7 Ideal Ways to REMEMBER DREAMS (And Why You Should!)

Fascinated by dreams? Wondering how to remember dreams better and use them to guide your life? I was in the same boat!

By the end of this post, you’ll understand why you dream, when you dream, why you can’t remember dreams, and how to remember dreams better to guide your life!

Dream recall has been studied for centuries throughout every culture in the world. The fascination of remembering dreams seems to be as old as time itself.

“American Indians believe that the Great Spirit gives dreams to guide and inspire the soul. Although we spend approximately one third of our lives in sleep, few of us really understand the processes of sleep and dreaming, nor do we realize the tremendous importance of dreams in our spiritual growth and daily affairs.” [2007 (1). The Mystical Magical Marvelous World of Dreams.]

Each night as we sleep, we find ourselves dreaming in foreign places and acting out scenarios that are either known or unknown to us while fully awake.

how to remember dreams
Dreams can take us to other galaxies, worlds, and dimensions!

Sometimes dreams take us to what seem like other galaxies, worlds, or dimensions. While other dreams introduce us to new people and otherworldly beings.

But, what are dreams and why do we have them?

What are Dreams?

Scientists have discovered that dreams occur mostly during the Alpha and Theta brainwave states. As we sleep, our brain slows to a much slower cycle per second (cps), or brainwave state.

Alpha can range anywhere between 8-14 cps and Theta ranges between 4-7 cps.

These slower cycles per second of brainwave activity is where scientists have discovered dreams to take place.

After falling asleep, we drift in and out of alpha and theta states very easily. This is where “altered states of consciousness” are said to begin. [2007 (11). The Mystical Magical Marvelous World of Dreams.]

Finally, we’ll fall into a deep Delta sleep state (roughly .5 – 3.5 cycles per second, or cps). The Delta brainwave state is the deepest level of sleep where many researchers believe, dreams do not happen. [2007 (11 – 13). The Mystical Magical Marvelous World of Dreams.]

The deep Delta sleep cycle is where our bodies repair and renew themselves. [2007 (13). The Mystical Magical Marvelous World of Dreams.]

After our Delta cycle is complete (roughly 90 minutes into sleep), we cycle back through Theta and Alpha sleep cycles. This is where Rapid Eye Movement, or REM sleep is said to occur, and our crazy, beautiful world of dreaming begins!

Dreams can come in the form of pictures, memories, scenarios or feelings. Dreams can be vivid, euphoric, scary or even feel as real as waking life (such as in lucid dreams).

Dreams are an environment that allow your Soul to learn, grow and freely create (without physical or Law of Attraction consequences).

What is the Purpose of Dreams?

The true purpose of dreams is learning, which is why many want to learn to remember their dreams better. Dreams help many people find their life purpose, problem solve, release past pain and work through fears.

Dreams can also allow you to connect with departed loved ones, spirit guides, animal totems, or even discover past lives.

how to remember your dreams better
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I often use my dreams and dream recall to help me sort through challenging relationships. Also, when I get stumped in my life, I’ll ask for help and am often shown the answer in dreams or visions.

What Causes you to Remember Dreams?

According to a study by the International Journal of Dream Research, there is some “Apparent overlap between dream recall and waking memory.

The better you remember details while awake, the better you’ll remember your dreams.

They also found that those who cared more about their dreams and were motivated to understand their dreams, remembered them more.

Another study published in the Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, found that light sleepers may recall their dreams better than heavy sleepers, as they wake often during the night.

The same study also found that waking more in the night gives the brain greater opportunity to encode dreams into long term memory.

Why is it so Hard to Remember Dreams?

Some people rarely remember their dreams, while others easily remember theirs! There may be a spiritual reason for not remembering dreams…

When we dream, it is possible we are entering other dimensions, realities, and higher levels of conscious awareness.

We sometimes go beyond the veil in dreams to connect with our Souls and higher selves. Since our waking minds are veiled from the full awareness of these, it is understandable that dreams may be hard to retain.

remember your dreams
Receiving information from your Soul or Higher Self while dreaming

Another reason for dreams being hard to recall, may be suggested in the same study from above: Those who care more about dreams and dream study, seem to remember them more.

Why You Should Want to Remember Your Dreams?

Dreams can be Divine guidance, that when interpreted correctly, will open the windows to your Soul. We came here to experience life beyond the veil, for a crash course in learning and growth.

But this fast track to Soul learning can be painful, confusing and sometimes just downright ugly. If we veer too far from our life purpose or Soul mission, life can be unbearable.

Dreams can provide answers and much-needed information held within your Soul and auric field (the electromagnetic field about an arm’s length around your physical body).

aura surrounding physical body
Rough size of aura surrounding your physical body

Say, you dreamt that you were pregnant, and after confirming that you were not, you looked to dream interpretation to find out other possible meanings.

I have dreamt of being pregnant more times than I can count, but have only been physically pregnant, twice.

This is because my Soul or higher self was trying to get a message through to me! The Universe often speaks to us through symbolism, which is less heavy and dense than words and emotions.

I’m human and often get annoyed that this is so! Symbolism seems like rhymes and riddles that I don’t have the key or legend for.

However, as I’ve worked with dreams and dream decoding for many years, I’ve started to actually enjoy it! There are many free dream dictionaries online to find possible meanings to your dreams.

There are dream symbols that pop up over and over for me, like the pregnancy dream example above, which simply means that you are pregnant with an idea.

And, if you dream that you’re about to give birth or are giving birth, your idea is being physically manifested into the world.

I was terrified of pregnancy dreams but found out that pregnancy dreams where you are giving birth or in your third trimester are great dreams to have!

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Why you May be Remembering your Dreams Lately

Maybe your dreams have been very vivid lately. Or maybe you are suddenly remembering old dreams or current dreams with much greater detail.

Many who couldn’t remember their dreams before will suddenly report remembering them better and more easily! Also, they’ll report remembering their dreams more vividly!

This can be a very common sign of a Spiritual Awakening or Spiritual Ascension. I had the most beautiful, vivid, fascinating dreams while I was going through my spiritual awakening and ascension process to the 5th Dimension.

Suddenly, I began to remember dreams much better! I also started retaining some of the bliss and euphoria I felt while in the realistic or lucid dream!

The Universe was desperately trying to get my attention and make me take notice through vivid dreams, lucid dreams and sending Archangels to meet and guide me.

And, I am super glad I listened to the guidance sent to me in dreams! I was so lost without them!

Another possible reason you are suddenly remembering your dreams is that you are waking up more frequently.

Maybe you have a newborn baby, are urinating more frequently or are stressing about work. I often have more lucid dreams and astral projections when I sleep out of town and am waking up a lot in the night.

Meditation to Remember Dreams

As I practice this Ancient Meditation for Reaching Higher Consciousness, I’ll often remember dreams from years ago! Or, even pieces of my life I haven’t thought about in years!

This meditation is my go-to for all things spiritual and dream-related and it gets me into a deep trance-like Alpha or Theta brainwave state much faster than any other dream technique I’ve tried.

Once my brain drops into an Alpha or Theta sleep cycle, I am able to receive symbols from the Universe answering my questions, without actually having to be asleep.

This makes it much easier to remember the dream guidance when you pop out of meditation!

Learning and practicing this meditation to receive Divine guidance through dream symbols without having the challenge of dream recall, has changed my life in miraculous ways.

How to Remember Dreams

I had become very stuck in my life during the day! I couldn’t hold down a job, my relationships were a mess and I drank too much because I refused to deal with unhealed grief from my fiancé dying.

In other words, I was depressed, lonely and struggling to find my life purpose. I figured if I was clueless while awake, maybe I could find answers from my Soul while asleep.

I have been Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projecting my whole life, but this was different, I needed real direction and guidance.

So, I began delving into the deeper spiritual meaning of my dreams to find a better path for my life…

I started meditating more to practice being in the in-between sleeping and waking state, where dreams are most likely to be remembered.

I also started setting an alarm for about 90 minutes before I’d normally wake up (when REM sleep is said to occur), to catch myself while dreaming. [2007 (11). The Mystical Magical Marvelous World of Dreams.]

After practicing dream recall and remembrance for the last 10 years, these are all my favorite ways to remember your dreams! Maybe even tonight!

Tips for Remembering Your Dreams Better

Write your Intention, Questions or Problems Down Before Going to Bed

This dream remembrance tip is one of my favorites for receiving guidance from your dreams. You are sending a powerful intention to the Universe and your Soul, that you’d like a specific answer or experience while dreaming.

Write down your intention, question or problem on a piece of paper before bed. I also found it helpful to fold the paper and put it under my pillow or in my pillowcase.

Then, remember the question and repeat it over and over before or while falling asleep. By setting a specific intention to receive dream information and trying to determine the answer when waking, you create a pattern for dream recall.

This tells your brain you would like to begin paying more attention to your dreams and helps your brain retain the dreams that are answers to your questions.

Use Dream Recall Affirmations Before Falling Asleep

Along the same lines of setting powerful intentions for receiving dream answers, dream recall affirmations are just another tool in that toolbox.

Use affirmations before bed, such as:

“I will remember my dreams.”

“When I sleep, deep wisdom arrives to guide me.”

“I will be led to the proper resource for interpreting my dreams correctly.”

“I will awake with perfect recall of my dreams and know what they mean.”

Set an Alarm for an Hour and a Half before you Normally Wake Up

The sleep cycle for dreaming (REM), is said to happen every 90 minutes throughout the night. If you set an alarm to wake you 90 minutes after going to bed, you are likely to catch yourself dreaming and remember it when written down.

However, I preferred setting an alarm 90 minutes before my normal waking time. This way, I could ensure I would be in a REM dream cycle as I woke and wouldn’t have to write my dream down in the middle of the night!

Use a Dream Recall Crystal

Certain crystals are said to help the user remember dreams with more clarity. One such crystal is Dream Quartz.

Dream Quartz’s “prehnite mineral inclusions will help in your communication with the spiritual realm, as prehnite is a stone of unconditional love and is said to connect to the archangel Raphael.”

I’ve never personally tried Dream Quartz, but I do keep an Amethyst Geode Cluster by my bed to assist with remembering dreams, lucid dreaming and Opening my Third-Eye Chakra while falling asleep!

Amethyst “allows us to let go and enables messages to come through our third eye, making communication clearer and allowing for a better memory so we can better interpret our dreams.

Keep a Dream Journal

Remember Your Dreams Better by Keeping a Dream Journal

The best way to remember dreams when you wake up is by writing them down. Sometimes, the dream will be so fresh in your mind, that you think you don’t need to write it down, but an hour later you’ll have forgotten it!

I bought a Dream Interpretation Book and began keeping a Dream Journal years ago when I needed extra life guidance.

And, I am sooo glad I did! I found a wonderful husband, have two amazing kids, started this website and healed my physical body – All because of guidance given to me in dreams!

Research and Interpret Your Dreams Upon Waking

I found it incredibly helpful to write down my dream upon waking in a journal and also research the meaning at the same time.

This way, I still had the feeling of the dream I was experiencing while I researched it. Most all dream recollection websites and books come with some ambiguity on the exact meaning of dreams.

Most dream symbol resources will take into account how you felt during the dream. This is a huge part of being able to recall and decode your dreams correctly!

Pray for Help Remembering and Understanding your Dreams

While never a popular answer or one that I’ve found written many places on the internet, prayer is another powerful way to set dream intentions and receive help.

When I ask the Universe, God, Source, my spirit guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters or whoever you subscribe to for assistance, it is as if the floodgates for helpful information can now be opened wide!

I have found it no different for recalling dreams and interpreting them correctly!

Beautiful angels and Teacher’s of Light love us unconditionally and will always be available to guide us, when asked (due to free will).

Tips for Interpreting Your Dreams Better

As you strengthen your dream remembrance skills, you will also get better at interpreting them for your life.

Dreams are as unique to the dreamer as a fingerprint and sometimes can be difficult to translate!

Learning to remember dreams is just the beginning of true dream work. After all, what good is remembering your dreams if you don’t understand what they are trying to teach?

Besides the books, Remembering and Understanding Your Dreams and The Mystical Magical Marvelous World of Dreams, I also use this online dream dictionary for dream interpretation.

The online dream library is a great free resource for searching dream meanings quickly and I’ve found the shorter definitions to work well for me.

I highly recommend both of these books as great resources for interpreting your dreams. They both are not only wonderful guides for dream symbolism, but they also go over different types of dreams as well.

Also, Remembering and Understanding Your Dreams has fun sections that include famous dreamers and how dreams improved their lives in some way, shape or form!

Remember, a huge part of dream interpretation is contingent on how you felt during the dream. A really good dream journal, such as this one, will include space to journal the emotion you felt while dreaming.

Do you remember your dreams well? Have you had a dream that has improved your life in some way? Do you have any tips on how to remember your dreams better? Please share and comment!

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