What is a HEYOKA EMPATH? (9 Heyoka Empath Signs)

heyoka empath

Heyoka is Native American for “fool” or “sacred clown”. A heyoka empath is considered the strongest of empaths with these superhuman powers! “Heyoka empath” is the term given to empaths Continue Reading →

What is Clairalience? How to Develop Clairalience


Clairalience comes from two French words, roughly broken down into “clear smelling”. Clairalience is the extra sensory or psychic ability to “smell” beyond the physical nose. Clairalient psychics have the Continue Reading →

Zodiac Signs for September (Astrology Dates, Symbols & Traits) 2021

zodiac signs for september

What is the Zodiac Sign for September? The two zodiac signs for September are Virgo and Libra. If your birthday is between September 1st – September 22nd, your astrological birth Continue Reading →

25 BEST Gifts for Spiritual People 2021 (Curated List)

gifts for spiritual person

Whether your family member or friend is new age, Wiccan, religious, or SBNR (spiritual but not religious) – I have compiled the BEST list of gifts for spiritual people for Continue Reading →

EARTH STAR Chakra (Activate your “Billionaire Chakra”)

earth star chakra activation

Also known as the “super root”, the esoteric Earth Star Chakra is the first of the fifth-dimensional, transpersonal (outside of the physical body) chakras that represents how grounded and connected Continue Reading →