THE BEST Natural Bug Spray (Safe for Babies & Toddlers Too!)

Looking for an all natural, organic, safe, and effective bug spray? Well, you’re in luck, because so was I! Get ready for my honest review of THE BEST Natural Bug Spray!

Mosquitoes love me, like literally love me! They fly right past my husband to bite yours truly!

On our family trip to Hawaii, giant, fat, overfed mosquitoes who loved to feast on tourists hardly bothered my 7-month old baby to chase me down the mountain we were hiking!

I sprayed the natural bug spray we had found online hoping for some relief – and nothing!

Mosquitoes and bugs can ruin summer vacation faster than anything! They buzz past your ears, itch, and there’s the added risk of contracting diseases from the bite! Yikes!

best natural bug spray for kids
BEST Natural Bug Spray for Mosquitoes!

So, not all natural bug repellents are created equal!

I’ve used a few, and finally found one that really works for me! Plus, it’s organic and super cheap!

I couldn’t be more ecstatic!

My Honest Review of Natural Bug Sprays (Safe for Kids and Toddlers Too!)

I can only review the natural bug sprays I’ve tried, since this is an honest review. I always like to read reviews of things people have actually tried.

These are natural, organic, deet-free alternatives to bug sprays like OFF. After all, what goes on your body is as important as what you put into it.

DEET is a chemical intended to kill that can have negative side effects, especially for children.

I used OFF bug repellent all growing up and it worked very well. But, that was before anyone knew any better.

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best natural bug spray
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The BEST Natural Bug Sprays

Lemongrass Essential Oil

I absolutely looove essential oils for so many things and use many of them for aches, pains, in a diffuser, and for skin problems…

I still highly recommend this brand of essential oils! They are not nearly as expensive as Do Terra, or Young Living… And are organic and really high quality!

However, I tried lemongrass essential oil with Organic Coconut Oil That’s in a Genius Squeezable Bottle as a carrier oil, and the mosquitoes still chased me!

It may work for other things, but I wouldn’t use it again if I really want something to keep mosquitoes off me.

Citronella Candle

I’ve used these in the backyard and camping. The problem with these if you have to sit right next to it and mosquitoes still just came and bit the back of me while sitting by it.

Not very effective camping, in my opinion, but I’d definitely try in the yard again for a quick summer barbecue!

These ones are at least super pretty! But, I wouldn’t count on their protection camping!

Sawyer Picaridin Insect Repellent

Remember my previously mentioned mad dash down the mountain in Hawaii from mosquitoes the size of nickels?

Sawyer Picaridin Insect Repellent is what I used there! It did not work very well, if at all.

Which sucks! Because I read good reviews about it. I wanted to looove this product! I was very disappointed and itchy the rest of that family trip!

It contains a chemical called picaridin that is supposed to mimic black pepper extract.

It may be better than DEET, it may not be, but it is still a chemical too. And, a chemical that simply didn’t stop any mosquitoes from my apparently irresistibly soft skin.

best organic bug spray

So, what is THE BEST Natural Bug Spray That Works? And is safe for toddlers, kids, and babies over 6 months old?…

I finally found my favorite natural and organic bug spray that works! It is safe for kids, toddlers, and babies over 6 months old! (So, of course, I put it on my 7-month old (avoiding her eyes and nose), and she did great!

This natural mosquito repellent didn’t even bother my 7-month-old baby’s delicate rash-prone skin!

What is the BEST Natural Bug Spray (Safe for Toddlers & Babies Too!)

This is the BEST DEET-free natural, organic, bug repellent I have ever used! This DEET-FREE natural bug repellent is from Greenerways Organic and I found it on Amazon!

It is also surprisingly affordable!

This worked very well for my whole family! A 3-day outing into the deep woods filled with mosquitoes? Not one bite!

A family hot dog roast by a river covered with mosquitoes? Not one bite!

I also haven’t had any issues with it staining my clothes!

Now, I feel like this wouldn’t be a totally honest review if I didn’t express the cons…

For one, it has soap in it with an essential oil blend. The soapy smell is a little weird at first, but not nearly as strong as DEET repellents or full-strength essential oils.

One of the smaller bottle lids leaked a little when on it’s side, however we had no problem with the larger size with curved handle leaking.

Final Thoughts on THE BEST Natural Safe Bug Spray

Well, there you have it. My honest review of what finally works for me and my whole family! Worked great on our clothes, gear, and a 7-month old baby, 2-year old toddler, me (who mosquitoes just love), and my husband!

This organic bug repellent spray was easily affordable, natural, organic, and best of all, safe for babies!

I am over the moon for this product and don’t have much reason to switch to anything else!

(And in case you are wondering, this isn’t a sponsored post. Just wanted to share what I finally found that worked for me!)

This has worked great for me and my family this summer! And, I think it would even be a great natural bug spray for pregnant women as well, since it is all natural and organic…

Although, I’ve personally never tried it pregnant. But, if it was safe enough for my 7-month old baby, I think it would be fine for a pregnant woman.

Just, use your own discretion on this and don’t use the product if you are allergic to any of its ingredients!

Have you tried any of these natural bug repellents? How have they worked for you? What other natural bug sprays have you used for you and your family? Any tips? Please like us on social media, share, or comment below!

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