5 Real HALLOWEEN RITUALS Spells 2024

Halloween rituals were used in the traditional celebration of Samhain (the origination of Halloween over 2,000 years ago), and continue to be practiced by Pagans, witches, and wiccans worldwide.

If you are looking for real Pagan/Wiccan Halloween Rituals to practice in 2024 to have a safe, fun, magic, and extra wiccan Halloween night, then you’ve come to the right place!

Here are some very easy spell rituals for Halloween night that you can practice alone or with your wicca or Pagan friends!

Halloween, or Samhain, is a time when the veil between the worlds thins and you can draw upon this extra spiritual energy to honor Halloween’s Deeper Spiritual Meaning.

What Rituals are Performed on Halloween?

Honoring the traditional meaning of Samhain, Halloween rituals are usually for gratitude, honoring the dead, letting go, and divination.

You can draw upon the supercharged energy of Halloween night to strengthen your rituals and spell casting.

Why is Halloween so Powerful for Rituals?

The thinner veil and the line between the spirit world and ours blurring, makes Halloween a much more powerful time for rituals and spells.

To find out why the veil thins on Halloween/Samhain, read this post: Halloween’s Deeper Spiritual Meaning.

What People do Rituals on Halloween?

Wiccans, witches, Pagans, and other spiritual practitioners, such as lightworkers who practice white magic (magick), all may choose to do rituals on Halloween, or Samhain (the origination of Halloween).

Moreover, you don’t have to be any of the above things to want to do a fun or protection ritual on Halloween. Sometimes a ritual can be added to a Halloween night party to make it a more traditional celebration of Samhain.

Whoever you are, please always choose to practice Halloween spells and rituals with reverence, respect, and good intentions.

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5 Genuine Pagan/Wiccan Halloween Rituals Spells for 2024

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Protection Halloween Rituals Spell

This Halloween ritual for protection is very basic and can be done in just a few minutes.

Also, you likely to have the supplies for this one on hand, so even if you are reading this on Halloween night 2024, you can probably pull this protection spell off.

What You’ll Need to Protect Yourself on Halloween Night 2024:

How to Perform this Halloween Protection Spell:

  • Orient the candles in a triangle around your altar. (You may want to use a special Halloween Altar Cloth. The pentagram represents the 5 elements of earth, water, fire, air, and sprit.)
  • Pour some salt in a glass bowl or cup in the center of the candles.
  • Write “Protection of Family”, “Protection of Me & My Cat”, or simply just “Protection” on the bay leaf.
  • Place the written on bay leaf halfway into the salt.
  • Now, light the candles.
  • Invoke your ancestors, spirit guides, angels, Archangel Michael, or whoever you subscribe to for protection.
  • Say a simple Samhain Blessing for Protection.
  • Thank your ancestors and guides for their unconditional love, support, and protection!
  • Move the bowl with salt and bay leaf into a window for the ancestors to see and leave it there through Halloween or Samhain.

Letting Go Halloween Rituals Spell

Halloween night (or even the night before or after) is the perfect time to perform this Halloween ritual for letting go!

Since Halloween (Samhain) is the Pagan New Year, it has long been used as a “shift from the old to the new”. To let go of things that are no longer serving you, and to bring in new, good energies!

What You’ll Need for the Letting Go Ritual on Halloween Night 2024:

How to Perform this Halloween Ritual Letting Go Spell:

  • Light one of the candles. You may use any color you wish. Black is often used on Halloween! White or purple for raising the vibration, protection, and bringing in new energies.
  • Write what you’d like to let go of on the large bay leaf, or a few if you need more space. (This could be addictions, obsessions, not living with balance, etc…)
  • Say a simple Halloween letting go blessing such as: “Dear spirit, please help me let go of these things and bring in new positive energy for the Celtic New Year! Blessed be!”
  • Now start the bay leaf on fire. (Please practice this ritual safely! I often do these ones outside!)
  • Place the burning bay leaf in the smudge bowl.
  • Close the ritual with gratitude, a large breath, and of course, a smile!

Honoring the Ancestors Halloween Rituals Spell

Popular among Halloween rituals because honoring the ancestors is one of the few traditional spells practiced on Halloween – A Halloween ancestral honoring ritual spell may be the perfect addition to a spiritual Halloween night!

This ritual that you can find here, is a little bit more complicated, but can help to heal your ancestral line and connect to your ancestors on a more personal level.

You can also work to heal past life and ancestral karma by Activating Your Earth Star Chakra.

What You’ll Need for the Honoring Your Ancestors Ritual on Halloween Night 2024:

  • An Altar Cloth (This Celtic Tree Altar Cloth could also represent your family tree!)
  • A Rock to Represent Earth
  • Clean Water in a Cup to Represent Water (You can sprinkle in a little Sea Salt or Himalayan Pink Salt to further the blessing).
  • A Candle or Ancestor Candle to Represent Fire
  • Incense or a Feather to Represent Air
  • Pictures of your Ancestors, or Ancestor Names written on a piece of paper, or “Clark Family Line” written on paper, or a small plant to represent your family tree
  • Anything your Ancestors enjoyed such as jewelry they owned, etc…
  • An offering of any fresh food or drinks that you yourself would eat or drink

How to Perform this Halloween Ancestors Altar Ritual:

  • Lay down your Altar Cloth
  • Place your items representing the 4 elements of earth, water, fire, and air
  • Put down Ancestor Pictures, Items, Names, the Plant or whatever you have on hand to represent your ancestors
  • Light the Candle and Say a Simple Ancestor Ritual Spell. “To all my ancestors known and unknown, please know in my heart that I love you. Thank you for guiding and protecting me, my family, and our home. Thank you for putting me in a position to be of service to others, and in alignment with my highest purpose. Please accept this offering out of love and I pray that you are at peace. Blessings.

A Halloween Ritual Spell for Second Sight

Brewing a hot cacao drink is a magical Halloween ritual to strengthen your second sight for Halloween!

Since the veil is already thinner on Halloween night, you can amplify your connection to spirit with this delicious adult hot chocolate!

What You’ll Need for your Second Sight Halloween Ritual for 2024:

How to Perform this Halloween Increase Your Clairvoyance and Intuition Ritual:

  • Bring 10 ounces of pure, filtered water to a boil
  • Add 2 Tablespoons of raw cacao power per each 10 ounces of water (double for 2 people, etc… This will be very chocolatey, but the more cacao, the better your second sight!)
  • Turn off heat and stir in honey to taste!
  • For a little extra fun – Add Organic Cinnamon and Organic Cayenne Pepper to taste!
  • Say the invocation: “Dear spirit, let this cacao strengthen and increase my sight this Halloween night. Please let me see what I need to see to honor Halloween and help me be healthy, wealthy, happy, and wise! Blessed be!”
  • Slowly sip the cacao which has been used in rituals for centuries. One night, after doing a cacao ceremony, I was able to see and speak to many angelic beings who showed me my “intuitive sight” was greatly increased due to the cacao!
  • To increase your intention and second sight, hold the seer stone while practicing mindfulness meditation. This Ancient Meditation for Reaching Higher States of Consciousness will be very beneficial to strengthen this Halloween ritual practice.

A Halloween Ritual Spell for Divination

The Ancient Pagans used the power of the thinning veil to practice divination on Halloween. They asked questions such as the gender of unborn children, will it be a harsh winter, etc.

To practice this divination ritual for Halloween, gather the following tools:

How to Perform this Halloween Divination Ritual:

  • Clear quartz is very easy to program with “light words” such as: Happiness, Joy, Higher Purpose, Alignment, Wealthy, Healthy, Etc. To do so, hold the pendulum in your hands and “think” the words inside of the crystal.
  • Still holding the crystal between the palms of your hands, say “Please rotate in this manner. Yes answers will rotate clockwise. No answers will rotate counter-clockwise. Maybe or unsure answers will swing back and forth.” The pendulum will bring answers from your unconscious or spirit forth in the manner you have asked.
  • Hold the end of the pendulum chain with your right hand so that it can swing.
  • Ask a question you’d love an answer to. As always, be respectful and kind. Please do not demand an answer.
  • You may ask specific yes and no questions such as: “Will I buy a house next year?” “Will I find a better job within 6 months?”
  • Let the pendulum swing and remember to have fun and be patient!

Halloween is also an excellent time to let go of the old, meditate, ground, honor nature, and do self-care. Read this post for more Powerful Samhain Rituals.

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