8 FUN Ways to Manifest While You Sleep (Law of Attraction Techniques!)

It is possible to direct the subconscious mind to manifest while you sleep. Using the Law of Attraction while you sleep is very powerful, since your rational doubting mind is resting, and your inner mind (or subconscious) takes control. This is where your desires can be molded and super-charged.

Can You Manifest While You Sleep?

In my experience, yes! Manifesting while you sleep does work! Your subconscious inner mind is the gateway to “All That Is” and can be programmed to bring you abundance in a variety of ways!

While you sleep, your rational over-thinking mind gets put on ice. Your mind then cycles at a much slower cycle per second, or cps for short.

This ranges somewhere between Alpha (8 – 14 cps), Theta (4 – 7 cps), and finally Delta (.5 – 3.5 cps). These slower brainwave states allow for the subconscious inner mind to be accessed.

The inner mind knows no limits, no boundaries, and understands that you are a VERY POWERFUL Creator Being.

manifest in your sleep
Get Feeling Good Before Sleep!

Raising your vibration, or in other words, making yourself feel good before bed, and then firmly impressing what you wish to manifest into your mind as you fall asleep, is the simplest way to manifest your desires very quickly!

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How Do You Use the Law of Attraction While You Sleep?

I’ve read and used a LOT of (LOA) Law of Attraction while you sleep techniques! First, you have to raise your vibration in order to manifest while you sleep. Just get yourself feeling super good before bed by doing a self-care routine.

Here are some suggestions to raise your vibrations before visualizing your desires:

  • You can take a warm shower or bath With Lavender to slow your mind and relax your body. This Epsom Salt Lavender Soak also soothes sore muscles!
  • One of my favorite nighttime self-care rituals is to use This Massager on my neck and shoulders before bed! (It even includes heat, a carrying case, and works very well. It has been heaven-sent for de-stressing after a long day!)
  • Do some Deep Hip Stretches before bed. They melt the tension and anger away! (And are FREE to watch on YouTube!)
  • Fall asleep listening to Binaural Beats (Free on YouTube), with very affordable Bluetooth Sleep Headphones with a headband! I like Alpha or Theta for slowing my mind just enough to where I can still visualize my desires as I fall asleep. (The YouTube video linked above is a mix of Alpha & Theta states called, “Entering the Flow State” and is great for manifesting before bed!)

How to Manifest ANYTHING While You Sleep

You can manifest ANYTHING while you sleep. As with everything, you must BE VERY CLEAR on what it is you want to manifest while you are sleeping.

Send ambiguous intentions to the Universe and it will mirror back very ambiguous results. (Sleep affirmations are however, an exception to this rule that I cover later in this post! =)

Once you’ve relaxed yourself enough for sleep, and have set a definite objective or clear desire, then you can implement the following tried and true techniques/methods for manifesting in your sleep!

My spirit guides and the Ascended Masters have told me that, “Anything you want, you’ve GOT IT. Anything you need, you’ve GOT IT. Anything at all, you’ve GOT IT!”

When I asked them, “Really, anything I want?”

They replied, “Yes, from a 5th Dimensional perspective.”

I deflated a little bit, but then asked them How to get to the 5th Dimension?

I’ve condensed their answers and wisdom into the power-packed e-book: How to Ascend to the 5th Dimension: Where ANYTHING you want, you’ve GOT IT! for just $5!

how to ascend to the 5th dimension
Get the ebook for just $5!

In it, I share mindset shifts, secrets, and living light body activations that have taken me 7 years and 100’s of channeling sessions/meditations to compile! The knowledge in this e-book would’ve shaved years off my Bizarre Spiritual Awakening!

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Manifesting Sleep Techniques

manifest while you sleep

Many of these Law of Attraction sleep techniques have been given to me by my spirit guides and Ascended Masters, who I’ve worked closely with since my spiritual awakening to Become a 5th Dimensional Master.

Some are quite obvious, while others are little-known sleep manifestation methods.

How to Manifest Abundance While You Sleep

Let’s say you want to attract more abundance while you sleep. You have your set desires you’d like to manifest while sleeping, but you also want more happy, good feeling things to flow into your life in general.

Positive affirmations work very well for manifesting abundance in the night, and don’t have to be exact! After all, I AM whatever I say I AM! (I think Eminem is a genius with that song!)

One night, one of the Ascended Masters clairaudiently said to me, “We attract that which we are”, and “The spoken word is very powerful.”

You can program the subconscious mind to BE whatever you wish it to attract.

This is super simple to do!

Manifest While You Sleep Abundance Affirmations

To manifest while you sleep, say these powerful abundance sleep affirmations out loud, just before bed. Firmly impress each affirmation onto your being before moving onto the next.

sleep positive affirmations
“Program” your Subconscious Mind to Manifest While You Sleep!

Below is a basic sleep affirmation list for manifesting abundance, you can surely add to it if you wish!

  • “All good things come freely and easily to me.”
  • “I am abundant.”
  • “I am prosperous.”
  • “I am wealthy.”
  • “My bills are easily paid.”
  • “Money flows into my life with ease and gratitude.”
  • “I AM financially free.”
  • “I AM a money magnet.”
  • “Good fortune follows me wherever I go.”
  • “There is more than enough abundance to go around.”

These Law of Attraction sleep affirmations will program your subconscious so that these things are indeed true and align you with abundance as you sleep!

If the “I AM” statements create doubt within your mind, simply take the “I AM” part off, until you are fully confident in your ability to not doubt these statements.

The vibration of doubt is very detrimental to add to these prosperity affirmations and should be avoided.

Another law of attraction sleep technique for attracting what you want is to really feel the feelings these affirmations will give you when your reality shifts to make these things true.

Really feel the happiness and weight lifted off your shoulders that being financially free will bring you!

How to Manifest Love While You Sleep

manifest love while you sleep
How to Manifest Love While You Sleep!

You can manifest love in your sleep if you focus on the way that partnership will feel to you. The attracting love manifesting sleep method I like best is to build a red triangle inside your root chakra.

Taken from another post I wrote called, How I Manifest Whatever I Want with Ascended Master Techniques, this method is super simple!

First, you simply visualize a vibrant red triangle within the frame of your root chakra (which sits at the bottom of your tailbone).

Then, put words on each of the 3 sides of the triangle such as “Healthy Relationship”, “Butterflies in my Stomach”, “Respectful”, etc. on each side of the triangle.

(Try to keep the triangle inside the frame of your physical body. If you see it move, simply shift it back within yourself. This may take some practice).

How to Manifest Money in Your Sleep

Everyone loooves to manifest money in their sleep and I am no exception! I had a hard time knowing EXACTLY WHAT to visualize at first, but soon got the hang of it!

Here are a few of my law of attraction techniques for manifesting money in your sleep that have worked well for me!

Figure Out Exactly How Much Money You Need to Manifest Before Sleep

Grab ALL YOUR BILLS and add them up. Or, if you’d like money to purchase something, figure out exactly how much it costs to the penny if you can!

Next, visualize that exact amount on a check written to you! You do not, (and probably should not) see who it is coming from. Let the Universe surprise you sometimes!

Make this a fun game!

I decided to play a manifesting game with $10 just to have fun and test my abilities! I visualized $10 in my mailbox over and over while I was falling asleep, as I felt the feeling of what winning my game would feel like!

I did this for a few nights, and also used one of my FREE Printable Law of Attraction Abundance Checks!

(These checks were carefully designed with Ascended Master guidance from the number 8 to the color!)

Write the amount of money you desire to manifest on this check and place it beneath your pillow while you sleep.

It could not be simpler!

After a few nights of this, I forgot all about this creation, but the Universe DID NOT. A few months later I received a $10 check in the mail from Publisher’s Clearing House saying that I had won $10!

I was sooo ecstatic that it worked! And so grateful to the Ascended Masters for teaching me these concepts!

I then added this affirmation of my manifesting abilities to my Law of Attraction Manifestation Journal (That I recommend everyone keep one!), to solidify my trust in my manifestation abilities!

These Law of Attraction Sleep Techniques for Attraction What You Want Really Work!

As I sat down to write this post, I heard the song, “Count your blessings, count them one by one. Count your many blessings, see what God hath done.”

So, I am remembering to include:

Be Grateful for your Blessings Before you Fall Asleep!

I was once told that the vibrations of JOY + GRATITUDE = ABUNDANCE!

This is sooo true!

When you are grateful for all you have, more will come. But, when you are constantly wondering where your manifestations are, or if more is coming, you are sending a powerful feeling of lack to the Universe.

Which will in turn, through the Law of Attraction, mirror back “lack” to you!

So, find ways to be grateful before you go to sleep at night! Gratitude is a wonderful feeling that instantly raises your vibration before bed and helps you manifest while you sleep.

Many people use their nightly prayers as a way of expressing gratitude for everything good in their lives! I also like to use my prayers to be grateful for the things I loved about that day before falling asleep.

How to Manifest Wealth While You Sleep

Wealth can be construed as money, but it also can mean power, assets, and influence. So, here a couple of techniques for manifesting wealth while you sleep, meditate, or even nap.

Technique for Manifest Wealth While You Sleep

This sleep manifesting technique will help you attract abundance, as well as manifest wealth while you sleep.

Draw an infinity symbol (Looks like the number 8, but sideways) on your left hand (Your receiving hand if you are right-handed). Draw it on the right if you are left-handed.

infinity symbol technique for sleep manifesting
Infinity Symbol Technique for Sleep Manifesting

Say out loud, “This infinity symbol represents unlimited abundance and wealth. With this symbol, I accept all the gifts of more money, more time, more joy, and more fun travel from the Universe! With the drawing of this symbol, I AM successful, wealthy, affluent, and financially free! Thank you! Amen.”

Remember, you can simply think this affirmation if you’d like, BUT the spoken word is very powerful! (I say this out loud because my husband already knows I’m weird and doesn’t care! LOL!)

Wear Aventurine While Sleeping to Manifest Wealth While You Sleep

Another thing I Clairvoyantly saw while writing this post was wearing an Aventurine Necklace while you sleep to attract abundance!

I looove this one in a four-leaf clover shape! Talk about attracting good luck!

Aventurine is known for its energy of wealth and abundance. Wearing aventurine while you sleep will assist you in attracting wealth and abundance just by it being on you!

As a bonus, you can “program” your necklace to attract the specific frequencies of what you want to manifest while your sleep.

To do this, just visualize the words you specifically wish to manifest as you snooze in your necklace. You can use sleep affirmations such as: Healthy, wealthy, abundant, financially-free, prosperous, kind, strong, etc…

Use Specific Wealth-Building Affirmations to Manifest in your Sleep

Getting more specific with our sleep affirmations can help not only just attract abundance while we sleep but can also help us build wealth.

Manifest Wealth While You Sleep Affirmations:

  • “I AM Successful.”
  • “I AM Wealthy.”
  • “I Own Many Wealth-Building Assets.”
  • “I Own Amazing Land.”
  • “I AM Respected in My Community.”
  • “I Make Wise Business Decisions.”

More Law of Attraction While You Sleep Techniques:

Spiritually Ground Yourself Before Sleep to Clear Lower Energies

You can ground your energy before sleep in a variety of ways, including a Sleep Grounding Mat! You can also walk barefoot on the Earth or do a simple visualization exercise from this post.

Grounding yourself before bed helps clear lower energies from the day and keeps you from manifesting those unwanted lower energies in the night.

If you were angry, stressed, annoyed, or depressed during the day for any reason, grounding is a must!

Putting a Wish Under Your Pillow

Putting a wish under your pillow is one of my favorite, and simplest Law of Attraction while you sleep techniques! Along the same lines of writing your monetary desire on a Law of Attraction Abundance Check, this technique is a no-brainer!

Simply, take out a piece of paper and write what you wish to manifest while you sleep on it. I loooove to add a good feeling doodle on the paper too! (A funny doodle that will make you smile each night as you place the paper under your pillow.)

I’ll draw (because I’m a little sophomoric), my husband’s butt crack for instance, and laugh every time I re-read my paper before bed!

This makes it feel more like a fun game rather than a chore!

Remember to grab your paper each night as you lay down to go to sleep, re-read the desire or wish you’d like to easily manifest, laugh at your dumb picture, feel the happy vibes you’ll get when you DO MANIFEST that new home, car, job, etc…

Then, place it under your pillow, and drift off to sleep!

Easy, peezy, and breezy!

My Law of Attraction Manifesting Journey

I have been obsessed with manifesting since I first read The Message of a Master about 24 years ago! Since then, I’ve read it too many times to count, and it always strengthens my belief in my ability to manifest my desires as a Creator Being.

However, it wasn’t until my “bizarre” and very painful spiritual awakening that I gained the psychic ability of clairaudience (The ability to psychically “hear” spirit guides, Ascended Masters, and other spiritual beings.)

Before this time, I knew, like deep-down into the very core of my being knew that I could manifest using my mind…

BUT, I was trying to manifest AND getting very weak results!

FINALLY ASKED the Ascended Masters for their assistance with manifesting my ideal life, AND they began working with me clairaudiently to “hone” my manifesting skills over the next 7 years…

The Ascended Masters helped make sense of some manifesting truths I already knew AND also gave me the most AMAZING manifesting secrets I’d NEVER seen shared anywhere else!

I knew I was onto something when what I desired FINALLY started to manifest!

A free trip to Hawaii, a free cruise, a free laptop, the exact couch set I wanted, and soooo much more!

Between stressing over bills, worrying about changes with your job, keeping food on the table, and all the craziness going on in the world right now – It is completely normal to feel tired, overwhelmed, anxious, and uncertain as to how you are going to make ends meet!

I created The Master Manifestor e-book to help you the way I was helped by the Teacher’s of Light! To help you find more joy, more passion, and to finally make the Law of Attraction work for you!

This book contains the Master’s answers to your burning Law of Attraction questions in layman’s terms. No long-winded philosophical fluff that you can’t implement!

Just ACTUAL Law of Attraction reasons for doing things, simple hacks, and easy to use SECRET Master’s techniques!

Final Thoughts on How to Manifest While You Sleep

It is super easy to use one, two, or more of the above techniques, to manifest your desires while you sleep!

As with ALL YOUR MANIFESTATIONS, don’t forget to be playful, young at heart, and make it a game!

This will take the pressure off of manifesting and give you back your childlike sense of wonder.

After all, “Fairy tales can come true. They can happen for you… If you’re YOUNG at heart!”

I hope ALL your dreams come true!


Do you use any of the above techniques to manifest while you sleep? How have they worked for you? Do you have any other manifesting sleep techniques that work? Please like us on social media, share, or comment below!

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