Manifest Money Fast! – THE BIGGEST Mistake People Make When Manifesting Money

You are here because you want to manifest money, fast! Who doesn’t? But, how do you manifest money, which is technically, a concept? Sure, you can hold physical money in your hands, but most of our money is ones and zeroes held on a computer.

After practicing manifesting money for awhile, I found a few key mistakes I was making…

I also stumbled onto the BEST ways to manifest money quickly and easily!

Manifest Money Fast

Like everyone else trying to manifest using The Law of Attraction (Read the LOA Definition Here), I’ve tried my hand at manifesting money… And, for some reason, I was finding it more difficult to manifest money than material objects.

So, I asked myself, “Why can’t I manifest a million dollars?”

I’ve visualized and then manifested trips, computers, blenders, clothing, food, and healthy beautiful children, etc. etc.

But, every time I went to manifest money, my mind drew a blank. The problem was that I didn’t quite know what to visualize!

When I want to manifest physical items, I simply get a picture of that item in my head, and then visualize myself using it, eating it, or playing on that specific beach (for trips).

But, what to visualize to manifest more money was eluding me… Was I supposed to visualize a check, my bank account having more zeroes, me rolling on the bed naked in a big pile of cash???

I simply didn’t know!

And, if we, the Creator Beings are confused about what we desire to manifest and are visualizing, then so is the Universe!

So first, we’ll dive in to two mistakes people make when manifesting money, and then finally, we’ll go over THE BIGGEST MISTAKE people make when manifesting money!

how to manifest money

The 3 BIGGEST Mistakes Everyone Makes When Manifesting Money

We want to manifest money quickly and easily, but we end up overcomplicating money manifestations, because we believe it is hard.

The following mistakes are very common when people are first learning to manifest more money, but lucky for you, are easily fixed!

1 – People are NOT CLEAR on What They Want to Manifest Money For.

what is the law of attraction
Visualizing your desires will tell the Universe what you want to manifest.

When I first started trying to manifest money out of thin air, I simply wanted a million dollars, or to win the lottery.

I am an optimist, so I tried it!

Again, and again, and again. LOL! (And no, in case you’re wondering, I still haven’t won the lottery!)

UPDATE: I recently won (albeit small) some money from Publisher’s Clearing House in the EXACT AMOUNT I was visualizing as a test of the Law of Attraction! I didn’t even know I’d won, it just showed up in my mailbox! I love the Law of Attraction! If you have doubts that it will really work for you, just keep going!!! Let your rational mind have doubts. Your heart knows better!

As you can imagine, I got bored trying to manifest winning the lottery. So, I stopped visualizing this and moved on to more tangible things, like a nice car I could easily afford, healthy organic food, and moving out of my parent’s basement.

I figured I may as well do these things while I waited for my lottery winnings to come through!

Well, miraculous enough, a great car in my price range and a bank that was willing to loan me money with horrible credit simply appeared!

Without me even looking!

Then, neighbors and family just started showing up at the door with surplus garden vegetables, fruits, and homemade healthy foods!

Next, and my favorite so far! An unheard-of priced apartment in a nice quiet neighborhood just fell into our laps!

Now, I started to get excited about using the Law of Attraction to manifest my dreams, goals, and especially, money.

Now, when I need money for something, I simply visualize the something and the extra money appears.

Or, let’s say you want to visualize paying off your credit cards. I would start with the smallest credit card first and imagine the balance on the screen as zero. Or, you could visualize the last bill from the credit card company coming and stamped, “Paid in Full”.

Then, you could go a step further and print and fill out one of my Free Law of Attraction Checks! Fill it out to yourself with the exact amount you need and place it where you will see it often.

Don’t forget to fill out the For:” section. Then, meditate and visualize with this check. Feel the feelings that having the money on this check will make you feel while doing so!

Hint, hint: Joy, excitement, playfulness, and gratitude are great feelings to imagine while creating!

My Manifesting Journey

I have been obsessed with manifesting since I first read The Message of a Master about 24 years ago! Since then, I’ve read it too many times to count, and it always strengthens my belief in my ability to manifest my desires as a Creator Being.

However, it wasn’t until my “bizarre” and very painful spiritual awakening that I gained the psychic ability of clairaudience (The ability to psychically “hear” spirit guides, Ascended Masters, and other spiritual beings.)

Before this time, I knew, like deep-down into the very core of my being knew that I could manifest using my mind…

BUT, I was trying to manifest AND getting very weak results!

FINALLY ASKED the Ascended Masters for their assistance with manifesting my ideal life, AND they began working with me clairaudiently to “hone” my manifesting skills over the next 7 years…

The Ascended Masters helped make sense of some manifesting truths I already knew AND also gave me the most AMAZING manifesting secrets I’d NEVER seen shared anywhere else!

I knew I was onto something when what I desired FINALLY started to manifest!

A free trip to Hawaii, a free cruise, a free laptop, the exact couch set I wanted, and soooo much more!

Between stressing over bills, worrying about changes with your job, keeping food on the table, and all the craziness going on in the world right now – It is completely normal to feel tired, overwhelmed, anxious, and uncertain as to how you are going to make ends meet!

I created The Master Manifestor e-book to help you the way I was helped by the Teacher’s of Light! To help you find more joy, more passion, and to finally make the Law of Attraction work for you!

This book contains the Master’s answers to your burning Law of Attraction questions in layman’s terms. No long-winded philosophical fluff that you can’t implement!

Just ACTUAL Law of Attraction reasons for doing things, simple hacks, and easy to use SECRET Master’s techniques!

“This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.”

2 – People Don’t Believe They Deserve to Manifest Money. Or, They Believe Manifesting Money is Hard.

Everyone has money blocks when they are first learning to manifest money with the Law of Attraction, which is a problem. This is not the vibration you want to hold when you’re trying to manifest desires.

If you are visualizing a better job that will in turn bring in more money, but deep down you don’t think you deserve it, you will block it from manifesting by your vibration.

Many of our most limiting beliefs about money came from our parents, which came from their parents…

My grandparents grew up during the Depression. Everywhere they looked they saw lack, scarcity, and limited resources…

They lacked food, jobs, money, and possessions! They grew up being frugal, pinching every penny. They worried about where every penny was coming from and where it was going.

manifest money quickly and easily
Money literally DOES grow on trees! LOL!

They grew up believing struggle was just a fact of life!

They grew up with poor money mindsets and said things like:

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

“Money is limited.”

“Just when we get a little ahead, a major expense comes.”

“Making money is hard.”

They passed on these limiting beliefs as their “truths” to my father, who lovingly prepared me for the real world, and passed them on to me.

Now, I don’t blame them having these beliefs while growing up during the Depression! It was a hard time for many!

It wasn’t until I had my bizarre Spiritual Awakening Experience that I began to question my thoughts and beliefs. I wondered if I could change them and if that would have an effect on my life???

The answer is yes! I’ve worked hard to change my limiting money beliefs, and this has had a huge impact on my life!

You can change your money beliefs with Money Manifestation Affirmations! It does take time. Most of your limited money beliefs have been imprinted on you since birth.

This is a great money affirmation video from one of my favorites to listen to, Jason Stephenson (Love his accent)!

Just stick with your positive and money affirmations and be patient!

And finally…

THE BIGGEST Mistake People Make When Manifesting Money is…

3- They Don’t Stick with The Money Visualizations!

This is THE BIGGEST MISTAKE I noticed myself making when trying to manifest money, or anything for that matter!

I simply didn’t stick with it!

I noticed something very intriguing as I went back over my Law of Attraction Planner one day!

This option from Amazon includes a fold-out vision board, places to write your goals and dreams, gratitude pages, and so much more!

Everything I had written down, visualized, and used these Law of Attraction Manifestation Techniques (especially the manifestation triangle), on had manifested, except a couple things.

I wondered what the difference was between what I successfully manifested and what I didn’t???

The answer I got was that I gave up on my visualizations of certain things! I either came up with a new desire or decided that manifestation was taking too long.

It is a little like envisioning a healthy toned body for yourself, and then giving up after working out for a week.

One of my favorite Law of Attraction Quotes is this:

“Any picture firmly held in any mind is bound to come forth.”

The Message of a Master

Let’s focus on the word, firmly, shall we. I have a hard time visualizing what I desire. This is where you use your imagination. And, for most adults, our imagination has been cut off to live in the “real world”.

Do not worry about this!

Just keep visualizing what you want and desire. Firmly impress that picture in your mind. Allow your rational mind to be skeptical and keep practicing your money visualizations.

Another great Law of Attraction quote is:

“The Law of Attraction is flawless and gives you exactly what you continually place your attention on.”

Jim Self

Now, let’s focus on the word, continually…

I’ve been practicing manifesting with LOA for years, and I noticed that I manifest that which I continually focus on.

If I stop visualizing, thinking about, and taking action towards a particular dream, it never appears…

The best way to predict your life is to create it! Keep visualizing and using money affirmations. Then, be patient!

How to Manifest Money Quickly and Easily.

There are many ways to manifest more money and your dream life, but in order for things you really desire to manifest – YOU HAVE to be like a dog with a bone!

This doesn’t mean feverishly visualizing more money every hour of every day in desperation. It simply means, if it really matters to you, you will continue to playfully focus on it with joy, ease and gratitude – until it manifests!

I’ve had to visualize EVERYTHING I’VE EVER MANIFESTED until it manifested! All that I desired, visualized, focused on, followed Divine guidance and took action towards, manifested.

And I was visualizing many of the things that really did manifest right up until they manifested.

Get Clear on What You Desire and How Much Money it Costs.

Use a Manifestation Check to visualize the exact amount of money you need.

Visualize What You Want the Money For.

Practice Mindfulness.

manifest money fast
Mindfulness meditation will teach you to be present and help with manifesting money!

I write more about why practicing mindfulness and learning Mindfulness Meditation helps you manifest in these two posts:

What is The Law of Attraction? I visualized HAWAII for a year and here’s what happened… &

5 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Mindfulness…

But, the gist is that the only place we can truly create from is the present. When we constantly wish the past were different or worry about the future, we unconsciously create what we don’t desire… We then manifest more worries and problems from the past into our future!

I cannot stress this enough! If you want to be a Conscious Creator, and have anything that you desire, without all the stress, you must learn to be present!

This is mandatory! You cannot skip this step. Practicing mindfulness and being present is the key to successful money manifesting. And, it is well worth it!

Use My Manifesting Tips from the Ascended Masters!

I Use These Money Manifestation Techniques I channeled from the Ascended Masters! (They have especially emphasized using the triangles to manifest your desires, so please check out this post!)

Keep Visualizing Money Until It Manifests.

Visualize a $100 dollar bill being put into your purse, or your credit card bill paid off. Or you can visualize the life you will lead when you have more money coming to you.

What does that life look like? What can you afford to buy without even flinching? How do you feel when you don’t have to check your bank account every day?

Stick with your visualizations until they come.

Be Grateful and Give Thanks for What You Already Have!

The vibrations of Joy + Gratitude = Abundance!

A great way to do this is by keeping a Law of Attraction Gratitude Journal! The best way to manifest more is to be grateful for what you already have!

There are some beautiful options on Amazon! This gratitude journal has great gratitude quotes and short blank spaces to be grateful. It only takes one minute a day to reflect and really feel gratitude, which helps you manifest money fast!

Final Thoughts on Manifesting Money.

You will create what you continually focus on, whether consciously or unconsciously. So, why not be a Conscious Creator?

When I was writing this post and thinking of the word, “Imagine”, a spirit guide changed the word “Imagine” to the word, “Create”. I loooove this!

Your imagination is your most powerful tool for creation. Use it, play with it, develop this skill and create your dream life!

Your imagination and ability to visualize a clearer image will get stronger and be easier to do as you practice. Decalcifying your Pineal Gland will also greatly assist this process.

Remember, sometimes the Universe send you checks and sometimes you simply get opportunities to make more money.

Be grateful for both!

One time, an unexpected profit-sharing check from an old job came to me in the mail for the exact amount of what I needed to purchase.

Other times, I’ve needed money for courses, home improvements, and starting this blog…

I did my money visualizations and got clear on exactly how much I needed. In one case, I went by a friend’s house who was cleaning out their closets and giving away some items.

I asked if I could have a couple and she of course, said yes. I put the items up for sale on ebay and made exactly what I needed to buy the course I envisioned.

When I needed money to write my book and start this blog, I pictured myself writing my book and working on this blog. At the time, I had no computer to write with, and no money to start a blog!

I went to my sister’s house one day, and she said she had upgraded her laptop and asked if I wanted her old one. I, of course, shouted yes!

Then, my husband got put on a new crew over the summer that worked very well together and made a lot of extra money. So, I was able to afford the start-up costs of this blog!

So, be clear on what you want! Then visualize and work towards it until it manifests!

And, always, always, be grateful for your opportunities and abundance from the Universe!!!

Remember, thoughts are things. May all your dreams come true!


Have you tried to manifest money? What are your secrets for manifesting money fast? Please, feel free to share your money manifestation success stories, secrets, and tips below!

Disclaimer: The above is for entertainment purposes only and is not to be construed as financial advice.

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  1. Awesome site you have here but I was curious if you knew of any forums that cover the same topics discussed here? I’d really love to be a part of group where I can get comments from other experienced people that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Many thanks!

    • Hi!

      Thanks for commenting! If you’d like to know more about manifesting money fast you can search for forums on either Quora or Facebook Groups!

      Best of Luck!

  2. Hi Jamie,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing this article! It resonated with me on so many levels that I literally had goose bumps while reading it. These are exactly the biggest mistakes I’ve been making and probably they are the reason I haven’t been able to manifest any money ever.
    I’m going back to the beginning to read again and to start implementing. And I’ll definitely check out your other articles
    Lots of love,

    • Thanks so much Maya!

      I noticed I was making these manifesting mistakes over and over once I started keeping a manifesting journal. I’ve since been able to manifest more opportunities to make money and also money in the form of winnings as well! I really hope these tips help you, because everyone deserves to have all the abundance they desire!

      Many blessings to you!

    • Hi Uzoma!
      Thank you for your comment!

      Manifesting is really a waiting and trusting game with the Universe! Visualize your desires, often! And keep visualizing them until they manifest. Don’t be concerned about when or if you’ll receive what you desire, just keep visualizing your dream life and take action where appropriate!

      Hope this helps you manifest money or anything else you desire!

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