11 Powerful SAMHAIN RITUALS 2024 (For Halloween)

Samhain is a Pagan festival first celebrated by the Ancient Celts over 2000 years ago at sundown on October 31st. During Samhain, it was believed that the “veil would thin”, and the Ancient Celtic priests called Druids, used this to hold sacred rituals for divination, fortune telling, and prophecy.

Samhain Rituals are a wonderful way to release stuck energy, heal and prepare for winter!

After writing a post on Halloween’s deeper spiritual meaning, Samhain & All Hallows’ Eve emerged as a time for letting go, healing, rebirth, and transformation.

(Don’t worry, you can still have a lot of fun too!)

I researched and then meditated about spiritual rituals that I could add to my Samhain (Halloween) celebrations this year, and the following 11 healing rituals for Samhain 2024 (Halloween) are what I was Clairvoyantly shown…

I hope these samhain rituals will help you capture the magic, mysticism and wonder of the Halloween season for October 31st, 2024!

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How to Pronounce Samhain?

The Samhain pronunciation can be confusing. Despite many people pronouncing Samhain as written, it is actually pronounced “Sow-in”.

What does Samhain Mean?

For the Ancient Celts, Samhain literally meant “Summer’s End”.

When is Samhain 2024?

Samhain is considered to be the origin of our modern day Halloween, and is celebrated by Pagans, Wiccans, Wicca’s, and many other New Age spiritualists on the same night as Halloween in the U.S.

In 2024, Samhain is on the night of Sunday, October 31st and runs until the night of Monday, November 1st (The Pagan New Year).

What is Samhain?

Samhain is a Pagan festival first celebrated by the Ancient Celts over 2000 years ago at sundown on October 31st.

The Celts at the time set their calendar by the changing of the seasons. Samhain fell between summer and winter and honored the start of winter on November 1st (which was the beginning of their New Year).

They would bring in the strongest of the summer herd to shelter for the winter and slaughter the rest, resulting in a giant feast that was held around great bonfires.

During Samhain, it was believed that the “veil would thin” and the spirits of the dead were set free to roam, either to visit or prey upon the living.

The Ancient Celtic priests called Druids, used Samhain as a time for divination, fortune telling, and prophecy. They held sacred rituals to divine the health of the tribesmen, ask to be shown the future, and come up with concoctions for healing various ailments.

Is Samhain the Same as Halloween?

Samhain is considered to be the origin of Halloween. To appease converts, the early Roman Catholic church adopted several Pagan holidays after they baptized many into Christianity.

They wanted a holy day to counteract the Samhain Pagan rituals they considered to be unholy. They started All Saint’s Day, also known as All Hallows, which was held on November 1st to honor the Saints that had passed.

Despite the church’s best efforts, many still celebrated the night before, making it called All Hallows’ Eve, which was shortened to Hallowe’en, and eventually just Halloween.

What is the Vigil of Samhain?

Extending from October 31st to November 2nd, “The Vigil of Samhain” is when Pagans believe the Lord of the Dead, or Samhain, brings back all the souls who have died during the previous year and either reincarnates them as humans (for the good ones), or puts them into the bodies of animals (for the bad).

This Vigil of Samhain was known as a time when the “veil between world’s thinned”, and is thought to be when spirits, fairies and goblins can roam the earth freely.

The early Pagans also worshipped the Sun God, and held bonfires and ritual animal sacrifices to him on the night of November 1st (Their New Year).

The fires and sacrifices were meant to strengthen the Sun God for his coming battle with winter, or rather the cold and darkness that comes with the winter months.

What is a Samhain Ritual?

The rituals celebrated during Samhain were mostly of a celebratory nature, but the priests used it as a time to supercharge their magic. Samhain was the Ancient Celts time to celebrate the summer harvest, and slaughter the weaker animals in their herds.

This abundance of food resulted in huge bonfires and feasts as the ultimate Samhain Rituals.

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What Samhain Rituals do Pagans Practice?

samhain bonfire ritual
Samhain ritual of dancing around bonfires

Pagans used and still use Samhain to build bonfires, dance, feast, and honor the spirits of their ancestors.

Some build spiritual altars to honor the memories of departed family and friends. Many use Samhain and the changing of the season as a time to contact the spirit world and also to let go of that which is no longer working in their lives.

During Samhain, Pagans used to leave food and wine out for wandering spirits. This either reminded their deceased ancestors of home or appeased malicious spirits into not messing with or tricking the living.

Some modern Pagans still observe this custom by baking special loaves of bread and leaving them out overnight.

11 Powerful Samhain Rituals 2024

samhain rituals

Despite an element of fear surrounding the Samhain and Halloween holidays, there is a deeper Spiritual Meaning of Halloween.

Samhain is a time transformation and letting go of the old to embrace the new. Samhain symbolizes hope and good luck. During this time, it is necessary to release your baggage to embrace rebirth and transmutation.

These 11 Samhain rituals for 2024 will help you let go of the past, heal, honor the dead, and embrace the growing changes inside of you.

Samhain and Halloween are an excellent time to heal the past and let go of the fear that has been holding you back.

Fear blocks you from Manifesting Money and Abundance and from remembering and reconnecting with your Soul. Fear is a powerful rigid emotion of the third dimension that stops you from moving freely and easily through the physical plane.

There is no better time to let go of fear, worries, and doubts holding you back than on Samhain or Halloween.

1 – Connect to Mother Earth on Samhain

samhain rituals 2023
Grounding is a great Samhain/Halloween ritual!

Grounding, sometimes referred to as “Earthing”, has recently been shown to have numerous health benefits.

The Earth has a mild negative charge to it. Our bodies build up too much positive charge over time. According to WellnessMama.com, putting the skin in direct contact with the Earth helps even out the positive charge that builds up in our physical bodies.

This has been shown to reduce inflammation and chronic pain. Grounding has also been shown to improve sleep quality, protect the body from EMFs, and increase energy!

From a spiritual perspective – nature calms and reenergizes us. It brings us back to balance and harmony. Grounding, or walking barefoot on the Earth helps us release our excess emotions, thoughts, and technological noise that are being ran through our bodies.

I was shown grounding during meditation as a wonderful ritual for Samhain and Halloween, since this is a great time to “let go of the old”.

This may get interesting where I live, since we often have snow on Halloween!

But, if you can, get out and walk around barefoot on the cool grass for 10 – 15 minutes with the intention of releasing resistance, doubt, and fear.

2 – Yoga – Release Flow is a Perfect Samhain Ritual

Apparently keeping with the theme of energetic release, my guides also showed me Samhain & Halloween as a perfect time to do a yoga release flow.

I found this great 20-minute Yoga Release Video on YouTube that is a perfect spiritual ritual for Samhain!

I Love This Great Yoga Release Flow to Unblock Energy on Halloween & Really “Feel” the Magic!

Another great way to release all that is no longer serving you, especially anger, is by doing Hip Opening Stretches.

I’ve noticed as I run body scans during meditation that many emotions, pain, and even thoughts come up as I scan over my hips.

You can release these unwanted feelings and pain by doing very relaxing hip opening stretches on Samhain.

3 – Letting Go & Gratitude Samhain Bonfire Ritual

Bonfires were and are still a huge part of any Samhain festivity. They were lit to cook a giant feast on and then danced around in gratitude and celebration!

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If you can’t make a giant bonfire to dance around in your backyard (although this sounds super fun!), you can light a fire or candle in your home.

Here is a Protection Candle from Amazon that would be perfect for the job!

CRYSTAL JOURNEY Candle Pillar-Protection, 1 EA
  • Write down all that you would like to release from your life on a small piece of paper with the intent of letting it go.
  • This could be addictions, procrastination, anger towards your children, or finally mustering up the courage to look for a new job…
  • Really take the time to decide what is no longer working in your life. Once you’ve clearly outlined what that is, burn the paper! (Of course, always be super careful around fire! If you need to do this outside for safety with your candle, then do that).
  • Then, write down what you are grateful for on another piece of paper. You can even go so far as to make a “New Year’s resolution” on your gratitude paper. (Samhain was the beginning of the Ancient Celts New Year!)
  • Hang up your gratitude paper (and resolution) where you will see it often! Remember you create more abundance when you are happy and grateful for what you currently have!

4 – Do a Clearing Meditation Samhain Ritual

I believe it is always a good time for meditation! But Samhain and Halloween are perfect times for a letting go meditation ritual.

I highly recommend this meditation called Mind Silence from Paul Santisi. It helps you identify what is holding you back that you need to let go of and uses positive affirmations and descending tones that slow the mind like magic to put you into a great “meditative zone”.

You can create a Crystal Grid (to help raise your vibration more), and then meditate.

You can also check out my post for more Must-Have Meditation Space Supplies!

spiritual rituals for samhain 2021
Spiritual Ritual for Samhain 2024 – Meditate with a Crystal Grid!

This is my favorite Protection Tools for Empaths & EMF Crystal Set and would be perfect for Samhain & Halloween!

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5 – Sage Your Home or Space Samhain Ritual

Another great ritual to do for Samhain & Halloween is burning sage. Sage is associated with Samhain rituals, and has been used by many other cultures for centuries as well.

Energy gets stuck in buildings (especially in corners and by windows), and sage acts like a “roto-rooter” to clear this energy out.

I love the ritual of burning sage throughout my home with a whole White Sage Smudging Kit. And this would be super fun to do on Samhain or Halloween!

White Sage Smudging Kit Smudge Stick Gift Kit + Instructions & Blessings (Beginner's Kit)

But, now that I have little ones, I don’t want the smoke to choke them. So, I use an Organic White Spray Sage instead which works just as well!

This brand has been charged with Reiki, Quartz Crystal, and the Full Moon as well and I looove it!

White Sage Spray for Smudging
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Since Samhain is the Pagan New Year, you can do the following Samhain Ritual Blessing to let go of the old and usher in positive intentions moving forward!

  1. Prepare your Samhain alter as described below. You may put down an alter cloth, sprinkle full moon holy water or regular holy water facing North, East, South & West.
  2. Visualize a yellow ball (calms excess thoughts and uplifts!) of bright light surrounding you and ask Archangel Michael (or whoever you resonate with) for protection.
  3. Light white and purple spell candles, or the protection candle above.
  4. You may lay out pictures of deceased loved ones (pets too!) that you’d like to honor.
  5. Feathers and crystals help amplify the blessing and your sacred magic.
  6. Dark crystals absorb negativity (Don’t forget to clear with salt or cold water afterwards). White and purple crystals offer connection to the spiritual realms, angels, and guides.
  7. Say a blessing. “Dear Creator (Or whoever you resonate with), thank you for the lessons I’ve learned this year. Please dissolve all fears and negativity from 2024 into these (candle flames, holy water, crystals, etc). Help me let go of the past and release all that is no longer serving me, so I can move forward. Bless me this Samhain New Year with renewed energy, lust for life, financial support, and opportunities that will excite me. I honor and call in my ancestor’s, and (say close relative or pet’s names you wish to honor), please amplify the energy of this blessing and help release me of all ancestral karma and lower energies. Thank you to all who have assisted me in ushering in this new energetic shift! Amen.

6 – Dissolve Your Fears Samhain Ritual 2024

Samhain and Halloween (October 31st) are a deeply spiritual time where the veil between the physical and spiritual world’s is said to thin.

But there is also a huge element of fear associated with Samhain & Halloween. So, this is a perfect time for letting go of fear as well!

Using the Rose Tool Ritual to Dissolve Fear for Samhain/Halloween

The rose tool is another wonderful energy tool that I use for everything! From a Little-Known Empathic Protection Tool to dissolving fear, doubts, and worries – The rose tool is great!

Used as a very powerful visualization exercise, the rose holds a very neutral charge and comes with its own grounding cord (the stem).

You can use the rose as a ritual to release any fears that may be holding you back. Some great examples to clear during Samhain & Halloween are:

Fears to Release During Samhain/Halloween Ritual

  • Fears about having enough money
  • Fears of spiders, snakes, mosquitoes (this is one of mine, LOL!), etc.
  • Fear of Developing Your Third Eye Chakra & “Seeing” Clairvoyantly
  • Fear of a person that is no longer in your life
  • Fear of flying
  • Fear of the unknown

To use the rose tool ritual for Samhain, simply identify the fears, worries, and doubts that you would like to clear.

Ask Archangel Michael (He is amazing to work with!) and your spirit guides for assistance, calming and protection as you clear your Halloween night fears.

Next, visualize a beautiful red rose inside the frame of your aura (about an arm’s length circle all the way around you).

Now, imagine your fear enveloped inside the rose within the frame of your aura.

Once you have a clear picture in mind of your fear inside of a red rose, throw the rose into the moon to explode for clearing and transmutation.

Go through and dissolve each fear one at a time as part of your clearing Halloween ritual!

7 – Halloween Full Moon Ritual

halloween full moon ritual
Make Holy Water with the Full Moon for a Samhain Ritual!

I never understood the power of using holy water until I began working with my spirit guides. I now drink holy water daily, use it in my children’s bath (especially if they are sick), and sprinkle it around the house for protection and clearing.

You can make holy water with the power of the sun or full moon and use it in protection and clearing rituals for Samhain as well.

Water, like crystals, helps raise your vibration when cleared and blessed with positive affirmations and intentions.

And holy water charged with the power of the full moon is perfect to use for a protection and clearing Samhain ritual.

Obviously, the full moon is the strongest, but you can also use any moon glow that is available to you at the time.

Simply Make Holy Water. You can put any positive affirmations into the water that you like. Then, set the water out under the light of the full moon to charge overnight. (Make sure to put it where animals won’t drink it. I use a glass container with a lid for this.)

Then, you can add a little holy water to your bath. Drink shots of it daily, and also sprinkle it around the corners of your home or place you’d like to clear and protect.

8 – Honor your Departed Loved Ones and Ancestors Samhain Ritual

You can say a special prayer, thanking your ancestors for their guidance, support and help. Be grateful for their struggles in life that led to you being here.

You can remember your friends and relatives that have passed and honor their memory by remembering all the good, happy times that you had.

Hold these beautiful memories in your mind with gratitude and love in your heart! Be grateful for all the fun happy times you had together and for all that you were able to teach each other!

You can also make a Samhain alter to honor the memory of departed loved ones!

What to Put in a Samhain Ritual Alter?

An alter for Samhain is a wonderful idea to connect with and honor deceased loved ones. Here are a few ideas for making the perfect Samhain Alter!

  1. A picture (or pictures) of the deceased loved one(s) you’d like to honor the memory of, including pets.
  2. Light Candles (White and Purple Candles hold a very high vibration when burned.) I love this Genuine Amethyst Cluster Candle Holder!
  3. A Crystal Grid. Here is a great already done for you Love and Harmony Crystal Grid Set from Amazon.
  4. Holy Water in a potion bottle sprinkled around the whole alter and on you. I’m a fan of these beautiful Vintage Potion Bottles.
  5. An alter cloth to put everything on! This is a beautiful Purple Triple Moon Alter Cloth!
  6. A Witch Alter Kit is a great buy if you really want to get into alter building and spell casting. This HUGE Witchcraft Alter Kit comes with everything you’d need, including a spellbook!
Huge Witchcraft KIT ~ Witch Alter Sets ~ Wand kit ~ Potion kit ~ Crystal Witchcraft ~ spellbook ~ Book of Shadows ~ Cigar Box

9 – Hold Love Halloween Ritual

While meditating or honoring those who have departed, I like to hold the vibration of love. To make this easier, you can listen to the frequency of love, which is 528 Hz.

There are some very beautiful songs in the 528 Hz frequency range available for free on YouTube that you can listen to while meditating, bathing, chanting, or doing your clearing rituals.

You can also hold the vibration of love with happiness and gratitude! Play with your children and have fun on Samhain (Halloween)!

Make fun cupcakes together, share memories, visit family, laugh!

10 – Chant a Mantra Halloween Ritual

Chanting, and even singing lifts your mood and Decalcifies the Pineal Gland. Chanting Om is especially good for opening and Developing the Third Eye Chakra.

I also like to follow along with YouTube for some beautiful Om chanting music.

Here is a great one that combines the power of chanting “Om” with 528 Hz frequency music!

11 – Make a Protection & Abundance Talisman Samhain Ritual

Talismans have been made and worn for thousands of years! You can make a simple talisman as a Samhain ritual that is super powerful!

Simply use a necklace or piece of jewelry that has a known protection or uplifting crystal such as: Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Obsidian, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, or Clear Quartz.

Clear the crystal by placing it next to a piece of Selenite or visualizing white light surrounding it.

I use this Black Tourmaline Necklace that comes with a piece of Selenite for clearing!

Charge it with the glow of the moon as you set your intentions upon it.

I like to put mine in the window of my bedroom so it can absorb moonlight while I imagine filling it with positive affirmations!

I actually imagine these words inside of my necklace. I use words such as lucky, successful, happy, fulfilled, healthy, protected, safe, and abundant!

I ask Archangel Michael to weave his protection in and through the crystal on my necklace. Then I leave it in the moonlight to charge for at least an hour.

And voila, I have a beautiful, protective, prosperity necklace for Samhain and the Celt’s New Year!

Final Thoughts on Healing Samhain Rituals 2024 (For Halloween)

Samhain and Halloween hold deep roots for letting go, healing, transformation, and mysticism! It is a magical time of the year, when spirits are honored, and people give to each other!

Let’s celebrate the magic of the Samhain/Halloween Season with giving, joy, and self-love that will help us let go through the winter and pave the way for the rebirth cycle of the Spring!

Whatever Samhain rituals you choose to use on Samhain & Halloween, remember to have fun and be safe!

Happy 2024 Samhain!!!

How do you celebrate Samhain or Halloween? Do you have any healing spiritual rituals that you are doing for Samhain 2024 that are not on this list? Is Halloween a scary or fun time for you and your family? Please comment or share below!


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