15 Ways YOU Can Help the Global Shift in Consciousness (2024)

As the World watches the recent Global developments with bated breath, we are all feeling the fear and uncertainty growing.

Stock markets are falling, people are losing their jobs, diseases are eerily looming and here in Utah, we’ve even added Earthquakes to this list!

It is hard not to feel the anxiety, fear and pressure as things are shifting so rapidly.

As one of the Teacher’s of Light once said to me, “We fear that which we do not understand.” (Of course, he was talking about spiders at the time, but it feels relevant here too!)

You, like me, may be feeling helpless, antsy and unsure of exactly “how” you can help during this pivotal time in human history…

For me, I’ll feel fine, until I take a trip to the grocery store! It is unnerving to see toilet paper and paper towels sold out, people wearing masks/bandanas/gloves and having to stay 6 feet apart from everyone!

My spirit guides have told me this Global Shift in Consciousness is happening “Because the density is leaving,” and the “The New Age is coming.”

I’ve also been told to “Have Faith”.

So, instead of burying my head in the ground (which was my first reaction), I’ve decided to write this post!


What is the “Global Shift in Consciousness”?

As of December 2012, we entered a new transitionary phase in our history, a “Global Shift in Consciousness” if you will.

This shift is clearing out the old and releasing the density. It is affecting everyone and everything on the planet to make way for the “New Golden Age”.

Light Codes with Ascension energy are being sent to the planet from our Sun in order to assist the shift and bring about a 5th dimensional perspective on our planet (a lighter, freer way of being).

Time is speeding up, and in 2014, the Teacher’s of Light and Spiritual hierarchy closed the 3rd dimension for good. We entered into the 4th dimension!

We entered into a “Brand new planetary and cosmic dynamic. This is bringing a completely new frequency into the lives of every sentient being on the planet.” [2015. The Archangel Guide to Ascension. 55 Steps to the Light.]

Here are 15 ways that we can all help to make the transition and “shift in Global Consciousness” time as painless as possible!

We can do a LOT if we all do a little! We are in this together!

Pray for the Global Paradigm Shift to be Quick and Painless

I know a LOT of people are already doing this and that’s great! The Spiritual Realms completely 100% honor our free will, and with that comes challenges.

For one, they take the same stance of the Federation from Star Trek, which is “Do not interfere.” i.e. They will not interfere with our free will, ever.

But, when we ask for guidance and assistance to stay balanced, grounded and happy during this shift, then that is our free will!

And, trust me, they are MORE THAN HAPPPY to assist!

The more people who ask for help from the Spiritual Realms, the more they can do!

Pray and ask for help with manifesting a better life in the next 6 – 12 months, ask for assistance in building your immune system (the right way), and ask for daily guidance on what you can do to help during this time!

Also, pray to have angels alleviate fears, worries, concerns, anxiety and doubts during this time. Ask them to help the Global Shift happen more easily.

Pray for help with the calming of the Earth and mass consciousness and ask Archangel Sandalphon to help ground the new energies.

The more who ask, the better!

Meditate to Stay Balanced and Receiving “Global Shift” Answers

global shift in consciousness
Meditate to Calm the Storm of the Global Paradigm Shift

Soooo many people pray for help, but they forget to stop and listen for answers to their prayers. This is achieved during meditation, specifically this Ancient Meditation for Reaching Higher States of Consciousness!

Practice this meditation, learn the “ocean breath”, and simply “listen” for answers to your prayers that will guide your life in miraculous ways during this uncertain time.

The course of your life will be forever changed (for the better), when you learn this technique and consistently practice it!

Prayer is the asking for answers, meditation is where you’ll receive them. Stop and listen to what your guides and the Universe has to teach at this time.

Then take action!

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Ground your Energies Daily During the Shift in Consciousness

Light Codes from Source Consciousness are being dumped onto the Earth right now. This is releasing the density of 3rd dimensional consciousness in order to assist humanity and the Earth in elevating to a 5th dimensional consciousness (Lighter, freer, happier).

This is not coming without huge challenges as we are seeing. You can help assist this shift greatly by dumping the heavy denseness that you’ve been carrying!

None of the anger, fear, anxiety, shame, guilt or any other emotional wounds you’ve been carrying are yours to carry.

Ground this denseness with The Most Powerful Grounding Technique I’ve come across! This visualization only takes 1 -2 minutes and is sooo freeing!

You can also “Earth” to remain calm, grounded and balanced during this time of shaking and shifting. “Earthing” simply involves you connecting your physical body to the ground in some way to release anxiety and calm down.

You can walk barefoot on the ground, hug a tree (never thought I’d advocate this, but it works!), or lay on the grass!

Turn off the News during the Global Shift in Consciousness

We get more of what we focus on. Period. The Law of Attraction states that we get what we continually focus our attention on, flawlessly.

So, what are you continually focusing on right now?

Are you focusing on fear? Lack? Worry? Doubt? Uncertainty?

How can you shift your attention point to focus on positivity instead? Can you watch some happy, heartwarming movies, instead of watching the news?

Some of my favorites of the triumph of tenacity of the human spirit are: Eddie the Eagle (a must-see true story! Heartwarming, endearing and inspiring). Rocky IV (He literally never gives up!), Rudy and The Pursuit of Happyness!

Some great heart-warming movies are: The Peanut Butter Falcon (Available at Redbox right now), Instant Family and Draft Day (Which proves that heart trumps talent on the football field and is super inspiring).

“Never stop getting up.”

Turn off the news, the media and anything else making you feel lousy and watch these movies instead! You will get inspired and an instant mood boost doing so!

If you’d like to stay informed, please do so, but don’t obsess about it and overly watch anything causing you fear or panic.

The goal is to “feel good now” to manifest more good things in the future!

Visualize “Better” During the Global Paradigm Shift

global paradigm shift
Visualizing your desires will tell the Universe what you want to manifest.

From one of my favorite books on manifesting of all time, The Message of a Master, “It matters very little what is happening in the outside World. What matters is the “inner work” you are doing.”

This is a secret of manifesting your future desires! Allow what is going on in the World to be there. Focus on your inner world, strengthen your inner light.

During my very Bizarre Spiritual Awakening, a Teacher of Light said, “You are a powerful manifestor of Wealth, Freedom and Abundance, stay the course!”

The course, in this instance, was to continue meditating and raising my vibration with healthy food, exercise and remaining kind and neutral.

This Teacher did not just mean me. He meant every human on planet Earth is created with Creator’s Light and is a spark of the Divine, which gives us the gift of creation.

Not just to create new cars and houses, within you lies the power to create Worlds!

We are all powerful Creator Beings with the ability to manifest (or create) our futures! We have all been creating our lives (either consciously or unconsciously), since birth!

My spirit guides told me that now is the perfect time to Create!

I thought Great, I’ll visualize, and they replaced my word visualize with the word “Create!”

The World is experiencing a reset, or rebirth. Let’s visualize a better, happier future together!

What truly makes you happy? How do you want your life to look in a year, 5 years, 10???

Sit down and take stock of what’s truly important! And then, create it!

Here are the powerful manifesting tools I use to Manifest Whatever I Want Using Ascended Master’s Secrets to help you get started!

Be Happy – Focus on Positivity to Assist the 2024 Shift in Consciousness

Watch any of the movies I listed above (especially Eddie the Eagle), and you will feel better! Exercise, play with your children, grandchildren!

shift in consciousness
Parents playing happily with their children helps the Global Shift

Pet your pets (I don’t have a pet, so I pet my 2 and 4-year-old for stress relief!) Sing! Watch comedies or comedians you love! Read uplifting books. Learn a new fun hobby or skill!

This is probably the main thing you can do to assist the shift in consciousness right now. Simply be happy.

The happier we are. The more we spread happiness. As this happiness, joy and kindness spreads, we, as a mass consciousness will begin to create a more beautiful future, full of promise, hope and joy!

Be happy, be present. Spread the love!

You can uplift yourself with these great Quotes about Rainbows!

Be Grateful during “The Shift”

One of the BEST ways to manifest better in the future is to be grateful for all the blessings you have now.

When we are grateful, we create a supercharged emotion of abundance. After all, the vibrations of Joy + Gratitude = Abundance!

As a human being, you have a huuuge say in the creation of the future of the whole of humanity! Every thought, feeling, belief and action you take every day – Directs the course of the future.

We can alter the course of our future and attract more of what we really want, by vibrating that to the Universe.

Your joy, health and happiness send a powerful signal to Source Consciousness saying, “More joy, happiness and abundance please!”

You can find ways to give thanks daily in your prayers or by keeping a Gratitude Journal!

Find Ways to Commit Random Acts of Kindness During the “Great Shift”

My neighbor bought a couple of packs of baby wipes for my daughter at the store to make sure we had plenty! She brought them to my door and wouldn’t accept any money!

This spreads love, light and kindness!

Then, in turn, when I finally found toilet paper for sale on Amazon, I bought an extra pack for her! She was super grateful and sent me a text saying, “Thanks, you literally saved our butts! I couldn’t find toilet paper anywhere!”

I love that we can spread so much joy by simply sharing toilet paper and baby wipes with each other right now!

We are all in this together!

Work on Your Root Chakra to Drop Lower Energies

A large part of this “shift in consciousness” and “density leaving”, is the density leaving your physical body as well.

A LOT of the dense energies that are held within you are held in the root chakra (located at the tip of your tailbone).

This chakra holds our survival instinct and fears. It also holds our stability and financial health. For most people, this chakra has been broken and misaligned for most of their lives.

This is the chakra we need to focus on to raise our vibration and calm fears, anxieties and concerns over lack and survival.

The more people who do this, the more mass consciousness is assisted!

A quick Root Chakra visualization to help:

  • Visualize the brightest red triangle you can imagine inside your root chakra.
  • Now, imagine the words “Euphoria”, “Bliss”, and “Prosperity”, written on each of the 3 sides.
  • Once you have your ruby red triangle set directly at the tip of your tailbone with the words written, imagine it spinning very fast.
  • Say, “Clean and clear” all that is no longer serving me powerfully. Over and over until you feel a release.
  • Breathe deeply all the way down into your tailbone as you do this.

This visualization always makes me feel better the day after doing it! Have fun and play with this! You can change the words if you wish!

Get Plenty of Natural Sunlight

The Light Codes necessary for shifting the Earth to 5D (5th dimensional consciousness) are being given to the Earth through our Sun’s Rays.

We can greatly assist this shift by going outside and absorbing these rays! (But don’t forget to protect yourself with a good natural sunsceen!) I like this brand of spray!

Natural sunlight instantly raises your vibration, helps you sleep better and boosts your mood as well, so go outside more often!

I’ve went outside the last 2 days and couldn’t believe how many people were out exercising! Dads who probably hadn’t had a day off in forever were taking their kids for a hike (because they’re out of school).

People looked so happy to be playing in the sun and fresh air for the first time in a while! Join them! Go get plenty of sunshine, fresh air and nature! It will heal and revitalize you!

Look to the Sky

My guides remind me of this almost daily! They play the song, “I’m looking to the sky to save me. Make my way back home and learn to fly…”

mass spiritual ascension
Absorb the light codes to help the “Shift in Global Consciousness” by watching sunsets

Then, they cement it in and remind me during dreams, and meditation, and clairaudiently throughout the day. You get the picture!

So, yeah. It is that important to look up at the sky! Absorb the light codes into your third eye chakra. Look up at stars, the moon and sunrise or sunset. Also, just look at the blue sky and clouds because they are beautiful and will help too!

Eat Cleaner to Assist the Shift in Consciousness

Your physical body is dense and struggling to keep up with the Ascension to the 5th Dimension. To ease this burden on your body, eat a Whole-food Organic Diet full of plenty of fresh fruits and veggies!

You’ll have a ton more energy and feel lighter and happier, which makes your life much easier!

Clean & Purge your Household

Right now, many people are stuck inside. Schools have shut down. Whole towns closed. If you are stuck inside more and your home is super messy, you won’t feel good.

global shift
You can donate, recycle and throw out all the clutter to feel better in your home!

Your main goal right now is on feeling good. Clean and purge your home. Organize. Get rid of anything that is no longer serving you. You can donate old clothes, toys, books, etc. Check with your local donation place to see if they’re still accepting donations during this time.

Channel your inner Marie Kondo! If you’re overwhelmed, just focus on doing a little each day.

Here is a FREE Printable Cleaning Schedule Checklist to help you out!

free printable cleaning schedule checklist PDF

Then, don’t forget to sage after you clean to get rid of stuck energy. This White Sage Spray is perfect to use around pets/children and is charged with the Full Moon.

Look for Ways to be Eco-Friendlier & More Sustainable

Everything going on in the World right now has been eye-opening for me. It has made me look for ways to be more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Again, if we all do a little, we can all do a LOT!

I’ve switched to these Reusable Bags that are pretty easy to flip inside out and re-wash.

Slow Down & Self-Care

The Earth is getting a reset, a rare opportunity to slow down, take stock of what’s important and to rest.

My guides keep reminding me of the importance of self-care at this time. And of slowing down.

I have heard many people say that they are now realizing just how busy they were before all this craziness happened and are grateful for the reset.

Remember, when you look for reasons to be afraid, you will find them. When you look for reasons to be grateful and happy, you will find them too.

Let’s look for the latter and decide together, as a collective to focus on positivity and kindness. Let’s use this as an opportunity to slow down, rest and take care of ourselves.

You can take a walk, a bath, read a good book, buy a new massager (I love this one!), stretch more, exercise more, etc. etc.

Turn on Your Merkaba (Star Tetrahedron)

This is another one my guides keep reminding me of, over and over. If you haven’t already done so, please turn on your Merkaba, or sacred geometry.

A Merkaba is the sacred geometry that surrounds you and houses your aura. There are a few different configurations of sacred geometry given by the Teacher’s of Light to the World to assist in the Global Shift at this time, but for this purpose, we’ll focus on the Star Tetrahedron.

merkaba star tetrahedron
Star Tetrahedron (Merkaba) that surrounds the Aura

My guides call this a “Car”, or “Vehicle” that will stabilize and uplift you when you turn it on. You will be elevated.

Let’s upgrade you into an Escalade for your aura and turn on your Merkaba!

Imagine, if you will, that this Global shift in consciousness is creating a great storm on the ocean that we live in.

If you are swimming in the middle of the ocean with no life vest, snorkel or boat during a great storm, you’ll be tossed like crazy.

That is what you’re feeling right now. The shift is disrupting everything and everyone in order to release the density.

Remember, a LOT of people, places and things don’t want to be disrupted. It is unnerving. It can be hard to let go. Some habits are hard to break.

We believe pain and stress is ours to carry, but we’re wrong. We don’t have to do it anymore.

When you turn on your Merkaba, it’s like you’ve just given yourself a huge stable boat or submarine to weather the storm.

The more people who ground and turn on their Merkaba during this dimensional transition, the more stability we’ll add to the Global Shift in Consciousness. The calmer and smoother the waters will be for everyone.

You’ll be able to “hear”, “see” and “receive” Divine Guidance more easily. You Merkaba will provide protection from the storm of chaotic energies on the planet right now.

You’ll turn yourself into a calmer, more stable, yet powerful antennae for Divine Guidance.

The Teacher’s of Light have likened sacred geometry to “A bridge, if you will… Between this World and the next…”

Your Merkaba is not automatic and must be turned on by you. (It is another free will thing).

If you have children under 7, please imagine them inside your Merkaba, since this is not an automatic thing. They are still connected to you and this will greatly assist them as well!

Here is a good guided meditation for activating your Merkaba!

Final Thoughts on How YOU Can Assist the Global Shift in Consciousness

As you elevate yourself and remain kind, you radiate a light to those around you. Through the Law of Attraction, you naturally attract more light, happy things and experiences to yourself.

The more people who do this, the better.

The more people who take the time to heal themselves, be actively kind and radiate light, the better.

The more people who ground themselves and have their Merkaba activated, the better.

These things will greatly ease and accelerate this Global Shift in Consciousness, so that we can get to the “New Age” with balance and grace.

How are you holding up during this Shift in Consciousness? Do you have any other tips for people to assist the Great Shift during this time? Please share to social media or comment below!

Spread the love!


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