What is a HEYOKA EMPATH? (Heyoka Meaning, Powers, Traits & Symbol)

Heyoka is Native American Sioux (Lakota & Dakota) term for “fool” or “sacred clown”. Heyoka empaths are very contrary in nature and tend to “go against the grain”. Heyoka are also considered the strongest of empaths with superhuman powers!

“Heyoka empath” is the term given to empaths who are emotional mirrors to those around them, thus helping others to evolve and grow.

Heyokas are often known for doing things backwards. They “feel” what others feel and then intuitively “mirror” what that person needs to know about themselves to help them change and heal.

For example, a heyoka may seem rude and dismissive when someone needs to learn humility. Or a heyoka may push one’s buttons to break them out of their comfort zone.

Often times, a heyoka may not even realize they are doing this.

What is the Purpose of a Heyoka Empath?

Heyokas help others evolve by mirroring their own behaviors back to them. A heyoka empath can “mirror” the emotions and issues of others and force them to evaluate who they truly are.

Heyokas are highly intuitive and wise. This makes people feel very comfortable confiding in them.

As well as “Sacred Clowns”, they are also known as “Pain-Eaters”, or “Two-Spirits”, for their ability to take the pains and worries of others, just by listening.

Deep-down, the heyoka senses the dis-ease in others, and will mirror what this person needs to learn to heal their suffering.

Without the proper Empath Protection Tools and Empath Protection Crystals, heyoka empaths often find themselves depressed, overwhelmed, anxiety-ridden, and may turn to drugs and alcohol to cope (as I once did).

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Heyoka Empath Traits

Heyoka empaths often act as powerful healers, guides, counselors, and even Shamans for others. The following are 9 traits of a heyoka empath.

heyoka empath signs
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1. Heyoka Empaths Use Humor to Uplift and Heal Others

They say laughter is the best medicine! And this is very true! Humor can shift depression and bad moods faster than almost anything.

Heyoka empaths get their name from this ability to be the “funny class clown” that always strives to uplift others.

Heyokas simply intuitively know when a friend needs a mood boost, and even their expressions can be hilarious!

Then, once the heyoka can tell the other person’s energy has been uplifted, they can then help guide and heal that person.

2. Heyoka Empaths Can Not Only Feel the Emotions of Others, but Solve Their Problems as Well

A heyoka empath can walk into a room and immediately sense the emotions of others in the room, (as with all empaths).

But, a heyoka is also an excellent problem-solver for this person’s issues as well. They clearly see what is needed to help other’s out of their situations and offer their guidance.

Sometimes, they can tell that another person simply needs a friendly ear, but other times, they’ll have the perfect solution to someone’s problem that has been eluding them.

3. Heyoka Empaths are Wise

Even though heyoka empaths are often seen as the class clowns, they are often “Old Souls” who have incarnated many times.

The wisdom of their experiences shines through them when you actually ask for their advice.

They are kind, supportive, and very strong.

4. People Come to You For Advice

what is a heyoka empath
Heyoka Empaths are often sought out for their advice

Because of their wisdom and humor, heyoka empaths are often sought out by others for advice.

Heyoka empaths will often find others that they don’t even know asking for advice.

This could be a new neighbor, or a random person at a grocery store. But, rest assured, wherever a heyoka empath is, people in need of assistance will find them.

5. Heyoka Empaths Know When Others are Being Insincere

Just like most empaths, a heyoka can spot a liar from a mile away. Heyokas have an uncanny ability to tell if the vibration of a person’s words match the vibration of their emotions.

This could be a malicious lie, or simply someone saying they are “doing great”, when they are in fact, depressed.

6. Heyoka Empaths are Highly Creative

Because creativity often comes from intuition, heyoka empaths are usually highly creative.

They usually make excellent artists, writers, painters, interior designers, musicians, and even crafters!

Even though a heyoka empath’s creative abilities can be latent (or not emerge until later in life), they still are highly intuitive creative thinkers with an incredible ability to think outside the box.

7. Heyoka Empaths Know What Others are About to Say

Heyokas are highly intuitive, sensitive, and creative. Their minds seem to work on overdrive with inspired thoughts.

A true heyoka empath has much to say and often interrupt others, simply because they have so many incredible ideas to share!

Others can misinterpret this as rudeness, but the heyoka often interrupts either because they can sense where others are going, or because they must share their amazing thoughts before they forget!

8. Heyoka Empaths Are Excellent Judges of Character

In an instant, a heyoka empath can tell if someone is a person that is worthy of their time and friendship.

Heyokas simply know when others are responsible, reliable, and trustworthy.

9. Heyoka Empaths Often Struggle with Insomnia

Intuitive thoughts and guidance from the spiritual realms seems to travel faster at night, when the rest of the world is at rest.

A heyoka may wake often during the witching hour (between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.) to receive incredible Divine guidance.

Or, they may have a hard time shutting their brains off while trying to sleep.

Heyoka Powers

Heyokas often have strong powers that extend beyond that of regular empaths. The following powers of the Heyoka empath often seem incredible or impossible to others.

Some of these heyoka powers border on the supernatural and are incredible gifts that help create great change in others.

1. Powerful Solutions Providers

heyoka empath meaning
Heyokas are known for their amazing problem solving abilities

Heyokas are excellent problem solvers and outside the box creative thinkers. Their minds work at an alarming speed, and can come up with ideas and solutions that may take hours or days for others.

Because of this, heyokas may find it hard to shut their minds off at night. They require more rest, down-time, and alone time than others.

Learning this Ancient Meditation was a huuuge key for me to learn to shut off my mind without the use of sleeping pills.

2. Heyokas Can Sense Others, Sometimes Miles Away

Sometimes, a heyoka can sense the emotions of another person without even being physically near them!

Your aunt may be in turmoil, or a niece may be struggling in school, and a heyoka can sense it.

3. Comedic Level Genius

Heyokas don’t just use humor to uplift and shift others energies, they have a comedic level of genius.

Their comedic timing is perfect, and their wit is unmatched. They can even make others laugh without saying a word.

This is a superpower for the heyoka empath! They can charm anyone and move freely through all different groups of people.

4. Your Gut Tells You When Something is Off About Someone

Heyoka empaths are often seen as the strongest type of empath. A heyoka uses their gut instincts to instantly tell when their is a disturbance in another’s auric field.

The heyoka uses this as another superpower to keep their friends and family swimming in a good vibration.

Heyokas are great secret “shepherd’s in fields” that keep their closest family and friends uplifted and attracting abundance.

5. The “Shifters”

Another heyoka empath power that could be considered supernatural, is the ability to “shift” others.

A heyoka can ask meaningful questions about one’s life purpose or direction, without them getting upset.

Heyokas also know who they are and follow their own hearts. They don’t conform or change to fit in.

This helps others be themselves as well and helps them have the courage to stand out from the crowd.

A strong heyoka knows how to push and test others without making them run away.

They’ll shift your paradigm, alter your thinking, and change your perspective – All to get you to look at the bigger picture!

6. Heyoka Empaths are Said to Age Slower Than Others

Another power of the heyoka empath, is that they are said to age slower than other’s their same age.

This may be because of the heyoka’s deep spiritual connection to the light within, that can keep anyone looking younger much longer.

A good way to develop a connection to this light (even if you aren’t a heyoka empath), is to open your third eye!

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Heyoka Empath Awakening

In Lakota tradition, Heyoka empaths are the awakeners of others through different means chosen by the Great Thunder Spirit, but it is necessary for the Heyoka to awaken themselves.

Heyokas make excellent guides, healers, Shamans, and teachers for others once they come into their power and go through their own awakening and learning process.

Once the Heyoka empath has been awakened by the Great Thunder Spirit (either through a dream or vision), they can then enter into training with a teacher or guide designed for this purpose.

The Heyoka empath is chosen by the Great Thunder Spirit and are Souls who have chosen to incarnate here and “shake the ground” for others to be aware of their faults and own awakening.

They teach by asking difficult questions and “mirror” uncomfortable behaviors to others in order to teach them life’s lessons much faster.

The awakening of a Heyoka empath often happens quickly and involves intense spiritual training, meditation, and introspection to fully understand and use the intense powers of the Heyoka.

Heyoka Empath Symbol

heyoka empath symbol
Heyoka Empath Symbol – The Thunderbird

Because the Heyoka is chosen by the Great Thunder Spirit, or “Thunderer”, the symbol for the Heyoka empath is often depicted as a “Thunderbird”, which is the symbol for the great sky spirit that chooses and works with the Heyoka.

This “Thunderbird”, or “Thunderer”, is a great winged bird with wings that flap as loud as thunder and eyes that shoot bolts of lightning.

The Heyoka may choose to don the symbol of the Thunderbird to clearly illustrate and dictate his Soul’s path in life.

Final Thoughts on What is a Heyoka Empath?

Heyoka empaths are a powerful type of empath who use humor, wit, and deep questions to steer and guide others.

Often, just speaking to a heyoka will make people feel so much better as the heyoka has a powerful gift to “shift” the energies of others.

If you are a heyoka, or any kind of empath for that matter, remember that you were sent here to do good with your gifts – Please don’t run from them!

If you need more assistance with your empathic gifts and learning how to protect yourself as an empath, please check out my other posts!

I found out that I was an empath at the age of 35! And struggled A LOT before that! I am now living a much more balanced, healthy, happy, sober life, thanks to these empath tools!

Are you a heyoka empath or think you might be? What lessons have you learned from being a heyoka, or what would you like to tell others about it? Do you have any heyoka empath tips, tricks, or traits that I’ve missed in this article? Please share this on social media, subscribe to our newsletter, comment below, or follow us!

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