5 Life-Changing Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness

Are you new to mindfulness? Are you wondering what mindfulness even is? Or what the benefits of mindfulness are? What are the ways to practice mindfulness? Here is a list of five mind-blowing mindfulness benefits!

I spiritually awakened about twelve years ago. Since then, I’ve learned to communicate with my Spirit Guides and receive Divine Guidance during meditation.

One thing that has come up over and over and over and over… Has been to practice mindfulness.

What is Mindfulness?

 Mindfulness is being present. It is paying attention to the now moment and fully being aware of what you are doing right now.

It sounded simple enough to me at the time! (LOL!)

But, learning mindfulness has turned out to be the most difficult thing I’ve ever tried to do!

 When you practice being mindful, you keep your mind centered within your physical body. You stop obsessing over past mistakes and don’t worry about the future – You are here, now.

Mindfulness Benefits
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5 Mind-Blowing Mindfulness Benefits

Mindfulness Benefit #1: Mindfulness Puts you in the 5th Dimension

If you are interested in learning to manifest your dreams and desires, being in the 5th dimension is the way to go!

One day, while meditating, I heard the song, “Anything you want, you got it. Anything you need, you got it. Anything at all, you got it.”

I got super excited until I asked, “Anything?” And heard, “Yes, anything. From a fifth dimensional platform.”

Then I deflated a little more when I asked how I could stay in the fifth dimension. The answer I got was, “Practice mindfulness.”

So, I’ve been practicing mindfulness! For five years! Mindfulness meditation and all-day mindfulness activities! Anything to try to get my mind not to wander.

And, I’ve still not mastered staying in the present all the time. But, I continue to practice, practice, practice… Because the things I’ve visualized are indeed coming true!

Focusing your awareness fully in the present moment and being in the fifth dimension is as simple as focusing on your breath and bringing your attention point inside the frame of your body.

It is simple to do, but it is not easy. Your mind has been wandering aimlessly for many years! And for the most part you’ve been largely unaware of your thoughts.

Now, that you understand thoughts are things, you’re attempting to wrangle your mind and it does not want to be wrangled!

No matter, continue to practice, practice, practice!

And your dreams, desires, and visualizations will begin to manifest much faster as you learn to stop the worries and swirling thoughts that block manifestation of your true desires.

Yes, you can manifest more money! Or manifest free vacations, new jobs, that great new blender you’ve had your eye on, the sky is the limit!

For helpful Manifestation Tips, visit: How I Manifest Whatever I want with Ascended Masters Secrets

Mindfulness Benefit #2: Mindfulness Eases Stress, Therefore Slowing the Aging Process

Know any stressed-out people?

I sure do. And they don’t look great. Everybody knows stress ages us and is extremely hard on our whole entire system.

When we are stressed, we don’t sleep well. Stress hormones go into overtime and cause us to gain weight.

Our glands have a hard time continually producing hormones to deal with the constant stress, and we are left tired, overweight, and overwhelmed.

Anyway you slice it, stress is extremely hard on us mentally, physically and emotionally.

This often manifests physically as disease or dis – ease. In other words, you are not at ease. This allows for illness to take hold in our physical bodies.

We often stress over the past when there is nothing to do to change it, so why worry?

Then, we stress over what may come in the future, and unknowingly manifest the very thing we are placing our attention on using The Law of Attraction.

Staying mindful, in the present moment is a great way to reduce stress and focus on what’s right in front of you.

This helps you to take the necessary steps you can do today to improve your life and manifest a more desired future.

For more information on The Law of Attraction and manifesting techniques, visit: What is the Law of Attraction? I visualized Hawaii for a year…

Mindfulness Benefit #3: Mindfulness Makes Injuries Less Likely

I’ve done it a hundred times. Cut myself, burned myself, or fell, because I wasn’t paying attention.

I get bored cutting vegetables for the millionth time while making dinner and into the knife my finger goes.

One way I’ve found to counteract this is to say, “I’m present. I’m present. I’m present.”

At least while cutting the vegetables or putting things into the oven!

Another way that helps me stay mindful during repetitive tasks like dishes and cooking is to listen to music while doing it.

I listen to music that uplifts me and that I truly enjoy. This helps me want to stay present and keeps my mind from wandering while doing boring crap.

Mindfulness Benefit #4: Mindfulness Stops You from Regretting the Past and Worrying About the Future

As I stated before, The Law of Attraction states that you get whatever you continually focus your attention on, flawlessly.

 We are all powerful Creator Beings, with the power to create worlds inside of us!

Mindfully focusing in the present keeps you from creating undesirable future outcomes.

Practicing mindfulness stops your mind from yammering on all the live long day about things that you can’t change.

Being mindful saves your mental energy and is very healing to the physical and mental bodies.

How many times have you practiced having conversations or arguments in your head before you actually have the argument or conversation?

And, how many times does the conversation or argument go exactly as it did in your head?

Pretty much never, right?

It is pointless to have future conversations or arguments that never go as you envision.

This leaves you depleted and opens you up to pulling that very uncomfortable conversation to yourself.

Just don’t do it!

Mindfulness Benefit #5: You Make Better Choices When You Practice Mindfulness

Instead of being reactionary to things that happen to you, you can pause, take a breath and make a better proactive choice in present time.

When someone cuts you off in traffic, your go-to reaction may be to throw a tantrum and go insane.

But what if you are present and gracious instead?

What if you pause, take a moment, realize you have more choices than just emotional reaction, and choose more wisely?

What if that person you are about to flip off turns out to be your new potential boss that you’re on your way to meet?

And instead of doing what you’ve always done and giving in to the road rage, you realize they probably cut you off because their mind wasn’t fully focused in the present?

Somewhere in the midst of this crazy awakening process and trying to be in charge of my every thought, action and emotion, I realized some of my thoughts, actions, and emotions were simply on a loop.

For example, once a month, feelings of unworthiness and wanting to quit life inevitably surface.

Instead of asking myself why, I immediately would react negatively to the unwanted emotions.

I’d push, fight, and then give in. Telling myself things like, “Of course I can’t do this.” And, “I should have given up sooner.”

This month, I’m more present than I’ve ever been, due to practice.

When these feelings inevitably surfaced, I asked myself, “Why?”

I realized these feelings surface when I have PMS! I was never aware of myself enough before to be present, pause, and ask where feelings were coming from.

So instead of reacting and giving in to the negative self-talk, I responded from a present-time awareness.

I bumped up my nutrition to help balance my hormone levels and went outside to get lots of air and sunshine.

This month, I refused to let these same feelings bowl me over and take me down for a week until I magically felt better equipped to deal with the emotions.

I took action and responded proactively, rather than reacting negatively.

And now, if those feelings come up again, I’ll know how to better respond and hopefully do it out of habit, therefore creating a better future.

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How to Stay in the Present and Practice Mindfulness

When you feel your mind wandering, bring your focus back to your breath.

Really listen to your breath. Let it guide you. You can also listen for your heartbeat and let it guide you as well.

Practice Mindfulness Meditation.

Any form will do. I started with guided meditations to keep my mind from wandering, but now prefer mindfulness meditation to receive messages or just take a break from thought.

Mindfulness meditation also declutters the mind and strengthens your connection to Spirit.

Make boring chores fun!

You can play music and dance while doing laundry or the dishes.

Change up your routine and try new things. Odds are, your mind started wandering because you became bored and stagnant.

Change can be scary, but stagnancy is death. Don’t be afraid to try new foods, take a dance class, ask that special someone on a date, or sing out loud at the top of your lungs on your drive home!

We were meant to live life to the fullest. When we’re bored and not challenged, our minds wander. Staying present will let you realize where you’ve let your life go stale and make changes accordingly.

Live life one day at a time.

Yes, I stole this from Alcoholics Anonymous, but it holds true for everyone, even non-addicts.

As I fall asleep at night, sometimes I get all riled up thinking about what I have to do the next day, and before Friday, and next month, and how am I ever going to get this deadline accomplished?

And pretty soon, I’m stressed, frustrated, and overwhelmed. I have to remind myself that things look easier in the light of day, after a good night’s sleep.

When I take life one step at a time, one day at a time, and bring my mind back to the present; I feel my stress instantly melt away.

Each time I remind myself to return to the present, the stress subsides, and I can breathe again. This is an excellent skill to learn since stress is so damaging and aging to the physical body.

Just remember, the only task you need to concern yourself with is the task at hand. This reduces stress and keeps you from manifesting unconsciously.

Use the word “clarity” in your positive affirmations.

Firmly impress the word in your mind. See the word enter the center of your head and hold it there for a few moments.

Try making holy water with the word clarity written on the bottle.

Water can be charged in sun or moonlight, or directly blessed by you.

There are many ways to make holy water, but I use this one with filtered water and sea salt: YouTube – Make Holy Water

I use holy water for many things including: Natural Cough and Cold Remedies for Babies and Toddlers. It works wonders!

Also, experiences and things you’re trying to manifest, have a hard time coming to you when the awareness of your being is held outside your physical body.

So, practice, practice, practice. It is definitely worth it!


Watch Less Television

Our thoughts get cluttered with too much television, making it hard to focus and practice mindfulness.

I often find my mind wandering to television shows I’ve watched too much. Then I have to wrestle my mind back to the present.

Television does nothing to strengthen the mind. But according to Lifehack.org, reading improves concentration, memory, and focus!

Try replacing even an hour of television watching a week with reading a book and you will reap all the benefits for your mind!

Final Thoughts on The Benefits of Mindfulness

When we learn mindfulness, we unlock a huge key to the kingdom of remembering who we truly are.

We are competent, capable, powerful creators, who came to this Earth to have a physical experience and learn to create with form!

This can be heaven, or it can be hell!

I think we’ve all experienced both of these while being alive!

By learning to be present, we unlock our potential for new choices, keep stress at bay, and strengthen our ability to create our ideal life!

Practicing mindfulness can be frustrating, but it is an essential step on the path to becoming a Master Creator.

Mindfulness is also a basic requirement for ascending to the fifth dimension, where all your dreams come true.

As always, remember to go easy on yourself as you train your mind to be present and practice mindfulness.

It took a long time for your mind to be undisciplined and unfocused.

And it will take a long time for you to wrangle your monkey mind into being present.

Learn the simple, yet powerful skill of mindfulness and you will harness the power of the mind to direct your intentions and begin to experience creation without limits!

Remember the song, “Anything you want, you’ve got it! Anything you need, you’ve got it! Anything at all, you’ve got it!” to remind you to be mindful. (It’s now my ring tone!)

How do you practice Mindfulness? How has Mindfulness helped you in your daily life? Do you use Mindfulness to strengthen your manifesting abilities? Please share and comment below!

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  2. Jamie,

    These are excellent reminders of why mindfulness is so essential to daily life. I have started a daily practice that I sometimes miss, but I know it helps me reduce stress and sleep better so I can feel the effects right away. I have been bringing more mindfulness into my classroom and trying to help kids manage stress in their lives too. It makes a huge difference! Preparation and planning work best when bringing mindfulness to children, like in this post:


    Thanks again for sharing these great reminders on the benefits of mindfulness for everyone. 🙂

    • Thanks Maia!

      I use mindfulness to help with stress, anxiety, and depression, but don’t always get around to practicing daily mindfulness meditation either! LOL! I try to be mindful throughout my day regardless of whether I sit down to meditate or not. I try to really pay attention to each taste, touch, and smell as I move about my day to keep me present and focused. This really helps with my stress levels!

      I love the idea of teaching mindfulness to children! It has helped me sooo much that it makes sense to pass the habit along to my kids… I will definitely check out your post for ideas on how to do this with my 3 year old who has the attention span of a goldfish!


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