10 Empath Powers You DON’T WANT to Mess With

Empaths are highly sensitive people (HSPs) that are usually incarnated angels or Starseeds. Empath powers are magically intuitive, and make it hard to mess with an empowered empath.

Because empaths strongly feel the emotions, pains, and depression of others, as if it was their own, an empath who doesn’t understand their empathic gifts may become very overwhelmed and drained by others.

An empath who doesn’t understand their powers, is a disempowered empath. I was one of these for 36 years! LOL! But, it sucked!

I can only LOL about it now that I’ve shifted myself into more of an empowered Sympath, but that is a story for the end of the post. Once you understand the powers you have as an empath, you can use these powers for good vs getting sucked into everyone else’s drama and feeling everyone else’s pain.

What are the Powers of an Empath?

empath powers
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Empaths have many powers, gifts, abilities and traits that make them very special in the cosmic scheme of things. But, here are 10 empath powers that you really DON’T WANT to mess with:

1. Empaths Can Sense When You’re Troubled

You can’t put on a brave face for an empath, so you might as well be honest, whether you think it will worry them or not. Because of empaths strong desire to nurture and help others feel better, they would rather know what is wrong with you, than trying to guess.

That way they can offer guidance, love, and support (which empowered empaths excel at!).

2. You Can’t Lie to an Empath

man lying to others with fingers crossed behind back
Empath Powers Can Sense Liars from a Mile Away

Just as you can’t hide when something is wrong with you from an empath, they can also spot a liar from a mile away. One of the great empath powers is they are known for being “human lie detectors”.

Empaths spot your lies, but are usually too polite to call you on them. Most empaths hate confrontation (because it is VERY draining for them). If you lie to an empath, they will usually just move on from you, ghost you, unfriend, unfollow, etc., usually without an explanation.

So don’t lie to an empath, because they have the rare ability to see right through you.

3. Empaths Know When You’ve Strayed Off Your Path

It is very easy for an empath to tell if you are on the right path. Leaving our paths, or life’s purpose is easy to do in this world built on duality consciousness, but it makes us out of balance.

When we are on the right path, we are happy! Our joy is illuminated to others and an empath can instantly tell if someone is consistently happy!

If you have strayed from your Soul purpose (which you may not be aware of), your empath friend or family member have the unique power to instantly know.

They may or may not tell you, depending on how well you take constructive feedback from others. If you get defensive and immediately shut down advice from others, the empath will view this as conflict and will avoid telling you like the plague.

4. You Can’t be Fake Nice to Impress an Empath

woman wearing a mask and not being authentic
Empath Powers Spot Disingenuous People Easily

I have a Heyoka Empath (considered the strongest of the empaths) for a niece, who can instantly tell when someone is giving her fake compliments to get in her and her husband’s good graces.

If you are trying to impress an empathic person by not being genuine or authentic, don’t bother – Their empathic powers allow them to see right through it!

What’s worse, is they’ll often ostracize or avoid you because of it. If you genuinely like an empaths earrings, hair, or demeanor, by all means, tell them!

But, if you genuinely don’t mean a compliment or niceness, an empathetic person would rather you just smiled and said nothing!

5. Empaths Feel Negativity, Jealousy and Hatred

Another amazing empath power or trait is the ability to feel negativity, jealousy and hatred coming from others. You won’t be able to hide negativity from an empath, they’ll sense it.

If you have secretly have hatred or jealousy towards an empath, they sense that too. In fact, I’ve had many friends over the years who simply tell me that they are jealous, and funnily enough I’m usually jealous of them too!

But, we are good enough friends to laugh about it!

It seems that sometimes we simply want the things that others have that we do not! If you are jealous of an empath friend, just come clean! Empaths are kind, understanding, and forgiving nurturers! It is likely that they won’t care!

6. Empaths Can Spot Manipulation Easily

empath woman who knows she's being manipulated
Empaths Can Easily Sense Manipulation by Others

Empaths have the power to know when they or close friends and family are being manipulated. Manipulators come in all shapes and sizes and usually play a long game of manipulation to get others to give them things.

Manipulation is easy to spot for an empath! So, don’t mess with their psychic powers of knowing inauthenticity!

Whether it’s paying someone fake compliments or telling them a sob story to get money, gifts, or attention – Just don’t try to manipulate an empath or an empath’s close group of people!

7. Drama Queens Need Not Apply as Friends

Are you addicted to drama? Conflict? Have a need to be right? Then don’t try to be friends with an empath. As stated earlier, empaths do not like conflict, drama, and confrontation.

If you are the type of person who just wants to battle others for the sake of stretching your debate skills, or you have a lot of petty squabbles going on – An empath will easily sense this and simply move on from being your good friend.

8. It is Difficult to Surprise an Empath Fully Using Their Powers

Empath powers often intermingle with supernatural psychic skills. Many empaths are often also Clairvoyant, Clairaudient (as is my case), Clairsentient, Claircognizant, Clairalient, or a combination of some.

Although clairsentience and empathic powers seem to go hand in hand, another gift I’ve known many empaths to possess, is claircognizance.

Claircognizance is the psychic ability of “inner-knowing” or “clear knowing”. But, even without this psychic trait, an empath can be difficult to surprise because besides knowing if something is wrong with you, they also can easily pick up on when something feels “off” or “different” in your energy.

In this case, the difference may be that you are more excited than usual, or stressed about finding the perfect elements for the surprise, or worried about pulling it off in time!

Either way, an empath will use their powers to simply “know” your energy is different than usual!

9. Empath Powers Can Sense Prejudice

If a person has any prejudice against others, for their differences, an empath’s powers usually allow them to instantly tell, whether that person says it out loud or not.

A perceptive empath can use this power to help heal the world, since empaths are excellent at showing others unconditional love, acceptance, and compassion.

Most empaths have the ability to see what’s in people’s hearts (like in the movie Shallow Hal). Except empaths don’t need Tony Robbins to do a fancy hand mind hypnosis trick on them!

An empowered empath’s true strength lies in their ability to feel, rather than see, other’s with their own hearts, and portray this ability for other’s to learn from.

10. Empaths Instinctively Know a Good Deal When They See One

empath powers and abilities
Empaths Can Instinctively Tell a Good Deal from a Bad One

Don’t try to sell an empath a lemon of a car. Or try to make a business deal seem so good they can’t possibly pass it up, even though the deal is weak at best.

An empath will use their powers to see through these poopy poopy fake deals, and know when something seems right and true!

For example, my husband received a call from a man who said he’s entered a contest box somewhere and won either a television, car, or a trip! Guaranteed.

Ever heard of this scam?

Well, to claim your prize, you had to come to their headquarters, bring your spouse, and listen to a 2-hour pitch of something or another.

My husband tried to talk me into going and I instantly said, “No thanks”.


I had never heard of the scam, but instinctively knew it was janky. I told my husband to call the man back and ask which contest box he had entered? And at what location?

When he said they had boxes all over and couldn’t tell us where, my husband knew too, that this was one scam that was too good to be true!

I have won a small amount from Publisher’s Clearing House, as well as other prizes over the years. And guess what? When you win a legit prize, they call you and say, “Come pick up your prize!”

Or, they mail you a check! Without you having to come and hear a presentation for 2 hours!

How to Use Your Powers as an Empath?

You can develop your powers as an empath with a few key empath power development exercises. Some empaths power’s are simply stronger than others, depending on if they have Opened Their Third Eye, Practice Mindfulness Meditation, or Developed Their Psychic Skills in other ways.

But, below are a few ways to develop, grow, and use your empath powers and abilities more effectively! As you practice using your powers as an empath, you will become empowered and stronger!

1. How to Use Your Empath Powers to Practice Reading Friend’s Emotional States of Being

Choose someone close to you and try to zone in on their emotions without them being near you. A natural empath power is to sense and then feel the emotions of others in the same vicinity.

But, it is a test of using your empath powers to try to sense the emotions of others from a distance. They heyoka empath are usually more adept at this naturally.

But, don’t be discouraged if you don’t have Heyoka Empath Powers just yet!

These empath abilities can be practiced, learned, and developed easily!

  1. Relax and breathe as you picture the friend whom you are trying to connect with. It may help you, as it does me, to practice this Advanced Meditation Technique while doing so.
  2. Really try to empathically sense your friend with your gifts. See them in their favorite shirt, smell their perfume, and picture their hairstyle.
  3. See what you sense and then check in with your friend. Either call, text, or DM them and ask how they are today. The answers may shock you!

Keep practicing with other family and friends as you like to grow your empath powers and abilities!

2. How to Practice Using Your Empath Powers on Objects

This is the way to use your empath powers that crosses over into Clairsentience Development. Because empaths have the power to “feel” energies from people and animals well, they will also often possess the empath power of feeling or sensing the energies coming from an object.

  1. Ask a friend to borrow you an object they have from a loved one. This may be a pocket knife from your friend’s deceased grandfather or something like that.
  2. Ask your friend not to tell you who the object belongs to, or anything about the object.
  3. Hold the object and deeply breathe
  4. Ask for a psychic empathic connection between you and the object to be established
  5. See how you feel. Are you excited? Frightened? Happy?
  6. Write down what you notice and compare notes with your friend afterwards

3. How to Practice Using Your Empath Powers on Your Friend’s Physical Ailments

This empath power development technique may work best on slightly older friends or family members, who are unfortunately more likely to have physical issues.

  1. Picture a grandparent, parent, or older friend to zone your empathic powers in on.
  2. Picture hugging them, smell their cologne or perfume, or visualize them in their home. Make it real.
  3. Ask spirit to help guide you to any physical conditions they may have that can psychically sense.
  4. You may feel a sharp pain in a joint, back, tooth, or dull ache somewhere.
  5. Breathe deeply as you do this, and go easy on yourself. There is no right answer.
  6. If you feel pain anywhere, talk to your family member or friend afterwards to compare notes.

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How to Become a Stronger Empath?

The best ways I’ve found to become a stronger empath are through self-care, self-acceptance, Empath Protection Crystals, and strengthening your self-esteem.

Becoming a stronger empath takes knowing how to use the right Little-Known Empath Protection Tools! Empath powers and abilities are gifts that can be honed, developed, and strengthened over time with the empath power development tools given above.

Empaths need a ton of self-care (baths, massages, time spent alone to recharge, exercise, healthy food), Empath Protection Techniques, and positive affirmations for empaths.

Also, you can learn a LOT about yourself by keeping an Empath Journal! Another way to become a stronger empath is by learning to politely say, “No”, when you just need to take care of yourself.

I looove this Empath Survival Journal on Amazon!

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Final Thoughts on 10 Empath Powers You DON’T WANT to Mess With

Learning how to use empath powers wisely, plus learning how to strengthen and protect yourself as an empath have dramatically changed my life for the better! And will change yours too!

I use to be overwhelmed in crowded places and run out of busy stores! I used to get sooo nervous just calling to make a dentist appointment, or having to mingle at a party of strangers, that I just preferred to stay home.

A depressed friend or family member reaching out for help would throw me into my own tailspin for weeks!

Finally, after suffering through my fiancé having cancer then passing away, I succumbed to addiction to escape the life where I felt so much pain, anxiety, and overwhelm so deeply.

After a near-death experience, I finally delved into myself and began to slowly heal (physically, mentally, and emotionally) and strengthen my empath powers.

I didn’t want to feel everyone else’s crap anymore! Other’s pain was so overwhelming that I lost the ability to help anyone, least of all, myself.

Which is why I had always felt I came to Earth! To help uplift others! Brighten their day… Make their life a little better for the small or large part I played in it.

If you want to read more of my story, pick up my book available on Amazon Kindle now: My Spiritual Awakening Recovery: How I Overcame Grief & Addiction to Spiritually Awaken & Create My Own Reality!

When an empath shifts from frightened and overwhelmed to empowered, then empath powers truly are miracle, superhuman gifts from God that can be used to heal, uplift, and guide others!

As always, spread love and light!


Are you an empath? Do you have any empath powers that aren’t in this post? Are your empathic abilities helping you or hurting you? Do you wish you could turn off your empath gifts? Or develop them further? What have you done that has helped you the most as an empath? Please share on social media and follow us for more empath traits, abilities, and guidance.

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