How to HEAL with your HANDS (Little-Known Techniques)

Wondering how to heal with your hands? Or if healing with your hands is even possible? The answer is yes, you do have the power to heal yourself and others with your hands.

Many cultures, religions, and systems of practices, such as Reiki, have made use of the spiritual gift of healing hands, with great success.

This may include: Shamans, Preachers, Elders (from the religion I grew up in), and modern day witches that all use the energy in their hands to heal others.

In both Reiki and Mormonism (the Elders), the gift of healing with hands, or hands on healing is given to you during a ceremony once you’ve achieved a certain level of learning.

Once you are given the power to heal with your hands, it is your gift to use when you deem appropriate.

Reiki “attunements” are passed during each Reiki level from a Reiki Master to the student. This puts the sacred Reiki symbols into your energy to align you with the healing energy of Reiki.

These Reiki attunements give you the power to channel Reiki healing energy through your hands to heal yourself and others.

How to Know if you Can Heal with your Hands

spiritual gift of healing hands
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We have all heard of Jesus performing miracles by healing others with his hands, as well as Reiki. But, do you have the spiritual gift of healing hands?

Feeling energy in your hands can mean that your hand chakras are opening, charging, and activating. Sometimes this happens during times of extreme healing of the mental, emotional, and physical bodies.

Other times, this happens in the case of a spiritual awakening, or kundalini awakening. Or, in my case, an extremely Bizarre Spiritual Awakening.

Healing hands can come across as hot hands, warm hands, or a tingling sensation in your hands – Kind of like feeling electrical zaps, or mini bursts of lightning in the palms of your hands on both sides. This is when your hand chakras are open and energy is flowing.

Some people naturally channel more energy through their hands than others, and are born with the “laying on of hands” gift, just as some people are born with a beautiful singing voice.

But everyone can, through practice, and hand healing techniques, learn to channel healing energy through their hand chakras for the healing of themselves and others.

Why Does Healing with Hands Work?

The body is not just made up of physical matter, or solid form. We also have an energetic body housed within the same space.

When your aura is clear and your chakras are open and functioning freely, your physical body is free to function at optimum levels.

But, when we hold lower energies in our energetic makeup, such as shame, guilt, anger, grief, stress, denial, anxiety, or other emotional pain – Our energetic body becomes imbalanced, and energy isn’t allowed to flow freely.

Energetic blockages in the body and chakras (or energy centers in the body) often manifest as physical ailments or dis-ease.

This is where learning how to heal with your hands and developing the spiritual gift of healing with your hands can become a powerful tool for clearing and shifting the energies of a person to allow for the flow of Divine healing energy.

Which Angel Helps you with Healing Hands?

When using your hands to heal others, you can kindly ask Archangel Raphael to assist you with your healing sessions. I often ask Archangel Raphael, as well as Yeshua (Jesus) to assist me when I am doing any healing work on myself and my children.

The moment I ask these beautiful powerful healers to come forth and add their energy to my healing work, I feel an instant increase in the healing energies!

I invoke these Teacher’s of Light often for various purposes and am always glad I remembered to do so, simply because their energy is so strong.

When the healing work is done, simply thank Archangel Raphael, and/or Yeshua for their assistance with your hand healing work, and close the session.

What to Ask for when Healing with your Hands?

When healing with your hands, you can ask for the Archangel Raphael and Yeshua (Jesus) to add their healing energies to yours.

Also ask for the unconditional love of Source (or God, whichever you prefer saying), to flow through your crown and heart chakras as a healing conduit of pure, balanced healing energy.

Additionally, you can ask Gaia (or Mother Earth), to lend her healing and grounding energetics to your healing practice. You may Clairvoyantly “see” Mother Earth’s healing energy come through as a bright vibrant green light.

If you do not wish to speak to, or work with any specific being in particular, you may also simply ask that healing energy flow through your hands to “heal, repair, and align” others.

Ask that your ego, and energies be put aside to allow pure Divine healing energy and light to flow through you to the person you are working on healing.

You may also ask for your guides and your client’s guides to assist with the energy healing session, and that the highest unconditionally loving forces of the Universe be present to strengthen the healing process.

For hand healing purposes, I have found it very useful to develop my other psychic senses as well, especially clairvoyance.

Develop your Psychic Senses Posts:

How to Increase the Energy in Your Hands

You can increase the energy in your hands for the purpose of healing by first clearing them with sea salt and cool water. Next, rub your hands together rapidly until you feel the heat between them. Then, ask for your hand chakras to be opened to 100% for the purpose of healing.

You can also hold your hands together for several minutes using prayer position with your thumbs touching your heart chakra, or heart center. This connects the energy in your hands you’ll be using for healing with your heart center.

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How to Heal with Your Hands: Healing with Hands Techniques

how to heal with your hands
How to Heal with your Hands

These hand healing techniques are the most common used in both Reiki and other hand healing modalities. Before doing any hand healing work, please remember to take off any watches, rings, or bracelets before beginning.

Before beginning, Ground Yourself Spiritually, then use the techniques written above to increase the energy in your hands.

1. Hand Scanning the Body for Energetic Blockages

This hand healing technique is often used in Reiki to identify parts of the body or chakra system that have blockages or need healing.

To practice this healing technique, slowly move your hands over the person’s body you are working on healing. As you do this, you are “feeling” for anything “out of whack”.

This may be a sensation such as a pull, a tingle, or even a corresponding pain from their body to yours. Be patient, mindful, and gentle as you glide along their subtle energy body.

When you hit a spot, you feel needs clearing, you may then use one of the methods below for unblocking the energy to allow and promote healing.

2. Spinning Your Hands or Fingers Over the Chakras

Each chakra energy center in the body can be aligned and rebalanced by spinning your hands over fingers over it in a slow clockwise motion.

When using a pendulum over the body’s chakra points, here is what the spinning motion usually means:

  • Clockwise in a Slow Moving Circle is an Output of Energy
  • Counter-clockwise may be Out of Balance or When the Chakra is Drawing in Energy

3. Sweeping from the Crown Chakra to the Feet Chakra

Using a slow sweeping motion over the physical body from the top of the head (crown chakra) down to the feet, and then visualize grounding the excess energy to the center of the Earth to be recycled, or transmuted.

4. Sweep from Feet Chakra to Crown Chakra to Bring Healing Energy from Mother Earth into the Body

This healing with your hands technique is simply the opposite as the one above. To use this method, simply picture loving bright green energy entering the person’s foot chakras.

Then use a gentle sweeping motion to guide the energy up through their body until you reach the crown chakra, or slightly above.

5. Using a Pendulum to Clear Chakras

Some energy healer like to use a pendulum to check the flow of energy within the body and each chakra. To do this, simply hold a pendulum with a healing crystal, such as Clear Quartz or Amethyst over the client or person (about 8 – 12 inches above) you are healing.

The pendulum will usually begin spinning either counter-clockwise, clockwise, or back and forth. This helps you determine which chakras need extra work to balance out, and get them flowing in an even clockwise motion again.

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6. Reiki Energy Claws Hand Healing Technique

Used often in Reiki hand healing energy work, the Reiki energy claws technique works for “drawing out” excess energies and blockages from your client.

Simply imagine, or visualize bright white energy extending beyond your fingertips (think Wolverine from X-Men!) You can then “scoop out” and go deeper into your client’s energy field to pull out blockages without physically touching the person.

You can then “shake off” your hands to ground the energy to the Earth.

7. Magnetic Suction of Energy

Many hand healers like to simply “suck energy out” of their clients with their less dominant hand that “receives energy”.

You may work magnetically suck energetic blockages within your client’s aura, or you may choose to actually touch their physical bodies as you do this. Always make sure the person you are healing gives permission to touch them, and heal energetic blockages, before you begin.

They can then use their dominant hand (masculine side) which sends energy to “purge” or “eject” the lower energies into the center of the Earth for grounding and transmutation.

(Some healers prefer to use the dominant hand to unblock energies from the body, and release it with the less dominant, or feminine-side hand. There is no right or wrong in developing your gift of healing hands, just do what feels good to you in the moment.)

8. Chanting while Healing with Your Hands

Some Reiki healers, or energy healers choose to chant, sing, or play music while healing with their hands. You’ll often see Native American Shamans chant as they run energy along someone’s body either with their hands or by burning sage or other herbs.

9. Hands-on Healing

Some hand healers also choose to use the power of “laying on hands”, or a “hands-on healing approach”.

This method of healing with your hands involves simply placing your hands on the crown chakra of the individual, or any area of the body that needs healing, such as a headache, wound, or pain in a specific area.

You may also pray as your hands deliver healing light to the person, or client. You may feel the energy shift, or unblock as you do this, and instinctively know that it is time to move on to another area of the body.

Always ask for “Divine” or “Higher Power” help when you are healing to keep the energy high and of a healing nature.

How to Release Energy From Your Hands?

After doing any hand healing energy work, it is important to clear and release energy from your hands, as well as the rest of your body.

The lower energies you have just cleared from your client can get stuck within your aura field and contaminate your physical body in a negative way, so releasing energy after a healing session is incredibly important.

1. Shake it Off

Many energy healers simply “shake off” their excess energies picked up during the energy healing session by shaking their hands out down towards the ground.

They then visualize, or ask for the excess energies from the session to be grounded to the center of the Earth where it can be transmuted or recycled.

2. Cool Water

healing with hands
Healing with Hands Energy Release Technique

Washing your hands before and after any healing with hands session with cool running water is especially beneficial to start and end the session with a clear energetic slate.

3. Sea Salt, or Himalayan Pink Salt

Some hand healing energy workers also choose to rub wet Sea Salt, or Himalayan Pink Salt slowly between the palms of their hands and wrists with cool, running water to further clear excess energies.

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4. Hold a Piece of Selenite

Selenite is a unique crystal which holds a very high vibration of pure love. It is the perfect tool for clearing and recharging your body, as well as other crystals, and does not need clearing itself.

This is why I use this Selenite Crystal Bowl to hold and clear any crystals or crystal jewelry I’d like cleared and recharged.

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You may hold a piece of selenite, with the intention to clear lower energies, between the palms of your hands before and after any hand healing work.

5. Ground Yourself Spiritually

You can ground yourself before and after healing sessions with a variety of Grounding Techniques. Or, you can simply put your bare feet or hands on the dirt, or on a tree. The energy is then recycled, or transmuted by Mother Earth’s beautiful healing energy.

6. Visualize a Ball of Bright White Energy Around Each Hand and Wrist

This method of energy clearing is often used to clear crystals or other jewelry that contains crystals. Set the intention to clear the energy around your hand chakras, making sure to include your wrists.

Then, visualize the brightest ball of white light around each hand and wrist while saying or thinking, “Clean and clear lower energies”.

7. Clapping with Hands Stretched Upwards

how to release energy from your hands
How to Release Energy from your Hands

Another unique hand clearing technique came to me from my sister, who is a Reiki practitioner. She said the way she prepares for, works on clients, and clears herself afterwards depends largely upon her intuition in the moment.

But, for these purposes, she often chooses to clap her hands while raised above her head while asking for Source Energy to come through her crown chakra and clear her whole body of any residue she may have picked up from the client.

Healing with Hands (How to Heal with Your Hands): Synopsis

Intention is very important in healing with your hands. You are simply a facilitator, or conduit for healing energies to clear stuck energy and help others begin their healing process.

You may not feel a lot of energy on your first healing with your hands energy session, but don’t be discouraged! With positive intentions and practice, you will get better!

In time, you will learn your own techniques for healing with your hands, and develop your own system of practice that fits your personal belief style.

Certain methods and techniques will work well for one energy healer, while others find great success in different hand healing modalities.

It is important to keep it simple, ask for help from spirit guides, Archangels, God, Source, the Universe, or whoever you subscribe to – To assist in the healing process.

And, as always, remember to spread love and light!


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