Manifest MONEY NOW Using the Law of Attraction

We all want to manifest money NOW using the Law of Attraction! Like now, right NOW! LOL! And, IT IS 100% possible to just manifest money without working for it.

In this “Manifest Money Now using the Law of Attraction” article, I’ll tell you exactly how I quickly manifest money into my life…

Can You Manifest MONEY NOW Without Working for It?

I have manifested money with no work quite a few times, and am still blown away each and every time I seem to manifest money out of thin air!

So, yes, it is possible to manifest money now using the Law of Attraction, but it will take some effort on your part to live more mindfully. (Or, in my case, the money manifested just when I needed it).

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Why Can’t I Manifest Money?

manifest money now
Why Can’t I Manifest Money?

Many can’t manifest money because they have money blocks. Doubt and fear that you won’t get the money you are trying to manifest are two huge blocks to manifesting money quickly and easily.

Other money blocks are the ones that are deep-rooted into our subconscious.

These are usually things learned from your parents, which I write about more extensively in this post: Manifest Money FAST – The Biggest Mistake Everyone Makes When Manifesting Money.

When your parents said things like, “Find a penny, save a penny”, or “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, or “We can’t afford that”, they were unconsciously “programming” your future belief system about money.

And, whether you consciously know it or not, most of these beliefs are probably still there, deep in your subconscious.

How to Manifest Money Now Using the Law of Attraction

1. Clear Subconscious Money Blocks

Now that you are aware that you are a Creator Being, and you are becoming more conscious that what you put out into the Universe will be mirrored back to you – You can then begin to “reprogram yourself”.

First, never say or think things like, “I can’t afford that”, “I’m sick of living paycheck to paycheck”, or “I’m broke”.

Thoughts are things. The spoken word is very powerful, and as you speak bad-feeling money vibrations, you are lowering your energetic frequency in regards to keeping a steady flow of abundance coming to you.

This is the first step in learning to manifest money now – Change your money beliefs by changing how you speak, feel, and think about money.

Consciously say or think things like, “I can easily afford to buy what I need”, or “I can easily afford this”, even if the “this” is just a jar of pickles.

This will help you to reprogram your subconscious beliefs about money, which are half of the “I can’t manifest money now” block battle.

how to manifest money now
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2. Manifest Money Now By Reprogramming the Subconscious

So you need to manifest money right now? Who doesn’t? But, it doesn’t come to very many, very easily.

Once you have cleared your money blocks by becoming consciously aware of how you speak, feel, and think about manifesting money – You’ll need to reprogram your subconscious to attract money.

The simplest way to reprogram your money mindset is to use positive money affirmations.

Once you start saying money affirmations, or listening to them (there are many great, free options for wealth attracting affirmations on YouTube), you’ll realize that they “begin to stick”.

They stay in your mind. They come up when you have a doubt about your ability to manifest money, or start to say something like, “I’ll never get ahead.”

The affirmations eventually replace the old programming, and this is where you want to get to in order to manifest money now.

Listen to money affirmations daily for best results! I promise you they’ll begin to stick and your ability to manifest money quickly will be supercharged!

If you follow my blog, or are on the newsletter list (feel free to sign-up from the side or bottom menus!), you know that I became clairaudient (hearing with the spiritual ear) after a near-death experience.

My spirit guides have told me that “the mind is sticky” and “we are programmable”, so let’s use this to our advantage with positive “Manifesting Money Now” affirmations!

Firmly impress into your mind all the beliefs you want to be true surrounding money. Remember, YOU ARE a powerful Creator Being (you just forgot!)

And, powerful Creator Beings tell the Universe exactly what they’d like to experience while being incarnated in a physical body with their thoughts, words, actions, and feelings.

If you wish to experience manifesting money quickly and easily, manifesting money FAST in your life, and having all that you need flow freely and easily to you – You need to reprogram your subconscious (where Creation begins) money mindset.

Even if you don’t believe the positive money affirmations at first, stick with them.

“Act as if” you already are abundant, play, pretend, and really feel how stress-free your life will be when you become financially independent!

The Universe doesn’t know the difference! It only reacts to how you feel in this present moment.

It sometimes helps me to think of my favorite things before I practice money visualizations to help lift my vibration while I do them.

I think of things that make me super happy like my child’s first steps, the sunset, and of course, nachos!

You can read more about my near-death experience and spiritual awakening story in My Bizarre Spiritual Awakening (How I Overcame Grief & Addiction to Spiritually Awaken & Create My Own Reality!)

3. Raise Your Vibration

manifest money fast in your life
Manifest Money FAST in Your Life!

And, here’s the part we all want to know! Manifesting money FAST in your life doesn’t have to be rocket science.

In fact, manifesting money fast using the Law of Attraction is very simple once you understand that “We attract that which we are”. (Another gem clairaudiently given to me by the Ascended Masters to teach me how to manifest money more easily).

Sure, you can do visualizations of you holding a certain amount of money. (I’ve done this, still do this, and received a check out of thin air for the exact amount of cash I visualized holding!)

You can also use my Ascended Masters Secrets for Manifesting Whatever I Want. (These manifesting techniques were also clairaudiently given to me by the Ascended Masters themselves and DO WORK to supercharge your manifestations).

But, the spiritual guidance I’ve been given for this post to help you manifest money NOW, is to tell you to “raise your vibration”, or in other words, your feelings.

Because, in order to manifest money now using the Law of Attraction, you need to feel good now. And, this has everything to do with your vibration (or energetic signature of how you feel from moment to moment).

My spirit guides have told me that we can have ANYTHING WE WANT, and in abundance, but from a 5th Dimensional Perspective. (There’s always a but! LOL!)

How to Manifest Money FAST in your Life?

manifest money now using the law of attraction
Manifest Money NOW Using the Law of Attraction

When you raise your vibration and are living from a 5th Dimensional perspective, you will manifest money quickly and easily into your life (as well as ANYTHING else you should need, want, or desire!)

If you aren’t familiar with raising your vibration to live in the 5th Dimension, this post: What is the 5th Dimension? may help you understand it a little bit better.

It is time to get into the flow of abundance that makes manifesting money quickly and easily into your life, possible.

Since we are powerful Creator Beings – We are creating our lives (either consciously or unconsciously) anyway.

So, why not create more love, joy, and abundance consciously?

Focus on the things that make you happy and balanced – Your kids, the sky, your pets, the sunset, exercise, eating Healthy Organic Whole-Foods, and money will just come to you, naturally, easily.

With the Law of Attraction and manifesting cash fast, whatever you continually focus on, you get more of, flawlessly!

Final Thoughts on How to Manifest Money NOW Using the Law of Attraction

The Universe will always open the door for you by your intention, then it is up to you to walk through it…

I have gathered information on How to Ascend to the 5th Dimension & Become a 5th Dimensional Master over 7 years and 100s of meditation channeling sessions!

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how to ascend to the 5th dimension
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But, just by raising your vibration and feeling good now, removing your subconscious money blocks, and reprogramming your money mindset with money affirmations – Your need to “chase money” will disappear.

Then, when you do visualize your desires to “manifest money now” to the Universe, it will manifest your creation with lightning speed (because you will have cleared your low-vibration and money blocks).

Your faith in the Law of Attraction will be cemented, which also strengthens your ability to manifest money very quickly!

You will begin to “attract that which you are”, or in other words, you’ll attract people, places, money, and things filled with “good, high, and happy vibrations”, because that is what you will be on the inside.

More Tips to Manifest Money NOW

Here are some more fast cash manifesting techniques given to me by the Ascended Masters. I’ve done hundreds of channeling sessions over almost a decade to receive this manifesting technique information!

And, always, always, be grateful when you manifest opportunities, money, and abundance from the Universe!!!

Remember, thoughts are things. May all your manifesting dreams come true!


Have you tried to manifest money now using the Law of Attraction? What are your secrets for manifesting money now? Please, feel free to share your money manifestation success stories, secrets, and tips below! Let’s manifest more money with the Law of Attraction and strengthen each other’s belief in it!

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