What is Clairalience? How to Develop Clairalience

Clairalience comes from two French words, roughly broken down into “clear smelling”. Clairalience is the extra sensory or psychic ability to “smell” beyond the physical nose. Clairalient psychics have the gift of clearly smelling scents from departed loved ones and energies from areas (such as an old fire) that most others cannot.

Clairalience Pronunciation


What are the 6 Psychic “Clairs”?

The 6 psychic clairs consist of: Clairvoyance (“Clear Seeing”), Clairaudience (“Clear Hearing”), Clairsentience (“Clear Sensing”), Claircognizance (“Clear Knowing”), Clairalience (“Clear Smelling”), and Clairgustance (“Clear Tasting”).

What are the Clairalient Abilities?

clairalience definition

Clairalience is the psychic sense of smelling and often happens when loved ones who have crossed over from the other side want to make their presence known to us.

Perhaps, your grandfather smoked a pipe, or your mother always wore a certain perfume…

They will bring these scents through clairalience to let you know that their Soul is with you!

What is it Like to be Clairalient?

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Many who have the psychic gifts of Clairvoyance and Clairaudience, will often be able to sense with Clairalience as well.

These psychics can often smell fires in buildings that happen over a hundred years ago, or lavender when connecting to someone’s grandmother as further validation that the grandmother is really there.

How to Tell if You’re Clairalient

Clairalience is a psychic gift that you may be born with or it may be developed over time.

You can tell if you are clairalient by smelling smells that have no earthly way of being there.

For example, you may smell strong perfumes, pipes, or a certain flower that a passed on relative loved.

When my fiancé passed, many of my family smelled cinnamon almonds that we all connected to at a store he loved to visit while sick.

How to Develop Clairalience

As with all psychic gifts, clairalience can be developed by your intention to develop it.

You can also try to connect to departed loved ones through the physical scents they loved and practice picking them up.

Ask your grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, etc. – To let you know of their presence through a certain scent you remember them by.

Meditation For Developing Clairalience

Close your eyes and see a dial that says “Clairalience” with the numbers 1 – 10 on it.

Now, imagine that dial being turned up to 10.

Now, picture, golden liquid light being pulled in through and around your sinuses while saying, “Clean and clear all my blocks to clairalience.”

Breathe deeply and allow the energy to be cleared.

Archangel Who Helps with Clairalience

Archangel Sandalphon is the Archangel who helps with clairalience, as well as all other psychic gifts.

If you are trying to open any psychic gift, you can ask Archangel Sandalphon for assistance and guidance in this area.

Ask him to help you develop clairalience and assist you with the fear associated with awakening your psychic powers.

The spiritual realms and Teacher’s of Light can always do much more to help us when we ask!

How to Understand Clairalient Messages

Often, clairalient messages will mean something specific to you. When you smell clairalient smells, ask yourself who this scent could be coming from?

And why?

Usually, just asking the questions will make the answers become clear. You may also ask if the scent is from someone you know or the spirit of someone trying to connect with those around you.

Final Thoughts on What is Clairalience?

Clairalience is another beautiful psychic gift that can bring great comfort from departed relatives to those who are still living.

Above all, they want us to know that they are with us, love us, and are there to assist us anytime we ask!

If you are clairalient, Spiritually Grounding and turning on your Merkaba often, will greatly lessen the psychic “noise” from others you may be experiencing.

Turning on your Merkaba is like fine-tuning your psychic antennae and should be done by everyone spiritually awakening or awakening their psychic gifts!

(Besides that, it only takes about 10 minutes to follow a free guided meditation on YouTube to do it.)

Are you clairalient or would like to be? What problems have you faced with clairalience? Have you tried any of the above tips for becoming clairalient that have helped you? Please like us on social media, share, or comment below!

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