8 Signs You’re CLAIRSENTIENT (5 Ways to Develop Clairsentience)

Clairsentient comes from two French words, roughly broken down into “clear sensing”. Clairsentience is the extra sensory or psychic ability to “feel” beyond the physical senses. Clairsentient psychics have great gut instincts, and the gift of clearly sensing energies, auras, and information that most others cannot.

What does Clairsentience Mean?

Clairsentience is a psychic gift of extra “sensing” perception. Clairsentients can use their “clear sensing” to read emotions, auras, and practice psychometry (reading energy from objects).

What are the 6 Psychic “Clairs”?

The 6 psychic clairs consist of: Clairvoyance (“Clear Seeing”), Clairaudience (“Clear Hearing”), Clairsentience (“Clear Sensing”), Claircognizance (“Clear Knowing”), Clairalience (“Clear Smelling”), and Clairgustance (“Clear Tasting”).

What are the Clairsentient Abilities?

Clairsentient people can clearly sense vibrational energies of objects, houses, plants, animals, and people. They pick up spiritual messages beyond physical perception.

Clairsentients have “clear sense” of vibrational energies around them.

Clairsentient abilities may include: “Clear sensing” of house or building energy, psychometry, and the emotions or physical pain of others through their auras.

The abilities of a clairsentient psychic may be experienced during meditation, channeling, dreams, or while wide awake.

Many psychics who are clairsentient, are often also clairvoyant or clairaudient, and use their psychic gifts in many different ways to help others put pieces of the puzzle together.

What is it Like to be Clairsentient?

Many who are spiritually awakening are uncovering new psychic abilities, such as clairsentience. After my Bizarre Spiritual Awakening and near-death experience, I discovered that I was Clairaudient.

Clairsentients may feel tingles, sensations, burning, or sense a certain emotion while reading an object, building, or another’s aura as energetic clues.

The gift of clairsentience is often described as a feeling in the pit of your stomach (upper sacral and solar plexus chakras). Clairsentient people may feel pulled to objects, people, or places that give more psychic clues to the questions they have asked.

I like to walk through crystal shops and pick up the crystals. I feel drawn to the energies of certain crystals or stones and just “know” that they are for me!

Many psychic mediums can also be clairsentient and will often ask for a picture (of the deceased relative), or an object, such as jewelry to be brought to the psychic reading.

They can then psychically sense energy off the object or picture and receive more information than they could without the object.

Like empaths, clairsentients can often get overwhelmed with energies and need to protect their energies by grounding and practicing self-care often!

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These psychic protection tools will protect the clairsentient, just as well as an empath, and gave me back my life! (I do not run from Wal-mart screaming anymore!)

The Difference between Clairsentients and Empaths

Clairsentience is the psychic ability of “clear sensing” beyond the physical world. Empaths have the ability to sense other’s emotions or subtle energies.

Clairsentient people’s gifts often extend beyond that of empaths, and many who believe they are empathic may actually be clairsentient as well.

Clairsentients can usually read and understand energy beyond that of the empath’s ability to feel emotion. They can read objects, rooms, and even feel clues in their physical bodies that may help piece things together more.

For example, a clairsentient may feel unable to breathe for a minute by reading an object from someone who died from pneumonia.

Many empath’s gifts don’t extend quite that far, but empaths and clairsentients are very closely related and often intermingle. Both clairsentients and empaths are very compassionate!

clairsentient empath
Clairsentients and Empaths are both very compassionate!

How to Tell if You’re Clairsentient

Not all people are born with psychic gifts. Some people develop these abilities later in life, such as in my case. Many are uncovering or developing their psychic abilities during or after spiritual awakening.

Many clairsentient people sense subtle energies in rooms, people’s auras, objects, and can even extend to animals and plants.

You may find that your latent extra sensory ability of clairsentience has been suddenly turned on or triggered by either a Kundalini or spiritual awakening.

Or, you may have had clairsentient abilities your whole life and never really understood them. Either way, here are 8 signs that you may be clairsentient

clairsentient signs
Practicing Psychometry May Be a Sign That You’re Clairsentient

8 Signs You May be Clairsentient

Clairsentient signs are relatively easy to spot once you know what you are looking for. Any time you sense anything, such as negativity or fear from an old house, object, or person (that isn’t coming from you), you may have clairsentient abilities.

Clairsentience and “Sensing” Energy

Clairsentients may have a hard time going antique shopping, for example. For them, picking up multiple objects owned by people who’ve passed on, can be especially difficult.

They may instantly feel how the person died, their regrets, or other negativity. You may also be clairsentient if you have trouble going into thrift stores where the clothing has been worn by others.

Clairsentients have Strong Gut Feelings and Good Instincts – Clairsentient Chakras

Clairsentients often have well-developed sacral, solar plexus, and heart chakras. The solar plexus chakra roughly sits behind your naval and can produce incredible gut instincts about things!

If you feel strong sensations or urges within your gut, and are often right, you may be clairsentient.

Clairsentients Often Practice Psychometry (The Reading of Energy from a Physical Object)

Another common sign of a clairsentient psychic is psychometry. This is how a lot of clairsentients learn that they have this gift.

Objects worn or used often by people will hold the strongest energy, and clairsentients tap into that to get a good read on that person.

This ability to read energy in objects can come in particularly handy in connecting with crossed-over loved ones, as well as finding missing persons!

If you pick up other’s physical objects and feel emotions, strong physical sensations, or simply sense things about the wearer, you may be clairsentient.

Clairsentients Can Often Read Other’s Auras

The aura, or auric field, is the electromagnetic field held around our physical bodies. It holds our emotions, blockages, and other important Soul information.

Clairsentients can tap into other’s auras, because the aura is pure energy, or energetic information to be read.

Most clairsentients cannot actually “see” the aura unless they are Clairvoyant as well. They simply “feel” or “sense” the information provided by the aura. This may include a person’s physical ailments, emotions, joy, past lives, or Soul purpose.

Clairsentients psychics will often choose to hold the person’s hand that there are doing a reading for to further connect with their aura and energy.

Clairsentients Are Very Compassionate

You may be clairsentient if you are a very compassionate person! Often called being a Sympath, clairsentients have well-developed heart chakras (where compassion, sympathy, and empathy come from).

Many clairsentients strive to help shelter animals, donate to organizations, or are just the friend that everyone calls when they are in need!

People with clairsentient friends, know that they are the first one to jump in and help and never want money! They understand others well and just want to spread positivity wherever they can!

Clairsentients are Easily Overwhelmed by Crowds and Places with Dense Negative Energy

A drawback of being clairsentient is that crowds can be a nightmare. Going to crowded spaces and feeling the frustration, impatience, and pains of other’s may be too much to bear for a gifted clairsentient.

clairsentient signs
This Picture of a Crowded Street Often Gives Clairsentients & Empaths Anxiety Just Looking at it!

It is extremely important to protect yourself as a clairsentient! These Empath Protection Crystals offer protection for all highly sensitive people, including clairsentients.

Also, don’t forget lots of self-care, rest, and Spiritually Grounding Yourself. It will make the world of difference!

You May Be Able to Tell if People of Animals are Sick

As a clairsentient that can read energies held within the aura, you may be able to tell where people or animals are hurting or sick.

You may also be able to pick up on energetic blockages within the physical body, as well as their depression, anxiety, and other strong emotions, just like an empath.

Clairsentients May Feel Drawn to Certain Objects, People, or Places by Their Energy

Clairsentients feel at home in nature because of its calming energies. There is nowhere for energy to get stuck (like in corners or windows of a home), and nature puts highly sensitive people, empaths, and clairsentients at ease.

I am often drawn to very high vibrational crystals and grounding stones, because of their abilities to balance one another.

I also always seem to find water in nature wherever I go and loooove the energy of waterfalls, lightning, and thunder!

Certain places in nature are known as energetic vortexes and hold powerful transformative energies for the planet towards a global shift in consciousness.

Many awakened psychics are drawn to these powerful energetic sites by their clairsentience.

Read this post for 15 ways you can help the Global Shift in Consciousness.

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How to Become Clairsentient?

Clairsentience is a psychic gift that can be developed and strengthened with clairsentient exercises, just as your body is strengthened with physical exercise.

The following exercises will help you develop your clairsentient gifts and clear your channels for receiving information through your psychic gift of “clear sensing”.

Clairsentient Meditation

Any type of meditation will clear your psychic channels and develop your intuition. Meditation calms and slows the rational, overthinking mind and puts you in a relaxed state.

A calm state of mind and relaxed body is perfect for receiving spiritual guidance through your psychic senses.

clairsentient meditation
Meditation Increases Clairsentient Abilities

This Ancient Meditation, given to me, and then honed by my spirit guides, is what I use to clairaudiently “hear” and receive messages from my guides.

You can take this meditation a step further by focusing on your clairsentient chakras (The heart, solar plexus, and upper sacral chakras) while deeply breathing.

Visualize your clairsentient chakras (around your heart, solar plexus, and sacral chakras) being cleared with golden light while in meditation.

Clear and Balance the Sacral, Solar Plexus & Heart Chakras (The Clairsentient Chakras)

Your heart chakra holds the key to your compassion and sympathy. To strengthen your heart chakra, you can practice kindness towards others. You can donate your time, money, and gently used items to charities.

Another way to clear and strengthen your heart chakra is to imagine a beautiful spring green ball of light over the center of your heart.

Now, spin the ball while thinking, “Clean, clear and strengthen my heart chakra. Help me to be more compassionate and sense clearly.”

You may be able to feel the release as you do this. Just allow the energetic blockage to clear out as you continue your ancient meditation breathing technique.

Strengthen your solar plexus chakra by imaging a bright yellow ball of light over your belly button.

Now, spin the ball while thinking, “Clean, clear and strengthen my solar plexus chakra. Help me feel clearly and strengthen my gut instinct.”

Strengthen your sacral chakra by imaging a bright orange ball of light in the center of your pelvis.

Now, spin the ball while thinking, “Clean, clear and strengthen my sacral chakra. Help me feel clearly.”

Crystals to Develop Clairsentient Abilities

Clairsentience can be strengthened with the use of certain crystals, especially when held around your pelvis and heart space.

Rose Quartz Strengthens Clairsentience

Rose Quartz is the stone of the heart and helps open the heart chakra to compassion, joy, and unconditional love!

You can use rose quartz to strengthen your clairsentient gifts by wearing a Rose Quartz Necklace or meditating with a Rose Quartz Crystal Point over your heart chakra.

Use Citrine to Develop Clairsentient Channels

Citrine is an excellent stone that supports the solar plexus and the sacral chakras, which helps develop clairsentience.

Citrine is a beautiful yellow colored stone that activates the sacral and solar plexus chakras while attracting abundance and joy!

You can wear a Citrine Necklace or lay a Citrine Crystal Hexagonal Wand over your pelvis and belly button while meditating.

Practice Active Feeling to Strengthen Clairsentient Gifts

Clairsentience, just like anything else, can be developed with practice! To practice being clairsentient, simply try to “feel” or “sense” the energy of objects.

You can go to a crystal shop and grab a few inexpensive crystals. Ask the shop owner not to tell you anything about the crystals except their names.

Next, go home, and hold each crystal in your left hand if you are right-handed. Left hands are better at receiving energy and right hands are better at sending it.

If you are left-handed, simply reverse this.

Now, try to answer some questions about the crystal simply by sensing it. What chakras does the crystal strengthen? What is the crystals purpose? What gifts does the crystal imbue the wearer with?

Write your answers on a piece of paper. Then look the crystal up online and see if you are right!

You can also practice feeling historic buildings before knowing the full history, historic sites, and even trying to sense what animals are feeling through touch.

You may be amazed at what you can pick up when you really try!

Pray or Ask for Assistance to Develop Clairsentience

Our spirit guides, Teacher’s of Light, and angels can help us way more when we ask! They may guide you to an exercise or herb that will specifically help you, or work with you in dreams to develop clairsentience.

develop clairsentience
Prayer is a Great Way to Develop Clairvoyance

Either way, you deciding to focus on and ask for this ability, will assist you with developing it.

How to Understand Clairsentient Messages

Receiving spiritual messages is only half the battle! The next half is interpreting them correctly! Sometimes, you may feel something like a burning sensation in your lungs around your great aunt’s piano, but not piece together that she died from smoking.

Or you may psychically feel lonely every time you pass your grandfather’s portrait on the wall and not realize that this feeling is from him and not you.

It takes time, patience, and awareness to learn to interpret clairsentient feelings. Sometimes, it takes me months to figure out what a psychic message meant!

Just be patient and ask your spirit guides for guidance with interpreting psychic messages correctly! They are waiting to help you awaken your psychic gifts!

How to Stop Being Clairsentient

As you awaken your psychic gifts of perception, you may get overwhelmed by crowds, noise, objects, or certain places and want to turn down your clairsentience to a more relaxing level.

It took me months of struggling with clairaudient overwhelm to finally search for a “Psychic Turn Down Switch”.

And voila! I found this amazing clairsentient turn off knob that works wonders when you are overwhelmed with any of your psychic gifts, including clairsentience.

How to Turn Off Clairsentience with a Control Switch

Visualize a dial that goes from 0 to 10 (that looks like a timer), with the words “Clairsentient Abilities” written above it.

Now, see yourself turning the dial down. If you are overwhelmed with your clairsentient abilities, the dial may be somewhere around 9 or 10.

Visualize yourself turning that pointer of the dial down to about a 2 or 3.

This should ease the noise up enough to where you can then ground and turn on your Merkaba (next paragraph), to lessen the noise even further.

Final Thoughts on How to Become Clairsentient

Although I hated the overload from my psychic gifts at first, I’ve now come to depend upon it.

I looove receiving spiritual guidance from angels and spirit guides and I don’t regret this gift being turned on for a second!

It took me a lot of time, self-care, practice, meditation, and turning on my Merkaba to quiet and sift through the psychic noise I was constantly bombarded with at the beginning of my spiritual awakening.

If you are clairsentient, grounding and turning on your Merkaba often, will greatly lessen the extra sensory “noise” from others you may be experiencing.

Turning on your Merkaba is like fine-tuning your psychic antennae and should be done by everyone spiritually awakening or awakening their psychic gifts!

Turning on your merkaba is like putting your psychic gifts on steroids, but also just tuning into one radio station (instead of 20 at the same time).

(Besides that, it only takes about 10 minutes to follow a free guided meditation on YouTube to do it.)

If you have found yourself to be suddenly psychic (like I did), don’t worry! It gets better and CAN be controlled!

Are you clairsentient or would like to be? What problems have you faced with clairsentience? Have you tried any of the above tips for becoming clairsentient that have helped you? Please like us on social media, share, or comment below!

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