Learn How to Connect to the UNIVERSAL MIND with 3 Little-Known Techniques!

If you are on a spiritual path, you may wonder “How to Connect to the Universal Mind?” Many people don’t think this is possible, but for those of you who have found this particular post, you are indeed asking the right questions!

It is very possible to achieve the spiritual connectedness states of being where tapping into Universal knowledge becomes a very real probability.

I use these 3 Universal Consciousness connection techniques often to channel information from the Universal Mind, other Teacher’s of Light, and my own spirit guides.

The information I’ve channeled has been invaluable to the direction of my life! I’ve included many of the secrets I’ve channeled over the last 8 years and hundreds of meditation sessions in my 3 books (links to 2 of which are below, and the third I’ll link to here: The Master Manifestor (Powerful, little-known MANIFESTING SECRETS from the Ascended Masters).

What is the Universal Mind?

how to connect to the universal mind
How to Connect to the Universal Mind

The Universal Mind or Universal Consciousness is an unseen, but felt by many, force that governs everything in the Universe. It holds together the energetic coding for all living beings and form to materialize and interact in not only this space/time reality, but all other possible realities and dimensions.

Is God Universal Consciousness?

Some people call Universal Mind, or Consciousness, God. Other’s use the name Source, or Source Consciousness. I tend to use the word “Source” a lot in my spiritual and meditative work, simply because this is the word that often comes to me clairaudiently.

My husband still likes and uses the word, “God”, because according to him, it is short. LOL!

I think the term “God” has become somewhat heated in recent years. People use this word in anger, in fear, and with negative connotations out of lack of understanding (as my younger self did many, many times! Oops!).

But, what I’ve learned recently is that there is an unconditionally loving force that embodies all things (including us), and is always there for us whenever we choose to ask. This loving force doesn’t judge, discriminate, oppose, oppress, or subject us to anything against our will, so we always have to ask, or pray for help when we want it.

In fact, I think this force should be called “Universal Heart” instead of “Universal Mind”, because I’ve experienced nothing but overwhelming love and support from Source Consciousness.

If you want to call Universal Mind, or Consciousness, God – I doubt this loving force will mind! If you want to call it Source Consciousness, go right ahead! But, what is important to note, is to do it with reverence and respect.

This force will never lie to you, deceive you, trick you, guilt you, or shame you into doing anything you don’t want to do. If you ever feel this way when trying to connect to the Universal Mind, please know that is NOT the true essence or nature of Source Consciousness, and simply try to tap into Universal knowledge at a later time.

It will come, be patient.

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Who Can Access the Universal Mind?

The Universal Mind of Spirit can be accessed by anyone who raises their vibration through eating a Healthy Organic Whole-Food Diet, practices Mindfulness Meditation, or uses other breathwork and spiritual practices to connect to Divine Knowledge.

Universal Consciousness doesn’t discriminate on who accesses information (Which I love! We are ALL equal!), and also helps all who ask in miraculous ways. You do not need to be a Shaman, religious prophet, full-time psychic, Pastor, or any other clergy member to receive messages from the Universal Mind of Spirit.

When we choose to consciously ask questions of the Universal Mind, miraculous and incredible Divine Guidance starts to come through!

Besides accessing the Universal Mind through my favorite meditation technique below, you may also begin to receive guidance to your questions from the spirit of Universal Mind through dreams, in symbolism or angel numbers, or other synchronicities!

How to Connect to the Universal Mind (3 Simple Ways)

what is the universal mind
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Until my very difficult and “Bizarre” Spiritual Awakening, I relied on others to tell me what was right for me. Only after I spiritually awakened, and began doing certain activities to connect to my Soul, did I begin catching glimpses of, and tapping into what I like to call Source Consciousness, but is often called “The Universal Mind”.

You can read more about my bizarre spiritual awakening, in my e-book: My Spiritual Awakening Recovery. In it, I share the manic hell I went through getting off drugs/alcohol, and how I overcame grief & addiction to spiritually awaken & create my own reality!

I began connecting in dreams and meditative visions, and realizing that Universal Mind is not only unconditionally loving and smart, but also very funny!

When I connect with Universal Consciousness in meditation, the voice that comes through my psychic hearing, or clairaudience is loud and booming, which is very different than that of my spirit guides.

Here are 3 easy ways I use to connect to the Universal Mind and tap into Universal wisdom:

1. Chanting

The idea for this post came to me in what I like to call my beautiful “Meditation Zone”. This is the space where my monkey mind stops yammering, and all I hear and am aware of is my deep circular breath.

When I got ready to write this post, the first image that popped into my 3rd eye chakra of how to tap into Universal knowledge, was that of a Native American Shaman chanting with a hand drum.

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Chanting, connects us to our Divinity or Consciousness within, which is always connected to the Universal Mind, no matter how separate or alone we sometimes feel. We never truly are, or have been, alone.

I have tried many, many chants over the years, and my favorite still remains this “Om” chant, available for free on YouTube!

2. Kundalini Yoga

kundalini yoga hand pose
Kundalini Yoga Resting Hand Pose

Connection to the Universal Mind is possible through deep meditative breathing, of course. And for that, I recommend this Ancient Meditation Technique for Reaching Higher States of Consciousness.

I use this advanced meditation technique before falling asleep, and for channeling Divine guidance on a regular basis. My meditation technique was honed through clairaudient information given to me from the Teacher’s of Light (Ascended Masters and Archangels), and the ancient meditation technique is the result!

It works very well for connecting with spiritual intelligence, lucid dreaming, and astral projection!

But, something else I stumbled upon during my spiritual awakening was Kundalini Yoga and Breath of Fire! Kundalini Yoga combines breathing techniques like breath of fire with mindful body movements to create an energetic body chakra clearing, and in some cases, a Kundalini awakening!

Despite the recent shake-ups in the Kundalini Yoga world (sadly, reports of abuse and deception about where Kundalini Yoga came from), I still find the breathing with body movements very helpful in connecting to my intuition!

My favorite free resource for practicing Kundalini Yoga and Breath of Fire is a Kundalini Yoga set called “Awakening to your Ten Bodies“.

If the thought of Kundalini Yoga puts you off because of the recent issues, you can try Tai Chi, or simply search for Breath of Fire breathing exercises (which are by far my favorite breath work for connecting with Universal intelligence!)

3. Universal Mind Meditation

When learning how to connect to the Universal Mind, I found a gem of a resource for activating the living light body, called MasteringAlchemy.com.

I include the Sacred Geometry Merkaba Activation, and the 5th Dimensional transpersonal (outside of the body) chakra system activations in my e-book: How to Ascend to the 5th Dimension: Where ANYTHING You Want – YOU GOT IT!

how to ascend to the 5th dimension
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To activate your upper triad 5th dimensional chakra system, first activate your Merkaba Sacred Geometry, or Star Tetrahedron. You may also use Metatron’s Cube Sacred Geometry as well!

how to tap into the universal mind
How to Tap into the Universal Mind

Next, spin and activate your crown chakra at the top of your head. Visualize a golden ball of light spinning directly halfway into your head and extending out the top.

Say, “Spin and activate my crown chakra”.

Next, spin and activate your 8th chakra located about 12 inches (roughly 30 cm) directly above your head. Visualize a golden ball of light spinning in this location.

Say, “Spin and activate my 8th chakra”.

Next, spin and activate your Soul Star chakra located to the left of the 8th chakra, then slightly forward, and up about 6 inches (roughly 15 more cm) from it.

Say, “Spin and activate my Soul Star chakra”.

Once these three chakras are activated (2 of them transpersonal), it forms a 5th dimensional chakra triad, or triangle, above your head.

Once activated, you can then ask a question of Source Consciousness, or Universal Mind, start practicing your Ancient Meditation Technique Breath, and wait for an answer.

Be very patient!

I don’t always get an answer to my question immediately. And, sometimes I receive answers to questions I didn’t directly ask in that moment, or at all for that matter! But, they are answers that help my life in magical ways!

Final Thoughts on How to Connect to the UNIVERSAL MIND (Tap into Universal Knowledge)

Connecting to the Universal Mind of Spirit, or Universal Consciousness, is always available to us, especially when we ask and begin to strengthen our psychic or intuitive abilities through prayer, Grounding Yourself Spiritually, meditation, yoga, healthy organic whole foods, or time in nature.

My favorite means of tapping into Universal knowledge is to turn on my Merkaba (Star Tetrahedron), and then activate my upper dimensional chakra triangle (or #3).

I then simply fall asleep while doing my ancient meditation technique, or “ocean breath” breathing. As I fall asleep, all sorts of answers to my questions come to me either clairaudiently or clairvoyantly!

I’ll then pop awake and jot these images and answers down in a notebook or my phone notes!

Remember to be patient with yourself and open-minded to the information coming through, as some of it may not immediately make sense to your current belief system or your rational mind.

Just remember to be playful, curious, and know that you don’t have to piece it all together right away!

As always, spread love and light!


Have you used any of these techniques on how to connect to the Universal Mind and had a cool experience? Do you have any other tips for how to tap into the Universal Mind? Or how to access the Universal Mind? Do you have any clearer definitions for what is the Universal Mind, or Universal Consciousness? Please share to social media and comment below!

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