How Fasting Helps The Law of Attraction

You may have heard that fasting helps with the Law of Attraction, and are wondering if this could work for you.

Or maybe you want to try a fasting Law of Attraction exercise??? (There’s one at the bottom of the post!)

I recently picked up the habit of intermittent fasting and do believe that it helps me manifest my desires (and money! Yay!) faster by doing a couple of key things…

Fasting Law of Attraction

fasting law of attraction
I’m Sorry For This Sad Empty Bowl Picture Representing Fasting! It’s All I Could Find!

First, let me start off by saying that after a near-death experience, I came back to life and discovered I was clairaudient (psychic hearing).

This ability to hear spirit guides, Ascended Masters, and angels has helped me turn my life around 180%!

My spirit guides offer suggestions, guidance, support, and assistance in every area of my life.

And, most recently, they’ve suggested intermittent fasting as a way to manage blood-sugar levels (I’m pre-diabetic), lose weight, and feel better. (1)

So, back to the main question…

Does Fasting Help Manifest Through the Law of Attraction?

As I have been on an intermittent fasting schedule for the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed the following key benefits of fasting that would help with manifestation and also discovered a “Fasting Law of Attraction Exercise” that works quite well for me:

fasting law of attraction
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1. Fasting May Help with Manifesting Because It Makes You Healthier

When I first began clairaudiently working with the Ascended Masters (who I kindly, yet not so patiently, asked to teach me manifestation, LOL!), they told me staying balanced was key.

They asked me to trust them and the Law of Attraction to give me everything I wanted when I was living in the 5th Dimension.

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Part of being a citizen of the 5th Dimension means that you leave no part of yourself behind. When you live life from a 5th Dimensional perspective, you are happy, capable, balanced, and at ease!

My spirit guides sang to me one day, “Anything you want, you GOT IT. Anything you need, you GOT IT. Anything at all, you got it!”

I got excited and said, “Really, I can have anything?”

And they answered, “Yes, from a 5th Dimensional perspective.”

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how to ascend to the 5th dimension
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You take care of your financial, emotional, spiritual, and physical needs equally in the 5th Dimension.

The Masters told me when I chase money or worry about if my manifestations are coming to me, but don’t take care of myself physically, mentally, and emotionally – I would snap and be able to manifest very little, let alone manifest quickly.

2. Intermittent Fasting (or ANY Fasting) Turns On Your Connection to Spirit

manifesting through fasting
Manifesting through Fasting and Prayer

Although I am clairaudient as I stated earlier, I’ve found that when I intermittent fast for my 16 hours (I personally do a 16:8 fast), my spiritual senses are heightened. I feel more guidance from spirit, hear more, and see more during meditation.

Fasting and meditation are also “quick spiritual hacks” to turn on your crown chakra (the chakra that sits on top of your head).

Fasting creates a deep connection from spirit to body.

Also, your physical body undergoes a “waste removal” process called autophagy. (1) When you remove toxins from the body, via either a liver cleanse, body cleanse, exercise, drinking more water, etc. – You strengthen your intuition.

Every time I do a liver and gallbladder cleanse, I not only look better and have more energy, but my intuition is supercharged. These things “tune me in” to Divine guidance.

And, when we are “turned on” and “tuned in”, our abilities as Creator Beings, including the ability to manifest with the Law of Attraction – Are also supercharged!

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3. Fasting May Help You Manifest Because It Makes You Happier

does fasting help manifest
Being Happy Manifests MORE THINGS That Make YOU HAPPY!

Have you ever listened to Abraham’s teachings on the Law of Attraction? Or read the book, “The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent: Living the Art of Allowing” by Esther Hicks (She channels Abraham).

It is an awesome book I highly recommend! Also, her videos are funny and inspiring.

And, she (or Abraham), always says that in order to attract that which you desire – You have to feel good now.

A surprising benefit to intermittent fasting that I was not expecting, was that I started waking up happier! I guess when you don’t eat for longer stretches, your body can detox the toxins that were making you feel lethargic and depressed.

My spirit guides have also confirmed that being happier by raising your vibration (the energetic signature of you at any given moment), will increase your ability to manifest faster!

My guides and the Ascended Masters told me to just be happy and live with balance in order to manifest amazing things!

You can raise your vibration by eating Healthy Organic Whole-Foods, opening your Third-Eye Chakra, detoxing your physical body, and getting plenty of sleep, nature, and exercise!

I explain more about raising your vibration in this post: Manifest MONEY NOW using the Law of Attraction.

Intermittent Fasting Law of Attraction Exercise

**As an aside, this content and FASTING LAW OF ATTRACTION EXERCISE provided are my opinion and are not to be construed as medical advice. Please, always do your own research and seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding medical conditions or advice. Please read the MEDICAL DISCLAIMER below as well.**

I just have to include disclaimers in here for legal reasons. The following Fasting Law of Attraction Exercise is what I personally do, and as always – Use your own good judgment and qualified health care provider advice when it comes to ANYTHING you do with your body.

I honestly don’t know if intermittent fasting and manifesting is for everybody. I’m not a doctor or qualified healthcare provider, so please keep that in mind when considering starting this or any other change to your health.

I’ve done some testing on my own body to find what works for me with manifesting through fasting, and I personally like the 16:8 intermittent fasting and manifesting plan the best!

intermittent fasting law of attraction
Intermittent Fasting Law of Attraction

This means you only eat for an 8 hour block per every 24 hour period, and you fast for 16 hours straight. You can also do a 24 hour fast if you like! (I did this often as a child in the religion I was raised in, and it was hard, but doable).

I personally stop eating at 8 p.m. at night (after dinner), and then I resume eating at noon the next day. I started out with 12 hours in-between eating, and slowly built up to fasting for 16 hours to see how my body reacted.

If I get hungry, I can have any zero calorie drink such as plain tea, coffee, or, of course, water.

While I am fasting, I also drink LOTS of water to help flush toxins, and keep me from being too hungry.

At the end of my fast, I pray for help with manifesting my desires into the physical, asking Archangel Sandalphon (the Archangel that assists with manifesting desires and taking your prayers to Heaven) for assistance.

Then, I listen to or say positive affirmations. I personally LOVE the free Pinch Me Living one below on YouTube!

But, sometimes, I just say a few short affirmations to uplift me such as: I AM happy! I AM abundant! I AM wealthy! I AM healthy! I AM financially independent!

Then, I do my visualizations to rapidly create my desires. Remember, thoughts are things.

(I have a secret technique for how I visualize included in my e-book: The Master Manifestor (Powerful, little-known SECRETS from the Ascended Masters).

In this powerful e-book, I share tips and secrets gathered from 100’s of channeling sessions done over a decade with the Ascended Masters! Some of these manifesting secrets, I’ve never seen or heard shared anywhere else! So, don’t forget to check it out!

Final Thoughts on Manifesting Through Fasting

The Law of Attraction states that we’ll manifest that which we continually focus on, flawlessly!

Ask yourself, “Where does your focus lie?” on a daily basis. Are you thinking positive thoughts? Are you speaking lovingly of yourself and others when you do speak? Are you truly enjoying life and the little joys? (Such as sunshine, the sky, playing with children or pets, a spring rain, or nachos!, LOL!)

We are a spark of Creator (or God) incarnated in physical bodies, which means that we have Creator’s ability to create.

I have been told that within each of us lies the power to create worlds! So, manifesting (or creating), a house, a new car, or some money, is nothing!

If you have doubts in your ability to manifest with fasting (or any other method), when you’re starting out, please, please, pray for guidance.

Your spirit guides and angels can help you with your manifesting doubt. They’ll send you messages in dreams, thoughts, and songs to assist you with your faith in manifesting!

Please have faith in yourself and your manifesting abilities! You’ve got this! You ARE a powerful Creator Being! (You just forgot! 😉)

More Tips to Manifest Using the Law of Attraction

Here are some more fast cash manifesting techniques given to me by the Ascended Masters. I’ve done hundreds of channeling sessions over almost a decade to receive this manifesting technique information!

And, always, always, be grateful when you manifest opportunities, money, and abundance from the Universe!!!

May all your manifesting dreams come true!


References for How Fasting Helps the Law of Attraction

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** Medical Disclaimer. … This Content is my opinion and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. **

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Have you tried to manifest with fasting using the Law of Attraction? Have you tried this fasting Law of Attraction exercise? What are your secrets for manifesting through fasting? Please, feel free to share your money manifestation success stories, secrets, and tips below! Let’s manifest more money with the Law of Attraction and strengthen each other’s belief in it!

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