25 BEST Gifts for Spiritual People 2024 (Curated List)

Whether your family member or friend is new age, Wiccan, religious, or SBNR (spiritual but not religious) – I have compiled the BEST list of gifts for spiritual people for 2024 that fit all budgets!

I love a spiritual Soul, who believes in all things mind, body, spirit, or who has unwavering faith in their guardian angels.

I have MANY of these Souls who are near and dear to me, and have often struggled to come up with amazing presents for them!

So, I am making this best gifts for the spiritual person guide to assist others in finding something meaningful, beautiful, and that their spiritual friend will actually love!

In this guide, you’ll find – “Gifts for all Spiritual People”, “Metaphysical Gift Ideas”, “Spiritual Wellness Gifts”, & “Meditation Gifts”. Simply click on the table of contents to skip to the section you’d like!

Gifts for Spiritual People

These best gift ideas for the spiritual person are more positive energy gifts and will work well for both the religious and non-religious, but spiritual person.

gifts for spiritual people
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1. Positive Affirmation/Inspirational Words Throw Blanket

I believe in the power of positive affirmations and words to uplift and inspire! I wish they’d had these blankets years ago! They are so beautiful, incredibly soft, encouraging, and spiritual!

Available in multiple colors and styles, this meaningful spiritual gift is sure to let that special someone know how much you mean to them every time they use it!

Check Price on Amazon!

2. Gratitude Journal

Whether your friend is religious, or is seriously into The Law of Attraction, or the Secret – All spiritually minded people can agree on the power of gratitude to transform lives!

This is another all-around can’t go wrong spiritual gift idea. That’s why gratitude journals top this list for gifts for spiritual people!

This gratitude journal comes in both paperback and a beautiful spiral bound version and is a best-seller on Amazon!

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3. Natural Gemstone Carved Angel Wing Pendants

Truly beautiful and very budget-friendly, you’ll love these natural gemstone carved angel wing pendants as much as you spiritual friend!

The one shown above is a natural rainbow fluorite, but with 22 beautiful crystals/gemstones to choose from, you’ll find the perfect match for any spiritual person!

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4. Reflective Mandala Wind Spinner

This mandala wind spinner is gorgeous for your spiritual friend who loves nature!

It’s easy on the budget and has a beautiful reflective quality that looks like it’s glowing as the pieces twist in the wind!

Watch the video on Amazon to see this beautiful spiritual gift idea in action!

Check price on Amazon!

5. Organic Essential Oils Gift Set with Diffuser

This is my favorite company for purchasing high quality, organic essential oils for a great price. I always get organic products whenever I can, and I use these essential oils and diffuser for everything!

From sleep, to common colds and breathing problems, to easing pain – I have loved the essential oil set my sister gave me for Christmas last year!

Plus, the diffuser is sleek, stylish, and fits in with most home decors!

Check price on Amazon!

Metaphysical Gift Ideas

For the more new-age, eastern philosophy spiritual person who loves yoga, crystals, and meditation – These gifts ideas for the metaphysical person are perfect!

6. Celtic Infinity Necklace

Meaning, “I’ll love you forever!”, few spiritual gifts pack such a significant meaning as the Celtic infinity sign.

The Celts do a great job of knotting the infinity sign around twice to make a bond forged for the fires of eternity!

One infinity symbol represents you and forever, and the other represents your loved one forever.

When wrapped around each other, it represents a sacred and beautiful shared connection, kindred Soul, or Soul mate relationship.

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7. Empath Shielding & Protective Smudge Kit

Is your spiritual friend an empath? Kind and loving, but gets bogged down by the emotions of others?

Empaths need LOTS of energetic protection and the ability to cut cords with others easily.

This empath shielding & protective smudge kit contains all the ingredients for cutting cords (with directions), releasing negative emotions, and creating a protective veil around the empath!

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8. Sage Cleansing Spray (A smokeless option!)

For budgets under $20, you can’t go wrong with a smokeless white sage spray option for a spiritual gift!

I love to clear my home of lower energies (especially around the windows), and smoking sage was choking out my small children.

If your metaphysical loving friend has pets, small children, lives in an apartment building, or would love to sage their car or workplace – Smokeless sage spray is a great option!

Besides that, this one is also Reiki blessed, crystal infused, and organic to really raise the vibration of wherever it’s sprayed!

Check price on Amazon!

9. Orgonite 7 Chakra Balancing and EMF Protection Pyramid

Every metaphysical spiritual friend would LOVE to have an orgonite pyramid to add to their collection!

With the addition of copper (to supercharge the energy of the crystals), and the flower of life symbol – The energy of this orgone pyramid is incredible!

Check price on Amazon!

10. Tibetan Singing Bowls

Anybody who is into Buddhism, New Age Spirituality, or Metaphysical pursuits will love a set of Tibetan Singing Bowls!

If you’re looking to spend less than buying a whole set, a good bet for a spiritual present would be a beautiful Bronze Mantra Singing Bowl.

Check price on Amazon!

11. Crystal Set

Crystals are widely accepted in all New Age, Wiccan, and metaphysical spiritual circles – As beautiful stones with specific vibrations that assist us with various things.

Some offer protection, others healing, others open your psychic gifts, and still others, bring good luck!

Any spiritual person would love to get ANY crystal gift (even if they already own that stone)! And a crystal stone set offers several varieties of crystals all in one beautiful box!

Check price on Amazon!

12. Moldavite Crystal

Get this Moldavite Necklace on Amazon!

Forged in well, space, moldavite is often called “Starborn” and “The Stone of Transformation”.

It is said that moldavite assists the wearer or user of “heightened awareness”, faster “spiritual awakening”, and powerful transformation to the 5th Dimension of Consciousness.

Related e-Book: How to Ascend to the 5th Dimension (Where ANYTHING you want, you’ve GOT IT!)

Moldavite is rare, as it has to get here by way of meteor crashes. Therefore, prices will likely increase if more isn’t found soon, so your spiritual friend would love to get it while they can.

Get this Moldavite Bracelet on Amazon!

Check price for Moldavite jewelry on Amazon!

13. Angel Cards/Oracle Cards

For your metaphysical friend, you can’t go wrong with any Angel Cards, Oracle Cards, or these beautiful Secret Language of Light: Transmissions from your Soul Cards!

Whenever, spiritual people needs pick me ups, or Divine guidance, these cards serve as beautiful reminders to heal, rest, recharge, and also of our Divine life purpose.

Angel Cards have assisted me many times when I was fresh out of hope, faith, and trust in the Universe, and myself.

And, trust me, if your friend already has a deck, they’d love another set with different messages!

Check price on Amazon!

14. Mandala Sherpa Throw Blanket

Beautiful, vibrant, and a perfect gift for the spiritual friend who has everything! This blanket is impossible to look at, and not be uplifted!

Plus, it is a soft, sherpa, throw and comes in 2 sizes.

Check price on Amazon!

Spiritual Wellness Gifts

Lightworkers, empaths, incarnated angels, starseeds, and Wiccans – Have beautiful talents that help them uplift and guide others. But, this is often at the expense of their own well-being.

Spiritual people need a LOT MORE self-care than most, because they tend to take on the energies (good and bad) of others as their own.

This is where spiritual wellness gifts become super important! Give your amazing, bright, lightworking friends a gift for spiritual wellness that they’ll love and use!

15. Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

The spiritual person on your gift-giving list is sure to love lying on this Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set to ease their stress!

Check price on Amazon!

16. Relaxation Candle

There’s nothing quite like a candle to calm, relax, and uplift me when I need to de-stress!

This great candle from Sweet Water Decor is also super cute and infused with just the right essential oils for a great spiritual wellness bath or meditation session!

Check price on Amazon!

17. 2-in-1 Himalayan Salt Lamp and Essential Oil Diffuser with Aromatherapy

It is about time they made a Himalayan Salt Lamp and Essential Oil Diffuser in one!

This beautiful option from Amazon has 5 dimmer light settings, and you can even use the Himalayan Salt feature or the Diffuser separately, as well as together!

Check price on Amazon!

18. Tea Steeping Mug

Nothing says spiritual wellness like a hot cup of herbal tea with honey! Tea makes us take a break, warms us up, and can be both calming and invigorating (depending on the tea blend).

We love this bamboo & stainless steel with tea infuser and strainer for loose leaf tea as well!

It is vacuum insulated and keeps tea hot for up to 12 hours!

Check price on Amazon!

19. Grounding Mat

The benefits of grounding are well-documented. From reducing inflammation to EMF protection – Grounding mats are a perfect spiritual wellness gift!

It is not always feasible to go outside and ground yourself spiritually, so a grounding mat is a great option for the winter months, working at the computer, etc.

You can take a nap on it, put your feet on it while doing computer work, and even do yoga stretches on it!

Check price on Amazon!

Meditation Gifts

These meditation gifts for spiritual people are sure to please! If your spiritual friend or family member is into meditation, check these gifts out!

20. Meditation Cushion

Luckily, a beautiful meditation cushion is easy to find! I loooove this mandala one made of buckwheat that comes in 6 great colors!

Any spiritual person that meditates knows that it is hard to find a comfortable position to meditate in for any significant amount of time!

Meditation cushions solve the “floor is super hard and yoga mats aren’t much better” problem!

Check price on Amazon!

21. Meditation Eye Mask

Light blocking mediation eye masks are great for getting into that meditative zone, or just taking naps!

They are the perfect gift for any meditation loving spiritual person in your life!

I especially like this silk eye mask filled with lavender and flax seeds for deeper relaxation!

Check price on Amazon!

22. Incense Cone Burner

Check price on Amazon!

This incense burner burns incense cones instead of sticks and makes the smoke look like it is pouring down like water!

There are many styles/varieties to choose from on Amazon, but I found this one with the dragon in the center especially beautiful!

Check price on Amazon!

23. Sage Smudge Meditation Candle

I love lighting a candle to raise the vibration in the room I’m meditating in, and this candle is sage-infused to remove lower energies easily!

Besides being beautiful, it is also soy, and sustainably and ethically sourced!

Check price on Amazon!

24. Meditation Blanket

Deep meditative breathing makes you super cold! This beautiful BOHO meditation blanket will keep your spiritual friend warm and cozy!

Check price on Amazon!

Final Thoughts on Gifts for Spiritual People

And there you go!

25 best gifts for spiritual people, that will fit ANY type of spiritual person and be sure to make you a super friend, neighbor, or family member!

Have you tried any of these spiritual gift ideas? Do you have any other ideas for the new age, Wiccan, metaphysical, or meditation loving enthusiast in your life? Please like, comment, and share on social media!

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