21 Creative Christmas Gifts for Kids 2023 (STEM, Art & Building!)

You have landed in the right place if you are looking for 2023 creative Christmas gifts for kids of all ages to get children engaged in learning, STEM, and off of technology (for even an hour!)

I have carefully picked these cool, creative toys for children for you and did a LOT of research on all of them!

I personally own a lot of these cool, creative, fun, artistic or science gifts for kids myself, and my kids absolutely loooove them and will usually play for hours!

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cool christmas gifts for kids
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Creative Christmas Gifts for Kids 2023

1. 3D Coloring Puzzle Set

This is a super fun creative art set for kids! Your child colors on the flat pictures, then cuts them out and turns them into 3D works of art!

It also comes with its own set of 12 markers.

For ages 7 – 12.

Check price on Amazon!

2. Kinetic Sand

Like a mix between playdough and sand, kinetic sand is all the rage! It is super fun moldable sand, that holds its shape well.

Besides that, it comes in all sorts of shapes, colors, and different kinetic sand playsets!

For kids ages 3+.

Check price on Amazon!

3. Magnetic Building Blocks for Kids

We got these for our kids (Ages 2 & 4) last year, and they have had hours and hours and hours of fun with these!

We bought them the smaller building cars set and are looking to upgrade to these tunnels this year! (Since, they are older now.)

You won’t be disappointed with how much fun these are to build and play with (for you and your kids!).

For kids ages 2 – 7.

Check price on Amazon!

4. Imagine 100 Piece Building Set

Remember the erector sets of old? These K’nex are like the new generation of erector sets!

They are soooo much fun to puzzle together and build their suggestions, as well as have your kid come up with their own!

Great for kids ages 5 – 14.

Check price on Amazon!

5. STEM Construction Set for Younger Kids

A perfect creative gift for kids, this 163 Piece STEM building kit is great for any kid starting at about age 3.

Figuring out how things fit together is great for hand-eye coordination, problem solving, and develops critical thinking skills.

For kids ages 3 and up.

Check price on Amazon!

6. Fort Building Kit

Topping the list of fun, creative gifts for kids is this fort builder set! Your husband will probably steal this gift from your children (or buy it for himself), but hey, it’s worth it!

Let’s face it, kids love building forts (usually out of your furniture), so give them the tools to build it!

Full disclosure, this fort building kit for kids does NOT include a blanket or any covering (which is a bummer), but may I suggest a cool glow-in-the-dark one?

For kids ages 5+.

Check price on Amazon!

7. Tents and Tunnels

We got these fun, creative tents and tunnel gifts for our children last year, and have not been disappointed in them!

They have had hours of fun in these things and my 4-yr-old puts them together in all different configurations!

They have all different sizes/styles (castles, caterpillars & fully-enclosed outdoor ones!) and pricing on Amazon, so definitely check them out for any kid 6 or under!

For children ages 1 – 6 years old.

Check price on Amazon!

8. Art Desk

No creative gifts for kids guide would be complete without an art desk! There are several styles/options available, but I like this one by Step 2 for the sheer functionality and storage capacity!

My little ones love anything to do with coloring, drawing, and painting – And this art desk/easel has it all!

For kids ages 3 – 7.

Check price on Amazon!

9. Science Kit for Kids

This science kit for kids has made the list because most of the things needed to do the experiments are either common household objects, or included.

A LOT of the science kits out there required me to buy a bunch more things! Who wants to do that? Not me.

Plus, simple science experiments get your kids thinking, engaged, and learning about how and why things work!

For kids age 5+.

Check price on Amazon!

10. Optical Illusions Science Kit

This fun science kit is a great creative gift for kids! It has over a dozen experiments that seem to bend the laws of reality!

This helps your children develop not only creative thinking skills, but raises philosophical questions as well, like, “Is reality really as it seems?”

For boys and girls ages 6 – 12 years of age.

Check price on Amazon!

11. Glow in the Dark Stars with Exact Stencil of the Sky

I had glow in the dark stars in my room as a child and loved them! But, what is great about this set, is that it comes with a handmade stencil to place the stars and constellations in the exact position of the night sky!

This is such a creative, fun way to learn astronomy with your children!

Kids of all ages from 1 – 16 will love these!

Check price on Amazon!

12. Glow in the Dark Pajamas

I know this is supposed to be a creative gifts for kids post, and this one isn’t a toy, but it is super creative and super fun!

These glow in the dark p.j.’s for kids make a great gift for everyone to wear on Christmas Eve together, and come in all shapes and sizes – Even Lego Ninjago & unicorn!

Check price on Amazon!

13. Kids Wooden Domino Set

I’m kind of shocked I have never thought to buy a dominoes set for my children! And, they have even more fun, creative sets of them now, including this Award-winning Dominoes Set by Hape!

Any way you slice it, dominoes are fun, creative gifts for children that will have them (and probably you!), building and using their imaginations, instead of being stuck on the tube or the internet!

I also love this Domino Stacking Train for the younger kids ages 3 – 7!

Check price on Amazon!

14. Comic Book Building Set for Kids

Your kids can become their own Stan Lee and draw and author their own comic book with these blank comic book pages!

I think this is a fun, super creative way to let your child express themselves!

However, the blank templates cannot be moved around and manipulated to fit certain stories. The boxes are set in stone, so to speak, so if you really want an amazing build your own comic book kit, check this one out!

This one allows your child much more freedom, and even helps them create characters and storylines. Then, you can even mail in your sheets and get a printed, finished comic book back!

For boys and girls ages 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and up!

Check price on Amazon!

15. Waterproof Camera for Kids

For the junior photography in your household, pick up a great digital camera for kids!

As an added bonus, this camera is also waterproof (because well, they’re kids, enough said!).

This super creative gift has led to HOURS of fun with my kids! They love taking pictures, videos, and then compiling them and watching and re-living the memories of our trips together later!

Even my 2-yr-old girl loves this creative gift and knows how to use it!

But this present may be more appropriate for children ages 4 – 12.

Check price on Amazon!

16. Grow n Glow Terrarium

You guessed it, I really like stuff that glows in the dark, but this terrarium is also super fun, since you grow wheat grass & chia (and they are both edible!).

Recommended creative gift for kids ages 6 and up.

Check price on Amazon!

17. Giant Creative Art Set for Kids

No creative gifts for kids guide would be complete without a giant art set! This Art Set by Sunnyglade contains everything your child would possibly need to create beautiful fridge-worthy works of art!

Check price on Amazon!

18. Hair Chalk Pens for Girls

This creative gift for kids is perfect for girls ages 4 – 18! These also double as face paints and work very well on light to medium colored hair.

Just be aware that some girls with darker shades of hair have said these didn’t show up very well.

For girls ages 4 and up.

Check price on Amazon!

19. NASA Lunar Telescope for Kids

Download an awesome constellation/stars app on your phone and then search for the stars with your child and this Kids Telescope from NASA!

Get your kid interested in science and space with this great gift because the sky is just beautiful to stare at!

Recommended fun STEM gift for kids ages 5+.

Check price on Amazon!

20. National Geographic Glowing Marble Run

Well, I hope you’ve made it down this far on this creative gift ideas for kids list, because marble runs and tracks are sooo much fun!

And no, we unfortunately don’t have the glowing one, but my kids love the marble run!

They will run marbles down it for 3 hours straight, and make up new configurations and ways for the marbles to go!

It also entertains my husband quite well, LOL! Bottom line is, you cannot go wrong with this creative gift for your children!

They don’t have an age recommendation for kids on the listing, but make extra sure your child IS NOT still putting things in their mouths, and you’ll be just fine.

For kids ages 4 and up.

Check price on Amazon!

21. Lego Gift Sets

Ok, let’s face it, you can’t get much more creative of a toy for kids than Lego sets!

They’ll love them, but you may hate them! If your kids don’t pick them up, they’ll be in your vacuum, and under your feet (and they don’t feel good!)

But, pair any Lego Building Set with a Stackable Plastic Storage for Toys Box – And you may have a kid’s creative gift idea winner!

Lego building sets are recommended for kids ages 4+.

Check price on Amazon!

Final Thoughts on Creative Christmas Gifts for Kids 2023

And voila!

You have creative Christmas gift ideas for children of all ages, that will make you a superstar gift giver whether this is for a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or just because your child finished their chores for the month.

You really CAN get your child off of technology and stimulating their brains, hand-eye coordination, and creativity for a few hours with the right, fun, STEM building and artistic gifts!

Have you tried any of these creative Christmas gifts for kids ideas? Do you have any other ideas for creative, fun gifts for children? Please like, comment, and share on social media!

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