Halloween’s Deeper Spiritual Meaning (Why the Veil Thins October 31st 2024)

Today, the words “Spiritual Meaning of Halloween” don’t seem to go together the way they once did. The earliest recorded celebration of Halloween was held by the Ancient Celts (over 2,000 years ago), who celebrated Samhain (pronounced Sow-in), which means “end of summer”. Samhain began after the sun set on October 31st, marked the beginning of their New Year, and symbolized “rebirth”.

Ancient Celtic Priests tapped into the energy of Halloween’s “thinner veil”, and used it as a time for honoring the dead, spell-casting, and huge celebrations!

Now, we can use this ancient knowledge of Halloween for our Halloween October 31, 2024! To honor the dead, set powerful intentions, and clear our homes of unwanted energy!

We can once again put together Spirituality + Halloween!

The Spiritual Significance of Halloween

Today, when we think of Halloween, we think of trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving, and costume parties.

Which are all super fun!

But many don’t know where Halloween and its customs originated from. Or why the veil thins on Halloween or how the spiritual meaning of Halloween has been lost.

After I had a very bizarre Spiritual Awakening Experience, I came face-to-face with the thinning of the veils during Halloween-time.

I wondered why my intuition seemed to be heightened during Halloween and how I could harness the increased energy during Halloween to my benefit.

To truly understand the spiritual meaning of Halloween and its traditions, I scoured the history books and came away with a deeper respect for the day and my ancestors.

While combing through Halloween’s fascinating history, I also meditated as to the true spiritual meaning of Halloween.

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What is Halloween?

How Ancient Druid Priests tapped into the "thinner veil" during Halloween and used it for prophecy, divination, and creating elixirs! Halloween's spiritual origins have been lost, but can be learned from and used to have a very MAGICAL, SPIRITUAL HALLOWEEN HOLIDAY! #halloween #halloweenspiritual #spiritualhalloween #samhain #allhallowseve #allsaintsday #holidays

Adapted from many ancient cultures and religions, Halloween is celebrated throughout several countries on October 31st.

Halloween festivities pre-date Christianity and have been through several iterations. The Ancient Celts celebrated Samhain, which was a time of festivities and rebirth.

Rather than completely throw out Pagan traditions, the early Roman Catholic Church held a festival on November 1st called All Saint’s Day. This day was meant to honor Saints without their own holiday, and appease people converting from Paganism to Christianity.

In the Middle Ages, Halloween was called The Night of the Witch. Witches were organized at the time and opposed the Roman Catholic Church. The church warned its members of the devil, and his demons and witches gathering on Halloween night to mock their holy All Saint’s Day.

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Where Was Halloween First Celebrated?

The earliest recorded celebration of Halloween was held by the Ancient Celts over 2000 years ago, who celebrated something called Samhain (pronounced Sow-in), which means “end of summer”.

At the time, the Celts organized their calendar according to their agricultural cycle, and November 1st was considered the beginning of their New Year. Thus, marking the end of summer harvest season and the beginning of winter.

According to the Celt traditions, Samhain did not begin until the sun set on October 31st. On this day, they would bring the strongest of their cattle in for the winter and slaughter the rest.

Huge bonfires were made that resulted in giant feasts of the summer herd and harvests.

halloween spiritual significance
Samhain ritual of dancing around bonfires

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Halloween?

The Ancient Celts believed Samhain to be a time when the “veils between the physical and spiritual planes were thinned”.

During this time, they believed dead spirits were free to roam until dawn. The Druid Celtic priests believed Samhain was a time they could easily tap into the spiritual realms.

The priests held ceremonies to divine the health of tribesmen, make powerful predictions, and come up with elixirs to cure sickness.

Samhain was also considered to be a night when the physical plane was overrun by magic. The Ancient Celts were very superstitious and thought some Souls that were set free may be jealous of the living, and therefore, malicious.

They set out food and wine for the good Souls of their departed ancestors to allow them a brief loving visit home. And, they disguised themselves in scary masks to trick the malicious spirits into thinking them one of their own!

Some of the Celts who were dressed in ghoulish masks, even marched in parades to lead the unwanted spirits out of town.

While others, tried to appease the bad spirits by offering them sweets and treats!

Is Halloween the Same as All Hallows Eve?

After thousands of Pagans were baptized into Christianity, the Church looked to ways to turn Pagan rituals into new Christian ones.

All Saint’s Day, aka All Hallows, was the church’s attempt to turn the night of Samhain into a more holy day that honored Saints with feasting and celebrations.

Instead of remembering the dead with sacrifices and setting out food and wine to appease spirits, the church asked members to honor the dead with prayers.

They also began the tradition of baking what were known as “soul cakes” that were given to the poor who prayed for the dead.

“Soul Cakes” were a beautiful charitable custom that ensured the poor people had plenty to eat and celebrate on All Hallows as well.

Over time, this custom grew into young men going from house to house singing to ask for food, money, or ale instead of “soul cakes”. (LOL! The first trick-or-treaters asked for beer and money!)

The early Roman Catholic Church is therefore attributed with naming Halloween. Their All Saint’s Day was also known as All Hallows. Despite the early church’s efforts, many still celebrated their festivities the night before November 1st, making it All Hallows’ Eve. This eventually got adapted into Hallowe’en, then simply Halloween.

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What is the Spiritual Significance of Halloween?

In my own meditations and spiritual practice, I’ve definitely noticed that it’s easier to tap into the spiritual realms on Halloween.

spiritual meaning of halloween
Tapping into Halloween’s spiritual energy.

The veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is said to thin while you are in in-between places. Samhain, or Halloween is an in-between of summer and winter. Other in-between examples are between waking and sleeping, or foggy places (between water and air).

Another reason for the veil thinning may be that Halloween is also a cross-quarter day. “A cross-quarter day is a day more or less midway between an equinox and a solstice. Halloween – October 31 – is approximately the midway point between the autumn equinox and winter solstice, for us in the Northern Hemisphere.” – EarthSky.Org

While meditating about Halloween, I heard that it symbolizes hope, good luck, and transformation. And that it’s a great time for letting go of the old to embrace the new.

Halloween is a time of spiritual rebirth! That is the true spiritual meaning of Halloween!

Halloween night is a wonderful time to clear old baggage and shed what is no longer working for you. A great energy tool for doing this is the grounding cord.

Grounding Tool Ritual for Releasing Energy for a Spiritual Halloween

You drop a line of energy from the tip of your tailbone (root chakra) down into the center of the Earth. You can play with your energy however you like.

For example, I like my grounding cord to look like a light saber that extends into the center of the Earth. This holds my spirit firmly in place, aligned within my physical body, and keeps my attention point securely inside of my head.

I’ve heard people use grounding in a few different ways. Some people imagine their feet as tree trunks and root down to the center of the Earth from there.

However, most send a line of energy directly from the tip of their tailbone down into the center of the Earth.

As with all energy work, you’ll need to use your imagination, since most of us cannot see this energy with our physical eyes.

Simple Grounding Tool Ritual for Letting Go During Samhain

Imagine a line of energy being drawn from the tip of your tailbone down into the center of the Earth. Again, this line can be any color or shape that you desire such as; a blue light saber, tree roots, or a jump rope!

Sometimes, I like to start the visualization and see where my mind takes it. You can play with colors, etc. Have fun with this!

Once the cord is set. Imagine pulling on this cord with a 3rd hand or just see it being pulled and make sure it’s taught. This is the cord that’s going to discharge your excess electrical energy or thoughts.

Next, wrap a line of energy in a spiral around the 1st cord. This cord will discharge your cluttered or undesirable emotions. The 1st cord is for thought clutter, the 2nd is for emotional clutter.

Now, say something like, “Turn on and activate my grounding cord. Release excess thoughts, emotions, and negative clutter.” Take deep breaths as you do this.

You may feel a huge amount of relief as you release unwanted thoughts and clutter. Or you may feel nothing at first. I’ve noticed that it helps to be outside when I do this but isn’t necessary.

Psychic Protection During Samhain, All Hallows’ Eve, and Halloween

Despite Halloween’s mystical practices, fear has been largely embedded into the Halloween holiday since its origins.

halloween spirituality
Frightening haunted houses and pumpkins for Halloween!

Halloween still observes many frightening customs such as; haunted houses, pranks, and demons. With fear, comes unwanted lower energies, that can be easily dispelled and transmuted.

You may ask your spirit guides and angels to keep your vibration clear and high during Halloween. Or you can always pray for protection and shielding from Archangel Michael or whoever you resonate with.

It is a great idea to clear your home by Spraying Sage or Burning Sage!

This Organic White Sage Spray has been charged with the full moon, Reiki, and quartz crystals and is my favorite for clearing energy around my house!

Or if you prefer the ritual of burning sage, you can try out this White Sage Smudging Kit with Instructions & Blessings for Beginners!

Psychic protection stones and crystals can also be worn during Halloween to keep unwanted lower energies away. Some wonderful crystals for Halloween protection include crystals in the dark family.

Black Tourmaline and Black Onyx are wonderful at absorbing and neutralizing negative energy!

Smoky Quartz is also great at absorbing EMF and harmful energy, as well as assisting the user in “letting go”, which is perfect for a spiritual Halloween ritual!

This Black Tourmaline Set is great for building a crystal grid on Halloween or putting by your doors and windows to keep lower energies away.

Another one of my favorite sets are these Spiritual Protection Crystals for Halloween.

This beautiful set includes 8 stones known for their powerful EMF and protection properties, including: Obsidian, Fluorite, Malachite, Hematite, Amethyst, Tree Agate, Clear Quartz, and Black Tourmaline.

Hematite and Amethyst block and transmute harmful energies.

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Spiritual Meaning of Halloween

Although fear was a large factor during Samhain, the Ancient Celts considered Halloween to be a time of celebration, enlightenment, divination, spirituality, and of course, feasting!

They built large bonfires and danced merrily into the night. The Celts, as well as the Scots, used their Spiritual Halloween’s as a time to predict the future.

The Irish used Halloween as a night for predictions as well, playing games that foretold who would marry soon, who would stay a bachelor, and who would become wealthy!

Throughout the many faces and name changes of Halloween, an underlying message of remembering and memorializing the dead rings true.

Whether an honoring of dead ancestors, saints, or even jealous spirits – Halloween is a time where the living have always taken the time to hold great respect for those departed.

How to Honor the Spiritual Meaning of Halloween

I have found Halloween to be a surprisingly good time to make a New Year’s resolution and stick to it! Just try adding one new healthy habit, (such as meditation) to your life for 90 days and watch your life change!

What better way to honor the spiritual meaning of Halloween than to improve yourself!

Halloween is a wonderful time for letting go of guilt, shame, and especially fear! Practicing my favorite Ancient Meditation Technique will uplift and align you with your higher self, who knows no fear.

Tapping into your psychic abilities will also be easier on Halloween. You can use your crystals, Make Holy Water to drink or bath in, light a fire or Protection Candles, and take the time to honor your ancestor’s and departed loved ones.

I love this Sage Clearing, Protection and Blessings Candle!

You can also Diffuse Essential Oils to Develop Your Psychic Gifts or try some invigorating and enlightening Kundalini Yoga (One of my favorites!).

Final Thoughts on Having a Safe, Fun, Spiritual Halloween

Halloween has had many ups and downs through the years, but one thing ring’s true – There is a deeper spiritual meaning to Halloween than most people know.

I believe fear has been largely embedded into the holiday simply because with thinner veils and heightened intuition comes fear of the unknown.

With some positive intentions to have a great, safe, celebratory, spiritual Halloween – We can shift the tides from fear to freedom and curiosity.

The ancient mystics understood that we fear that which we do not understand. But, lucky for us, this world is populated by nothing but brave Souls who have chosen to incarnate beyond the veil.

No matter how you choose to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve, Samhain, All Saint’s Day, or Halloween – Be sure to have good intentions, be safe, and above all – HAVE FUN!!!

How do you celebrate Halloween? What family traditions have been passed down to you through the years? What is your favorite Halloween custom or tradition? Please share, comment, and question below!

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