7 Signs You’re CLAIRCOGNIZANT (6 Ways to Develop Claircognizance)

Claircognizant comes from two French words, roughly broken down into “clear knowing”. Claircognizance is the extra sensory or psychic ability to “sense” beyond the physical senses. Claircognizant psychics possess the gift of receiving clear impressions about things.

What does Claircognizance Mean?

Claircognizance is a psychic gift of extra “knowing” perception. Claircognizants just “know” things without knowing how. It is a clear impression, feeling, or understanding of information given to the psychic who has this gift.

What are the 6 Psychic “Clairs”?

The 6 psychic clairs consist of: Clairvoyance (“Clear Seeing”), Clairaudience (“Clear Hearing”), Clairsentience (“Clear Sensing”), Claircognizance (“Clear Knowing”), Clairalience (“Clear Smelling”), and Clairgustance (“Clear Tasting”). (1)

What are the Claircognizant Abilities?

Claircognizant people receive clear “knowing impressions” about people, places, or things without hearing, seeing, feeling energy, or using other psychic senses.

claircognizant abilities
An inner “knowing” is a common claircognizant trait

What is a Claircognizant Medium?

Many psychic mediums use their gifts to “channel” information from loved ones who have crossed over. This gift helps with grieving and can heal the family who are still on Earth process their pain.

But, a lot of mediums who can communicate with the dead, often use many other psychic gifts to clearly receive that information.

There are mediums who are also claircognizant. They may see spirits clairvoyantly and also receive strong knowing impressions from the spirit world, claircognizantly.

What is it Like to be Claircognizant?

Claircognizance is a hard psychic ability to explain. For me, it is almost like a whole body goose bump or twinge comes just before the information.

Then I feel an instant download or exchange of information and simply “know” it is true, without having to look it up or corroborate the information!

Claircognizant messages usually come through very strongly and are undeniably felt.

The Difference between Claircognizants, Clairsentients, and Empaths

Claircognizants receive clear knowing impressions of information that would otherwise be unknowable.

claircognizance superpower
Claircognizants are often seen as gurus, guides, and leaders!

Clairsentients are highly sensitive people who “sense” or “feel” subtle energies around them. They may be pulled to objects, buildings, places, or people to receive the information they need.

Empaths are also highly sensitive people (HSPs), who are sensitive to the energies around them.

It is very possible to have claircognizance and also be clairsentient or empathic.

As an empath myself, I’ve noticed that I am particularly sensitive to other’s emotions and changes in their auric field (the electromagnetic field housing our spirits around our physical bodies).

All psychics need protection, but clairsentients and empaths are especially vulnerable because of their ability to feel energies.

It can be overwhelming to feel other’s emotions so strongly!

These things have made a huge difference in my anxiety and my ability to be around crowds and people!

5 Little-Known Empath Protection Tools (That are Powerfully-Effective!)

Protection Crystals for Empaths & Highly Sensitive People

How to Tell if You’re Claircognizant

Not all people are born with psychic gifts. Some people develop these abilities later in life, such as in my case. Many are uncovering or developing their psychic abilities during or after spiritual awakening.

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Many claircognizant people receive very clear, very strong, knowing impressions from spirit about people, places, and things.

Common traits of claircognizant people are a “clear knowing” of people’s characters, information, outcomes, and great ideas!

You may find that your latent extra sensory ability of claircognizance has been suddenly turned on or triggered by either a Kundalini or spiritual awakening.

Or, you may have had claircognizant abilities your whole life and never really understood them. Either way, here are 7 signs that you may be claircognizant


7 Signs You May be Claircognizant

You Know Things (You Just Do!)

One morning as I drove to work, I got a very clear, very strong impression that my brother bought a new puppy!

Without checking with him, I just knew that he’s bought a dog without a doubt in my mind!

“Scott got a dog,” I said to myself in the car. “Not sure how that information helps me, but ok!”

Later that night he called me and asked me to come see his new puppy! It was totally useless, pointless, and stupid, but claircognizant! LOL!

You’ll Know the Outcome to Situations Without Knowing How

When my sister’s scan showed nodules on her lungs, I just knew it was nothing to worry about!

Of course, she was very concerned, but I had a very good feeling about the outcome without knowing why.

And, two months later, another scan revealed the “nodules” to be completely gone with no known reason the doctor’s could come up with.

Finish Other People’s Sentences or Know What Other’s Are Going to Say

Claircognizants can often tell what others are going to say before they say it! They will often finish other’s sentences who seem to be taking too long to spit it out!

My husband has asked me to kindly let him articulate his own thoughts in his own time and I’ve honored his request, no matter how long it takes him!

You Have Excellent Gut Instincts (Like Clairsentients!)

Claircognizants, like clairsentients have great gut instincts! They’ll just know that a job or move isn’t right, a potential mate is shady, or know to drive a different route home.

Many people have times where they’ve been claircognizant and didn’t trust their intuition, which led to them getting hurt or going down a hard road.

You Can Tell if Other’s are being Shady or Lying

As well as clairsentients and empaths, claircognizants can usually tell when someone is lying or they are being misdirected because of their great gut instincts!

They are like human lie detectors!

Even great fast-talking sales people cannot pull the wool over a claircognizant’s eyes!

claircognizant signs
Claircognizants are like human lie detectors!

Great Ideas Simply “Pop” into Your Awareness

You don’t have to be clairvoyant or clairaudient to have a great idea given to you by your spirit guides!

Sometimes, a great solution to your problem will simply pop into your head (usually when you stop obsessing about the problem!)

I often have great ideas in the shower or meditation!

Waking up with Solutions is a Sign of Claircognizance

You may be having a problem with co-worker and not know how to handle it. Psychic impressions often come to us in the night when our rational minds stop yammering long enough to receive the information.

You may then wake up knowing that your co-worker just needs some space because they’ve been having a rough time!

This is a trait of claircognizance!

Claircognizants are Great at Predicting the Weather

Weather men predict the weather with things like barometers. They calculate wind speed, pressure, etc. to calculate what may happen next.

Claircognizants have an uncanny knack for just knowing what the weather has in store for them without any telltale signs!

How to Develop Claircognizance

Claircognizance is a psychic gift that can be developed and strengthened with claircognizant exercises, just as your body is strengthened with physical exercise.

The following exercises will help you develop your claircognizant gifts and clear your channels for receiving information through your psychic gift of “clear knowing”.

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Claircognizant Development Exercises

The following exercises will help you develop claircognizance and make you sensitive enough to receive clear messages from the Spiritual Realms!

Claircognizant Meditation

Any meditation will help you become more claircognizant, and more psychic in general, particularly this Ancient Meditation for Reaching Higher States of Consciousness!

Learning and practicing this meditation has completely changed the course of my life for the better, and claircognizant messages often come to me when I consciously slow my thoughts!

But, you can also meditate while focusing your awareness on your crown chakra (at the top of your head).

Visualize this chakra opening and keep your awareness on it while doing your deep meditation.

claircognizant meditation
Focusing on the crown chakra allows claircognizant information to come to you

Clear and Balance the Crown Chakra (The Claircognizance Chakra)

An open crown chakra allows information to come to you from higher dimensions.

Clearing and balancing all your chakras often will strengthen your psychic gifts on many levels and assist you in spiritual awakening.

But, crown chakra exercises will help develop claircognizance the most.

Crown Chakra Exercise to Develop Claircognizance

Visualize a hole in your crown chakra being opened.

Now, picture a giant lavender or white lotus flower placed into this hole.

Now, picture this lotus flower spinning while saying or thinking, “Clean, clear, and balance my crown chakra.

Don’t worry if you have trouble visualizing or you think it may not be perfect. Just do your best! Always!

Crystals to Develop Claircognizant Abilities

There are certain claircognizance development crystals to will assist your ability to just “know” things!

Which is super fun!

Amethyst for Claircognizance Psychic Development

Amethyst Crystal is great for the development of all psychic abilities! To use it as a claircognizant development exercise, simply place an Amethyst Crystal Wand over your crown chakra while meditating or clearing that chakra.

You can also keep an Amethyst Geode Cluster by your bed as you sleep for protection and psychic development!

Plus, they are beautiful!

Sleep with Questions Written Under Your Pillow to Strengthen Claircognizance

Writing questions on a piece of paper and placing them under your pillow is a great Dream Recall Tip, but this can also be used as a claircognizant exercise!

Piece of Paper Claircognizant Development Tip

Just as the name implies, write a question down on a piece of paper just before bed.

Try to stick to one question to make it obvious when the answer comes through.

Immediate upon waking, grab your sheet of paper, and see if the answer came to you claircognizantly.

You can repeat this as many nights as you need until you receive the answer to your question!

Pray or Ask for Assistance to Develop Claircognizance

I always give this advice for help with anything! When you pray and ask for assistance from the spiritual realms, they can move mountains for you!

Setting intentions that you want to develop your intuitive abilities tells the Universe what information to send you to help along your path!

Always set powerful intentions for your desires!

Archangel Sandalphon is the archangel who can specifically help you develop your psychic gifts! (Click on the link for an invocation to call on Sandalphon for claircognizant ability development!)

Turn on Your Merkaba

My intuition got much stronger after I turned on my Merkaba (Star Tetrahedron), or Sacred Geometry!

My guides have likened the Merkaba to “A bridge, if you will, between this world and the next…”

Final Thoughts on Are you Claircognizant + How to Become Claircognizant

Once you develop your psychic gifts, you’ll feel like you have superpowers! But, it is important to go easy on yourself and be patient.

Your medium, intuitive, and psychic gifts will open in their own time, in their own way.

Allow them to!

Never rush or force your claircognizance to open faster. As you work to strengthen your psychic gifts, always remember to use Protection Crystals and Spiritually Ground Yourself to keep things manageable!

Are you claircognizant? Do you have any of the traits of claircognizance listed above? Have you used any of these psychic development exercises or have any other psychic development tips that work? Please like us on social media, share, or comment below!

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