How to Practice Time Travel Meditation (With Your Mind)

Yes, it is possible to practice time travel meditation! I’ve done it, and so can you with a light body activation, the intention to time travel through meditation, and practice.

The mind, or your consciousness, is a very powerful tool that is not stuck in linear time, as we perceive it.

The records of your Soul have been kept (and continue to be kept) in the Akashic Records, and will show you details of your future, past, past lives, and alternate timelines if you know how to access them through meditation.

Time Travel Meditation FAQ

Is Time Travel Possible through Meditation?

time travel meditation
Time Travel Meditation

Time travel is possible during meditation, and I myself have done it several times. I’ve traveled back in time, to the future, and also to alternate timelines.

People often wonder if meditation time travel is possible and how to time travel in meditation. They also wonder if you can do an open eye meditation time travel.

I have never done an open eye time travel meditation simply because it is harder to get into the “Meditation Zone” necessary for accessing your time travel records during meditation. I’m sure it is possible, but probably takes much more practice.

Can Bad Things Happen on Time Travel Meditation?

time travel through meditation
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You may see something during your time travel meditation that scares or excites you enough to pull you out of “viewing” your past or future self.

But, the key word here is “viewing”. You are safe within your physical body in your home, or wherever you’ve chosen to do your time travel meditation.

Your consciousness will safely return to your body once you are done traveling to the past with your mind (or the future).

When you begin working with your Akashic Records and 8th Chakras, you may be fearful that you’ll see something bad, painful, or scary during your time travel meditation.

Time travel meditation IS NOT inherently evil, or bad, or will otherwise harm your physical body in any way.

I ALWAYS ask Archangel Michael to protect me while I am practicing my meditation to time travel.

How to Travel Back in Time with your Mind

Time traveling to the past with your mind can be done in a variety of ways. When I first time traveled during meditation, it was an accident.

Since then, I’ve traveled to the past, past lives, alternate timelines, and future timelines (so I could change the course of my life in the present for the better).

Here are the specific steps I’ve taken now when I wish to see the past through meditation, the future, or even past lives, and alternate timelines.

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1. Activate Your Star Tetrahedron (Merkaba)

How to travel back in time with your mind
How to travel back in time with your mind

When I began working with the Teacher’s of Light clairaudiently, they told me to help others “Activate their cars”.

When I asked what was meant by “their cars”, the answer I received was “sacred geometry”.

Sacred geometry can be activated by each individual (if they choose to do so). This is the geometry that was lost at the fall of consciousness and is not automatically turned on around those of us who have been living in a 3rd Dimensional Consciousness.

Examples of the sacred geometry that are now available to be activated by us are the Octahedron, Star Tetrahedron (Merkaba), and Metatron’s Cube.

When used, sacred geometric structures provide a “container” to house our auric fields. They provide stability, structure, and lessen the noise and energies of others bouncing off us all the time.

Sacred geometric structures are particularly important for highly sensitive people and Empaths to activate, as this will greatly reduce the pain they feel from others emotions.

I include how to activate your Star Tetrahedron in my $5 E-Book, How to Ascend to the 5th Dimension: Where ANYTHING You Want – YOU GOT IT!

how to ascend to the 5th dimension
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And, there are also many free YouTube videos for activating it as well.

The Star Tetrahedron is also used for traveling off-world just before sleep, including how to time travel with your mind, and remote viewing (which I cover in further detail in my Mastering Astral Projection post).

2. Ask for Time Travel Meditation Guidance & Protection

When you are using the mind to travel back in time, or forwards in time, or wherever you’d like to view, please always ask for protection.

I pray to Source Consciousness and ask that Archangel Michael and my spirit guides surround me with protection and love while I practice my meditation time travel exercises.

I also surround myself with white light and Empath Protection Crystals to further cement in the protection while time traveling. (I don’t want to take any chances.)

I also pray for guides to assist me in making my time travel meditation a success. I specifically ask to “see” what I need to from the past that is holding me back in the present, or what I need to know about the future, or ask to “see” any past lives that may be holding be back.

This is called “setting an intention” and is important to set-up your time travel meditation.

This lets the Universe, your guides, your Soul, and Archangel Azrael (who assists with accessing your Akashic records to make time travel meditation possible) know what it is that you’d like to “see”, learn, or experience while you time travel through meditation.

3. Learn the Ancient Meditation for Reaching Higher States of Consciousness

meditation time travel
Meditation Time Travel

After my near-death experience and being brought back to life highly Clairaudient, I began meditating to begin a very long spiritual awakening recovery process.

You can read more of my story in my E-Book: My Spiritual Awakening Recovery: How I Overcame Grief & Addiction to Spiritually Awaken & Create My Own Reality!

I did this for years before I finally asked the Teacher’s of Light for meditation tips!

Turns out, I was doing it wrong! Or maybe not wrong, per se, but I wasn’t meditating to the fullness of my ability.

The Teacher’s of Light suggested an Ancient way of meditation that many meditation gurus and Masters have practiced for centuries.

This Ancient Meditation for Reaching Higher States of Consciousness will supercharge your meditation practice, get you into the deep “Meditation Zone” sooner, and helps to fully turn off your rational mind.

Learn this advanced meditation technique, bookmark it, practice it, and use it during all your spiritual practices such as Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Time Traveling Through Meditation, or any other Akashic Record reading.

3. Practice the Ancient Meditation and Your Pranayama Breathing Often

Even when I am not attempting to time travel through meditation, I practice the ancient meditation technique often.

I usually do this before bed since it helps me slow my mind and fall asleep without the use of prescription drugs (which I used to be addicted to).

This practice allows me to get into the “Meditation Zone” which I go into more in-depth in this Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness Meditation post.

When you get into the “Meditation Zone” or some call it “The Void”, your rational mind stops talking. You become one with your breath, and your ability to “see” Divine guidance is heightened.

Set your intention before you began your meditation time travel experience by praying for what knowledge you’d like to access during your meditation. This way, you will not have to use your rational mind once you get to the meditative zone (Which can pull you out of the experience!)

4. Spin and Activate Your 8th Chakra to Time Travel Through Meditation

To do this, simply visualize a glowing golden ball at your 8th chakra (your record-keeping chakra), roughly 12 inches above the top of your physical head.

See it begin to spin.

I like to visualize myself hitting these energy centers hard with my hand to begin them spinning.

Then say, “Spin and activate my 8th chakra”.

5. Continue Focusing on Your 8th Chakra (Your Record Keeping Chakra) During Your Time Travel Meditation

In order to “see” into other timelines, or your own past and future while meditating, it is important to access your 8th chakra (roughly 12 inches above your head).

Your 8th chakra is one of the 5th Dimensional transpersonal chakras (Located outside of your physical body). Another is the Earth Star Chakra, also nicknamed “The Billionaire Chakra”.

When working with the 8th chakra, always ask Archangel Azrael to kindly assist you in accessing the records.

You can also wear or hold Lapis Lazuli (a powerful crystal) to help you tap into the records held within your 8th chakra.

Lapis Lazuli also brings the wearer good luck, harmony, and provides a shield of protection to you while doing your time travel meditations.

Once you have located your 8th Chakra, and began it spinning and activated it – Keep your focus, or attention point upon this chakra while you meditate.

6. It is also Helpful to Open Your Third-Eye Chakra Before Your Meditation for Time Travel

Your third eye chakra being open assists your ability to psychically “see” your past, future, and past lives through meditation.

It will be much easier to “see” your Akashic Records to time travel during meditation that are held within your 8th Chakra if your third eye is strong and open.

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Final Thoughts on Time Travel Meditation: How to Time Travel With Your Mind

If you want to learn how to time travel through meditation, following the above steps will open the door to tap into your Akashic Records for making time travel with your mind possible.

But, it is in the prayer (setting the intention to time travel in meditation), and in the practice of your Ancient meditation technique, that will get you to your goal of time traveling while meditating.

Another helpful tip is to clean, clear, open, and activate your chakras. This unblocks your energetic centers that flow through your physical body and helps you “see”, “feel” and “know” more with your psychic abilities.

Here are some links for your chakras held within the physical body:

And, I write about how to access and clear your 5th Dimensional (Transpersonal) Chakras in the e-book: How to Ascend to the 5th Dimension: Where ANYTHING You Want – YOU GOT IT!

Have you ever successfully time-traveled through meditation? Have you tried these steps to make time travel to the past with your mind possible? What did you learn in your meditation time travel experience? Do you have any other time travel meditation tips, tricks, or hacks? Please like, comment, and share to social media!

As always, spread the light!


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