Powerful Veiling for Empaths (Tips, Tools & What it is)

I learned about veiling for empaths after my near-death experience. It was then that I began bizarrely spiritually awakening and learned that I was very clairaudient and also an empath!

You can read more in my book: My Bizarre Spiritual Awakening: How I Overcame Grief & Addiction to Spiritually Awaken & Create My Own Reality!

Suddenly I could very clearly hear my spirit guides and angels trying to assist me through the awakening and empath shielding processes.

They would often suggest to “cover my head” or “veil my head”, but would never explain why. (Probably because I never asked! LOL!)

They also led me to other Little-Known Empath Protection Tools beyond empath veiling that I use daily to keep myself from feeling the onslaught of negative emotions from others!

I soon figured out that I had been an empath my whole life and suddenly it all made sense!

The shyness, the depression, turning to addiction, the instant feeling of what others were struggling through, and the wishing I could help everyone, but rarely did – Was all due to my being an empath and never knowing it!

What is Veiling for Empaths?

Empath veiling is when an empath uses a head covering as an extra type of empath shield.

At the time I was spiritually awakening, I didn’t have the empath protection tools to keep from getting drowned by other’s emotions, so my spirit guides would suggest to “wear your hoodie with the hood up”, or “wear your coat that has the hood”.

Sometimes I wouldn’t wear a hoodie and the energies from crowds would get so overwhelming that I would simply put my hand on top of my head as I ran from the party early.

Now, I understand empath veiling to be a unique form of additional protection for empaths, especially those who need extra protection.

veiling for empaths
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How to Veil for Empaths

empath veiling
Empath Veiling may include wearing a small scarf, feather, or full headdress.

Many religions, cultures, and other New Age spiritual practices like Wiccans opt to veil or wear a special hat to protect the crown chakra and cover the head. This helps keep your energy to yourself and other people’s energies out of your personal space.

This is nothing new, and many empaths are now choosing to veil themselves with beautiful scarves!

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1. Pick a Beautiful Scarf, Hat, or Other Head Piece to Veil Yourself

Some beautiful Satin Scarves like these ones are actually in-style and go beautifully with most clothing styles!

As I mentioned above, you can also veil as an empath with any hoodie or hat, which may not be great in the middle of summer!

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2. Use a Protective Essential Oil on Your Crown Chakra

If you’re not into head coverings, you can also make an empath veil with protective essential oils such as Frankincense, Myrrh, or Rose oils!

Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils are very grounding, as well as offering energetic protection and clearing.

Just rub a couple of drops of one of these protective essential oils into your crown chakra (top of your head) to create an invisible empath veil.

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3. Wear a Feather in your Hair

empath veil
An empath veil can also be made from feathers.

As I laid in meditation after thinking I had written this post, another answer came from my guides to “Wear a feather in your hair” for empath veiling.

Feathers have been used for centuries in spiritual practice and symbolize the protection and love of guardian angels, as well as our own Divine connection to Source Consciousness, or Creator.

There are many ways in which you could wear a feather in your hair, including: A Feather Hair Clip or Feather Hair Extension.

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4. Have the Intention that the Empath Veiling will be for Protection

As you veil yourself with a shroud, scarf, hat, or even a hoodie for protection and empath shielding, do so with reverence and strong intentions.

You may say a small prayer or invocation asking Archangel Michael to assist you with the empath veiling protection, or whoever you identify with!

Final Thoughts on Veiling for Empaths

Empath veiling can be an extra step for empath shielding and protection to help you keep your energies separate from others, until you learn how to use other Empath Protection Tools.

If you are struggling with your empathic gifts, just know that you are not alone and it does get better with more self-care and practice.

I am finally able to go to crowded places, the grocery store, and talk to strangers without getting completely overwhelmed and having to leave!

Being an empath can also be a beautiful gift when you learn to protect yourself as an empath and take care of yourself properly!

Your empathic gifts may also cross over into being Clairsentient or that of a Sympath as well.

Remember to always spread the light!


Are you an empath who has tried empath veiling? Have you found it helpful? What other empath protection tools have you tried? Please like us on social media, share, or comment below!

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