What is the Law of Attraction? (I Visualized HAWAII for a Year!)

What is the Law of Attraction? And does it REALLY work? The Law of Attraction and definition in simple steps. I've been practicing the Law of Attraction for awhile and visualized a trip to HAWAII for a year! Here are my results, plus everything I've figured out about how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest more money, free trips, etc. etc... #thelawofattraction #lawofattraction #LOA #manifestation #manifesting #manifestingmoney #manifestingdesires #manifestingabundance #manifest

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What is the Law of Attraction? The Law of Attraction Definition and Explanation.

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The Law of Attraction is a flawless Universal Law that mirrors everything you put out into the world, back to you. It is as real as gravity or electricity, and is extremely powerful, yet impersonal. When you learn to harness the power of the Law of Attraction, nothing is out of your reach.

So, what is the Law of Attraction in simple terms? The Law of Attraction can be defined as a basic law of the Universe that pulls to you that which you vibrate at. In other words, you get what you give.

According to Wikipedia, the Law of Attraction is the most popular among the Universal Laws. And with good reason! The Law of Attraction is fascinating and fun to play with manifesting our desires! Of course we want more money, free vacations, better jobs, etc. etc.

“The Law of Attraction is flawless and gives you exactly what you continually place your attention on.” Jim Self

When we raise our vibration with healthy organic whole foods, hold good feeling positive thoughts, and do good deeds – joyous, happy things and situations are mirrored back to us!

Thoughts are things. Are you holding thoughts of a positive, optimistic nature? Do you practice kindness and respect at the grocery store, driving, with your children and spouse? Are you finding ways to be healthy and happy?

All these things matter when it comes to The Law of Attraction!

Understanding the Law of Attraction

“Any picture firmly held in any mind, in any form, is bound to come forth. That is the great, unchanging Universal Law that, when we cooperate with it intelligently, makes us absolute masters of the conditions and situations in our lives.” The Message of a Master

I personally looove the Law of Attraction, simply because it keeps me honest, hardworking, and striving for happiness and balance. Knowing that what I put out into the world will be eventually be mirrored back to me helps me a lot.

It helps with my willpower. I feel better and am happier when I exercise, go into nature often, meditate, and eats lots and lots of organic whole foods. This keeps my thoughts elevated and of a happy, positive nature.

It helps me with my relationships. I desire to attract healthy, loving, forgiving, honest people. To do this, I know I need to embody these traits to attract similar people. With the Law of Attraction, like attracts like.

Many celebrities such as Oprah, Jim Carrey, and Tony Robbins use and believe in the Law of Attraction. I even saw a celebrity being interviewed on The Conan Show, who said she put “Be a guest on the Conan Show” on her vision board!

Law of Attraction Explained in Simple Steps

Thoughts are things.

Are your thoughts of a positive, optimistic nature? Be aware and pay attention to your thoughts – since present-time thoughts, feelings, and actions, create your future reality. Do you think kindly and positively about yourself, your present situation, and others?

Raise Your Vibration.

What you Eat, Read, Listen To, and DoWill either raise your vibration or lower it. Listen to and repeat positive affirmations, meditate, go in nature, exercise, and eat a healthy organic whole foods diet.

what is the law of attraction

You are a magnet that attracts positive or negative things – Keep yourself at a happy, high vibration!

Decide what you really want.

Then visualize it. Over and over and over. Feel how it will feel when you get what you desire while you are visualizing!

As I’ve become aware of the role of the Law of Attraction in my life, I’ve decided to practice it. As with everything in my life, I’ve asked for Divine assistance with this and these were my answers from the Master’s themselves: Ascended Masters Law of Attraction Manifesting Techniques.

If you’d like help working with and hearing your Spirit Guides and other Beings of Light, you can raise your vibration and Develop Your Psychic Abilities here! These are my secrets for receiving Divine Guidance.

We get what we give. You attract that which you are.

What are you putting into the world? Love, kindness, respect, honesty, forgiveness… This will all be mirrored back to you.

You are a Creator Being who is in effect, a magnet. Charge your magnet positively, and you will begin to see positive changes in your outward reality.

Tiny changes in your thinking, feeling, and actions result in mammoth shifts in your reality. Become aware of your thoughts, surroundings, feelings, reactions, responses, and actions. This takes sooo much practice! But is so worth it! Stick with it!

Be patient.

what is the law of attraction / How to manifest money fast

Plant the thought of what you desire and then wait for it to manifest!

Just as a planted seed takes time to grow beneath the soil where you can’t see it, the Law of Attraction takes time to manifest your desires! You won’t know where, how, or when your desire will manifest but know that it is coming if you continue to focus on it.

This is part of the fun!

Manifestation takes time. There is a delay here between the thoughts, actions, and manifestations becoming real. We are not yet living in the dimension where our thoughts are instantly out pictured, which is a very good thing!

If we instantly manifested our thoughts, which we are not yet Masters of, chaos would ensue! So be grateful that you have this extra time to sculpt and hone that which you desire.

Trust that the Universe wants to give you exactly what you focus on!

Ignore the naysayers, the critics, and especially your inner dick (Which I write about more in my Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness Meditation) and outer mind telling you that you can’t, you won’t, you don’t deserve, you’ll never achieve, etc. etc. etc.

We are powerful Creator Beings whether we are consciously utilizing the Law of Attraction or not. We still create our realities. So, we might as well take advantage of this knowledge and use The Law of Attraction in our favor.

Again, the inner mind, like the Universe, is impersonal. It, through The Law of Attraction, obeys your will and gives you exactly what you focus on.

Stay Positive.

If you’re struggling with depression, stagnancy was a big reason I was depressed. Also, too much alcohol and prescription drugs. I have cut all of these out and opted for healthy food and water instead. And, if I’m ever feeling low, I can instantly pick myself up with these Foods that Fight Depression and Anxiety.

Also, these positive, easily shareable Law of Attraction Quotes images will help strengthen your faith in your ability to manifest your heart’s desires!

Is the Law of Attraction Real?

what is the law of attraction

We create our own realities with the Law of Attraction

In my experience, yes!

The Law of Attraction is real and does work.

When I was down, depressed, gossiping, and still acting like I was in Junior High, I attracted these types of people to myself – both personally and professionally.

My cash flow was almost nonexistent and had almost dwindled to a screeching halt. Not many people wanted to be around me, except others who were depressed and needed to vent.

I couldn’t keep a job because I was drinking too much, eating low vibration fast foods, and never exercising. I was miserable and had to live in my parent’s basement!

I couldn’t afford to go on vacation, eat high vibration foods, a gym membership, or to move out of my parent’s basement.

I was stuck and could see no way out… Things were so bad that I considered suicide many, many times.

Does the Law of Attraction REALLY Work?

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Luckily, I decided to change! I was done being miserable, lazy, depressed, and treating my body like a toxic waste dump!

I remembered an amazing book I’d first read when I was a teenager called, The Message of a Master. I had been fascinated by The Law of Attraction (as many are), ever since I first heard we could manifest our desires such as: travel, money, success, etc. etc.

This tiny book that you can read in an afternoon resonated deep within me, yet I’d never fully implemented the incredible wisdom held within its pages.

I re-read the book and began training myself to become a Master of every thought, emotion, action, and what I focus on.

Obviously, this is not easy, but yet, is super simple. It just takes time to train your rational mind to accept that you are the Creator of your own reality. Your rational mind will not believe you are a powerful Creator or that you deserve to have all that you desire. At first.

This is why I keep a Law of Attraction Gratitude Journal and am astounded when I look back through its pages. The Law of Attraction has REALLY been working for me.

Since changing my lifestyle and using positive affirmations and visualizations, I’ve manifested BIG things… And, I don’t know about you, but I’m just getting started!

I’ve personally manifested:

Two beautiful healthy children, free trips, a car loan (I never thought I’d get with my credit), an easily affordable place to live (not my parent’s basement, yay!), and jobs that brought in triple our previous household income!

And, now I’m hooked! It’s a little like the high of gambling, but knowing you’re going to win.

How Do You Practice the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is best applied when you become an intentional mindful Creator. Practice being present. Practice paying attention to your thoughts and feelings. Focus on and feel the now.

Learn and practice Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners. And if you’ve been meditating for a while, try my favorite Ancient Meditation for Higher Consciousness. This is where I receive most of my Divine Guidance.

Use your knowledge of LOA to your advantage. Become intentional, mindful, happy, strong, healthy, joyful, and trust that all your needs and monetary desires will manifest for you in Divine right time.

“Believe me, you can have anything you want — and in abundance — when you learn to tune into the power within, an infinitely greater power than electricity, a power you have had from the beginning!” The Message of a Master

I know this sounds very Polyanna, and I’ve learned from experience that this is so much easier said than done! Getting yourself to believe that you can have anything you want is the hard part.

But, just continue to practice, practice, practice!

This is how we practice The Law of Attraction. We learn by doing. We learn by practicing. Practice your visualizations. Practice holding positive thoughts. Continue to do things that keep you happy, healthy, and balanced.

How to use the Law of Attraction

“Words are feeble things when one attempts to explain these deeper things of Universal Law. You have to gradually and patiently advance up to them and into them to really understand.” The Message of a Master

You have been using the Law of Attraction your whole entire life, whether knowingly, or unknowingly. As you look back over your life, you can begin to flush out your thought patterns and then see that many things you were focused on, indeed manifested.

Maybe, a better job manifested for you. Or perhaps, the funds became available for you to go to the school of your dreams at the exact right time.

I, unfortunately, landed myself in the hospital, after wishing and focusing on being laid up in the hospital and getting to miss school! (Don’t judge too hard, I was 12!)

Flash forward 20 years when I began to consciously use the Law of Attraction for my benefit, and I am manifesting things I really need.

I’ll visualize whatever I deem necessary to live my happiest, best life. I’ve visualized blenders to make healthy food, me moving to a better place, a trip to Hawaii, a new couch set (just like my sister’s), and a laptop to create this website on.

And guess what? All of these things have manifested!

The Best Way to use The Law of Attraction Effectively:

Start with small manifestations.

Your rational mind will argue with you about your visualizations! Pay it no mind. Just continue to focus on your goals and dreams.

However, I found when I started out with using the Law of Attraction, it was helpful to manifest small things first.

Simply because, my rational outer mind didn’t have faith in my ability to manifest anything.

By starting small, I took out the desperation to receive what I desired, and just let the Universe (and my inner mind), work their manifesting magic!

Visualize what you want to Manifest while feeling the joy of receiving that manifestation.

what is the law of attraction

Visualizing your desires will tell the Universe what you want to manifest.

This is a very important step in manifesting your desires. The thought, or visualization of what you desire is electric, and the emotion provides the magnetic power.

This is much like charging a battery. If you just run an electric current through a single wire, you get a weak signal.

But, when you wrap a metal cord (of emotion in this case), around the electric spark, you powerfully amplify that signal!

On the flip side, any thought amplified by any strong emotion, will send a powerful signal for creation to the Universe. This works with joy and happiness, but also with fear and anger.

So, be careful about attaching fear and anger to your thoughts, as you don’t want to manifest these.

Remember, to practice mindfulness.

Eat healthy organic, Non-GMO whole foods as often as possible.

Besides helping to keep your body dis-ease free and healthy, a diet high in organic whole foods will raise your vibration.

This will help you attract positive situations and things without having to try so hard to manifest them.

Boost your self-confidence and belief in The Law of Attraction with Positive Affirmations.

Words also carry a vibration and positive affirmations act upon your inner and outer mind much like nourishment from food acts on your body.

Positive affirmations boost your self-confidence and faith in your manifesting abilities.

Repeating this daily will greatly increase your ability to manifest your desires much more quickly!

Be the kind of person you wish to attract.

Healthy, kind, loving, strong, forgiving, honest, hard-working, accepting, not easily offended, wealthy, wise, holistic, balanced, certain, capable, present, prosperous, generous, etc. etc.

You can use the above words as starter affirmations to nourish your inner and outer mind and quiet your inner critic.

Then, live these truths. Be proud of yourself for living these truths and being the kind of person you’d look up to and respect.

Do the Things that Make you Healthy and Happy! Meditate, Exercise, Go into Nature, Hang out with the People you Love More!

While you’re waiting for the things you’ve visualized to manifest, be happy! Don’t worry or stress so much! The best way to do this is to practice mindfulness. Here are some great Mindfulness Benefits!

You can take up new hobbies or join meetups of like-minded people in your area. Or pick up old hobbies that bring you the most joy. I, of course, love writing! It makes me super happy! So, I do it, a lot!

Be Patient. Your Manifestation is Coming. You are a Powerful Creator Being. Trust the Universe and Yourself.

I visualized a trip to Hawaii for myself and my family for over a year! I had absolutely no way of paying for a trip to Hawaii, and began wondering how this was going to manifest. I needed to be patient and let things come to me in Divine right time, even though a year seemed like forever!

During meditation, I was told to let the Universe worry about the how, and to just stay positive with all my visualizations. And, lo and behold, my husband was given a credit towards travel bonus at work that paid for a week long vacation for the four of us in Hawaii!

So, stick with your visualizations!

Don’t Forget to Play! Manifesting your Desires Works Best When you Make it a Game!

what is the law of attraction

You can do magic! You can have anything that you desire! M-A-G-I-C…

Be playful, be childlike, have fun with your manifesting abilities! Don’t view manifesting money, for example, as serious work.

Be fascinated. Be amused. Feel happy and free while you’re learning how to use the Law of Attraction…

Do NOT attach stress, worry, doubt, or urgency to your manifestation. Much like the girl desperate to go to Prom never gets asked, urgency and worry are some of the biggest blocks to successful manifestation.

Rinse and Repeat. Do these Steps Over and Over…

Once you receive that which you desire, write it down, and then immediately set a new goal. It is great to keep a tab of all your manifestations to prove to your rational mind that you are indeed a powerful Creator who can have anything you want.

Master the Law of Attraction!

We each are a spark of Creator experiencing physical form while in a physical body. If we believe that we are a spark of the Divine, then we should also know that we carry The Universe’s infinite power and manifesting ability.

We simply need to learn how to focus our desires, emotions, and actions in the direction of that which we desire, and trust that we deserve abundance.

“Within each of us lies the power to create worlds. Manifesting money is nothing!” Jamie Worthington

What is the Law of Attraction? And does it REALLY work summary:

Hopefully, I’ve answered your question, “What is the Law of Attraction?”, and many more! The Law of Attraction is already working in your life, so you might as well learn to harness and direct its unlimited, impersonal power.

Use this power wisely and to your advantage, but don’t forget to share with and help others as you master the Law of Attraction.

I have been reminded by the Spiritual Realms that we can have whatever we want. But, and this is a pretty big but, from a fifth dimensional platform.

I will write more on the fifth dimension later, but for now, just know it involves being present, mindful, and happy!

Do these things along with visualizations and affirmations, and you will find great success!

Sending you much love and light!


Are you struggling with the Law of Attraction? Have you manifested any of your dreams and desires using visualizations and positive affirmations? Do you have any questions I can answer more fully? Share or comment below!

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