55×5 Law of Attraction Manifesting Method (+FREE Printable Worksheet!)

You may have heard of the 55×5 Law of Attraction Manifesting Method for more easily manifesting your goals, dreams and desires.

Below, I quickly outline what the 55×5 manifesting formula is, why it works, and even give you a FREE Printable 55×5 Manifesting Method PDF sheet to print!

This sheet already has 55 blank spaces for you to write your desire in, so you don’t have to count them out yourself each day!

The physical act of drawing and seeing your desires written down on a piece of paper strengthens and focuses the energy surrounding your dream.

Simply visualizing your desires or typing them onto a computer is not as effective as writing them down.

(Although, I visualize my desires too!)

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55x5 law of attraction manifesting method

What is the 55×5 Manifesting Formula?

Simply put, the 55×5 MANIFESTING METHOD is when you write down your desire 55 times for 5 days in a row.

It is important to write down the exact –same — desire… Over and over, until it sinks into your subconscious.

Much like journaling, putting pen to paper for your desires is a powerful practice for fine-tuning what you really want and focusing your intentions.

Why does the 55×5 Manifesting Method Work?

The Law of Attraction is flawless. Simply put, “You get whatever you continually place your attention on, flawlessly.” Jim Self

Writing your desires down is a mindful exercise that helps you focus your attention on those things that you wish to manifest.

This helps you place your attention on your desire with a laser-like focus, continually, for five days.

55x5 Manifesting Method

How to Make the 55×5 Manifestation Ritual Work For You

Here are some very simple tips for making this, or any Law of Attraction manifesting method work for you:

Fine-Tune Your Manifesting Intentions:

Often time, we don’t get what we want, because we are not specific enough in our attention on those intentions.

In other words, we are too wishy-washy on what we want.

We daydream of a new home, but don’t fine-tune what type of home we want.

Or, we’ll imagine many different scenarios for our future, not realizing that we are sending “creation energy” in multiple directions.

This sends a very weak portion of our energetic power to create in too many directions, and nothing ever manifests, let alone what we actually want.

Writing your dreams and desires down on paper helps you get clear on what you really want to manifest.

55x5 law of attraction LOA manifesting formula

Be Happy and Playful While Using The 55×5 Manifesting Ritual:

Be Curious, Use the Words “Wouldn’t It Be Nice If… I had duh, duh, duh, duh, duh….”

This helps you take out the doubt and fear associated with manifesting and replaces it with a child-like fascination.

When I first began manifesting, I would often hear these two songs clairaudiently, “Keep feeling fascination”, or “Fairy tales can come true, they can happen for you… When you’re young at heart”.

These are wonderful reminders of these simple Law of Attraction concepts. We are powerful Creators when we learn to direct the flow of our thoughts and feelings towards our actions and desires.

It is easy and joyful to create our intentions when we are feeling happiness and ease.

On the flip-side, it is difficult to manifest when we are stressed and frustrated.

Let the Manifestation Exercise Go When You’re Done:

You’ve done your work. You became laser-focused on what you desire. You wrote it down.

55 times! For 5 whole days! LOL!

You were mindful, playful and curious while doing the exercise.

Now, you get to simply go back to living your ideal life. Go back to making yourself strong, happy, playful and mindful in each present moment.

You are done. Stress and doubt have no business being attached to your manifestations.

The desperate to go to the prom girl never gets asked to the prom!

You are the Hakuna Matata, Que Sera Sera, Whatever Will Be, Playful, Fun-Loving, Curious Girl who everyone wants to take on a date!

Don’t stress & don’t worry about whether or not your manifestation is working, it is.

Your creation simply needs time to gestate and find a way to come to you, easily and in Divine right timing.

FREE Printable 55×5 Law of Attraction Manifesting Method PDF Worksheet

Click to Download the FREE 55×5 Manifesting Formula PDF Worksheet

The printable Manifesting Sheet template will open in a new window.

Mouse over the top right of your screen to either choose to download the .pdf template to your computer or click on the printer icon to print! (Note: You can print directly from this screen. You do not have to download the 55 x 5 Manifesting Method Worksheet to print it.)

The .pdf file will open in Adobe Acrobat Reader (If you don’t have it, you can download it for free here).

And, voila!…

You have a FREE Printable Download 55×5 Manifesting Method Worksheet that will help you manifest your desires!

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