, go into the mountains, swim in a lake! Play by and put your feet into lakes and streams. Walk barefoot on grass, dirt, sand, etc. to ground excess negative energy you may be carrying!

Breathe in the Sun! Don’t just feel it on your skin. Imagine breathing in the Sun’s warm liquid golden light to clear and recharge you.

Clear Unwanted Energy with a Bath or Shower. (Even if it’s your own!)

Empaths need lots of clearing! Water is great for this! If you’re feeling particularly overwhelmed, stressed, or riled up – take a bath or shower. You will feel much better afterward!

Pro tip: Take a holy water bath for empath self-care. Simply make some holy water to keep in your kitchen or bathroom.

Then pour a little in with your regular bath water and voila! You can also drink a little holy water each day to keep you energetically cleared and positively charged.

Final Thoughts on Empath Protection Tools

With these wonderful shielding techniques, energy tools, and self-care ideas, empaths don’t have to be run over by negative energies or people anymore.

Empaths can now shift the balance of power to one of strength, instead of being tired, depressed, anxious, and overwhelmed all the time.

Once you start using these empathic protection tools in your daily life, you’ll be free to align with the purpose you were sent here for.

Whether it be a teacher, healer, nurse, counselor, psychic or animal rescuer – Your gifts can be celebrated and used to absorb healthy high vibrations from nature.

Absorbing energies from nature, combined with meditation will strengthen you considerably and help to raise the vibration of the planet!

Protect yourself, recharge yourself, take care of yourself, and do what you came here to do… Assist humanity in any way that brings you the most joy!

Sending you love and light!


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Are you an empath, sympath, or highly sensitive person? Have you tried any of the above tools for empathic protection? How have they worked for you? Do you have any other great empathic or HSP protection tips? What are your favorite ways to protect yourself as an empath? Share or Comment Below!

8 Replies to “5 Little-Known Empath Protection Tools (That are Powerfully-Effective!)”

  1. I love this thorough article. I’m confused with the rose protection/grounding stem technique. I’m having trouble visualizing if stem is pointed all around my field toward me for protection or if it’s just the rose. It sort of skipped to saying to ground the stem.

    I love roses and never thought of them as protective per se in sending back energy/creating barriers. It makes sense bc I use roses for many other practices.

    This was well written and with so many cosmic events, etc. the reassurance and tools are great. We aren’t alone and have a purpose in making Heaven/Earth One.

    I recently read crowd protection empaths. Finding effective and also some of my tricks:

    Lavender third eye

    I wear a wide head band and put crystal (usually a chip strand) under band pending need

    Basil oil feet

    White and publish bubble around you with Goddess panther at your feet walking around you

    Rose water- so easy to make, charge under full moon distilled water and clean rose petals (give gratitude to each), add clear/amethyst/rose quartz trio. Can lookup how to make. Quite easy. Add witch hazel (have alcohol free Thayers), citric acid, veg glycerin when done. All natural and experiment. A little goes a long way! Use as spray, in bath, on body, etc. I add chip beads of quartz trio to my spray. Refrigerate to prolong shelf life. Pinks are most fragrant.

    I also put petals on heels or in upper area department

    I also have difficulty with dark gemstones. We are all different. Personally, if in a series of negative thought patterns, darks will keep sending it back to you. So, a word of caution. I prefer whites- all colors. Keep simple clear quartz (program), moonstone, selenite wand for energy field cleansing. These are grounding and transmute negative into positive as well as amethyst. Rose quartz is gentle and pairs well with many stones.

    Grid house

    Love and light. Great posts!

    • Hi Krisi!

      Thank you for the comment as well as extra help for others who may be suffering with their empathic gifts! The grounding stem of the rose points down (just picture the stem of the rose where it usually is). I visualize the rose stem going down into the Earth to ground the energy.

      I had never heard of the dark crystals passing negative thoughts back to us, or noticed this per se, but now that you mention this, it may have happened a time or two in my negative thought spirals! =) I do love black tourmaline (for healing and protection), but make sure to clear it often, as I’ve had these break in half when I haven’t done so enough. (Maybe that would help with this???)

      I looove wearing a crystal on your third-eye idea! I might steal that one from you! You have some thorough knowledge and I appreciate you sharing!

      Much love and light to you as well!

    • Jamie,
      I’m so thankful to have found your article.. the helpful solutions made me tear up with relief.. I live with 4 lazy angry unhappy people and I’m weak from carrying and living their misery … allThis just dawned on me this morning. I know I’m an empath but living their negatives just dawned on me. I’m relieved and scared. your article is one I’ve finally connected with.. I’m still tearing up!! I wish you were my neighbor so I could hug you.. !! I’m sending you love and blessings..

      • Thanks for your wonderful comment Marilyn!

        I wish I could hug you as well! I struggled as an empath for 35 years until I finally decided to find empath protection tools that actually worked! I’m so relieved that I can finally be in crowded places or around negative people without feeling all their crap!

        Much love to you and I wish you all the best!

  2. I love this article, really useful practices which I am going to employ.
    Thank you

    • Thank you Lesley!

      Using the rose as an empath protection tool has completely changed my life and my ability to function in the real world! I hope these tools work for you as well as they’ve worked for me!

      Love and blessings to you!

  3. After reading this, now I realized that in some ways, I’m also an empath. I also realized the people behind who were once an empath as well. I have to tell that this is one of the most intriguing articles I’ve read so far.

    • Thanks Edward!
      Yes, there are definitely levels to empaths as with all things! I hope these empath protection tools help you stay grounded, centered and empowered!

      All my best!

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