8 Life-Changing EMPATH PROTECTION Secrets (That Really Work!)

Because empaths are so vulnerable to the energies around them, learning empath protection techniques is critically important for your health and well-being as an empath.

Without these life-changing techniques for empath protection, I’d be living a very different life! Before I learned I was an empath, I struggled to even leave the house most days!

Even shopping in a crowded store was excruciating! I flat-out ran out of Walmart without buying what I went there to buy because the crowds were just too overwhelming! (Sorry Walmart, I love you now!)

I even turned to alcohol and drug addiction to escape grief, and the pain I felt from everyone else’s emotions (as a lot of empaths unfortunately do).

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You can read more about my story in my book: My Spiritual Awakening Recovery: How I Overcame Grief & Addiction to Spiritually Awaken & Create My Own Reality!

What is Empath Protection?

Empath protection techniques are ways to protect your aura from psychic vampires, narcissists, and any other unknowing empath energy downers (such as people suffering with depression, anger issues, or anxiety).

The best self-protection for empath tools are ones that keep the energies between your aura and other’s auras, separate.

How Do You Protect Your Energy if You’re an Empath?

There are multiple empath energy protection methods that create a shield, or barrier around the empath. These may include: Empath protection prayers, blessings, and spells, empath protection symbols and sigils, energy tools for empaths, and crystals for empath protection. All of these will work well as empath protection from narcissists and negative energy.

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5 Little-Known Empath Protection Shielding Techniques

These are my secret empath protection shield techniques that work like magic and create a line of protection between your aura and other’s auric fields.

If I hadn’t ran across these ways to shield myself as an empath, I’d still be struggling with crowds, strangers, or even making an appointment over the phone! I felt like a hermit that could barely handle going out of the house! And, when I did go out, I couldn’t wait to just go home and retreat.

empath protection shield
Empath Protection Tools

Spiritual Protection as an Empath

Empath spiritual protection may be as simple as an empath protection spell, blessing, or prayer. Another method of spiritual empath energy protection is to keep yourself happy and balanced through Prayer and Meditation, Eating a Diet of Organic Whole-Foods, Practicing Mindfulness Meditation, and Living a Life of Balance and Ease.

The more you keep your vibration high living as an empath, the less lower energies will be able to affect you!

Vampire Empath Protection Spell

For the protection spell for empaths, I like to use an Empath Protection Candle! This candle for empath protection includes sage, essential oils, and even has black tourmaline crystals, which are wonderful for clearing lower energies and also those of “energy vampires” (people who suck empath’s energies from them).

Simply light the candle and say a quick prayer or blessing to Source Consciousness (or God) asking for your energy to remain elevated and protected by Archangel Michael (he is the perfect Archangel to call upon for empath protection!).

Empath Aura Protection

Another life-changing empath protection technique that I learned from spirit guides as I was experiencing rather painful and “Bizarre” Spiritual Awakening Signs is to Veil Yourself as an Empath. Veiling is a great technique for empath self protection that requires no extra effort from you and really protects your sensitive empathic aura!

how to veil for empaths
Veiling for Empath Protection

Crystals for Empath Protection

I wear powerful gemstones for empath protection everyday in the form of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and sometimes rings.

Empath protection jewelry is a must for me, especially for protection from lower energies while sleeping! Sometimes, I also just carry empath protection crystals in my pockets, purse, or inside my bra (learned this from my grandma who keeps everything in there including duct tape! LOL!).

I tend to use different crystals and stones depending on my mood that day, or if I feel like I need grounding, protection, upliftment, recharging, or a stronger connection to my guides.

There are sooo many beautiful crystals and gemstones that I recommend for protection for empaths and highly sensitive people (HSP). You can check them out in this post on Empath Protection Crystals!

crystals for empaths
Empath Protection Crystals

Spiritual Grounding for Empath Protection

Grounding yourself spiritually is an extremely important technique for empaths to learn! It siphons off lower energies from other’s and even yourself, such as anger, depression, anxiety, guilt, grief, and fear.

Grounding is also particularly helpful for anxiety and stress, which empaths usually suffer with.

But, not all grounding techniques are created equally! And, this post will have you grounding your overwhelming energies like a pro in a few minutes flat!

grounding yourself spiritually
Grounding Yourself Spiritually is Especially Important for Empath Protection

Final Thoughts on 8 Life-Changing EMPATH PROTECTION Secrets (That Really Work!)

Shifting from an overwhelmed, hiding from the world, hermit of an empath to an empowered empath took time, patience, self-love, and a LOT of self-care – But it was so worth it!

Once you learn the invaluable empath self protection resources listed on this page and implement them, your life WILL CHANGE in miraculous ways!

The loneliness, depression, anxiety, fear, and overwhelming burden of being an empath will lift and leave you as a more empowered, stronger empath than you ever thought possible.

You’ll finally be able to fulfill your empathic life purpose that only YOU can do! Empaths have incarnated on Earth at this time to uplift, heal, guide, and teach other’s unconditional love and forgiveness with humor and grace.

When you become an empowered empath, you may find yourself drawn to the healing, counseling, working with animals, or teaching professions that you’ll love!

And, the world will be uplifted! One empowered empath at a time!

As always, spread love and light!


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Are you an empath? Do you struggle with being an empath? Have you used any of the above techniques for empath energy protection? Do you have any other empath protection tips or methods that work well for you? Please share on social media and comment below!

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