7 Traditional SAMHAIN BLESSING Poems 2024 (+ How To)

The Celtic Samhain blessing, still used by Pagans today, was a form of prayers for blessing meals, ancestor blessings, and gratitude for their harvest.

Samhain, pronounced “Sow-in”, is the ancient Celtic holiday which is also held and still celebrated by Pagans worldwide on Halloween, or October 31st.

Following the ancient Celt’s traditions, Pagans and witches view Samhain as the beginning of their New Year which represents the ending of old cycles and the start of new beginnings.

Samhain is a wonderful time to say a traditional Samhain blessing, or poem to honor your ancestors, let go of old baggage, or simply bless your food using a Pagan Samhain blessing.

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How to do a Traditional Samhain Blessing

Samhain is a time for remembrance, letting go, and honoring of the dead. The ancient druid Celts believed the Veil Between World’s Thinned on Halloween, and also used Samhain as a time of divination, or strengthening of their spells.

These blessings for Samhain are to be spoken with reverence for your ancestor’s and gratitude for all that you do have in your life (be grateful for the family and friends you do have!)

If you are hosting a dumb supper for Samhain, it is customary to use a black tablecloth, plates, and napkins. But you can also use a black, purple, or other appropriate Magical Altar Cloth with the pictures, or mementos of your departed loved ones you’d like to honor.

I personally looove this one imbued with the magic and protection of Metatron’s Cube Sacred Geometry which I use often in my spiritual and channeling work!

Another important aspect of doing a traditional Samhain blessing poem is to light candles! This is representative of the bonfires lit by the Celts during Samhain to cook their feasts and dance! Candles also help “set the tone” of the room, so to speak.

Black candles honor the dead, white and purple will raise the vibration of the room. I personally recommend a Sage Spiritual Energy Cleansing Candle, Spell Candles (use black, purple, and white on Samhain), or a Spiritual Cleansing Candle with Lemongrass, Sage, and Cypress.

You can also use a Protection Crystal Set around your altar for further shielding and upliftment.

You may also pour a small amount of ale (beer), wine, or any special drink you have on hand for Samhain into a glass or goblet as an offering to the dead upon your altar or table, as is the traditional Pagan, or Irish custom.

Another important part of the ancient Samhain tradition, was to give to those less fortunate. “Soul Cakes” were given to the poor when they would come to the door (the beginnings of trick or treating on Halloween).

Later on, the poor boys in the villages began simply asking for money and ale instead of Soul Cakes! LOL!

But, to honor Samhain, you can also give to someone in need! There are many GoFundMe campaigns at any given moment of people who need help with medical bills, etc., that you can look up right now, and give what you can.

If you are short on cash, you can take a meal or treat to an elderly neighbor, or call or text a friend who needs upliftment!

The possibilities for giving and helping people on Samhain are endless!

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7 Traditional Samhain Blessing Poems

There are many types of Samhain blessings. Some are meant for honoring the dead, others are offered for protection from evil spirits. While others offer blessings for food and gratitude for the Samhain harvest.

Some prefer to use a traditional Samhain blessing, while other Pagans or Irish observers prefer to mix the traditional customs with the new.

Either way, here are 7 Samhain Blessings to help you ring in the Ancient Celtic and Pagan New Year for honoring the dead, letting go of the old, and ringing in the new!

Samhain Blessing Poem

This blessing poem for Samhain is like saying a spell for protection, letting go, honoring the dead (Samhain ancestor blessing), and gratitude all rolled into one!

samhain blessing
Samhain Blessing

On All Hallows’ Eve,

May God protect you,

From darkness, and fire, and tricksters among you,

As the New Year begins,

And the old says goodbye,

We honor the dead, the old, and departed,

With deep gratitude for our bountiful harvest,

May our ancestor’s watch o’er us,

And keep us from harm,

As we enter new cycles with faith reaffirmed.

Traditional Samhain Blessing

This original or traditional Samhain blessing or prayer gives a nod to our ancestor’s, an honoring and respect for the end of the harvest cycle, for letting go of the past, and for divination of the future.

The veil grows thin at the time of the dead,

As we honor our ancestors, in whose footsteps we tread,

Life retreats into the bulbs and the roots,

The time has passed for the flowers and fruits,

As leaves fall thick and carpet the ground,

The Dark Mother awaits in silence profound,

Now is the time for the apple feasts,

Time stands still for human and beasts,

Seek the wisdom of days gone by,

To deal with the past and let it lie,

Face your shadow and accept your faults,

Look now to the future to seek your results.

Celtic Samhain Blessing

This short traditional Celtic Samhain blessing saying prepares us for the darkness of winter with deep purpose and respect. Simple, honest, and beautiful.

As the darkness now draws near,

See the cycle of the year,

As the light now goes within,

Let the hallows dance begin.

Samhain Food Blessing

If you are looking for a simple traditional meal or food blessing for Samhain, this poem gives thanks for harvests, family, and Mother Earth on this most blessed of holidays for 2024.

Blessed be for a bountiful harvest,

As the tide quickly turns into darkness,

Blessed be for fine family and friends,

For our abundance of fruits, roots, and breads,

Blessed be to the Mother, who nurtures with care,

Our thanks be to Samhain, huge crops she did bear.

Wishes to all a blessed All Hallows’ Eve and Samhain!

Original Samhain Blessing

An original blessing for Samhain, the following poem is for protection for anyone on All Hallows’ Eve, since the ancient Celts believed Samhain to be a time when the veil between world’s thinned, and the dead walked among us.

At All Hallows’ tide, may God keep you safe,

From goblin, and pooka, and black-hearted stranger,

From harm of the water and hurt of the fire,

From thorns of the bramble and all other danger,

From Will O’ The Wisp haunting the mire,

From stumbles and tumbles and tricksters to vex you,

May God in His mercy,

This week protect you.

Samhain Ancestor Blessings

This Samhain blessing for the ancestor’s is a traditional prayer said to honor those dearly departed and those that came before us. This Samhain ancestor blessing is to be said with great reverence, love, and gratitude, and preferably with a candle lit.

Blessed be the ancestors the ones whom life has fled.

Tonight we merry meet again, our own beloved dead.

The wheel of the year turns on, a new year in our sights.

The maiden has become the crone, we celebrate this night.

Pagan Samhain Blessing for the Ancestors

On this Samhain night,

I honor my Ancestors,

Spirits of my forefathers and foremothers,

I call to you, I welcome you to join me,

On this Samhain night,

Please watch over me always,

Protecting and guiding me,

And tonight I thank you,

Your blood runs in my veins,

Your spirit is in my heart,

Your memories are in my Soul,

With the gift of remembrance,

I honor you ALL!

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Traditional Samhain Blessing Poem: Synopsis

As the veil between world’s thins, Samhain night 2024 is a time to reflect on the memories you shared with departed loved ones, do shadow work (these free deep Shadow Work Prompts should help!), meditate to find peace within, and to just be happy and grateful for the good in your life!

Do you have any other Samhain blessings or poems to share? What traditional Samhain blessings do you and your family use? Please comment below and share to social media to embrace the fun and magic of Samhain!

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