The COMPLETE GUIDE to GROUNDING Yourself Spiritually (For Anxiety & Stress)

Since I’ve discovered this powerful grounding technique, I’ve been calmer, more peaceful and more intentional.

Whenever I notice my mind racing, I find ways to ground myself naturally and I instantly feel better. My anxiety leaves and I’m left with ease.

I’m going to cover the basics of grounding and then share the most amazingly powerful grounding technique I’ve found! This works anywhere! Anytime!

grounding yourself spiritually

What is Grounding?

Grounding is the process of releasing positively charged ions or stuck thoughts and emotions into the Earth.

It helps to bring your mental focus or attention point into the present. Grounding connects us to Mother Earth and helps us to stay mindful throughout the day.

Grounding discharges energy from your physical, mental and emotional bodies and brings you back to a state of calm neutrality and balance.

how to ground yourself
Grounding Yourself Creates a Sense of Peace and Calm

Proper grounding is necessary to clear yourself of excess lower energies that get stuck in your auric field.

Why is it Important to Ground Yourself?

Think of yourself as a powerful electrical magnet. At any given moment, you are storing your emotional reactions, the emotions of others, shifts on the Earth, EMF and technology noise within your aura (The electromagnetic field that surrounds your physical body).

This is A LOT to carry! And is NOT necessary to carry!

This is where grounding these energies comes in.

Is Grounding the Same as Earthing?

Earthing is often called grounding by those who are unsure of the difference. Although the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

In essence, grounding and earthing have a very similar effect. And, earthing will ground you. But there are many grounding techniques and ways to ground that you can do inside, without touching the Earth.

I’ve even used my favorite grounding cord technique on an airplane to ease my anxiety during turbulence!

It is that effective!

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What is Earthing?

To earth yourself, you simply need to connect your physical body to Mother Earth. Most often, this consists of walking barefoot on the Earth and feels incredible!

image of woman earthing
Image of woman “Earthing”

What are the Benefits of Earthing?

Earthing stabilizes the electrical environment of our organs, tissues and cells by connecting us to a limitless supply of electrons.

It is well-established that these electrons have an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect on the human body.

By touching the Earth in some way, you are harmonizing your electromagnetic field. Earthing has even been shown to reduce stress (cortisol levels that can cause weight gain), pain, and helps people sleep! (Chevalier, Sinatra, Oschman, Sokal, & Sokal, 2012)

You can Earth by walking barefoot on grass, dirt, etc. You can also Earth by sitting or laying directly on the ground.

A man named Ober (Who worked with a cable company), equated the human body to that of a cable used to transmit cable TV signals. He saw that when cables were grounded to the Earth, the interference of the signal was almost eliminated.

He found this to be very similar to the grounding of the human body, which is a bio-electrical signal-transmitting organism.  (Chevalier, Sinatra, Oschman, Sokal, & Sokal, 2012)

What is a Grounding Mat?

You can “Earth” by sitting, sleeping or working while connected to a “conductive system” that transfers the energy from the ground into the physical body. This is what is known as a Grounding Mat.

Amazon has a lot of great grounding mat options for sleeping, or standing or putting your feet on while you work!

Do Grounding Mats Work?

In a clinical study, 60 participants suffering from insomnia and chronic pain were separated into two groups. The control group slept on a grounding mat that was “pretend” grounded.

While subjects in the test group, slept on the grounding mat and were properly grounded.

The results were astonishing!

85% of the test group using the grounding mat that was properly grounded reported falling asleep faster. 93% said the quality of their sleep improved. 100% reported waking up feeling rested and 82% reported a decrease in muscle stiffness and pain.

The results from the “placebo” group were much less amazing, where 13% reported shorter time to fall asleep, sleep quality improvement and waking up feeling rested. While none of them reported a decrease in pain or muscle stiffness!  (Chevalier, Sinatra, Oschman, Sokal, & Sokal, 2012)

Here are some great grounding mat options on Amazon! You can even meditate on them!

What are Grounding Techniques?

There are a lot of grounding techniques out there to bring your awareness back into your physical body. Some techniques involve using the five senses such as touching, tasting, smelling and feeling objects to make yourself more mindful and aware of your physical body.

Some people suggest holding ice, smelling essential oils or mindfully eating chocolate (my fav!). These are all good ways to bring your attention point back into the physical body to reap the Benefits of Mindfulness.

Other grounding techniques involve visualizations. I prefer these to sensory grounding to release all that is no longer serving you.

We carry the anger, guilt, pain, shame, grief, fear and doubt around with us. We can easily let this go into Mother Earth with grounding technique visualizations and meditations.

How do you Ground Your Energy Spiritually?

I ground in a variety of ways, depending on my situation. Mostly, I use my favorite grounding cord technique to clean and clear BOTH the mental and emotional baggage I’ve been carrying!

But, below I’ve listed some other simple ways I specifically ground for anxiety and depression.

Grounding Techniques for Anxiety & Stress

Tree Root Technique for Grounding

Many people use the tree root technique for grounding. I first heard about this grounding technique while listening to Tony Robbins (who I love by the way!) He is insightful, motivational and just plain smart!

This grounding technique involves you imagining your legs to be trunks of a tree, extending down into the Earth.

How to Practice this Spiritual Grounding Technique

Imagine your legs as tree trunks as you stand firmly. Now, picture your feet growing roots down into the Earth.

Extend your roots deep and you should feel a sense of being more stable and balanced on the ground.

tree grounding techniques
Tree Grounding Technique Visualization

Earthing for Grounding Yourself

Previously discussed, Earthing involves you touching the Earth with your bare skin in some way. You may walk barefoot on the grass (My favorite!), take up gardening or even hug a tree!

You can also use a grounding mat to get the benefits of Earthing while indoors! You can meditate, sleep or put your feet on one while you work!

Using Water for Grounding Yourself Spiritually

Water, and any nature really, are very grounding. You can drink water that you’ve blessed, put your feet in a stream or lake, or simply take a warm shower or bath.

Water is an overlooked grounding technique

It is extremely important to get the recommended daily amount of water of your body weight. Take your weight and divide it in half. You are left with the number of ounces per day you should drink.

For example, a 140 lbs./2 = 70 ounces of water for a typical 140 pound woman. This equates to 8.75 – 8 ounce glasses of water per day.

Also, be sure to be properly filtering your water! My parents think their tap water is just fine to drink when it smells like a swimming pool to me! (To each their own!)

But, for me, I filter my water religiously. We are what we eat and drink and I don’t want to be full of chlorine and heavy metals that cause a lot of problems in the body.

Also, many cities add Synthetic Fluoride to the water supply full of impure industrial byproducts such as arsenic.

If you are using a water filter pitcher like Brita, you may want to consider switching to an AquaGear Water Filter Pitcher.


A five stage filter with 2 micron pores, including a lead/fluoride filter, protects you and your family from contaminants that other filters miss. The filter does all this while keeping healthy trace minerals like calcium and magnesium in your water, which ZeroWater and Reverse Osmosis systems will strip out.***

AquaGear filters are also rigorously tested to NSF Standards!

Using Crystals & Stones for Grounding Yourself Spiritually

Certain crystals and stones have amazing grounding properties for the person wearing the jewelry or holding the stone. Here are a few of my favorites to help you ground.

Apache Tears “Vacuum” Lower Energies Away From You

Apache Tears are a type of obsidian that are very effective grounding and protection stones as well. Because they often contain iron, apache tears help “turn us on” and “tune us in” to our own psychic gifts. [2007. The Book of Stones]

This Apache Tears Necklace can also double as a “worry stone” to hold and rub when you are stressed!

Copper Grounds & Heals

Although copper is a metal, it is a very powerful grounding and healing metal. It amplifies whatever crystals it is used in conjunction with and frees energy blockages in the body.

Copper works with iron in producing red blood cells and hemoglobin that carry oxygen through the physical body. [2007. The Book of Stones] Circulating extra oxygen throughout my body is a secret to my ability to connect with my spirit guides and angels.

Plus, it is very healing!

Copper bracelets or jewelry are especially helpful to empaths who are often daydreamers and have trouble staying present.

I chose this Copper Bracelet with healing magnets from Amazon to help with my Carpal Tunnel! They are also great for Arthritis!

Hematite Grounds & Energetically Supports the User

Hematite is a very powerful grounding stone that is perfect for using in manifestation. It grounds and connects our higher ideals and aspirations into physical reality. [2007. The Book of Stones]

You may also like: How I Manifest Whatever I Want with Ascended Masters Secrets!

Hematite lends energetic support, strength and courage to those who often struggle with low energy, depression and anxiety. [2007. The Book of Stones]

It is the perfect stone to strengthen, clear and balance your auric field and chakras!

Pro Tip: Hold a pair (one in each hand) of Hematite Magnets to ground, strengthen, heal and balance yourself!

How to Ground Yourself Mentally

There are certain times where I find it especially hard to ground myself. These include the night of the full moon (My thoughts and emotions race), just before my period (TMI, but true!) and when I’ve used too much technology for the day!

I’ve found a super simple grounding technique for when thoughts and emotions seem to swirl off the charts!

This sounds a little strange, but I take long deep breaths down into my lower belly and then powerfully blow the air out of my mouth while putting my hand on top of my head. (This seems to instantly stop the racing thoughts!)

It also helps if you rub a little Organic Lavender Essential Oil with a carrier oil, such as Organic Coconut Oil under your nose or ears.

You can also use an Essential Oil Diffuser for calming down.

Grounding Techniques for Anxiety

Besides my most powerful grounding technique I’ve found that I outline below, I’ve found the following things to also be very helpful for my anxiety.

If you are suffering with anxiety, I feel for you! It sucks! I suffered with anxiety and depression for a LOT of years before I changed my diet to a Healthy Organic Whole Foods Diet, and began exercising and practicing Mindfulness Meditation (The right way!)

As described above, lavender is especially good and calming for those suffering with anxiety! Also, Melissa Essential Oil is great! You can use a diffuser or even rub the oils on with an essential oil roller blend. This one is specifically for anxiety!

Songs are also an especially good grounding technique for those with anxiety! This 250 Hz Om Mantra was suggested by my guides and is a lesser known Solfeggio frequency, that I love for calming!

How to Ground Yourself Emotionally

The following most powerful grounding cord technique will take care of emotional clearing and grounding for you!

Also, if your emotions are all over the place, you may want to take up journaling to help process them. Just write, write, write and get it all out of you!

The Most Powerful Way to Ground Yourself Spiritually (A Game-Changer for Me!)

And now, da, da, da, da! My favorite grounding technique! This one is powerful, can be done anywhere, clears your emotions and calms your mind.

I loooove it!

How to Practice the Grounding Cord Technique

You may have heard of using grounding to release all that no longer serves you into Mother Earth to be healed and recycled.

Using a grounding cord for spiritual clearing is a tool that’s been taught by many gurus for centuries. I’ve heard many spiritual teachers, mediums and motivational speakers teach this tool.

But, nobody does grounding quite like Jim Self in the book, What Do You Mean the Third Dimension is Going Away?

This book (or any Jim Self book) is definitely worth a read!  I think a link to it should be stamped on every baby’s butt in the hospital as a road map for how to easily play the game of life and manage energy!

The Grounding Cord Tool is Simple

This simple grounding cord technique works so well, because it releases BOTH thoughts and emotions! Thoughts are electrical and emotions are magnetic.

The first straight grounding cord line clears electrical thought clutter. And the wrapped line supercharges the first and clears your magnetic clutter, or emotional baggage!

You drop a line of energy from the tip of your tailbone (root chakra) down into the center of the Earth. You can imagine and play with this visualization however you like!

For example, I like my grounding cord to look like a light saber that extends into the center of the Earth. This holds my spirit firmly in place, aligned within my physical body, and keeps my attention point securely inside of my head.

Ideally, you’ll want to check in with your grounding cord several times a day and especially before meditation. If you’ve taken any substances to reach higher planes of awareness while meditating, such as kava kava root, the grounding cord is a must!

The Quick Grounding Cord Tool Meditation

Once the cord is set. Imagine pulling on this cord with a 3rd hand or just see it being pulled and make sure it’s taught. This is the cord that’s going to discharge your excess electrical energy or thoughts.

Now, say, “Activate my grounding cord. Turn on my grounding cord. Release excess thoughts and negativity.” Take deep breaths as you do this.

Next, wrap a line of energy in a spiral around the 1st cord. This cord will discharge your cluttered or undesirable emotions. The 1st cord is for thought clutter, the 2nd is for emotional clutter.

Now, say, “Activate my magnetic grounding cord. Turn on my magnetic grounding cord. Clean and clear all that is no longer serving me.” Take deep breaths as you do this.

You may feel a huge amount of relief as you release unwanted thoughts and clutter. Or you may feel nothing at first. I’ve noticed that it helps to be outside when I do this but isn’t necessary. (I’ve used this grounding cord technique on planes, buses, in line at the grocery store, etc.).

You can use your grounding cord to cast off any feelings, energy, negativity, or depression that you don’t want to carry anymore. After your grounding cord is set, you can use it however you like. You can say, “Release all fear, doubts, negativity, jealousy, etc.”

It is brilliant!

We’re trying to elevate our thoughts, feelings and physical bodies on a daily basis. Without daily grounding, you’re basically carrying garbage sacks full of negativity and lower energies!

Chuck them with this amazingly powerful grounding cord clearing technique! It feels sooo much better!

Final Thoughts on Spiritual Grounding Techniques

Grounding and Earthing are finally hitting the mainstream. Studies and documentaries are being made on the incredible physical, psychological, and emotional effects of grounding yourself!

It only takes a few minutes, so why not practice this daily in the morning, before bed or whenever you feel the need!

Do you ground or Earth? Have you tried any of the techniques above? Do you have any other grounding techniques or Earthing tips you’d love to share with others? Please share or comment below!

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** Medical Disclaimer. … This Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. **

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