Spiritual Journaling (Best How To Guide + Examples)

women high on a mountain top writing in a spiritual journal

The aim of spiritual journaling is to gain insight into the self and how our thoughts, beliefs, and actions are connected to a higher power. This type of reflection enables Continue Reading →

101+ Positive Throat Chakra Affirmations for Healing (+ FREE Printable PDF!)

5th chakra affirmations

These powerful throat chakra affirmations have been carefully curated for clearing blockages in the throat chakra. These positive affirmations for the throat chakra are powerful tools for healing, repairing, and Continue Reading →

FREE Shadow Work Journal PDF (Beginners, Healing, Trauma, Self-Love, Anxiety)

shadow journal

This FREE Shadow Work Journal PDF is printable and also easily downloads as a PDF from any computer. In Jungian psychology, Carl Jung said, ““The shadow is the negative side Continue Reading →

11+ Bald Eagle Symbol Meanings (America, Spirit Animal, Dream Meaning)

bald eagle dream meaning

Wondering, “What does it mean to see a bald eagle?”, or “How did the bald eagle become the national bird of the United States?”, or “What it means to see Continue Reading →

9 Overactive Root Chakra Signs (+The Right Way to Fix!)

root chakra overactive - angry road rage woman

An overactive root chakra (muladhara) is often the result of childhood issues, unrequited love, or an excessive attachment of material possessions. This can cause addictive behaviors, obsession with wealth, irritability, Continue Reading →

The REAL Spiritual Meaning of Ringing in Left Ear (from Spirit Guides)

woman covering her ears with ringing in left ear meaning spiritual text overlay

As I began to spiritually awaken, I noticed my ears started to ring very frequently, especially my right ear, but my left ear rings sometimes too. I thought I had Continue Reading →