5 Magic Hacks for Reaching Higher States of Consciousness

5 Simple Tricks for Reaching Higher States of Consciousness! Are you having trouble Reaching Higher Levels of Awareness?

Do you want to Experience more Lucid Dreams, Astral Projection, Visits with Angels and Spirit Guides, and Receive Divine Guidance? Try these 5 Simple Secrets for Reaching Higher Levels of Consciousness today!

Reaching higher states of consciousness or levels of awareness is often my goal during meditation. This is where I’m able to astral project, have lucid dreams, meet with Spirit Guides and Archangels, and receive amazing Divine Help to guide my path in life.

Meditating to reach higher levels of consciousness doesn’t always return the results you are desiring. In fact, the more you expect answers or experiences, the less they seem to come.

Simply use these tricks and then mindfully meditate, expecting nothing in return except a calming of the mind and body. That’s usually when the magic happens!

Through the years of Developing my Psychic Gifts and Mindfulness Meditation, I’ve received Divine Guidance on how to “see, hear, feel, and know” more during my dreams and mindfulness meditation sessions.

So, as a suggestion from Spirit during meditation (ironically!), I’m sharing these super simple tricks with you! I hope to support your path of Spiritual Awakening and Psychic Development, because, let’s face it, IT IS AMAZING!

I’m not sure how I ever lived without help from the Divine! I’ve had visions, lucid dreams, Archangelic visitations and dreams, received guidance about health concerns and support all through both of my pregnancies (because pregnancy can be terrifying!), and soooo much more!

I use these 5 simple tricks almost daily to support my journey and stay on the right path. Once you use them, you’ll be hooked too!

Spirit Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters literally have no problem helping you with any little thing that you need help, guidance, and support on. These simple tricks will “tune you in” and “turn you on” to receive Intuitive answers, positive encouragement, and love from the Spiritual Realms!

5 Simple Tricks for Psychic Development & Reaching Higher States of Consciousness

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I’m starting with the powerhouse first! I received intuitive guidance during my first pregnancy to help with energy levels and started taking a daily supplement.

Something amazing and surprising began to happen when I’d mindfully meditate. I was opened more fully! I saw more, felt more, and heard more! When I wondered why this was, I heard a voice say, “Iron strong. Turns us on. Tunes us in.”

All I could think was, “Wow!” Iron made the world of difference to me physically and now it was making a world of difference, psychically!

I try to take iron as a supplement on its own with a small meal or protein powder about an hour before Mindfulness Meditation to really strengthen my intuitive abilities!

I take Garden of Life Iron Supplement – Vitamin Code Healthy Blood Raw Whole Food Vitamin. The iron is taken from raw organic whole foods. It also includes Vitamin C and B Vitamins to help with iron absorption, as well as pre- and probiotics to help with digestion.

I would also recommend: Garden of Life Iron Complex Vitamin Code Raw Iron Whole Food Vitamin Supplement or Rainbow Light Complete Iron (Made with organic curry leaves).

If you’re not a fan of supplements, you can try foods that are high in iron such as: Beef, chicken, liver, beans, spinach, lentils, dark chocolate, turmeric, and iron fortified cereals. Of course, dark chocolate is my favorite! Some of the higher cocoa content brands (70% and higher) have as much as 80% of your daily value of iron for one bar!


I’m beginning to wonder if there’s anything honey can’t do! I’ve been intuitively told to use raw unfiltered organic honey for bladder infections, energy, Third Eye Chakra Development and Pineal Gland Decalcification, and now, lucid dreaming!

I use honey with my third-eye chakra development exercises, and it is oh so effective! A few spoonful’s of raw organic honey and I can feel a buzzing or pressure in my third eye chakra.

I then do my chanting, YouTube Third-Eye Development video, or 15 minutes with my face up to the Sun!

I use Nature Nate’s Organic Raw Honey and reap all the amazing health and psychic development benefits magical honey has to offer!


No list of Psychic Development hacks would be complete without lavender! Lavender is relaxing to both the body and the mind and maintains a very high vibration!

This helps you reach higher levels of consciousness that much easier!

Lavender can be used on your wrists, pillow, third-eye chakra, and under your nose. Be sure to use a carrier oil, such as Organic Coconut Oil to ensure that you don’t get a rash!

I am all about using organic oils and foods whenever possible to avoid the toxins that block your intuitive skills.

You can find some great Organic Lavender Essential Oils here. I personally use Plant Therapy Kidsafe Organic Lavender Essential Oil so I can use the oil to calm my children as well.

Another option would be to diffuse the oil while you sleep or meditate. If you haven’t bought an essential oil diffuser yet, you are missing out!

There are many cost-effective options to fit every décor on Amazon! Essential Oil Diffuser

Here are some unique and simply stunning options!


I hold a seer stone during Mindfulness Meditation when I really need an answer to a question. It helps Open your Third Eye Chakra and receive Divine messages through it more clearly.

I found mine at a local crystal shop for less than 5 bucks and was blown away by the clarity of my second sight! They are also available on Amazon! Shop Seer Stones now.

Seer Stones are also believed to have healing and energy boosting properties!


According to Chakras.info, stones that are clear or purple assist in strengthening the Crown Chakra. This assists in reaching higher vibrational states while meditating and opens you up to the Universal Mind.

Two of my all-time favorite crystals to use during meditation are Clear Quartz and Amethyst.

Clear Quartz amplifies energy, heightens spiritual awareness, opens your chakras, helps you communicate with Spirit guides, and expands consciousness!

I usually feel a very strong connection through my Crown Chakra while holding this beautiful crystal during meditation!

Purple Amethyst facilitates meditation, supports communication with your guides or angels, and balances mental and emotional energy, thus assisting in clarity of mind.


Although meditation isn’t required to reach higher states of consciousness, it is usually the easiest way. Learning to quiet and focus your mind through mindfulness meditation with the right tools will make a huge difference in your life!

Another simple trick if you are really a die-hard Spiritual Addict, is to wake yourself up around 3 a.m. Then try this meditation trick as you fall back to sleep: The Ancient Meditation Technique for Reaching Higher States of Consciousness

Being woke up in the middle of the night to breastfeed and then putting myself back to sleep with this deep breathing technique is when I’ve had the majority of visions, lucid dreams, and higher levels of consciousness dreams.

Because I am not in a deep sleep when I have these experiences, I’m able to retain them clearly upon waking. I’d recommend trying this on a weekend, or when you don’t have to be bright-eyed and bushy tailed in the morning!

Learning to pray and meditate for answers is key to keeping me happy, healthy, and balanced. Find out more about DEVELOPING YOUR PSYCHIC GIFTS here…

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