Are you CLAIRVOYANT? (8 Ways to Develop Clairvoyance)

The Meaning of Clairvoyant – Clairvoyance Definition

Clairvoyance means “clear seeing” and is a psychic gift that comes from two French words. Clair means “clear” and voir means “to see”. People who are clairvoyant can psychically see beyond the physical world with their “mind’s eye” or third-eye chakra (located in the center of your forehead).

They often report being able to “see” mental images, orbs, flashes of light, auras (The electromagnetic field surrounding your physical body), spirits, ghosts, the future, the past, and other supernatural phenomena.

seeing orbs of light is a sign of clairvoyant abilities
“Seeing” Orbs of Light is a Sign of Clairvoyant Abilities

Do you ever wonder if you are clairvoyant or want to know what clairvoyance even means? In this post, you’ll find a DEFINITIVE GUIDE to CLAIRVOYANCE, including: Clairvoyant Meaning, Abilities, Types, Signs and How to Develop Your Clairvoyant Gifts!

You may discover that YOU are more psychic than you think!

How Rare is Clairvoyance?

I’m not sure there is any way to count the exact number of clairvoyants in the world. However, some clairvoyant psychics can see spirits or animals as clear as if they were seeing a living person, this is known as “objective clairvoyance” and is rarer of a gift.

While other clairvoyant psychics, see mental images or flashes in their mind’s eye, and is known as “subjective clairvoyance”. This is the more common type of clairvoyant gift and can be awakened and strengthened, (even in adulthood) by opening your third-eye chakra.

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What are the 6 Psychic “Clairs”?

The 6 psychic clairs consist of: Clairvoyance (“Clear Seeing”), Clairaudience (“Clear Hearing”), Clairsentience (“Clear Sensing”), Claircognizance (“Clear Knowing”), Clairalience (“Clear Smelling”), and Clairgustance (“Clear Tasting”).

What are the Clairvoyant Abilities?

Clairvoyant psychics may possess gifts of “seeing” the past, future, spirits, auras, angel symbols, angels, orbs, or even ailments within the physical body with the mind’s eye or third-eye.

Clairvoyant vs Clairaudient

Clairvoyance is the psychic ability of “clear seeing” beyond the physical world. Clairaudience is the psychic ability of “clear hearing” voices and frequencies beyond the physical ear.

Types of Clairvoyance

There are 3 main “types of clairvoyant” people can be. These include clairvoyant mediums, clairvoyant empaths, and clairvoyant healers. Often times, being clairvoyant seems to skew in a specific direction that the clairvoyant psychic can use to heal and uplift others.

Clairvoyant Medium

A clairvoyant medium is simply someone who is clairvoyant and also has the ability to see those who have crossed over. Think of the woman from the show “Long Island Medium” when you think of a clairvoyant medium.

Clairvoyant mediums often use their psychic gifts to connect with departed loved ones for grieving family members who are left behind.

The spirits of passed on family will give the psychic medium images or even connect clairaudiently (“clear or psychic hearing”) to heal grief, guilt and pain associated with the family members death.

clairvoyant medium counseling grieving family
Clairvoyant Medium Counseling Grieving Family

They may even be able to “see” and “hear” the spirits standing next to the person they are doing the reading for as clearly as if they were still living.

Clairvoyant Empath

If you sometimes “see” visions, symbols, spirits, orbs, or flashes of light and deeply feel the emotions of others – You may be a clairvoyant empath.

Being clairvoyant and an empath has its perks. Clairvoyant empaths make excellent counselors, guides, teachers, and energy healers (such as Reiki practitioners).

Clairvoyant empaths deeply understand the full spectrum of human emotions and make excellent listeners. They can guide others with their patience while also being shown psychic flashes that may further assist in healing.

Clairvoyant empaths can run into big challenges however and need to protect their energy from other’s negativity.

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Clairvoyant Healer

A clairvoyant healer is someone who has the ability to psychically see physical ailments and then uses energy work, (such as Reiki) to clear energetic blockages.

clairvoyant healer practicing reiki
Clairvoyant Healer Practicing Reiki

My sister is an excellent example of a clairvoyant healer. She clairvoyantly sees problems within the body, such as a sore throat, and can work to free the blockage as a Reiki practitioner.

Clairvoyant healers excel at psychically seeing inside the physical body and usually have a penchant for working with people.

Their bedside manner and advice is spot-on, and people know, like and trust them instantly because of their genuine, respectful demeanor.

How to Tell if You’re Clairvoyant

Many people begin life with clairvoyant, or other psychic gifts. Over time, the third-eye chakra becomes blocked (and stops clairvoyance) due to a number of things such as:

Being Afraid of What You Clairvoyantly See – Children are sensitive and also easily scared. Remember being afraid of shadows, noises, or “monsters” under the bed as a child? Well, many children also see spirits, orbs, or ghosts. When we are afraid of what we psychically “see” as children, we may unknowingly snap our third-eyes shut.

clairvoyant ability seeing ghosts
Clairvoyant Ability – “Seeing” Ghosts

Being Told by Adults that What You See Isn’t Real – Children may see spirits, ghosts, or other paranormal phenomena that frightens them and tell their parents. As parents, you want your kid to feel safe and also just go to sleep (LOL!), so you may tell them there is nothing there, when there actually was.

This teaches kids at an early age to “turn off” or “tune out” their natural psychic clairvoyance. Which can always be turned back on and strengthened.

Eating Processed Foods – Growing up eating processed foods and foods full of pesticides pollute our sensitive antennas for receiving information through our intuition or E.S.P. (extra sensory perception).

7 Signs of Clairvoyance

Here are some common signs that can help you tell if you are a clairvoyant psychic!

1. You Are Great at Visualizing

clairvoyant visualization
Clairvoyant Visualizing During Meditation

You may be great at creative tasks (such as drawing, painting, or decorating), daydream a lot, or be able to puzzle things together easily in your mind.

This is just the reverse of “receiving” messages clairvoyantly. Most clairvoyants are great at “out picturing” what they’ve first visualized in their mind’s eye as well as receiving.

2. You Love Beautiful Things and are a Very Visual Person

You appreciate beauty in all its forms and seem to swim in the beauty of nature, sunsets, paintings, people, and anything else visually striking.

Clairvoyants are especially drawn to rich, vibrant colors and interesting patterns and may get lost in the beauty of a sunset, for example.

3. You Psychically See Colors or Lights Around People, Animals or Plants

Do you sometimes see light, colors, or flashes of light around living things? This is what is known as psychically seeing auras.

There is an electromagnetic field of energy surrounding every living thing that is usually hidden from our regular physical sight. This is known as the aura or auric field.

An open third-eye chakra may allow you to see this energy. Sometimes, it is in the form of a flash of light or a simple white light extending up and past the living organism.

Some clairvoyants can also see the whole range of colors held within a person’s aura. (Which may change depending on mood, blockages, illness, and level of consciousness).

A good way to practice seeing auras or check if you have this ability is to look at a tree line. Do you see a hazy white light extending up above the tree line?

Then you may be a clairvoyant psychic! And can strengthen this gift by opening your third eye chakra and practicing!

4. Psychic Flashes or Images Come to You as Answers to Your Questions

clairvoyant gifts
A Sign of Clairvoyance may be “Psychic Flashes”

Clairvoyants are often shown the answers to questions or ponderings with symbols and images. This is what’s called a “psychic flash”. Psychic flashes usually come to clairvoyants quickly and it is up to them to interpret the meaning.

You may have seen psychic flashes all your life and not known that this is a form of clairvoyance. I’ll wonder why I feel “off”, and receive a psychic flash of a food, such as bananas.

Then, I’ll go eat a banana and feel monumentally better! This is a psychic flash from the Universe letting me know that I’m low on certain vitamins or minerals present in bananas!

5. You’ve Seen a Spirit or Ghost

Seeing a spirit or ghost (a spirit who hasn’t moved on from the Earthly plane yet), is probably one of the most obvious signs of clairvoyance.

As stated earlier, this is what is known as “objective clairvoyance” and is a rare psychic gift. Some objective clairvoyants are able to walk around and see a mixture of living people, as well as spirits.

Usually, they are born with this ability, and if left unexplained or brushed off by their parents, may be suppressed or make the child feel ostracized.

If an objective clairvoyant sees spirits, spirit guides and animals since birth and learns to embrace it, they can be a powerful force for healing and guiding others.

6. You See Flashes of Light Out of the Corners of Your Eyes

clairvoyant flashes of light out of corner of eyes
“Seeing” Clairvoyant Flashes of Light out of Corner of Eyes

We are surrounded by ancestors, spirit guides and energies all the time, that we’re usually unaware of. As a clairvoyant, you may catch “orbs” or “flashes of light” out of the corner of your eyes often (especially during spiritual awakening).

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You may catch spirit guides, animal guides or ancestors as they move at the speed of light into and out of your vision.

It is easier to catch objects moving fast out of the corner of your eye than head-on. This may be because, “When human eyes see an object, it takes one-tenth of a second for the brain to process that information, said Gerrit Maus, a postdoctoral fellow in psychology at UC Berkeley…”

“The brain does not think the object is in the position where the eye tells us it [that it] is… This means the brain perceives moving objects to be farther along in their trajectory than what a person actually sees with their eyes.”

So, in other words, a spirit guide with the ability to move at the speed of light whizzes in front of you and your brain takes some time to process the movement and displays the flash farther along the path the light is traveling (so it appears out of the corner of your eye instead of in front of it).

If you catch flashes of light moving fast out of the corner of your eyes, this could be a sign of having a clairvoyant gift that can be nurtured and grown!

7. You Experience What’s Described as “Clairvoyant Downloads”

Clairvoyant downloads may not be the technical term, but that is how many clairvoyants describe the psychic phenomena.

As a clairvoyant, and especially during spiritual awakening, you may see an overwhelming number of images or symbols from the Universe all at once!

It can be in the form of a movie and make some sense, or seemingly random pictures shown extremely fast.

This can be frustrating and overwhelming, especially if you are new to your clairvoyant abilities (like during or immediately after a spiritual awakening).

This usually seems to happen during meditation or just before falling asleep. If this is happening to you, it is a good sign that you are clairvoyant.

Just allow it and breathe through it. Don’t try and fight it or worry about catching every image. Just let it happen and trust that your Soul knows what to do with the information, even if you don’t!

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8 Ways to Develop Clairvoyance

ways develop clairvoyance
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Clairvoyance is a psychic gift in many, but it can also be strengthened and turned on with these clairvoyant exercises. Just like the physical body needs physical exercises to keep muscles strong, psychic powers greatly benefit from spiritual exercises.

Even for the already psychically gifted!

1. Meditation to Strengthen Clairvoyance

Meditation benefits every one of our bodies (physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional). Psychic powers are heightened when we breathe in deeply and purposely, thus slowing the rational mind and allowing guidance to come through.

The Infinite Intelligence of Source Consciousness, or as my spirit guides put it, “Love” is in the air. Deeply, purposely pulling this love and light into our physical bodies clears blockages in our extra sensory perception (E.S.P.) or psychic channels.

meditation develops clairvoyance
Meditation Develops Clairvoyance

To use meditation to develop clairvoyance, simply rhythmically, deeply breathe, while focusing on your third eye chakra (center of your forehead).

If you can, try to visualize breathing light into this chakra as you meditate to clear the clairvoyant channel!

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2. Sun-Gaze with your Third-Eye (Forehead) towards the Sky

Light codes from Source Consciousness are being given to the Earth (and us) right now in order to assist in raising the vibration.

This light will also help clear your clairvoyant channels of communication! To use it, look towards the sky elevating your third-eye upwards!

If you are facing the sun, remember to close your eyes and wear a Good, Natural Sunscreen. I’m a huge fan of this brand and it is super affordable!

Protect your beautiful skin!

It is also especially helpful to sunrise gaze, sunset gaze, and star and moon gaze!

Fall in love with the beauty of the sky again!

sunsets develop clairvoyance
Staring at Sunsets Develops Clairvoyance

3. Open your Third-Eye Chakra

Most likely, you’ve snapped your third eye shut with too much technology, not enough nature, or fear of seeing the unknown.

You can open this again while being protected (Ask Archangel Michael, or your guides for protection while developing your clairvoyant abilities).

There are a whole bunch of ways to open your third-eye chakra, so I’ll just give you the link to that post, How to Open Your Third Eye Chakra again! =)

4. Decalcify your Pineal Gland (Another Psychic Center)

Besides your third eye, the pineal gland is another “eye” or psychic center for “seeing clearly” beyond physical reality.

Called the “Seat of the Soul” by French philosopher, Rene Descartes, I use the Pineal Gland to communicate with Teacher’s of Light, induce Lucid Dreaming, and receive Universal Mind guidance.

This is another clairvoyant development tip that I had to write a whole post on. You can find it at: 11 Secrets to Decalcify Pineal Gland Calcification (Boost Energy, Slow Aging!)

5. Eat a Clean, Psychic Gifts Development Diet

Your body is a sensitive antenna that is capable of receiving information beyond the 5 physical senses. Clairvoyant information comes more freely to us when we Raise our Vibration with a Psychic Whole Foods Diet.

Some foods that support the third eye chakra particularly well are: Honey, Noni Juice, and Whole-Life Cycle Mushrooms.

6. Vibrate your Third-Eye Chakra and Head

Chant, hum, sing or use a Third-Eye Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl! I was blown away by how much more I could clairvoyantly “see” with my third eye while using one of these bowls! They are incredible and the smaller ones are quite affordable if you are interested.

However, any vibration of the head and forehead area will help develop clairvoyant gifts by unblocking stuck energy and clearing psychic pathways.

singing develops clairvoyance
Singing Develops Clairvoyance

So, hum, chant and sing away! (Although my 4-yr-old plugs his ears every time I sing! LOL!)

7. Use Clairvoyant Development Crystals

Try holding Amethyst, Clear Quartz, or Selenite directly on your forehead while meditating. Most crystals that are clear or purple in color will strengthen your third-eye chakra and help develop clairvoyance.

This selenite skyscraper is super beautiful!

I looove this Orgonite Healing Crystal Wand Set that is said to amplify the energy of the crystals and comes with a clear quartz & amethyst crystal wand!

You can also use a seer stone. I got mine from a local crystal shop, but they are also available on Amazon. I bought it because I thought it was pretty! LOL! At the time, I had no idea that power that that stone held!

Now, I have to keep it in a sock when not in use, so that I’m not bombarded with visions and images while trying to sleep!

8. Use Essential Oils Known for Developing Clairvoyance

Try using Palo Santo (a magical tree grown in South America), Lavender, Rosemary (to open a sleeping third eye), or Frankincense (to maintain a clear, balanced third eye).

I’ve used this brand of Organic Essential Oils for years and trust their quality! They are usually much cheaper than DoTerra or Young Living and I can’t tell a difference in quality! Plus, I’ve never seen DoTerra or Young Living essential oils come in organic!

Always do your research before shopping essential oils as some are cheaply made and smell more like alcohol than essential oil. I also always buy organic wherever possible to get the purest possible form I can.

You can use an Essential Oil Diffuser or try rubbing a diluted oil directly on your third-eye chakra. This Diffuser is super cool, is filled with green aventurine crystals (which attract abundance), and has great reviews on Amazon!

**(ALWAYS do a patch test for essential oil sensitivity on somewhere like your arm first. And ALWAYS apply a carrier oil, such as Organic Coconut Oil first! Essential oils CAN and WILL burn the skin or eyes if you are not EXTREMELY CAREFUL. Please be smart about this!)**

Are you clairvoyant? Do you have any of the above gifts of clairvoyance? How did you find out you were clairvoyant and how did you develop your clairvoyant abilities? Please like us on social media, share, or comment below!

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