How to NOT Give Up (My Story 1-Year After Pushing Through)

“I want to quit!” My inner voice echoed loudly in my head. I desperately read article after article on how to NOT give up, but struggled nonetheless.

Logically, I knew if I quit, I’d never know if I could’ve made something of this blog. I’d never know if following my heart could actually pay off. I knew I’d look back years later and wish I’d just pushed through this feeling.

But I didn’t care…

At this point after my initial Spiritual Awakening and healing, I’d written a book (My Spiritual Awakening Recovery) on how I did it and a lot of the crazy things that happened while I was awakening and I also started this blog.

I started following my passions for writing, designing, and hopefully helping others, and it felt really good! But, as with most things, growth was slow. Another one of my manifestations after my healing and recovery was creating two beautiful healthy children.

They were 1 and 3 and took up a lot of my time! I simply didn’t have 8 or even 3 hours to blog every day to grow this thing the way I wanted to. (Totally not my children’s fault. They, are my greatest purpose after all!)

But I frustratingly watched as 9 months of consistent effort and time were met with about 20 visitors to my blog per day and it sucked!

I had queried my book out to about 50 agents and hadn’t gotten one bite back! All I got was some advice to grow my platform first, and then, and only then would my book maybe be sellable to a publisher. (Long sigh).

So, after 3 ½ years of writing, designing, and advertising, I’d made about $4, but spent much more on expenses! (Another long sigh!)

At first, I was ecstatic that I’d made any money writing! I’d never made one cent on doing anything I loved to do! But I thought it would start snowballing more! Something like, $1 this week, $2 the next…

But things simply were not working the way I’d envisioned! I didn’t know how to not give up when things got hard. I cried and laid in my bed rolling back and forth, very mad at the way this new business venture was turning out for me. I was failing miserably towards my dreams!

How to NOT Give Up When Things Get Hard

1. Ask the Universe for Guidance

how to not give up
How to NOT Give Up – Ask for Guidance

My go to when I get stuck or frustrated is to pray for assistance. My guides have been my amazing cheerleaders on this journey and Developing my Psychic Gifts was the best thing I’ve ever done!

I prayed and then began meditating to hopefully gain some insight into my situation. I was hoping for my guides to say something like, “Success will soon be yours.”

This is truly how to never give up on your dreams, ask the Universe for assistance! Spirit guides and angels can help us not give up hope so much more, if we only ask.

**(Use The Ancient Meditation Technique for Reaching Higher States of Consciousness to get into that “Meditation Zone” where you can receive Divine guidance faster!)**

But all I got was a, “Listen lady, this is your passion. Follow it.”

Ok, so my spirit guide didn’t come through sounding like Rosario from Will and Grace, but it was a simple, “This is your passion.”

Thank you for the help and assistance, but I already knew that! And 4 years is a long ass time to work towards something and have it be going nowhere! Pardon my swearing, but I am in a mood!

I still had no idea how to not give up on my dreams!

2. Let’s Try Positive Affirmations For Never Giving Up Hope

how to not give up when things get hard
Don’t Quit Just Before the Miracle Happens

So, the Universe and my spirit guides gave me no assurance that I’d actually be successful with this blog, my Spiritual Awakening Recovery Book, or anything else I was working on!

But, I didn’t want to give up on my dreams! I’d given up on my dreams my whole life because I was too afraid to go for the things I wanted most.

Because, what if I failed?

I decided to go for good old-fashioned positive affirmations to push myself past this overwhelmed, frustrated, things aren’t going the way I envisioned as fast as I wanted hump!

“The Universe supports me win/win, when I be who I am and do what I love.” (My reaction to this was, “Blah, blah, blah!” LOL!).

I then read the next positive affirmation for not giving up…

“Keep going, because you did not come this far just to come this far.” (By this I started feeling a little better) …

“I’m going to make you soooo proud.” – Note to self (Getting warmer on wanting to keep going!)

“It’s a slow process, but quitting won’t speed it up.” (Almost there, but I am feeling sooo impatient right now!) …

“If you never try, you will never know…” (Still feel like quitting a little, but am not crying and rolling in bed anymore!) =)

“Your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.” Rumi (Not bad Rumi, pretty bright guy!)

“A winner is just a loser, who tried one more time!” (Great advice! Feeling much better!)

“If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help build theirs.” (Yikes! I am pushing through the feeling of wanting to give up!)

3. Ask Yourself How You Can Turn This Negative into a Positive?

For me, I decided to write this blog post on how to not give up to be published at a later date in time. Maybe 6 months from now??? Maybe a year??? As a reminder to myself and a future reminder to my children to not give up on their dreams! (Now, I’m getting teary-eyed) …

(As a reference, I wrote this in January of 2020 and decided to publish it a year later).

Someday, I, and hopefully my kids, will read this and say, “Wow, look what you would be missing out on if you’d given up before you even made 5 bucks!”

Or, “What if you’d given up before you helped even one person live a happier, better life!” We wouldn’t have this home, this car, the ability to travel, a life filled with purpose and meaning, etc. etc…

So, I am writing through my feelings of fear, inadequacy, doubt, impatience to push through this feeling! To prove to myself that I can do this! And to prove to you that YOU CAN DO THIS!

And I want you to comment below that this post helped you push through. That this post encouraged you to keep going in whatever you feel like giving up on!

And then this feeling I’m currently experiencing won’t be for nothing! Because it helped me write how to not give up when things get hard, and hopefully this motivates you to keep your eyes on the prize!

4. Take a Break: Evaluate, Pivot, and Set New Goals, if Necessary

how to not give up on your dreams
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Make a list and Answer the Following Questions on How to NOT Give Up: Writing it out helps put things in perspective. Be honest!

What is making you want to quit? Fear? Doubt? Lack of progress? Too much time spent? Not fun anymore?

How can you overcome this hurdle? What would you be doing if you gave up now? What are you afraid of? How can you manage your time better? What can you do to reignite your passion and make it fun again?

Evaluate what has been working so far and focus on doing more of that. How have you acquired your current clients, successes, visitors to your blog, joy from what you are doing, earned money, etc.?

Let go of the need for perfection or thinking you should be further along. Do you have the basic necessities? Food, shelter, clothing? Are you doing your best?

Let go and trust that all that you need will come freely and easily to you when you need it. Simply try to have fun and enjoy what you are doing while you’re doing it! There is a reason it is your passion!

5. Make a Plan for How to NOT Give Up & Set New 3 Month Goals – Place Them Somewhere You Can See Them Daily!

Push through the giving up feeling. Keep….Going….Forward… Are you wanting to give up because you Can’t do this? Or because You Won’t do this? They are two very different things!

At the end of the 3 months, you can re-evaluate, pivot if necessary, make new plans, and see where you’ve made progress.

Celebrate Your Small Wins! Focus on the Positive! And just do at least one little thing towards your dreams each day.

This was the advice my spirit guides finally ended up giving me. If you can’t work on your dreams for 8 hours/day, work on them a little every day in the direction you want to go.

6. Remember that EVERY Successful Person on the Planet Wanted to Give Up When Things Got Hard

I remember watching an interview with Tom Hanks where they asked, “What one piece of advice would you give to your past self?”

He answered very quickly, “Not to give up and that everything would be okay and work out.”

When you follow your passions and don’t give up, you are doing a world of service to not only yourself, but everyone else! You came here to enact change on the planet.

When you are happy and pursuing your dreams, it shows! Everyone sees it and dares to follow their dreams with you!

Your passion points you to your life purpose and where you can contribute most in this world! Do not give up on what you came here to do!

You will be happiest pursuing your passion!

You will have the most energy pursuing your passion!

You will eventually make the most money pursuing your passion!

Don’t expect your future self to save you. This is my greatest motivation for the how to not give up hope.

We only exist in the here and now. The past is gone and we can only learn from our mistakes and move forward.

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Will your future self quit smoking just in time to save you from cancer? Will your future self lose weight just in time to reverse diabetes? Will you future self write that book? Become a YouTube superstar?

Do the things that make you happiest and take small, balanced steps each day to achieve your dreams – This is the easiest way how to NOT give up!

Because, your future self will only be saved by what YOU do today!

7. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Accentuate the positive. Write down all the positive things that have happened to you so far! What have you manifested for your life in the last five years? How has your life changed since following your dreams? What have you learned? How are you stronger?

Remember, businesses, families, building wealth, developing your psychic gifts, losing weight, or anything really, takes time and consistent effort.

Thoughts become beliefs, beliefs form habits, and habits create our realities!

8. Watch, Read, and Listen to Positive Material!

how to not give up hope
How to NOT Give Up Hope – Uplift Yourself with Motivational Material

This may date me, but I don’t care! Watch Rocky IV! The one where Rocky fights the Russian. The montage where he works hard and trains in the snow is EPIC!

Another amazing movie to encourage you to never give up is Eddie the Eagle. O-M-G! It is based on a true story. Eddie is the best! He is tenacious! He never gives up! And he celebrates the small wins and it is absolutely beautiful!

This is the BEST way I found as to how to NOT give up! I watched Eddie the Eagle and Rocky IV.

Listen to motivational songs. Channel your inner Rocky and Eddie. Songs such as:

Sitting in the hall of fame. And the World’s gonna know your name. Cause you burn with the brightest flame. You can be a Master, don’t wait for luck!

This is my Fight Song. Take back my Life Song. Prove I’m alright Song!

The Eye of The Tiger (From Rocky IV! You won’t regret listening to this one!)

Don’t you WORRY, don’t you worry child. Heaven’s got a plan for you!

“I’m gonna make this place your home…

Don’t you give up, Nah, nah, nah… Let me love you!

One man can change the world!

“Don’t give up. You’ve got the music in you. Can’t forget. This world is gonna pull through.”

A Quick Story about How to NOT Give Up

My sister had graduated from a local tech school with dreams of being an Ophthalmologist (Thank goodness for spell check on that one!) Assistant.

She had applied for multiple jobs and received no calls back. She started losing faith and began the depression, woe is me, giving up cycle, that we’ve all done.

She had decided that no one would hire her because she had no experience. I wanted to shift her belief and instill some faith in her to not give up on her goals and what she’d worked so hard to achieve.

I told her that Someone would hire her with no experience because they’ll see that they can mold you. (Now, I was just pulling crap out of my butt and tossing it in her direction to keep her from giving up. But that crap worked!)

I told her Everyone has to start somewhere, and employer’s know this. No baby is born with experience at their later chosen profession. No blogger has ever started with 40 successful posts under their belt. No Olympic swimmer was ever born doing the butterfly stroke straight out of the womb! No great parent ever became that way without a lot of trial and error.

After her wanting to give up, she listened to my crap and applied for one more job. That employer called her, hired her, and was excited to be able to mold her to fit their office! LOL!

So, I say it again with extreme love and encouragement. And this time, it isn’t crap. “A winner is just a loser who tried one more time!”

I will leave you with some important words from maybe the wisest man ever, Willy Wonka… “We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of the dreams…” Just ignore his “Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker,” quote and you’ll be alright!

Because I don’t believe in liquor, or empty calories anymore, but that’s another motivational story for another day! Unless you want to read part of it now! Eat a Healthy Organic Diet… And Why you Should.

My 1-Year Update on How to NOT Give Up on Your Dreams!

1 year after writing this blog post on how to NOT give up when things get hard, I am updating what happened over the course of the last year because I didn’t give up!

And, neither will you! Because let’s face it, you’re here reading this blog post!

You are actively trying to push through the feeling of wanting to give up. This is how you motivate yourself to not give up. You ARE already NOT giving up easily just by reading this!

It is now a year after I wrote this post on how not to give up! I qualified for an amazing ad network. I have now written the following 3 e-books and sold hundreds that are helping people with the same things I struggled through:

I now am able to blog and write books while being a mom to two adorable children! I’m doing exactly what I love to do!

DO NOT GIVE UP! I didn’t, because I wrote this. I kept doing just a little bit towards my goals every day…


“A winner is just a loser who tried one more time!”

“The difference between who you are, and who you want to be, is what you do!” Bill Phillips

“If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help build theirs.”

As always, spread the light!


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