8 Fascinating INCARNATED ANGELS Powers

Although incarnated angels powers can be as diverse as we are, they are a few commonalities in the powers of incarnated angels that can be fun, fascinating, and sometimes, a little scary.

Knowing whether or not you are an incarnated angel, will help determine if you have these angel powers and how to develop them further.

Sometimes, it’s as easy as asking your intuition. Other times, a lot of Prayer and Meditation is in order to determine whether or not you are an incarnated angel (earth angel) and what powers you may possess naturally.

Incarnated angels powers are different than Guardian Angels Powers, in that an incarnated angel is an angelic being who is now occupying a physical body.

Or, in other words, a previous angel incarnated in human form.

Guardian angel may include any of the Archangels, such as Sandalphon, or your own spirit guides.

What Powers do Incarnated Angels Have?

what powers do incarnated angels have
What Powers do Incarnated Angels have?

Many incarnated angels are very empathic and can often have the powers and characteristics of Empaths, such as slower aging, psychic gifts, and excel in professions such as counseling.

Here are 8 fascinating incarnated angels powers:

1. Slower Aging

Because incarnated angels incarnate on Earth from the angelic realms, they are often more connected to the light of Source Consciousness, or God.

This light, which can be tapped into from sunlight, meditation, time in nature, etc., is very healing and sustaining to the physical body and the aging process.

Incarnated angels also often crave fresh Organic Whole-Foods because of their attraction to bright, beautiful things.

Eating organic whole-foods helps keep the physical body from aging as well.

2. Heightened Intuition

Another one of incarnated angels powers is heightened intuition. Incarnated angels are often empaths and Claisentient.

Many earth angels also have other psychic abilities and gifts such as Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairalience, and Claircognizance.

This power is due to the incarnated angel’s ability to hold higher vibrations of light while in the physical body.

This makes incarnated angels more sensitive to extra sensory perception E.S.P. (Sensing information by using powers beyond the 5 physical senses of touch, taste, feel, smell, or sight.

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incarnated angels powers
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3. Astral Projection

A sign of incarnated angels is often a feeling of homesickness, or loneliness.

Although some have said that incarnated angels or earth angels feel like earth life is a game, and stay happy, curious, and playful while here – I’ve experienced quite the opposite as an incarnated angel myself.

I’ve longed for “home” since I was a young child and had the ability to Astral Project when searching for home during dreams and while half-asleep.

It wasn’t until late childhood that I realized not everyone experienced this incarnated angel power, and I finally stopped telling people because they gave me wonky looks!

To read more about my story, check out my book: My Spiritual Awakening Recovery: How I Overcame Grief & Addiction to Spiritually Awaken & Create My Own Reality!

4. Vivid Dreams

Another fascinating one of incarnated angels powers is their ability to have very vivid dreams, prophetic dreams, and Lucid Dreams (where you can control the dream state).

Incarnated angels will often “fly” in dreams, meet spirit guides or other Teacher’s of Light, or experience parallel lives or realities.

I’ve done all these things in the dream state and love playing there!

5. Telepathy

telepathy is an incarnated angel power
Telepathy is a Common Power of Incarnated Angels

Telepathy is another fascinating power of incarnated angels!

Although many incarnated angels don’t know that they are actually earth angels until much later in life, their power to read other’s thoughts before they speak them is usually present in childhood.

The angelic realm and the angels who reside there do not speak with mouths the way we do. They use telepathy…

This makes is very easy for incarnated angels to finish other’s sentences before they do, or answer other’s questions before they’ve asked them.

6. Prophecy

Incarnated angels often have the gift or power of prophecy at multiple times in their life.

Usually, but not always, the power of prophecy comes through vivid dreams to the incarnated angel.

An incarnated angel may receive prophecy in the form of seeing future events before they happen, or receiving spiritual intelligence that enlightens themselves and others.

Either way, prophecy is a powerful, amazing power of incarnated angels!

To learn more about Earth Angels, or Incarnated Angels, check out this amazing book by Doreen Virtue: Earth Angels: A Pocket Guide for Incarnated Angels, Elementals, Walk-Ins, and Wizards

7. Healing

No incarnated angels powers list would be complete without the inclusion of their extraordinary ability to heal others.

Because incarnated angels are Souls from the angelic realm incarnated within the physical body – They hold more light within that physical body that Earth Souls.

Strong amounts of light channeled through an incarnated angel using the hand chakras, can be directed to free other’s energetic blockages, which promotes healing.

This makes incarnated angels excellent in the holistic healing professions such as: Chiropractors, Reiki Practitioner’s, Massage Therapists, Energy Workers, etc.

8. Counseling

Incarnated angels are both highly sensitive and empathic.

They are very forgiving, understanding, nurturing, loving and kind – Which makes them excellent counselors, friends, caregivers and guides for others.

If an incarnated angel can avoid the trap of becoming an enabler (one who tries to fix everything for someone else), they will make amazing guidance counselors, psychologists, psychic counselors, or any profession that involves listening to and giving advice to others.

Final Thoughts on 8 Fascinating INCARNATED ANGELS Powers

As an incarnated angel myself (who didn’t find out I was one until I was 36! LOL!), I know that there are amazing opportunities to use your incarnated angels powers to strengthen, uplift, guide, and heal others!

But, please, please, please, realize that as an incarnated angel – You may burn out quickly, fall into an enabler trap, or use drugs and alcohol to escape the pain you see and feel on this Earth!

This is why it is imperative to take care of yourself as an incarnated angel!

Many incarnated angels are full of light, which can attract “energy vampires”, those needing help who don’t want to do the work themselves, narcissists, and a plethora of other unwanted lower energies to drain you.

Please take the time to learn these 5 Little-Known Empath Protection Tools, 8 Life-Changing Empath Protection Secrets, and wear Empath Protection Crystals daily!

Put your own oxygen on first! Strengthen yourself daily and learn to Live a Life of Balance and Ease, and then you can fully use these incarnated angels powers to uplift and heal humanity (What you came here to do!)

As always, spread love and light!


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