The COMPLETE GUIDE to Protection Crystals for Empaths

This Complete Guide to Protection Crystals for Empaths contains the best, balancing, grounding, healing and protection crystals/stones for Empaths and Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs).

There’s no doubt empaths need protection from narcissists, psychic vampires (energy suckers), and people who are unhappy/unbalanced!

The following empath protection crystals were carefully chosen and work like magic to protect your auric field from negative energies.

Also included, are the best grounding and healing crystals/stones for empaths! These beautiful crystals were also carefully selected for their abilities to assist empaths with much needed grounding, calming, and healing.

Before learning I was an empath, (at 35!), I felt everyone else’s crap! Their depression. Their pain. Their anger. This was very confusing and limited me in who I could talk to and where I could go.

If people were upset, I literally couldn’t be around them. Or, I simply forced myself to be around them to try and help and ended up suffering because of it.

I once had to give a 2-minute oral report in college where my leg, voice, and sweat glands completely betrayed me!

By carrying crystals and using psychic protection tools daily, I’m able to function in the real world (like all the normal people I used to envy so much).

I’ve (no kidding) had to leave Wal-mart multiple times before all my shopping was done because it was too crowded and overwhelming! (It was always The Wal-mart… Not sure why!)

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Because of these crystals ability to protect, ground and heal empaths – I highly recommend them as my: 

Top 5 BEST Crystals for Empaths!

empath protection crystals

What is an Empath?

If you’re here, you probably know you’re an empath and what one is. But, in case you don’t, here’s the re-cap…

Empaths are sensitive, caring Souls who came here as lightworkers to assist humanity in healing and awakening. Those with empathic abilities are able to feel the mental, emotional, and sometimes even physical states (such as toothaches) of others.

Empaths instinctively know when others are angry, hurting or depressed – which is an amazing gift! However, this gift can sometimes be a burden when the empath feels other’s energy and confuses it for their own.

They’ll often be having a great day until a friend calls who just got fired. After the phone call, the empath hangs up and feels heavy, sad and depressed themselves.

This is why crystals, stones and other Empathic Protection Tools need to be used! We, as empaths want to be able to use our gifts to help others process and heal their issues without getting dragged down ourselves.

What Crystals are Good for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People?

Empaths and Highly Sensitive People or (HSPs) especially benefit from the use of crystal healing and stones, simply because we feel energy very well!

I can pick up a crystal and feel that it is powerful. Sometimes, when I hold a crystal, I’ll see the color of the electrical current (or energy) that flows through that particular crystal! You can always practice doing this by Developing your Third Eye Chakra (The Fastest Way!).

This is still my favorite beginning Empath Crystal Set which can be found on Amazon! It is beautiful and contains 7 crystals and stones that are great for psychic, as well as EMF protection including: Obsidian, Fluorite, Malachite, Hematite, Amethyst, Tree Agate, and Clear Quartz.

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BEST Stones and Crystals for Empaths

A few years ago, I was a holy man on a mountain. I’d fly up there during meditation with Eckhart Tolle, The Chopra’s and The Oprah and find great peace and harmony within myself.


I… had… kids!

I’d finally learned to manage my empathic gifts and found meditation and nature to keep me calm, balanced and uplifted. Now, I struggle to find 20 glorious uninterrupted minutes to meditate alone!

This is when I turned to crystals for empath protection, grounding and healing! They greatly assist me on days when my daughter has taken her diaper off and is streaking naked across the floor while peeing (happened just today!).

I dealt with the situation, then grabbed a few of my favorite stones and took a few moments to breathe and calm down! I instantly felt the calm loving energy of the crystals clearing the anger and frustration I was feeling.

I hope you find these crystals and stones as useful and loving as I have on your journey towards happiness and peace… (And most days, we’ll just settle for sanity and protection from outside energy and people’s emotions!)

1. Black Tourmaline for Empaths

Black Tourmaline is the first stone recommended to me by my guides for psychic protection, as well as healing.

Black Tourmaline is an excellent crystal for empaths and HSP’s because it keeps your auric field balanced and protects from psychic attack. It works like a vacuum cleaner to suck in negativity and transmute it into usable energy.

Black tourmaline is my go-to protective stone!

Another property of black tourmaline is that of purification. It can purify your own anger, anxiety, and negativity.

On a side note, please clear and recharge your black tourmaline often. Anyone who has ever worked with black tourmaline for long knows that it can easily break if not cleared regularly (I found this out the hard way!)

I wear this Black Tourmaline Necklace that comes with a piece of selenite for clearing and recharging it!

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2. Selenite for Empaths

Selenite is a beautiful crystal that never needs clearing or recharging. Empaths can be easily drained by other’s energy, and Selenite works like a battery for empaths!

When my energy gets low, I’m often shown selenite and a picture of the Energizer Bunny! This is my symbol from my guides to meditate and sleep with selenite to recharge.

Besides recharging your energy, selenite also helps open your third eye and crown chakras. Selenite also helps psychic ability by creating a channel between you and your guides and amplifying the energies of any crystals it is next to.

Besides wearing something like a Selenite Bracelet, you will also want a Selenite Bowl for easily clearing and recharging your other crystals!

Instead of having to learn which crystals will be damaged by salt or water, just clear and charge them all with your Selenite Bowl!

Super simple!

Protection Crystals for Empaths

These protective shielding crystals for empaths offer an incredible barrier between you and other people’s energy.

3. Amethyst for Empaths

From my guides, amethyst balances the mental and emotional bodies of the wearer. Empaths can help heal and guide others while amethyst keeps them neutral and calm.

Amethyst is often used to help people quit addictions such as smoking and drinking. Amethyst clears negativity and creates a powerful energetic shield of light around empaths.

Amethyst is also excellent when used in a crystal grid to strengthen your psychic ability!

Using amethyst clusters in the home creates a safe, protected space of upliftment that helps calm your mind. Therefore, an Amethyst Crystal Cluster is ideal to put in your Meditation Room or Sacred Space.

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4. Apache Tears for Empaths

Apache Tears are a type of obsidian that are very effective grounding and protection stones as well. Because they often contain iron, apache tears help “turn us on” and “tune us in” to our own psychic gifts.

See Magic Hacks for Reaching Higher States of Consciousness for more information about iron and psychic abilities.

Like black tourmaline, apache tears work as a sort of “ethereal vacuum cleaner” to clear and neutralize lower energies from empaths.

Apache tears also help clear old wounds, hurt, and baggage and are a powerful stone when added to an empath’s protective crystal arsenal.

This Apache Tears Necklace can also double as a “worry stone” to hold and rub when you are stressed!

5. Aqua Aura Quartz for Empaths

Although created through a special treatment process (powdered gold is bonded to clear quartz), Aqua Aura Quartz is still a powerful crystal for psychic protection. Aqua Aura Quartz quickly transmutes negativity into pure usable light and is therefore a powerful protection crystal for empaths!

Aqua Aura Quartz calms the emotional body and releases negativity. Aqua Aura is a powerful protection crystal for empaths to safeguard against psychic attack. It quickly transmutes lower energies into pure, beautiful light that can be used to heal the situation.

Aqua Aura Quartz is one of the few psychic protection crystals that no matter how much negativity gets thrown at it, the more healing light it creates! This makes Aqua Aura a perfect crystal for empathic Reiki healers, counselors and guides.

I am in looove with this Aqua Aura Quartz & Lava Stone Necklace from Amazon! You can put your favorite essential oil fragrance on the lava stone to diffuse the scent and lift your vibration while you wear it!

Try lavender for calming or sweet orange for depression!

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6. Black Obsidian for Empaths

Black Obsidian is a wonderful stone for grounding and protecting empaths from psychic attack. It also works like a vacuum to clear disharmonious frequencies, negativity, and negative feelings.

Obsidian easily clears cords of attachment to negative people, places, and thoughts and illuminates harmful patterns so they can be changed.

Black Obsidian makes an excellent “worry stone” to hold while asking Archangel Michael to cut cords of attachment to people, places or thoughts that are dragging you down!

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7. Labradorite for Empaths

Labradorite Crystals for Empaths
Polished Labradorite Crystals are Great for Empaths!

Oh, how I love labradorite! From the first moment I saw this stone, I knew I had to have it! With its flashes of gold, green, and especially turquoise – it is both beautiful and magical to look at.

Often called the gemstone of magic and protection, Labradorite opens psychic abilities (especially clairvoyance) and creates a powerful shield within your aura. It is an excellent stone for empaths because it stops psychic vampires from draining and tapping into your energy.

Labradorite is a “magical” empath protection crystal!

You can try out a Labradorite Necklace for psychic protection or wear Labradorite Earrings to help you hear your spirit guides!

Check price on Amazon!

8. Moldavite Raises an Empaths Vibration

A very healing crystal, many believe Moldavite to have extraterrestrial origins. It is mainly found in the Czech Republic as a remnant of a large meteor crash around 14.8 million years ago.

Holding a very high-frequency vibration, Moldavite can be incredibly intense for some users. However, once your vibration is raised to match that of Moldavite – negative energies cannot cling to or invade your electromagnetic field.

They simply are no longer a match to your frequency, which makes Moldavite a perfect crystal for empath protection!

Referred to as a “Starborn Stone of Transformation”, you can wear a Moldavite Ring to simply vibrate at a higher level than negative energies!

I absolutely love this Empath Protection Crystal Necklace that combines moldavite, hematite, and black tourmaline for empath protection in one!

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9. Smoky Quartz for Empaths

My guides have told me that natural Smoky Quartz is rare. It is quartz that has been naturally or artificially irradiated to give it it’s brown color.

I bought a cluster of Smoky Quartz years ago that I instantly resonated with and have loved having! Besides protection, Smoky Quartz is also an excellent grounding crystal for empaths.

It has the incredible ability to absorb and syphon off huge amounts of negativity into the Earth’s core. When empaths get dragged down by other’s bad moods, Smoky Quartz will clear it and elevate you again.

Smoky Quartz works great as a healing, mood-lifting and manifesting crystal!

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Grounding Crystals for Empaths

10. Copper for Empaths

Although copper is a metal, it is a very powerful grounding and healing metal. It amplifies whatever crystals it is used in conjunction with and frees energetic and emotional blockages in the body.

Copper works with iron in producing red blood cells and hemoglobin that carry oxygen through the physical body. Circulating extra oxygen throughout my body is a secret to my ability to connect with my spirit guides and angels.

Plus, it is very healing!

Copper bracelets or jewelry are especially helpful to empaths who are often daydreamers and have trouble staying present.

I chose this Copper Bracelet with healing magnets from Amazon to help with my Carpal Tunnel! They are also great for Arthritis!

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11. Hematite for Empaths

Hematite is a very powerful grounding stone that is perfect for using in manifestation. It grounds and connects our higher ideals and aspirations into physical reality.

Hematite lends energetic support, strength and courage to empaths who often struggle with low energy, depression and anxiety.

It is the perfect stone to strengthen, clear and balance your auric field and chakras!

Pro Tip: Hold a pair (one in each hand) of Hematite Magnets to ground, strengthen, heal and balance yourself as an empath!

Check price on Amazon!

12. Magnetite Stone for Empaths

Magnetite is, as its name suggests, magnetic. Therefore, it is also an excellent stone for manifestation because it makes you “magnetic” to that which you desire.

Best used in pairs, magnetite is a very balancing stone for empaths since it easily grounds the excessive energies of other people. Thus, easing energetic burnout and overwhelm.

Magnetite also makes a perfect empath protection stone because of its ability to keep energies regulated, flowing and grounded.

Magnetite Stones are Super Cheap! Try this 7-piece set to place one on each chakra while meditating to unblock them! Check price now!

13. Moss Agate Crystal for Empaths

Moss agate is wonderful for empaths because of its very stabilizing, calming, and harmonizing properties. It brings balance to erratic emotions and calms all who wear or use it.

A wonderful stone for strengthening and willpower, Moss Agate also lends a greater sense of well-being to empaths who sorely need it.

Try a Moss Agate Bracelet to calm, ground and experience greater well-being!

Check price on Amazon!

14. Rubies for Empaths

Everyone has heard of rubies and for good reason. Besides being stunningly beautiful, rubies stimulate the root chakra. Thus, energizing and uplifting the wearer, which empaths benefit greatly from.

Because of its positive influence on the root chakra, rubies make excellent grounding and abundance stones for empaths.

Rubies can be expensive, but this Genuine Ruby Ring is surprisingly affordable! (Please always buy genuine and natural crystals and stones!)

Check price on Amazon!

Apache Tears, Black Obsidian, Smoky Quartz, and Black Tourmaline are also good grounding crystals for empaths as well!

Healing Crystals for Empaths

15. Amber’s for Empaths

Warm, comforting and not technically a mineral, Amber is still a top healing crystal for empaths. It’s light heals and soothes empaths. Created by trees and bathed in sunlight, Amber carries the energies of solidified sunlight!

This makes Amber a perfect adornment to wear throughout winter to combat seasonal affective disorder.

Amber is also an excellent protection stone for empaths because of its ability to transform negative energy into lighter, usable frequencies.

I love this Baltic Amber Necklace for empathic healing and protection!

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16. Clear Quartz for Empaths

From my guides: Clear Quartz carries the vibration of pure love. It is harmonic, balanced, clearing and healing.

Easily programmable, Clear Quartz can be used for amplifying other crystals energies, communication with guides, and visualizing your desired manifestations into. This creates a powerful tool for amplifying your intentions to the Universe!

To use for empathic healing, simply visualize the word “healing” onto your Quartz Crystal to “program” it of your desire. The Clear Quartz Crystal will then amplify and strengthen your healing intention.

Because of its ability to be programmed to work in whatever capacity you wish, your Clear Quartz will need to be cleared or cleansed often.

You can do this with a selenite bowl or plate, cover it with dry salt for a few days or simply run cool water over it.

I love working with Clear Quartz Wands for healing!

Check pricing on Amazon!

17. Green Tourmaline Crystals for Empaths

Green is a very healing color symbolizing Mother Earth, the heart chakra and the rebirth of Spring. And Green Tourmaline is one of the most prized crystals known for its powerful healing abilities.

Resonating with the heart chakra, Green Tourmaline acts like a powerful generator sending strength and vitality to this area. Which, in turn strengthens and heals every other part of the physical body.

Green Tourmaline is also a very beneficial stone for everything that lives and grows, including plants and animals.

Empaths will find it particularly helpful in calming their nerves and emotional bodies. It is capable of sending a powerful healing energy throughout the entire physical body!

You can try meditating with a pair of Green Tourmaline Stones for deep chakra healing!

Check price on Amazon!

18. Healer’s Gold for Empaths

A mixture of Pyrite and Magnetite, Healer’s Gold emanates a powerfully healing positive energy. Empaths will greatly benefit from healer’s gold amazing healing properties as it activates chakras and strengthens the flow of energy through the meridians.

Healer’s Gold energizes and banishes the harmful energy drain often experienced by so many empaths! It also helps restore the body’s energy field and aura and helps shield empaths from negative emotions and unwanted energy.

Healer’s Gold also works wonderfully with Reiki and other forms of sound, color, or energy healing.

Tumbled Healer’s Gold Stones work great for energy work, healing and carrying in your pocket for an energetic boost!

Check pricing on Amazon!

19. Lemurian Seed Crystals for Empaths

Lemurian Seed Crystals are a type of Clear Quartz with ladder-like striations up the sides. They have been programmed with the vibrations of Lemuria’s (an ancient civilization) consciousness.

They emanate pure love and light and are very healing to the Soul, that longs for “home”. They are a calming beautiful reminder of our celestial home and can ease any homesickness often felt by empaths for higher dimensions.

They, like Clear Quartz also magnify the healing powers of other crystals and stones and rapidly accelerate our reconnection to our Soul.

Apache Tears, Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz are also excellent healing crystals for empaths and highly sensitive people (HSP)!

You can try wearing a Beautiful Lemurian Seed Crystal Necklace!

Check pricing on Amazon!

Essential Crystals for Empaths

Because of these crystal’s and stone’s versatility to be used for protection, grounding and healing – I highly recommend them as essential crystals for empaths!

The following 5 CRYSTALS have the ability to protect, ground and heal empaths – I highly recommend them as my: 

Top 5 Essential Crystals for Empaths!

Have you tried any of the above Crystals for Empaths? Which ones have worked for you? Do you have any others you’d highly recommend I add to this list? Please like, share and comment!

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  1. It’s interesting how you said that your psychic abilities are opened up when you wear labradorite jewelry. My daughter loves to learn about different gemstones and their abilities. Her birthday is coming up so I think I’ll get her a labradorite necklace or earrings and tell her what abilities they have.

    • Thank you for your comment David! I truly appreciate it!

      Yes, labradorite is a wonderful crystal for empaths or anyone for that matter. It has definitely helped me increase my intuition and keep a clear channel with my spirit guides! Plus, it is absolutely gorgeous! Your daughter is very lucky to have you as a parent! This will also help protect her from feeling the unbalanced energy of others (which is super important in kids, especially teenagers)!

      Much love and light to you!

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